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Geography & Life Sciences: Chapter 56

Chapter 56 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in geography and in the life sciences.

Cytological changes in the xylem of inoculated carnation stems during the establishment of Phialophora cinerescens (Wr.) van Beyma. Phytopathologische Zeitshcrift 79(1): 35-46

Cytological changes observed in pituitary cells of the indigenous sow (Sus scrofa domesticus) resulting from experimental underfeeding. Rhodesian Journal of Agricultural Research 11(1): 35-39

Cytological characteristics of the peripharyngeal glands of Clonorchis sinensis. Referaty dokladov IV nauchnoi konferentsii, posvyashchennoi teoreticheskim i prakticheskim voprosam tsitologii, genetiki i parasitologii Iyun' 1971: 11-12

Cytological control of meiosis in inducing mutagenesis in Lycopersicon esculentum Mill. Byulleten' Vsesoyuznogo Ordena Lenina Instituta Rastenievodstva Imeni NI Vavilova (29): 88-92

Cytological control of the pairing of homologues at meiosis in representatives of the genus Lycopersicon Tourn. Byulleten' Vsesoyuznogo Ordena Lenina Instituta Rastenievodstva Imeni NI Vavilova (22): 64-71

Cytological data on some ways of formation of sterile pollen in carrot. Sel' skokhozyaistvennaya Biologiya 8(6): 830-833

Cytological data on species of the subtribe Papilionaceae - Phaseoleae - Phaseolinae. Second series. Bulletin du Jardin Botanique National de Belgique 40(4): 307-348

Cytological differentiation of constitutive heterochromatin. Chromosoma 48(4): 391-403

Cytological effect of irradiation of wheat seeds with protons. Byul Gl botan sada, AN SSSR (77): 110-112

Cytological effect of maleic hydrazide: mitotic frequency and chromosome breaks when applied to late G1-early S phase. Genetics 71(3, III, Supplement): s44

Cytological effect of plasma hormones on mammary epithelial development in vitro. Journal of Dairy Science 58(5): 739-740

Cytological effects of 2,3-dihydro-2,2-dimethyl-7-benzofuranyl methylcarbamate Carbofuran. Current Science 43(2): 53-54

Cytological effects of Argemone oil on the mitotic cells of Allium cepa. Proceedings of the Indian Academy of Sciences, B 79(5): 216-226

Cytological effects of adenosine triphosphate on excised root tips of Vicia faba. Bulletin of the Faculty of Science 1974; (45): 133-139

Cytological effects of combined application of gamma irradiation and ethyleneimine in lyophilization of spring barley seeds. Genetika i selektsiya Materialy I oi mezhrespub Likanskoi konferentsii po problemam genetiki i selektsii: 155-156

Cytological effects of folidol. Cytologia 36(3): 504-508

Cytological effects of pesticides. IV. Mitotic effects of some phenols. Cytologia 34(4): 533-540

Cytological effects of physical and chemical mutagens on guara (Cyamopsis tetragonoloba L. Taub.). Haryana Agricultural University Journal of Research 5(1): 82-84

Cytological effects of simazine on Vicia faba. Proceedings of the Egyptian Academy of Sciences 25: 61-66

Cytological effects of sulphanilamide on the root apices of Allium cepa. Indian Journal of Biochemistry 8(4): 324-326

Cytological effects of the insecticide Sevin on the meiotic cells of Poecilocerus pictus. Current Science 43(6): 187-189

Cytological effects of the mercurial fungicide Panogen 15 on Tradescantia and Vicia faba root tips. Mutation Research 14(4): 391-396

Cytological effects of the pesticides Phosdrin and Bladex on Tradescantia and Vicia faba. Canadian Journal of Genetics and Cytology 14(1): 157-165

Cytological effects of the root extracts of Tephrosia hamiltonii. Current Science 43(22): 720-721

Cytological effects of ultra-high temperatures on corn. Weed Science 21(4): 299-303

