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Geography & Life Sciences: Chapter 12

Chapter 12 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in geography and in the life sciences.

A survey of drug resistance in Salmonella isolated from animals in England and Wales during 1971. British Veterinary Journal 130(0): 128-138

A survey of drug resistance in salmonellae isolated from animals in England and Wales. British Veterinary Journal 128(4): 189-198

A survey of economic conditions in Africa, 1969. Parts 1 and 2. A survey of economic conditions in Africa, 1969 Parts 1 and 2: 95+69

A survey of effects of animal wastes on stream pollution from selected dairy farms. Journal of Dairy Science 57(2): 260-263

A survey of expanding milk producers 1963/4-1971/2. A survey of expanding milk producers 1963/4-1971/2: viii+117

A survey of flue-cured tobacco grown in Ontario in 1971. 1. Nitrogen, alkaloids, sugars, and filling value. Lighter 42(1): 12-14

A survey of flue-cured tobacco grown in Ontario in 1971. 2. Soil characteristics, nutrient elements, and smoke analysis. Lighter 42(3): 14-20

A survey of flue-cured tobacco grown in Ontario in 1972. 1. Nitrogen, alkaloids, sugars, filling value, and lamina weight. Lighter 43(1): 25-27

A survey of flue-cured tobacco grown in Ontario in 1972. 2. Soil characteristics, nutrient elements, and smoke analysis. Lighter 43(4): 11-16

A survey of flue-cured tobacco grown in Ontario in 1973. 1. Nitrogen, alkaloids, sugars, filling value, and lamina weight. Lighter 44(1): 22-24

A survey of flue-cured tobacco grown in Ontario in 1973. 2. Soil characteristics, nutrient elements, and smoke analysis. Lighter 44(4): 10-14

A survey of foot rot in non-migatory sheep flocks in Emilia-Romagna, Italy. Veterinaria Italiana 23(1-2): 3-14, 15-24

A survey of forage maize crops in Berkshire and Buckinghamshire, autumn 1972. ADAS Quarterly Review (9): 31-39

A survey of fungi and actinomycetes colonizing the newly reclaimed soil of the polder Zuidelijk Flevoland. Plant and Soil 42(1): 241-253

A survey of fungi associated with the lovebug, Plecia nearctica, in Florida. Florida Entomologist 57(3): 281-284

A survey of gastro-intestinal helminth parasites of sheep in Iraq. Tropical Animal Health and Production 4(2): 109-112

A survey of genetic variations in the populations of wild Oryza species and their cultivated relatives. National Institute of Genetics, Japan: Annual Report, 1969: 49-50

A survey of growth and survival of shelterbelts in the Douglas Creek recreation area. Research Report, Agricultural Experiment Station, North Dakota State University (38): 14

A survey of haematophagous arthropods in Western Himalayas, Sikkim and hill districts of West Bengal. A general account. Indian Journal of Medical Research 61(10): 1421-1461

A survey of haematophagous arthropods in Western Himalayas, Sikkim and Hill Districts of West Bengal fleas (Siphonaptera). Indian Journal of Medical Research 62(7): 1061-1088

A survey of helminthiasis in cattle, sheep and horses in Norway. Helminth diseases of cattle, sheep and horses in Europeof a Workshop, University of Glasgow Veterinary School, 9-14 April 1973]: ; 160-163

A survey of helminths in poultry from the Gaza area and from a kibbutz in southern Israel. Refuah Veterinarith 26: 171-173

A survey of herbicide sensitivity and resistance of rhizobia. Proceedings of the Symposium on Soil Microbiology, Budapest, 1970 Symposia Biologica Hungarica, 11: 405-415

A survey of herbicide tolerance by perennials. Gartenbau 19(11): 260-261

A survey of horses and ponies in Co. Antrim. Agriculture in Northern Ireland 49(4): 148-150

A survey of ices for prohibited colours in Gujarat State. Indian Journal of Medical Sciences 28(6): 259-261

A survey of ill-thrift in beef cattle in the southern coastal lowlands of South-East Queensland. Tropical Grassland 7(3): 352-357

A survey of indigenous tropical legumes of Puerto Rico. Journal of Agriculture of the University of Puerto Rico 58(1): 87-98

