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Geography & Life Sciences: Chapter 20

Chapter 20 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in geography and in the life sciences.

An evaluation of a narcissus variety collection in 1968-1973. Sbornik UVTI, Zahradnictvi 1 (4)(2): 141-151

An evaluation of a range cattle selection programme. Dissertation Abstracts International, B 35(2): 612

An evaluation of a specific gravity rapid fat analyzer. Journal of Food Science 39(6): 1261-1262

An evaluation of a statistical method of appraising rural property. Appraisal Journal 42: 103-113

An evaluation of a study on the effects on streamflow of the killing of Spruce and Pine by the Engelmann Spruce beetle. Arizona Forestry Notes, Northern Arizona University (9): 20

An evaluation of aerial baiting for the control of rats in cane fields. Proceedings of the 40th Conference, Queensland Society of Sugar Cane Technologists: 59-64

An evaluation of alachlor (Lasso herbicide) in sweet corn and pop corn in Indiana. Proceedings North Central Weed Control Conference (Volume 26): 101-102

An evaluation of alachlor plus dinoseb applied postemergence in peanuts. Proceedings 26th Annual Meeting Southern Weed Science Society: 106-118

An evaluation of alternatives for land use planning. Paper presented at the annual meetings of AAEA College Station, Texas, August 18-21, 1974: 15

An evaluation of an early generation yield testing procedure in Triticum aestivum. Canadian Journal of Plant Science 53(3): 465-470

An evaluation of an index method of selection for high yield in turnip rape, Brassica campestris L. ssp. oleifera Metzg. Euphytica 23(2): 321-331

An evaluation of anticrustants for direct seeded tomatoes. Research Summary, Ohio Agricultural Research and Development Center (57): 15-18

An evaluation of beef carcass quality. 1. The influence of cereal feeding on the growth and carcass quality of Friesian steers. Animal Production 15(3): 215-227

An evaluation of beef carcass quality. 2. Influence of variation in grazing intensity and the level of barley supplementation with silage on the carcass and meat quality of Friesian steers. Animal Production 15(3): 229-237

An evaluation of chemical weed control with early direct seeded tomatoes. Research Summary, Ohio Agricultural Research and Development Center (65): 17-18

An evaluation of control plot technique for testing cereal yields in central and southern New South Wales. Journal of the Australian Institute of Agricultural Science 40(1): 69-71

An evaluation of correlative relationships among quantitative characters studied in some multiple hybrids of winter wheat in the F1 generation. Acta Fytotechnica 25: 131-148

An evaluation of cultivars of snap beans for processing. Research Summary, Ohio Agricultural Research and Development Center (57): 15-16

An evaluation of dairy farm adjustment potentials using cross-sectional and time-series analyses. Scientific Article, Department of Agricultural and Resource Economics, University of Maryland (A 1926): 21

An evaluation of disease resistant clones of Bromus inermis (Leyss.) as breeding stocks. Canadian Journal of Plant Science 54(4): 743-747

An evaluation of domestic and foreign varieties of oats for forage. Vedecke Prace Vyskumneho Ustavu Rastlinnej Vyroby v Piest' anoch 11: 43-54

An evaluation of double hybrids and improved varieties of maize in the central highlands. Anales Cientificos 8(1/2): 19-29

An evaluation of effect of competition between wheat and Wimmera ryegrass (Lolium rigidum) during early stages of growth. Australian Journal of Experimental Agriculture and Animal Husbandry 13(64): 581-586

An evaluation of efforts to provide fire safety to development and occupancy with the wildlands of California. An evaluation of efforts to provide fire safety to development and occupancy with the wildlands of California: 18

An evaluation of enclosed confinement and drylot finishing systems for swine. Journal of Animal Science 40(2): 214-219

An evaluation of factors affecting establishment and survival of Russian wildrye (Elymus junceus Fisch.) on foothill ranges in Utah. Dissertation Abstracts International, B 32(7): 3894-3895

An evaluation of factors affecting the hierarchy of multiple goals. Technical Bulletin, Oklahoma Agricultural Experiment Station (T-134): 54

An evaluation of factors associated with the depression of immunity in malnutrition and in measles. American Journal of Clinical Nutrition 27(6): 665-669

