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Abstracts of papers presented at the hundred and sixty-eighth meeting of the Society held, jointly with the Ecological Genetics Group, on 27th, 28th and 29th March 1972 in the University of Leeds

, : Abstracts of papers presented at the hundred and sixty-eighth meeting of the Society held, jointly with the Ecological Genetics Group, on 27th, 28th and 29th March 1972 in the University of Leeds. Heredity, UK 29(1): 117-133

Bradshaw, A.D. Small scale disruptive selection in the maintenance of polymorphisms : 132.Clarke, B.C. Selection versus random drift in the maintenance of polymorphism : 133.Ford, C.E.; Evans, E.P. Robertsonian translocation and chromosome polymorphism in mammals : 127.Turner, J.R.G.


Other references

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Fisher, S.J.; Shi, Z.Q.; Lickley, H.L.; Efendic, S.; Vranic, M.; Giacca, A., 2001: Low-dose IGF-I has no selective advantage over insulin in regulating glucose metabolism in hyperglycemic depancreatized dogs. At supraphysiological levels, IGF-I bypasses some forms of insulin resistance and has been proposed as a therapeutic agent in the treatment of diabetes. Unfortunately, side effects of high-dose IGF-I (100-250 microg/kg) have precluded its clinical...

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Benedini, M., 1988: Developments and possibilities of optimization models. One of the most reliable ways of solving water resources problems, which have rapidly increased in complexity in the past few decades, is the use of mathematical models. This review of common optimization procedures points out their main character...

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Trowsdale, J., 2011: The MHC, disease and selection. Given large sample sizes, whole genome screens are now able to identify even quite modest contributions of common human genetic variation to disease. These approaches, made possible by the development of high-throughput, dense SNP genotyping, find...