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Geography & Life Sciences: Chapter 14

Chapter 14 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in geography and in the life sciences.

Achievements of mutation plant breeding in the USSR. Tsitologiya i genetika 4(2): 108-122

Achievements of science in crop production. Dostizheniya nauki proizvodstvu: 208

Achievements of scientists in Tajikistan. Sadovodstvo (8): 31

Achievements of the breeders. Len i Konoplya (11): 13-14

Achievements of tobacco research in India. Indian Farming 22(6): 45-51

Achievements to date in breeding root fodder crops and prospects for their further improvement. Biuletyn Instytutu Hodowli i Aklimatyzacji Roslin (5/6): 137-142

Achieving a desirable ratio of M1 seedling injury to M2 mutations by post-treatment with caffeine. Symposium on use of radiations and radioisotopes in studies of plant productivity: [Abstracts]: 19

Achieving product uniformity through batch and continuous blending techniques. Dairy and Ice Cream Field 156(4): 68, 70-71

Achieving special objectives in hemp breeding. Fibre crops: Rostnovenyek: 29-34

Achillea asiatica as a possible source of chamazulene. Rastitel' nye Resursy 11(2): 220-227

Achimines and Streptocarpus. Vakblad voor de Bloemisterij 28(28): 11

Acholeplasma bactoclasticum sp. n., an anaerobic Mycoplasma from the bovine rumen. International Journal of Systematic Bacteriology 23(2): 171-181

Acid Sulphate Soils. Proceedings of the International Symposium on Acid Sulphate Soils 13-20 August 1972, The Netherlands. I. Introductory Papers and Bibliography. II. Research Papers. Acid Sulphate Soils Proceedings of the International Symposium on Acid Sulphate Soils 13-20 August 1972, The Netherlands I Introductory Papers and Bibliography II Research Papers: 295 ; 405

Acid ammonium acetate extraction and electron capture gas chromatographic determination of carbofuran in soils. Journal of the Association of Official Analytical Chemists 56(6): 1319-1323

Acid and alkaline invertases in roots and nodules of Lupinus angustifolius infected with Rhizobium lupini. Planta 112(1): 1-6

Acid and alkaline phosphatases in normal sheep and camels. Journal of the Egyptian Veterinary Medical Association 32(3/4): 247-249

Acid and gas producing activities of mesophilic lactic streptococci when grown in wholemilk or skimmilk. XIX International Dairy Congress 1E: 425-426

Acid and neutral mucopolysaccharides in experimental muscle trichinelliasis. Uchenye Zapiski Kurskogo Gosudarstvennogo Pedagogicheskogo Instituta 59: 83-87

Acid beta -glycerophosphatase and beta -glucuronidase activity in aortas of swine fed high-cholesterol diet. Atherosclerosis 18(3): 417-427

Acid degradation of lignin. Part VIII. Low molecular weight phenols from acidolysis of Birch lignin. Acta Chemica Scandinavica 27(7): 2597-2606

Acid detergent method for reduction of tannin interference in determining lignin of sericea lespedeza. Agronomy Journal 64(6): 838-839

Acid eluvial-gleyed soils of the central and northern taiga in W. Siberia. Pochvovedenie (3): 3-18

Acid hydrolysis of chicken muscle protein by reflux and sealed tube methods. Journal of the Science of Food and Agriculture 24(8): 929-935

Acid hydrolysis of lignin during sulphite cooking. Mokuzai Gakkaishi Journal of the Japan Wood Research Society 18(10): 503-507

Acid metabolism in the Crassulaceae. V. Adaptations in enzymic capacity with photoperiodic changes (malic acid metabolism and transamination). Physiologie Vegetale 10(4): 743-763

Acid metabolism in the Crassulaceae. VI. Photoperiodism and circadian rhythms of enzyme activity. Regulator systems. Physiologie Vegetale 10(4): 765-781

Acid mucopolysaccharide content and localisation in intestinal Trichinella. Problemy parazitologii Trudy VII Nauchnoi Konferentsii Parazitologov USSR Part 1: 229-230

Acid phosphatase activity in mouse brain infected with Venezuelan equine encephalomyelitis virus. Journal of Virology 8(2): 232-241

Acid phosphatase activity in relation to intracellular penetration of the pathogen Puccinia graminis var. tritici in the wheat cell. Mycopathologia and Mycologia Applicata 54(2): 161-171

Acid Phosphatase Development during Ripening of Avocado. Plant Physiology 55(2): 382-385