A survey of infectious bovine rhinotracheitis in Rhodesian cattle. Rhodesian Veterinary Journal 3(2): 20-25

A survey of infectious causes of reproductive failure in beef cattle in north-eastern Australia. Australian Veterinary Journal 48(4): 203-207

A survey of intestinal helminths in two urban communities. East African Medical Journal 48(8): 438-446

A survey of intestinal parasitism in a community on the Pan American Highway route in eastern Panama. Bulletin of the Pan American Health Organization 9(1): 13-18

A survey of leaf diseases of spring barley in south-west England. Plant Pathology, UK 21(2): 59-66

A survey of leptospirosis in stray dogs. Refuah Veterinarith 28(3): 98-101

A survey of lymphoid neoplasms in cattle in Tamil Nadu. Indian Journal of Animal Sciences 41(1): 33-36

A survey of major banana cultivars. Proceedings of the Tropical Region, American Society for Horticultural Science 14: 44-52

A survey of management policies for fertility in Rhodesian dairy herds. South African Journal of Animal Science 3(2): 91-94

A survey of mastitis in dairy cows in the Bulawayo area with a note on mastitis control. Rhodesia Agricultural Journal 70(3): 59-62

A survey of meat slaughtering and processing in West Virginia. Bulletin, West Virginia Agricultural Experiment Station (631): 35

A survey of metazoan parasites in unionid bivalves of Garza-Little Elm Reservoir, Denton County, Texas. Texas Journal of Science 23(3): 381-392

A survey of metazoan parasites infecting the California (Zalophus californianus) and Steller (Eumetopias jubatus) sea lion. Bulletin of the Southern California Academy of Sciences 69(3/4): 126-132

A survey of methionine adenosyltransferase and cystathionine gamma -lyase activities in ruminant tissues. Australian Journal of Biological Sciences 27(5): 465-471

A survey of mineral nutrition status of sweet orange orchards in Amritsar district. Punjab Horticultural Journal 11(1/2): 32-39

A survey of mortality in four broiler flocks in western Canada. Canadian Veterinary Journal 16(7): 194-200

A survey of natural products from Hawaii and other areas of the Pacific for an antifertility effect in mice. Internationale Zeitschrift für Klinische Pharmakologie, Therapie, und Toxikologie. International Journal of Clinical Pharmacology, Therapy, and Toxicology 5(1): 65-69

A survey of naturally occurring diseases of the Syrian hamster. Laboratory Animals 9(3): 179-191

A survey of north Mississippi mosquitoes for pathogenic micro-organisms. Mosquito News 34(1): 86-90

A survey of other experiments on protein production. IBP Handbook: 29-43

A survey of parasites in commercially available small laboratory animals. Experimental Animals 23(1): 15-30

A survey of parasites of digestive tract of dogs in Bangalore. Mysore Journal of Agricultural Sciences 8(4): 597-601

A survey of pasture composition in relation to soils and topography on a hill country farm in the southern Ruahine Range, New Zealand. New Zealand Journal of Experimental Agriculture 2(3): 243-250

A survey of pig selection in Europe. Bulletin de l' Institut Technique du Porc 4(6): 21-30

A survey of plants in Gujarat, India, for alkaloids, saponins, and tannins. Research Paper, Forest Service, USDA (NE-201): 11

A survey of possible associations between morphologic traits and resistance to Marek's disease. Poultry Science 53(5): 1675-1680

A survey of possible ways of reducing volume/hectare when spraying herbicides. 3e Reunion Internationale sur le Desherbage Selectif en Cultures de Betteraves, Paris, 1975: 99-106

A survey of potential vectors of yellow fever in Tanzania. Bulletin of the World Health Organization 46(5): 675-684

A survey of poultry necropsies. Cheiron Tamil Nadu Journal of Veterinary Science and Animal Husbandry 3(2): 148-160

A survey of problems associated with the utilization of fertilizer and soil phosphorus. Archiv fur Acker und Pflanzenbau und Bodenkunde 18(7): 471-487

A survey of procedures used in clinical mycology laboratories. American Journal of Medical Technology 39(2): 40-51

