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Absorption, excretion, and metabolism of methoprene by a guinea pig, a steer, and a cow

, : Absorption, excretion, and metabolism of methoprene by a guinea pig, a steer, and a cow. Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry 23(4): 736-742

When the metabolic fate of methoprene labelled with 14C was studied in a guineapig, a steer and a cow, a fairly large percentage of the label was incorporated in the tissues and respired by the animals. In the urine and faeces, a small amount of label was found metabolised into freely primary metabolites, somewhat more was incorporated into simple glucuronides, and a considerable quantity was found in polar compounds, possibly complex conjugates or polar biochemicals. No methoprene was found in the urine, but approximately 40% of the label in the faeces was contributed by unmetabolised methoprene. The formation of conjugates and the metabolism of methoprene was more extensive in the steer than in the guineapig.


PMID: 1141524

DOI: 10.1021/jf60200a031

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