Acid phosphatase in plant tissues I. Changes in activity and multiple forms in tea leaves and tomato fruit during maturation and senescence. Plant and Cell Physiology 14(3): 459-471

Acid phosphatase in plant tissues: changes in activity and mutiple forms in tea leaves and tomato fruit during maturation and senescence. Study of Tea (46): 63-75

Acid phosphatase in the blood of hens. Izvestiya Timiryazevskoi Sel' skokhozyaistvennoi Akademii (4): 160-164

Acid phosphatase isoenzymes in normal and opaque-2 maize. Studia Universitatis Babes Bolyai, Biologia 19(1): 73-76

Acid phosphatase localised in the sheath of Beech mycorrhiza. Soil Biology and Biochemistry 7(3): 195-198

Acid phosphatase localization in the mucous membrane of chicken small intestine. Acta Veterinaria, Czechoslovakia 43(1): 3-6

Acid phosphatase of hexaploid wheat: linkage to homoeologous chromosomes of structural genes for six isozymes. Genetics 74(2, II): s110-s111

Acid phosphatase profile during the life-span of the mosquito. Journal of Gerontology 27(3): 333-337

Acid phosphatase, handy enzyme that separates the dog from the wolf. Acta Biologica et Medica Germanica 28(6): 957-962

Acid phosphatases in the intestinal cells of two nematode larvae: Anisakis sp. and Trichinella spiralis. , Comparative biochemistry of parasites: 283-295

Acid production by Streptococcus lactis in low-lactose skim milk. Journal of Food Science 38(5): 796-798

Acid production of mixed cultures of Lactobacillus bulgaricus and Streptococcus thermophilus at 37 deg C as an indicator of growth at 37, 21, and 14 deg C. Journal of Dairy Science 58(5): 787

Acid protease of bovine milk. Agricultural and Biological Chemistry 36(13): 2351-2356

Acid proteases from species of Mucor. II. Partial characterization of the acid protease produced by a strain of Mucor miehei isolated in Cuba. Canadian Journal of Biochemistry 53(3): 269-274

Acid proteases from species of Mucor: molecular weight of Mucor miehei protease from amino acid analysis data. Canadian Journal of Biochemistry 51(12): 1638-1646

Acid silage as a probable cause of enteritis in a dairy herd. Veterinary Record 90(4): 91-92

Acid soluble nucleotides and ribonucleic acids from germinating Jack Pine seeds. Canadian Journal of Forest Research 2(3): 206-216

Acid sulphate soil and potential acid sulphate soil in the swampy area in South Sumatra, Indonesia. Pedologist 17(2): 130-137

Acid sulphate soils in Hong Kong. In Acid Sulphate Soils. Publication, International Institute for Land Reclamation and Improvement (18 Vol.2): 215-228

Acid sulphate soils in India. World soil Resources Reports (41): 24-29

Acid sulphate soils in Malaysia. World Soil Resources Reports (41): 30-31

Acid sulphate soils in central Thailand. World Soil Resources Reports (41): 32-41

Acid sulphate soils in the Wieringermeer Polder, a good 40 years after reclamation. Publication, International Institute for Land Reclamation and Improvement (18 Vol. 2): 114-128

Acid sulphate soils. 1. Introductory papers and bibliography. Acid sulphate soils 1 Introductory papers and bibliography: 295

Acid sulphate soils. 2. Research papers. Acid sulphate soils 2 Research papers: 406

Acid sulphate soils. Proceedings of the International Symposium 13-20 August 1972 Wageningen. Vols. I & II. Publication, International Institute for Land Reclamation and Improvement (18): xiv + 295 + 406

Acid sulphate soils: advances in research. Annual Report, International Institute for Land Reclamation and Improvement: 23-26

Acid treatment of moist grain:application rates, feeding values, economic aspects. Meddelande Jordbrukstekniska Institutet (352): 88

Acid-base balance as a method of evaluating halothane anaesthesia in cattle. Weterynaria, Wroclaw 30: 49-90

Acid-base balance in 91 infants of low birthweight. Pediatrie 28(2): 163-170

Acid-base balance in hypochromic iron-deficiency anaemia in pregnant women. Akusherstvo i Ginekologiya (7): 23-26

Acid-base balance in patients with diabetes mellitus. Sovetskaya Meditsina (7): 139-140

Acid-base changes during treatment of diabetic ketoacidosis. Lancet i(7856): 478-481

Acid-base equilibrium in dogs. II. Changes in chronic nephropathy. Revista de Medicina Veterinaria, Argentina 55(5): 369-372, 375-378