A survey of production losses due to witches' broom of blueberry in the Maritime provinces. Plant Disease Reporter 57(7): 608-611

A survey of ragwort in Orkney. Weed Control in the Northern Environment; Proceedings of a Symposium held 1974, Edinburgh (British Crop Protection Monograph 9): 115-120

A survey of recent agricultural trends in Northwestern Parana. LTC Newsletter (40): 19-29

A survey of ribonuclease activity in several winter barley cultivars. Agronomy Abstracts: 35

A survey of sawing technology in western Canada. Information Report, Western Forest Products Laboratory, Vancouver (VP-X-124): 29

A survey of sheep throughout Australia for antibody to parainfluenza type 3 virus and to mucosal disease virus. Australian Veterinary Journal 47(8): 370-374

A survey of skin diseases of pigs in Kenya. Bulletin of Epizootic Diseases of Africa. Bulletin des Epizooties en Afrique 20(1): 19-24

A survey of soil contamination and viability of Ascaria lumbricoides eggs in Isfahan, Iran. Pahlavi Medical Journal 4(1): 53-60

A survey of some common Midwestern plants for juvenile hormone activity. Journal of Economic Entomology 65(4): 980-982

A survey of some irregular monoterpenes and their biogenetic analogies to presqualene alcohol. Phytochemistry 12(4): 737-747

A survey of some species of flies associated with cattle. International Pest Control 15(5): 6-10

A survey of species A and B of the Anopheles gambiae Giles complex in the Kisumu area of Kenya prior to insecticidal spraying with OMS-43 (fenitrothion). Annals of Tropical Medicine and Parasitology 69(1): 91-104

A survey of species in the genus Malus Mill. Trudy po Prikladnoi Botanike, Genetike i Selektsii 52(3): 16-34

A survey of species of the tribe Triticeae Dum. of the grass family Poaceae in the flora of the USSR. Novosti sistemat vyssh rast 10: 19-59

A survey of stomatal movements and associated potassium fluxes in the plant kingdom. Canadian Journal of Plant Science 51(1): 37-42

A survey of sugar cane diseases and pests in East Africa. East African Agricultural and Forestry Journal 38(2): 162-169

A survey of superficial fungus infections among elementary school children in Manila. Southeast Asian Journal of Tropical Medicine and Public Health 4(4): 543-553

A survey of tapetal types and tapetal characteristics in the Leguminosae. Dissertation Abstracts International, B 32(2): 771-772

A survey of tapeworms in rural dogs in Tasmania. Australian Veterinary Journal 49(6): 273-278

A survey of the Korean cotton manufacturing industry. Yonsei Business Review 9(1): 96-122

A survey of the agro-food industry in Israel. Israel Agriculture1974; (Winter): 1-42

A survey of the amino acid constituents in a wide range of horticultural plants. Research Bulletin, Faculty of Agriculture, Ain Shams University (700): 27

A survey of the aphids in Sulchon area.(I.). Korean Journal of Plant Protection 9(1): 43-48

A survey of the apple orchards in western Kazakhstan after the 1968-69 winter. Byulleten' Vsesoyuznogo Ordena Lenina Instituta Rastenievodstva Imeni NI Vavilova (29): 118-121

A survey of the aroma composition of Philippine fruits. Philippine Agriculturist 55(1/2): 67-82

A survey of the chemical composition of farm silage in four counties of Ireland. Irish Journal of Agricultural Research 11(1): 77-84

A survey of the chromosomes of three species of the genus Adelphocoris (Miridae, Heteroptera). Kontyu 40(2): 132-136

A survey of the copper status of soils and plants under glass. Landwirtschaftliche Forschung (Sonderheft 28/1): 179-188

A survey of the damage caused by Elasmopalpus lignosellus (Zeller) (Lepidoptera: Phycitidae) to sugar cane in Jamaica. Proceedings XV Congress, International Society of Sugar Cane Technologists, 1974 (Vol.1): 488-497

A survey of the dietary attitude of long-lived inhabitants of Oki Island. 1. On the conditions of the nutrient intake. Japanese Journal of Nutrition 31(5): 204-213