An evaluation of fetal renal function in a chronic sheep preparation. Journal of Clinical Investigation 51(1): 149-156

An evaluation of five cycles of recurrent selection for specific combining ability in two maize populations. Agronomy Abstracts: 18

An evaluation of five ice cream delivery systems. Agricultural Research Service, USDA (ARS-NE-41): 23

An evaluation of five varieties of Lotus pedunculatus Cav. compared with 'Grasslands Huia' white clover under grazing at Kaikohe. New Zealand Journal of Experimental Agriculture 2(4): 359-363

An evaluation of forced relocation of population due to rural community development. Research Bulletin, Ohio Agricultural Research and Development Center (1073): 19

An evaluation of foreign, regional and local varieties of lucerne in the conditions of the maize-producing region. Vedecke Prace Vyskumneho Ustavu Rastlinnej Vyroby v Piest' anoch 10(20): 109-123

An evaluation of grassland evapotranspiration. Agricultural Meteorology 11(3): 373-383

An evaluation of green forage maize and the possibilities for its use in Ayacucho. Anales Cientificos 7(3/4): 230-242

An evaluation of growing degree days and black layer as a method of rating maturity in corn. Dissertation Abstracts International, B 33(11): 5099

An evaluation of herbicides for control of annual grasses in field corn. Proceedings of the Northeastern Weed Science Society, New York (Volume 27): 47-51

An evaluation of herbicides for crabgrass control in a new seeding of alfalfa. Proceedings of the Northeastern Weed Science Society, Philadelphia (Volume 28): 47-51

An evaluation of herbicides for the control of weeds in field-grown chrysanthemums. Proceedings of the Northeastern Weed Science Society 26: 51-54

An evaluation of hybrids of winter wheat for grain quality at early stages of breeding. Zap Voronezh s kh in ta 45: 164-167

An evaluation of impregnated respirator canister carbons for phosphine removal from air. Pesticide Science 5(3): 245-249

An evaluation of improved fixed seasonal grazing rotation systems on mixed sour veld at Towoomba Research Station. Technical Communication, Department of Agricultural Technical Services, South Africa (115): 17

An evaluation of individual outdoor houses and enclosed confinement buildings as farrowing systems for swine. Journal of Animal Science 37(2): 389-394

An evaluation of insecticidal smokes against the common furniture beetle Anobium punctatum (Deg). International Pest Control 13(4): 22-27

An evaluation of kinetic and equilibrium equations for the prediction of pesticide movement through porous media. Proceedings of the Soil Science Society of America 38(1): 29-35

An evaluation of laboratory ensiling techniques. Journal of the Science of Food and Agriculture 23(3): 377-385

An evaluation of leaf angle effect on maize photosynthesis and productivity. Dissertation Abstracts International, B 32(12, I): 6768

An evaluation of liming in the Cairns-Babinda area. Proceedings of the 38th Conference, Queensland Society of Sugar Cane Technologists: 109-112

An evaluation of long-term projections of copper, coffee and cocoa. Seminar Discussion Paper, Research Seminar in International Economics, Department of Economics, University of Michigan (43): 22

An evaluation of lucerne hybrids when mown at the beginning of flower bud formation. Sb nauch rabot Vses Nauch issled Inst kormov (2): 95-101

An evaluation of man-made fog for frost protection on citrus in southern California. HortScience 7(3): 250-252

An evaluation of mango varieties in the commercial orchards of Culiacan, State of Sinaola. Agricultura Tecnica en Mexico 3(6): 216-222

An evaluation of market order grade changes using covariance analysis. Southern Journal of Agricultural Economics 4(1): 107-111

An evaluation of marrowstem kale. Canadian Journal of Plant Science 52(5): 787-793

An evaluation of mature size in beef cattle and its relationship to production efficiency. Dissertation Abstracts International, B 32(11): 6141-6142

An evaluation of methods and timing of application of candidate selective herbicides in young forest plantations. Proceedings 12th British Weed Control Conference: 271-278

An evaluation of methods for detecting and comparative incidence of penicillin residues in different types of raw milk supplies. Journal of Milk and Food Technology 38(10): 601-603