Acid-base metabolism during prolonged infusion of xylitol, fructose, glucose and carbohydrate mixtures. Zeitschrift fur Ernahrungswissenschaft 12(Suppl. 15): 47-54

Acid-base metabolism in parenteral nutrition. Zeitschrift fur Ernahrungswissenschaft 12(1): 50-66

Acid-base parameters in the dehydrated camel. Tijdschrift Voor Diergeneeskunde 100(20): 1105-1108

Acid-base properties of lysimetric water of podzolic soils. Pochvovedenie (5): 128-134

Acid-base status and base deficit in the unaesthetized dog. Zeitschrift fur Versuchstierkunde 15(Heft 4): 189-198

Acid-base values during postoperative infusion treatment. Zeitschrift fur Ernahrungswissenschaft 12(1): 67-85

Acid-catalyzed hydrolysis of lactose in whey and aqueous solutions. Journal of Dairy Science 58(2): 169-174

Acid-delinting cotton seed in Swaziland. Cotton Growing Review 52(2): 146-148

Acid-fast staining of hooklets of Echinococcus granulosus. Lancet I(7809): 942-943

Acid-fast staining of hooklets of Taenia echinococcus. Lancet 1(7804): 678-678

Acid-induced growth and the geotropic response of the wheat node. Planta 114(4): 331-339

Acid-linked respiratory inhibition in flight muscle mitochondria and its release by phosphate acceptor. Journal of Insect Physiology 16(8): 1567-1574

Acid-soluble guanosine and uridine nucleotides in the liver of chick embryo and chicks irradiated with gamma rays. Veterinarnomeditsinski Nauki, Sofia 11(9): 44-49

Acid-treated high moisture barley for dairy cows. Canadian Journal of Animal Science 54(2): 205-209

Acidaemias. Nederlands Tijdschrift voor Geneeskunde 117(49): 1855-1862

Acidic ammonium polyphosphate fertilizer as carriers for manganese. Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry 21(4): 705-707

Acidic properties of some Florida soils. I. pH-dependent cation exchange. Proceedings, Soil and Crop Science Society of Florida 31: 145-149

Acidic properties of some Florida soils. II. Exchangeable and titratable acidity. Proceedings, Soil and Crop Science Society of Florida 31: 149-154

Acidic root-promoting growth inhibitor(s) found in Picea and Chamaecyparis. Journal of the American Society for Horticultural Science 97(5): 574-578

Acidic substances extracted from the horizons of a podzol with potassium chloride solution. Journal of the Science of Soil and Manure, Japan 41(11): 445-448

Acidification and ochre formation in pyritic soils. Publication, International Institute for Land Reclamation and Improvement (18 Vol. 2): 40-51

Acidification delays and inhibitory substances in milk. Deutsche Milchwirtschaft 23(47): 2034-2035

Acidification of mangrove soils after empoldering in lower Casamance. Effects of the type of reclamation system used.Soils. Publication, International Institute for Land Reclamation and Improvement (18 Vol.2): 359-372

Acidification of soil caused by fertilizer application and liming. 3. Variation of soil pH by the application of urea. Bulletin of the Hiroshima Agricultural College 5(1): 1-7

Acidification of the medium associated with normal and fusicoccin-induced seed germination. Physiologia Plantarum 34(4): 359-364

Acidification of tree bark as a measure of air pollution in southern Poland. Bulletin de l' Academie Polonaise des Sciences, Serie des Sciences Biologiques 19: 189-195

Acidification of urine in newborn infants. Ceskoslovenska Pediatrie 27(5): 219-221

Acidified food products containing Xanthomonas colloid. United States Patent: (3 726 690)

Acidified sprays, pollinator safety, and integrated pest control on alfalfa grown for seed. Journal of Economic Entomology 65(2): 546-551

Acidity and activity of proteolytic enzymes in early weaned lambs fed Wessalam, Relavit and Biosan 20 B milk substitutes. Biologizace a Chemizace Vyzivy Zvirat 10(3): 253-258

Acidity development and lactose utilization by selected lactic culture. Indian Journal of Animal Research 6(2): 47-49

Acidity of cell sap of some plants during 24 hours. Analele Universitatii Bucuresti, Biologie Vegetala 22: 49-52

Acidity of some important Indian timbers. Journal of the Timber Development Association of India 19(3): 17-25

Acidity, acid sulphate soils and liming of padi fields. Malaysian Agricultural Journal 49(2): 154-165