A survey of the distribution of rose downy mildew. Hassadeh 50(4): 434-436

A survey of the distribution of the Ixodid ticks Boophilus microplus (Canestrini, 1888) and Amblyomma cajennense (Fabricius, 1787) in Trinidad and Tobago and the possible influence of the survey results on planned livestock development. Tropical Agriculture 51(4): 559-567

A survey of the economic structure of factory supply dairy farms in New Zealand in 1969-70. Vol. VII. A survey of the economic structure of factory supply dairy farms in New Zealand in 1969-70 Vol VII: 84

A survey of the economic structure of factory supply dairy farms in New Zealand in 1970-71. Vol.VIII. A survey of the economic structure of factory supply dairy farms in New Zealand in 1970-71 VolVIII: 88

A survey of the economic structure of factory supply dairy farms in New Zealand in 1971-72. Vol. IX. A survey of the economic structure of factory supply dairy farms in New Zealand in 1971-72 Vol IX: 80

A survey of the ectoparasitic infestations of dogs in Nigeria. Journal of Small Animal Practice 16(2): 123-129

A survey of the effects of heavy metals and other abnormally mineralised soils on vegetation in Rhodesia. Rhodesia Science News 9(3): 74-79

A survey of the employment of a group of agricultural college trained personnel. Journal of Agricultural Labour Science 2(1): 77-95

A survey of the foliar mineral element content of nursery-grown ornamentals. Research Summary, Ohio Agricultural Research and Development Center (71): 29-32

A survey of the forests of Deeside. Scottish Forestry 26(3): 173-181

A survey of the forms and sources of fertilizer nitrogen for flooded rice. Soils and Fertilizers 32(2): 103-109

A survey of the free fatty acid contents of 1969-70 and 1970-71 groundnuts at the time of supply to oil mills in Kano. Nigerian Stored Products Research Institute: Ninth annual report 1971: 23-25

A survey of the gastro-intestinal parasites of the feral cat in Victoria. Australian Veterinary Journal 48(4): 133-136

A survey of the genitalia of bulls in Northern Australia. Australian Veterinary Journal 49(7): 335-340

A survey of the genus Crataegus for hypotensive activity. Lloydia 36(4): 436

A survey of the genus Eleusine Gaertn. (Gramineae) in Africa. Kew Bulletin 27(2): 251-270

A survey of the helminth fauna of Insectivora in the USSR and neighbouring countries. Parazity Zhivotnykh i Rastenii (9): 3-34

A survey of the incidence of Cysticercus bovis in bovines slaughtered at the Madras Corporation slaughter-house. Indian Veterinary Journal 49(12): 1182-1184

A survey of the incidence of Salmonella in northern Tanzania. Indian Journal of Animal Sciences 1974; 43(7): 632-638

A survey of the incidence of gastro-intestinal helminths of cattle in the Philippines. Philippine Journal of Animal Industry1972; 29(1/4): 105-113

A survey of the incidence of hydatid cyst in camels in south Iran. British Veterinary Journal 127(11): 544-546

A survey of the incidence of infections with salmonellae in broilers and broiler breeders in Scotland. British Veterinary Journal 129(5): 493-500

A survey of the incidence of ram epididymitis in Idaho caused by Brucella ovis. Proceedings 74th Annual Meeting of the United States Animal Health Association 1970: 157-160

A survey of the institutions serving agriculture on the island of Dominica, W.I. Cornell International Agricultural Development Mimeograph, Department of Agricultural Economics, Cornell University (35): 26

A survey of the iron, manganese, and copper in pear trees grown in the Nobaria orchard. Egyptian Journal of Horticulture 1(2): 103-112

A survey of the level of injury to crops of white clover seed by the clover seed moth Coleophora frischella (L.), in Tasmania. Tasmanian Journal of Agriculture 44(3): 214-216

A survey of the microbial degradation of some herbicides in soil. Weeds and Weed Control Proceedings of the 15th Swedish Weed Conference (part 1): B13-B22

A survey of the nematodes in the soils of the Hobcaw Barony. Plant Disease Reporter 58(1): 67-70

A survey of the nutritional status of schoolchildren. Relation between nutrient intake and socio-economic factors. British Journal of Preventive & Social Medicine 27(2): 91-99