An evaluation of methods for improving the in vitro digestibility of rice hulls. Journal of Animal Science 38(1): 140-148

An evaluation of methods for the detection of Pyrenophora avenae Ito and Kuribayashi in New Zealand seed oats. New Zealand Journal of Agricultural Research 15(3): 469-475

An evaluation of methods of mulching and staking tomatoes grown during the rains at Samaru, Nigeria. Horticultural Research( 1974); 13(2/3): 97-104

An evaluation of methods used for maturity testing. Proceedings XV Congress, International Society for Sugar Cane Technologists, 1974 (Vol.2): 991-1000

An evaluation of milk and blood tests used to diagnose brucellosis. Veterinary Record 91(13): 310-312

An evaluation of naloxone as a narcotic antiagonist in the dog. Journal of the American Veterinary Medical Association 163(2): 144-146

An evaluation of new herbicides for milkweed vine control. Proceedings of the Florida State Horticultural Society 1973 86: 29-33

An evaluation of official views on rural unemployment, rural-urban migration, income distribution, population growth and agricultural mechanization in Nigeria. Bulletin of Rural Economics and Sociology 7(1): 39-61

An evaluation of paraquat for the control of Geyer larkspur and its effect on grass production. Proceedings of the Western Society of Weed Science (Volume 25): 36

An evaluation of plant materials and procedures for developing nutritionally superior lines of buffelgrass (Cenchrus ciliaris L.). Dissertation Abstracts International, B 33(3): 985

An evaluation of plant nematodes as causal factors in citrus young tree decline. Soil and Crop Science Society of Florida Proceedings 32: 176-179

An evaluation of plus trees of oak and their seed progeny. Lesn genet, selektsiya i semenovodstvo: 251-257

An evaluation of pot methods for clonal selection in sugarcane. Proceedings XV Congress, International Society of Sugar Cane Technologists, 1974 (Vol.1): 106-113

An evaluation of potassium fertilizer needs for cotton in the Yazoo-Mississippi delta. Technical Bulletin, Mississippi Agricultural and Forestry Experiment Station (66): 30

An evaluation of potato collections of potatoes for degree of latent virus infection under conditions of Stavropol' region. Nauchn tr Stavropol' sk s kh in t (32, II): 19-22

An evaluation of poultry manure as a sugarcane fertilizer. Proceedings of the 45th Annual Congress, South African Sugar Technologists' Association: 136-141

An evaluation of pre-emergence herbicides for use in ground covers at time of planting. Proceedings North Central Weed Control Conference (Volume 26): 92-93

An evaluation of prednisolone, tetracycline and high protein diet for the therapy of idiopathic tropical malabsorption syndrome (ITMS). Indian Journal of Medical Research 62(5): 704-711

An evaluation of purification methods for baculoviruses. Journal of Invertebrate Pathology 24(1): 55-62

An evaluation of requirements for pathological incineration facilities. Laboratory Animal Science 24(6): 905-909

An evaluation of scarification and direct seeding in Alberta. Information Report, Northern Forest Research Centre, Canada (NOR-X-71): 27

An evaluation of selected cultivars, rootstocks and hardy interstocks. Fruit Varieties Journal 29(2): 26-29

An evaluation of self fertility in the world collection of sour cherries. Genetika a Slechteni 10(2): 139-145

An evaluation of selling alternatives for Montana pork producers. Bulletin, Montana Agricultural Experiment Station (675): 51

An evaluation of several herbicides for control of quackgrass in blueberries growing on soil amended with sawdust. Proceedings 25th North Central Weed Control Conference: 77

An evaluation of several insecticides on cotton pests. Bulletin of the Entomological Society of Egypt Economic (2): 13-20

An evaluation of several pruning methods. Proceedings of the Tropical Region, American Society for Horticultural Science 13: 332-344

An evaluation of several toxic rubber compounds as mosquito larvicides. Mosquito News 33(4): 501-505

An evaluation of short-term forecasts of coffee and cocoa. American Journal of Agricultural Economics 55(1): 93-99

An evaluation of simple diagnostic for piroplasmosis. Journal of the Egyptian Veterinary Medical Association 29(3/4): 135-141

An evaluation of single and multiple trait selection programs in the improvement of dairy cattle. Dissertation Abstracts International, B 34(11): 5267

