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Abstracts of papers presented at the Fifth International Congress of Radiation Research, Seattle, Washington, USA 14-20 July, 1974

, : Abstracts of papers presented at the Fifth International Congress of Radiation Research, Seattle, Washington, USA 14-20 July, 1974. Radiation Research 59(1): 335

Brewen, J.G.; Preston, R.J. The use of interaction experiments to study the mechanism of chromosome aberration formation : 205.Brinkley, B.R.; McGill, M.; Mace, M.L. Mammalian chromosome structure: ultrastructural aspects of specialized regions and chromosome aberrations : 254.Cattanach, B.M. Comparison of the mutagenic effects of chemicals and ionizing radiation in the spermatogenetic cells of the mouse : 148.Heddle, J.A.


Other references

Fernandes, Jé.A.; Almeida Paz, F.A.; Romão, C.C., 2011: cis-Di-μ-oxido-bis-[(N,N-diethyl-dithio-carbamato-κS,S')oxidomolybdenum(V)](Mo-Mo) tetra-hydro-furan monosolvate. The title compound, [Mo(2)(C(5)H(10)NS(2))(2)O(4)]·C(4)H(8)O, can be readily prepared in tetra-hydro-furan (THF) by an oxidation reaction between the Mo(IV) precursor [MoO(S(2)CNEt(2))(2)] with [ReMeO(3)]. The compound is an axially symmetric Mo(...

Goncalves da Silva, H.; Bezzeghoud, M.; Biagi, P.F.ancesco; Rosa, R.N.morado; Salgueiro da Silva, M.; Caldeira, B.; Reis, A.H.itor; Borges, J.F.rnando; Tlemcani, M.; Manso, M., 2010: Seismo-electromagnetic phenomena in the western part of the Eurasia-Nubia plate boundary. Geophysical Research Abstracts 12

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d'Elia, G.; Hällström, T.; Nyström, C.; Ottosson, J.O., 1981: Zimelidine vs maprotiline in depressed outpatients. A preliminary report. Outpatients with endogenous depression diagnosed according to the research diagnostic criteria of Feighner et al. were randomly referred to treatment with zimelidine (100 mg b.i.d., group Z) or maprotiline (75 mg b.i.d., group M). Patients who did...

Noel, G.R.; Stanger, B.A., 1983: Observations on the Inner Labial Sensilla of Second-stage Larvae of Heterodera glycines. The inner labial sensilla of H. glycines were apparent as small pore-like apertures in the prestoma. 2 sensilla were subdorsal, 2 subventral and 2 lateral. The 4 outer labial sensilla and 4 cephalic sensilla were not observed with the SEM.

Bond J.A.; Sun J.D.; Medinsky M.A.; Jones R.K.; Yeh H.C., 1986: Deposition metabolism and excretion of 1 carbon 14 nitropyrene and 1 carbon 14 nitropyrene coated on diesel exhaust particles as influenced by exposure concentration. Nitrated polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons (nitro-PAH) have been detected in the environment, originating from sources such as diesel exhaust emissions and coal combustion fly ash. 1-Nitropyrene (NP) is a predominant mutagenic and carcinogenic nitr...

Green, C., 1905: Preliminary note on the size of Salmon eggs in relation to estimating their number. Annual Report Fish Ireland, 1902-1903(Pt. ii): 351 & 352

Eyre, D.P., 1979: Beginning psychoanalysis of a 16 year old autistic girl: the first three months. This clinical report attempts to show some aspects of the first three months of analysis with a 16 year old autistic girl with some conceptualization of the technical difficulties of instituting psychoanalysis with such a patient, as well as some...