Cytological evidence for somatic diploidization in dikaryotic cells of Armillariella mellea. Archives of Microbiology 95(3): 187-192

Cytological examination of milk delivered to collection points in selected regions of Poland. Medycyna Weterynaryjna 30(9): 566-568

Cytological examination of the effect of some mutagenic agents in pea (Pisum sativum L.). Kiserletugyi Kozlemenyek, C 1974; 46(1/3): 43-60

Cytological features and fertility of triploid sugar-beet plants. Probl eksperim genetiki: 41-47

Cytological identification of the chromosomes involved in Searle's translocation and the location of the chromosomes involved in Searle's translocation and the location of the centromere in the X chromosome of the mouse. Genetics, Austin, USA 71(4): 643-648

Cytological instability of wheat variety Kalyansona. Current Science 43(12): 387

Cytological investigation of microspore formation in fertile and male-sterile onion (Allium cepa L.) plants of the varieties Wolska and Rawska. Biuletyn Warzywniczy 15: 213-221

Cytological investigation of serous fluids in dogs and cats. Cytologisch onderzoek bij honden en katten met vochtophopingen in de sereuze holten: 97

Cytological investigations in developing a method of distant hybridization of fruit crops. Tr Tsentr genet labor im IV Michurina 14: 179-192

Cytological investigations in some North Indian grasses. Genetica Iberica 23(4): 183-198

Cytological investigations of polyploid forms of sainfoin species. Tsitologiya i Genetika 5(6): 512-515

Cytological investigations of stone fruits. Tr Tsentr genet lab im IV Michurina 12: 188-204

Cytological investigations of the course of microsporogeneis in male-sterile and fertile carrot plants (Daucus carota L.). Hodowla Roslin, A klimatyzacja i Nasiennictwo 15(5): 475-498

Cytological investigations on Indian Compositae III. Tribe Cichorieae. Nucleus 17(2): 87-96

Cytological investigations on male-sterile nuclear mutants of Lycopersicon esculentum Mill. Archiv fur Zuchtungsforschung 2(2): 185-197

Cytological investigations on onion root-tip cells treated with some cigarette smoke constituents. Journal of Heredity 65(5): 311-313

Cytological localization of ribosomal cistrons in polytene chromosomes of Phaseolus coccineus. Chromosoma 39(2): 191-203

Cytological localization of translocation in barley. Agricultural Research Review, Arab Re ic of Egypt 48(6): 45-57

Cytological observations of some species of Setaria. Nucleus 16(1): 38-41

Cytological observations on arborescent Leguminosae of eastern Himalayas. Nucleus : 14

Cytological observations on arborescent Leguminosae of the Western Himalayas. Nucleus 16(1): 20-24

Cytological observations on embryos obtained by insemination with mixed sheep and goat semen. Bulletin de la Societe des Sciences Veterinaires et de Medecine Comparee de Lyon 75(5): 299-301

Cytological observations on pollen mother cells in cacao. Revista Theobroma 4(2): 34-40

Cytological observations on sterility in flowering quince. Japanese Journal of Breeding Ikushugaku Zasshi 25(2): 101-108

Cytological proof of a chromosome substitution in the wheat line Salzmunde 14/44 (T. aestivum). Zeitschrift fur Pflanzenzuchtung 67(2): 90-94

Cytological regulation of recombination in Pennisetum and Brassica. Cytologia 36(3): 435-448

Cytological research on apomictic forms in hybrids of maize with Tripsacum. Apomiksis i selektsiya: 210-213

Cytological researches on the cause of plant sterility combined with symptoms of flower greening in three species of clover. Genetica Polonica 14(4): 397-411

Cytological stability of triticale. Triticale: first man made cereal: 62-89

Cytological structure of differentiating tension wood fibres of Populus euroamericana. Mokuzai Gakkaishi Journal of the Japan Wood Research Society 18(3): 137-144

Cytological studies in Cucumis and Citrullus. Cytologia 35(4): 561-569

Cytological studies in Cucumis sativus (L.) var. Prickling Cucumber. Science and Culture 39(10): 465-466

Cytological studies in Ulmaceae, Moraceae and Urticaceae. Journal of the Arnold Arboretum 55(4): 663-677

Cytological studies in Vicia faba L. treated with leaf extracts of two varieties of Lathyrus sativus L. Cytologia 36(4): 702-715

Cytological studies in dormancy. II. Pathological ageing changes during prolonged dormancy and recovery upon dormancy release. III. Changes during low temperature dormancy release. New Phytologist 72(1): 145-152 + 4 pl., 153-160 + 2 pl.