An evaluation of six methods for protecting Pine stump tops from infection by Fomes annosus in Ontario. Information Report, Great Lakes Forest Research Centre, Canada (O-X-164): 9

An evaluation of some complex fertilizers for wheat on alluvial soil. Journal of the Indian Society of Soil Science 21(4): 509-511

An evaluation of some effects of bole and branch pulpwood harvesting on site macronutrients. Canadian Journal of Forest Research 2(4): 407-412

An evaluation of some farmers' training centres in Tanzania. Swedish Journal of Agricultural Research 3(4): 175-185

An evaluation of some natural enemies of cabbage looper on cotton in California. Environmental Entomology 2(6): 1009-1015

An evaluation of some of the factors that may contribute to proliferation of Braconid parasites. Proceedings of the Entomological Society of Ontario 1972; 102: 109-115

An evaluation of some of the potential immediate sources of cholesterol for bile acid synthesis in swine. Experimental and Molecular Pathology 22(2): 284-293

An evaluation of some organophosphate compounds for the control of cattle tick, Haemaphysalis (Kaiseriana) longicornis (Neumann), in sheep and cattle. New Zealand Journal of Experimental Agriculture 3(3): 281-284

An evaluation of some potato varieties as initial breeding material. Tr NII kartof kh va (7): 62-65

An evaluation of some simple extraction techniques and the use of hydrogen peroxide for estimating nematode populations in banana roots. Plant Disease Reporter 57(8): 678-681

An evaluation of some techniques for isolation of rhizosphere and soil mycoflora. Proceedings of the Indian Academy of Sciences, B 76(1): 31-38

An evaluation of some varieties of garden pea for canning. Bulletin, Vyzkumny Ustav Zelinarsky Olomouc1971; (14/15): 85-95

An evaluation of sorghum varieties according to their reaction to cytoplasmic pollen sterility. Vedecke Prace Vyskumneho Ustavu Rastlinnej Vyroby v Piest' anoch 10(20): 69-77

An evaluation of squash and pumpkin cultivars. Sbornik UVTI, Zahradnictvi 1(4)(1): 45-52

An evaluation of strontium chloride, Rappaport and strontium selenite enrichment for the isolation of salmonellas from man, animals, meat products and abattoir effluents. Journal of Hygiene 70(2): 367-384

An evaluation of sweet corn varieties with cyanazine. Proceedings of the Northeastern Weed Science Society, Philadelphia (Volume 28): 189-196

An evaluation of the Abnormal Milk Control Program recommended by the Interstate Milk Shippers Conference (IMS). Journal of Milk and Food Technology 35(10): 582-584

An evaluation of the Italian palmette as a suitable peach tree form for plantations and borderlands. Acta Universitatis Agriculturae, Brno, A 20(3): 383-393

An evaluation of the Lowden formulation containing nystatin for Dutch Elm disease control. Plant Disease Reporter 58(10): 924-926

An evaluation of the Pye nitrogen detector. Column (14): 9-12

An evaluation of the West French White breed. Annales de Zootechnie 21(4): 600-601

An evaluation of the Wisconsin mastitis test as an aid in mastitis control programmes. New Zealand Veterinary Journal 19(7): 155-156

An evaluation of the advisability of the release of the grass carp (Ctenopharyngodon idella) into the natural waters of the United States. Transactions of the Illinois State Academy 66: 47-53

An evaluation of the alkali flame ionisation detector and the Coulson electrolytic conductivity detector in the analysis of N-nitrosamines in foods. Journal of Chromatography 76(2): 307-319

An evaluation of the anthelmintic activity of levamisole against Chabertia ovina in lambs using the improved controlled test. British Veterinary Journal 130(5): 501-504

An evaluation of the combining ability of maternal forms in potato hybridization. Nauk pratsi, L' viv sil' s' kogospod In t 34: 77-84

An evaluation of the contribution of United States Public Law 480 to the food grain trade, consumption, and production of the less-developed countries. Dissertation Abstracts International A 33(12, I): 6556

An evaluation of the criterion organ weight under conditions of growth retardation. Food and Cosmetics Toxicology 11(1): 85-94