A survey of the occurrence of bacterial wilt of lucerne in New Zealand. New Zealand Journal of Experimental Agriculture 2(1): 75-77

A survey of the organisms associated with bacterial blight of peas. New Zealand Journal of Agricultural Research 15(3): 432-440

A survey of the parasites of starlings (Sturnus vulgaris L.) in El Paso County, Texas. Journal of Parasitology 59(5): 775

A survey of the present state of Abies nordmanniana in Denmark. Forstlige Forsoegsvaesen i Danmark 33(3): 303-326

A survey of the present state of Caucasian fir. Forstlige Forsoegsvaesen i Danmark 33(3): 303-326

A survey of the production and buying up of some important agricultural products in Croatia and its regions, 1962-1970. Poljoprivredna Znanstvena Smotra 30(40): 571-600

A survey of the quality of some vegetable, spice and cover crop seeds on sale in Kuala Lumpur. Malaysian Agricultural Research 2(2): 23-29

A survey of the red ring disease of coconuts in the Pomeroon River. Agricultural Research, Guyana 4: 164-171

A survey of the relationship between age and the development of the anterior teeth in cattle. Veterinary Record 92(11): 275-282

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A survey of the so-called 'anatipestifer syndrome'. Avian Diseases 16(4): 836-851

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A survey of the status of nutrition in rural Korea. Korean Journal of Nutrition 6(1): 71-76

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A survey of the superfamily Listrophoroidea (Acarina) in Czechoslovakia. Folia Parasitologica 22(1): 43-44

A survey of the viruses of farm animals in Northern Ireland. British Veterinary Journal 128(12): 636-641

A survey of the vitamin content of some 2000 foods as they are consumed by selected groups of the Australian population. 1. Tables of vitamin content analysed per 100 g portions. 2. Dietary and biochemical findings. Food Technology in Australia 25(2): 80-100

A survey of the yields of year-round chrysanthemums. Overzicht, Landbouw Economisch Instituut, Den Haag (609): 15

A survey of trace metals in human hair. Environmental Research 6(3): 247-252

A survey of tree debarking by black bear in Capitol Forest. DNR Notes, Department of Natural Resources, State of Washington (7): 7

A survey of tristeza virus on Citrus in West Malaysia. Malaysian Agricultural Journal 47(3): 299-304

A survey of trypanosomiasis with particular reference to livestock, in the south-west province of Ethiopia. Bulletin of Epizootic Diseases of Africa 19(3): 243-255

A survey of vertebral abscesses in domestic animals in Ontario. Canadian Veterinary Journal 16(4): 114-117

A survey of vine pests in south-east and east Anatolia. Tarim Bakanligi Zirai Mucadele ve Zirai Karantina Genel Mudurlugu Arastirma Subesi: Plant Protection Research Annual: Zirai Mucadele Arastirma Yilligi: 42, 170

A survey of viral diseases of pulse crops in Uttar Pradesh. A survey of viral diseases of pulse crops in Uttar Pradesh: 191

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A survey of zoo aviaries for the presence of Histoplasma capsulatum and Cryptococcus neoformans. Mycopathologia et Mycologia Applicata 45(Issue 2): 93-101

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A survey on gestation length in Standard mink. Deutsche pelztierzuchter 48(4): 61-65

A survey on nutritive value of lunch-boxes of elementary school children.. Korean Journal of Nutrition 5(1): 27-31

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A survey on Salmonella in rectal swabs of cattle on dairy farms and steer feed lots in Hokkaido. Japanese Journal of Veterinary Research 21(4): 155-159

A survey on serum thyroxine level of Holstein lactating and non-lactating cows in a tropical environment . Bulletin of the Institute of Zoology, Academia Sinica 10(2): 97-102

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A survey on the effect of agronomic practices on the yield of hybrid sorghum under rainfed conditions. Mysore Journal of Agricultural Sciences 5(3): 257-267

A survey on the effect of agronomic practices on the yield of hybrid sorghum under rainfed conditions in Dharwar District. Mysore Journal of Agricultural Sciences 9(2): 329-337

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A system for measuring uptake of ions by plants from flowing solutions of controlled composition. Journal of Experimental Botany 25(84): 81-99

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