Acidity, osmolality, electrolyte and amino acid concentration of casein-hydrolysate and synthetic amino acid solutions. Clinical Biochemistry 6(1): 46-52

Acidolin: an antibiotic produced by Lactobacillus acidophilus. Journal of Antibiotics 27(8): 631-636

Acidolysis of Bamboo lignin II. Isolation and identification of acidolysis products. Wood Research (53): 9-18

Acidolysis of Bamboo lignin III. Estimation of arylglycerol- beta -aryl ether groups in lignins. Wood Research (54): 9-18

Acidolysis of Bamboo lignin. I. Gas-liquid chromatography and mass spectrometry of acidolysis monomers. Mokuzai Gakkaishi Journal of the Japan Wood Research Society 18(4): 183-189

Acidophilus milk. Japanese Patent: (33 148/72)

Acidophilus milk in dietary treatment of liver cirrhosis with encephalopathy. Nordisk Medicin 86(33): 969-973

Acidophilus-yeast milk in treatment of children suffering from cholepathia combined with malfunction of the pancreas. Pediatriya, Akusherstvo i Ginekologiya (6): 15-17, 63

Acidosis and failure to thrive in infants fed Nutramigen. Pediatrics 49(6): 910-911

Acne conglobata and candidiasis. Dermatologische Monatsschrift 160(8): 664-669

Acorn poisoning. Svensk Veterinartidning 23(22): 913-914

Acorn poisoning in cattle. Nordisk Veterinaermedicin 25(12): 639-644

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Acorns. 1.2.3.. Nature Study 19(6;7;8): 59-61;77-78;91-94

Acorns: a source of food for ducks. Farm Forestry 14(4): 114-115

Acoustic alarm signals in meliponins. Zoologicheskii Zhurnal 51(12): 1894-1895

Acoustic measurements to determine selected components in cheese wheys, margarines, and frozen dessert mixes. Dissertation Abstracts International, B 33(4): 1604-1605

Acoustic neurons in the ventral nerve cord of the desert locust Locusta migratoria. Zeitschrift fur Vergleichende Physiologie 76(3): 314-332

Acoustic signals given by queenless colonies on the reception and rejection of an introduced queen. Doklady Vsesoyuznoi akademii sel' sko khozyaistvennykh nauk im VI Lenina (11): 40-41

Acoustic signals of crickets (Orthoptera, Oecanthidae, Gryllidae). Zoologicheskii Zhurnal 53(3): 345-358

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Acoustically evoked potentials in the newborn with particular reference to intrauterine dystrophy. Klinische Padiatrie 185(6): 449-457

Acquired and inherited resistance of cattle against tick infestation. Tropenlandwirt 74: 17-34

Acquired disaccharide intolerance in children with malnutrition. American Journal of Clinical Nutrition 25(7): 664-671

Acquired immunity and age resistance in rats with chronic fascioliasis. Journal of Parasitology 60(2): 247-250

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Acquired immunity of the mirror carp (Cyprinus carpio L.) to ichthyophthiriasis. Refuah Veterinarith 30(1): 17-19

Acquired immunity to Fasciola hepatica in splenectomised rats. Research in Veterinary Science 19(1): 86-87

Acquired immunity to Nematospiroides dubius in ICR mice. Journal of Parasitology 59(4): 751-752

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Acquired valvular heart-disease in patients who keep pet birds. Lancet 2(7883): 734-736

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Acreage response in Gujarat: an inter-district analysis. Anvesak 3(1/2): 103-136

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Acrocylindrium oryzae Sawada - sheath rot on paddy. Kavaka 1: 69-71

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Acrosomal disruption in sperm. Journal of Cell Biology 63(2, I): 466-479

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Across-slope farming saves rainfall runoff. South Dakota Farm and Home Research 25(1): 14-17

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Act now to prevent grass tetany next year. Journal of Agriculture 70(9): 348-349

Acta Amazonica. Acta Amazonica:

Acta Pruhoniciana. Acta Pruhonicianaissued 1972; (25): 78

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Actinomycete flora of Japanese soils. II. The seasonal change of actinomycete flora. (C) On the basis of antibiotics production. Soil Science and Plant Nutrition 17(3): 100-109

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Addendum to proposal from the Commission to the Council concerning the fixing of prices for certain agricultural products and certain measures specified in the memorandum on the improvement of the Common Agricultural Policy. Estimate of financial implications. Addendum to proposal from the Commission to the Council concerning the fixing of prices for certain agricultural products and certain measures specified in the memorandum on the improvement of the Common Agricultural Policy Estimate of financial implications: 8

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