An evaluation of the double isotope test in the diagnosis of pernicious anaemia. Scottish Medical Journal 17(11): 359-363

An evaluation of the drop characteristics and ground distribution patterns of forest fire retardants. USDA Forest Service Research Paper, Intermountain Forest and Range Experiment Station (INT-134): 60

An evaluation of the economic effects on New York agriculture from the extension of unemployment insurance to the agricultural sector. Dissertation Abstracts International, A 34(1): 38

An evaluation of the effect of larviciding operations in rural areas near Abadan, Iran. Iranian Journal of Public Health 3(1): 54-61, 28

An evaluation of the effectiveness of natural pools, blind sumps and champagne pools in reducing mosquito production on a salt marsh. Proceedings New Jersey Mosquito Extermination Association; 57: 45-56

An evaluation of the effectiveness of new fertilizers in hop growing. Chmelarstvi 46(3; 4): 42-44; 56-58

An evaluation of the effectiveness of selection for frost resistance among parental forms of grape. Puti povysh urozhainosti plod kul' tur i vinograda 1: 15-20

An evaluation of the effectiveness of several herbicides when applied to twenty-five species of annual flowers. Proceedings North Central Weed Control Conference (Volume 26): 95-96

An evaluation of the effects of smoking on maternal oestriol excretion during pregnancy and on fetal outcome. Journal of Obstetrics and Gynaecology of the British Commonwealth 80(9): 815-521

An evaluation of the effects of various degrees of long-term confinement on adult beagle dogs. Laboratory Animal Science 22(6): 860-864

An evaluation of the electrolyte status of malnourished Thai children. Journal of Pediatrics 83(1): 124-128

An evaluation of the factors causing 'zero areas'. Tidsskrift for Skogbruk 81(2): 155-190

An evaluation of the feeding of weevil (Sitona spp.) on lentil. Ochrana Rostlin 8(3): 215-220

An evaluation of the first provenance trials with Douglas Fir in Bohemia and Moravia. Prace Vyzkumneho Ustavu Lesniho Hospodarstvi a Myslivosti 41: 103-121

An evaluation of the frost resistance of 56-chromosome wheat-Agropyron hybrids with sudden falls in temperature. Fiziol i biokhimiya sorta 1: 132-136

An evaluation of the influence of age of the dam on frequency of multiple births in Malabari goats. Kerala Journal of Veterinary Science 2(2): 95-98

An evaluation of the influence of available soil water storage capacity on growing season length and yield of tropical pastures using simple water balance models. Agricultural Meteorology 11(1): 53-63

An evaluation of the influence of soil characteristics and climate on crop yields. 1. Sugar yields. Irish Journal of Agricultural Research 11(2): 211-217

An evaluation of the influence of soil characteristics and climate on crop yields. 2. Influence of temperature. Irish Journal of Agricultural Research 11(2): 219-232

An evaluation of the micronization process for preparing cereals for the growing pig. 2. Effects on growth rate, food conversion efficiency and carcass characteristics. Animal Production 16(2): 109-116

An evaluation of the muscle biopsy technique in selection for and prediction of meat quality. World Review of Animal Production 10(3): 8-9, 31-40

An evaluation of the muscle biopsy technique in selection for the prediction of meat quality (swine). World Review of Animal Production 10(3): 31-40

An evaluation of the nutrient status of the rubber soils of Ceylon. Quarterly Journal Rubber Research Institute of Ceylon 48(3 & 4): 147-159

An evaluation of the nutritive value of meat-and-bone meal. 1. Effects of level of meat-and-bone meal and collagen on pig and rat performance. Irish Journal of Agricultural Research 13(1): 1-10

An evaluation of the nutritive value of meat-and-bone meal. 2. Effects of protein, ash and available lysine content on pig performance and nitrogen retention. Irish Journal of Agricultural Research 13(1): 11-19

An evaluation of the nutritive value of new high protein oat varieties (cultivars). Journal of Nutrition 105(8): 1048-1054

An evaluation of the nylon bag technique for estimating rumen utilization of grains. Journal of Animal Science 35(1): 113-120

An evaluation of the parasitological and production responses to a single pre-lambing anthelmintic treatment of ewes. New Zealand Journal of Experimental Agriculture 2(3): 223-230

An evaluation of the performance of the capacitance meter for estimating the yield of dairy pastures. Proceedings of the New Zealand Grassland Association 1972; 33: 83-90

An evaluation of the phenological, pomological and economic characteristics of sour cherry varieties. Zahradnictvi (4): 219-234

An evaluation of the programming and implementation management (PIM) system. Working Paper, Institute of Development Studies, University of Nairobi (89): 13

An evaluation of the protein quality of quinoa. Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry 23(2): 190-193

An evaluation of the quality of pecan and competing nuts in selected retail markets. Southern Journal of Agricultural Economics 4(1): 101-106

An evaluation of the reaction to CMS of lines and samples of subspecies of popcorn and sweet corn and the variability of its expression in relation to the meteorological conditions. Tr Kirgiz NII Zemledeliya (9): 24-30

An evaluation of the relationship between water uptake and nitrate absorption by corn plant in the soil system. Dissertation Abstracts International, B 32(4): 1952

An evaluation of the requirements of direct seeded maize in the Waikato. Proceedings of the Agronomy Society of New Zealand 3: 39-45

An evaluation of the returns to investment of planting 20,000 acres of jungle land with tapioca. Review of Agricultural Economics 4(1): 1-10

An evaluation of the supplementary protein and metabolizable energy value of rapeseed meals for chicks. Canadian Journal of Animal Science 51(3): 749-756

An evaluation of the susceptibility of lucerne to wilt. Vedecke Prace Vyskumneho Ustavu Rastlinnej Vyroby v Piest' anoch 11: 117-129

An evaluation of the tenderometer for measuring beef tenderness. Journal of Animal Science 38(2): 287-294

An evaluation of the vaginal smear technique for detecting the occurrence of ovulation in the ewe. Journal of Reproduction and Fertility 41(1): 249-251

An evaluation of the variability, correlations and regressions of some quality indicators of winter wheat. Acta Fytotechnica 26: 95-104

An evaluation of thiophanate-methyl for the control of crown rot of banana hands. Australian Journal of Experimental Agriculture and Animal Husbandry 12(55): 185-187

An evaluation of three-year-old Kaatoan Bangkal (Anthocephalus chinensis Rich. ex Walp) for printing and writing paper manufacture. Philippine Journal of Forestry1970 1973; 22(1/4): 33-44

An evaluation of tick fever outbreaks in Northern Queensland in recent years. Australian Veterinary Journal 47(9): 415-417

An evaluation of total digestible nutrients, metabolizable energy, and net energy for the prediction of energy requirements for beef cattle in Ontario. Canadian Journal of Animal Science 53(3): 471-477

An evaluation of traps for the western cherry fruit fly (Diptera:Tephritidae). Journal of the Entomological Society of British Columbia 70: 13-16

An evaluation of two tree shakers for harvesting cones. Equipment Development and Test Report, Forest Service, US Department of Agriculture (2400-4): 27

An evaluation of ultra low volume spraying in the Lower Shire Valley, 1972-1973. An evaluation of ultra low volume spraying in the Lower Shire Valley, 1972-1973: 36

An evaluation of use of grab samples in the appraisal of wool for store handling. Quarterly Review of Agricultural Economics 26(2): 89-99

An evaluation of various methods for investigating wintering of meadow and pasture plants. Forskning og Forsoek i Landbruket 24(3): 221-234

An evaluation of various tillage systems for wheat. Bulletin, Agricultural Experiment Station, Oklahoma State University (B-711): 17

An evaluation of various types of cultivators for weed control in sugarcane. Proceedings, South African Sugar Technologists' Association (49): 154-156

An evaluation of wheat mutants for useful agronomic characters. Nucleus 9(3/4): 29-35

An evaluation of wheat varieties for resistance to brown leaf rust. Nauchn tekhn biol Vses selekts genet in ta (13): 51-53

An evaluation system for the natural resources of the Prince Edward Island development plan. Dissertation Abstracts International, A 33(7): 3116

An evaluation under experimental conditions of the damage caused by the coffee bean weevil Araecerus fasciculatus (De Geer, 1775) (Coleoptera, Antribidae) in stored cured coffee. Arquivos do Instituto Biologico 40(4): 343-355

An evapotranspiration model for Great Plains grasslands. Kansas State University Evapotranspiration in the Great Plains Seminar: 55-65

An evidence for the decrease of body muscle mass due to ageing by means of height, weight and upper arm circumference measurements. Endocrinologia Japonica 19(4): 401-405

An evil for a good?. Bulletin des Anciens Eleves de l' Ecole de Meunerie (265): 3-5

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An examination of Penicillium notatum for the presence of Penicillium chrysogenum-type virus particles. Canadian Journal of Microbiology 18(8): 1352-1353

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An examination of taxation of assets and inheritance in agriculture. A study on the use of current commercial values. Landwirtschaft Angewandte Wissenschaft (167): 101

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An examination of the constancy of the rate of molecular evolution. Journal of molecular evolution(3): 161-177

An examination of the consumer price index and implicit price index as measures of recent price change in the Canadian economy. An examination of the consumer price index and implicit price index as measures of recent price change in the Canadian economy: vii+131

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An examination of the effects of size and isolation on the wildlife conservation value of wooded sites. I. Birds. Merlewood Research and Development Paper (49): iv + 9

An examination of the effects of size and isolation on the wildlife conservation value of wooded sites. II. Plants. Merlewood Research and Development Paper (59): 9

An examination of the fall-cone method for the determination of some strength properties of remoulded agricultural soils. Journal of Soil Science 24(4): 470-479

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An examination of the relationship between research, training and action based on an analysis of farmers' economic decisions. Annales d' Economie et de Sociologie Rurales 2(2): 111-133

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An examination of two bovine respiratory disease vaccines. Veterinary Record 92(16): 420-424

An example of a method of statistical analysis of a grazing experiment. Journal of Agricultural Sciency, UK 79(1): 165-167

An example of a producer group for slaughter pigs working on the performance-costs principle. Betriebswirtschaftliche fur den Wirtschaftsberatung, Landwirtschafts kammer Schleswig Holstein (227): 11-22

An example of agricultural colonization in Madagascar. Antanety-Ambohidava Betato. Etudes de Geographie Tropicale: 397-409

An example of algae as pioneers in the lithosphere and their role in rock corrosion. Journal of Ecology 63(1): 65-69

An example of chemical podzolization : soils over gravelly substratum in the forest of Chaux. Bulletin de l' Association Francaise pour l' Etude du Sol (1): 17-32

An example of integration in milk production and marketing. Gazdalkodas 17(8): 37-48

An example of limiting ecological conditions for Populus 'Robusta': the old plantations away from valleys on clayey soils in Lorraine. Revue Forestiere Francaise 26(4): 289-293

An example of meiotic drift in a free-living self-fertilizing nematode, Caenorhabditis elegans. Comptes Rendus Hebdomadaires des Seances de l' Academie des Sciences, Paris, D 279(26): 2115-2118

An example of the application of the work of the US Salinity Laboratory (1963-1968) on the alkalinization of soils affected by bicarbonate waters. Cahiers ORSTOM, Serie Pedologie 10(2): 193-203

An example of the calculation of the accuracy of the isotope method for determining biological fixation of N. The use of the stable isotope 15N in agricultural research: Primenenie stabil' nogo izotopa 15N v issledovaniyakh po zemledelyu: 80-86

An example of the economic loss caused by decay in growing Spruce timber in S. Finland. Silva Fennica 6(2): 116-124

An example of the effectiveness of the use of selected monospore cultures as a method of breeding cultivated mushrooms. Champignon 13(140): 25-27

An example of the stratified cambium among the indigenous tropical trees. Current Science 41(15): 569-570

An example of the use of warping for land drainage. Zeszyty Problemowe Postepow Nauk Rolniczych 130: 7-18

An example of voluntarist development in the Korhogo region (Ivory Coast). Bulletin de l' Association de Geographes Francais 51(415/416): 118-131

An example of work organization in an American nursery: the dispatch of container plants. Pepinieristes Horticulteurs Maraichers (154): 25-30

An exchange on food. Foreign Policy (14): 30-34

An excised leaflet test for evaluating potato frost tolerance. HortScience 7(5): 467-468

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