Cytological studies in gamma ray irradiated jowar varieties (Sorghum vulgare Pers.). PKV Res J 1(1): 66-69

Cytological studies in normal and mutagen treated strains of triticale (Triticale hexaploide, Lart). Current Science 43(15): 470-473

Cytological studies in some Digitaria species. Genetica Iberica 23(4): 167-181

Cytological studies in some Euphorbiaceae. Current Science 41(2): 76-77

Cytological studies in the genus Prunus. II. Interspecific hybrids between P. cerasifera, P. spinosa, P. domestica and P. insititia. Annales de l' Amelioration des Plantes 23(2): 145-161

Cytological studies in the genus Taraxacum Weber. Proceedings of the Indian Academy of Sciences 80(2): 82-91

Cytological studies in the genus Themeda Forssk. Genetica Iberica 23(4): 209-217

Cytological studies in the tribe Paniceae, Gramineae. Cytologia 35(1): 111-131

Cytological studies of Himalayan Rutaceae. Silvae Genetica 22(5/6): 182-188

Cytological studies of ascus development and spore germination in Rhabdocline pseudotsugae. Phytopathologische Zeitschrift 78(4): 336-343

Cytological studies of certain hybrids of Triticum durum Desf. and T. diococcum Schrank with T. sphaerococcum Perc. in the F1 and F2. Otdalechen khibridizatsiya na rasteniyata: 77-90

Cytological studies of cytoplasmic male sterility in Nicotiana. V. The BC3-BC9 from the cross 4x (Nicotiana debreyi X N. tabacum) X N. tabacum. Genetika i Selektsiya 7(4): 311-321

Cytological studies of fat-storing cells in the liver of rats given large doses of vitamin A. Nature: New Biology 243(127): 186-188

Cytological studies of intra- and interspecific hybrids within the Lolium/Festuca group in relation to breeding. EUCARPIA: New ways in fodder crop breeding Abstracts and discussions of the meeting of the Fodder Crops Section of EUCARPIA held at Wageningen, 21-24 May, 1973: 12-13

Cytological studies of some stone fruits. Sb nauchn rabot VNII Sadovodstva im IV Michurina (13): 142-144

Cytological studies of some woody species. Indian Forester 100(11): 696-704 + 1 pl.

Cytological studies of the in vitro and de novo differentiation of vegetative buds, roots and callus from thin layers of epidermal cells of Nicotiana tabacum Wisc. 38. Canadian Journal of Botany 53(6): 553-559

Cytological studies on Himalayan Anacardiaceae. Nucleus, India 16(3): 205-209

Cytological studies on Himalayan Meliaceae. Journal of the Arnold Arboretum 53(4): 558-568

Cytological studies on Indian representatives of the genus Viola. Journal of Genetics 61(1): 52-63

Cytological studies on chironja. Journal of Agriculture of the University of Puerto Rico 56(4): 426-431

Cytological studies on diploid and polyploid taxa of the genus Pennisetum Rich. Genetica 43(2): 257-273

Cytological studies on nematode galls. Osterreichische Botanische Zeitschrift 118(5): 517-541

Cytological studies on nuclei of conidial and hyphal cells of Fusarium spp. Mikrobiologochnii Zhurnal 34(4): 441-443

Cytological studies on reactions and resistance mechanisms in barley varieties differing in susceptibility to Erysiphe graminis f. sp. hordei. Mitteilungen aus der Biologischen Bundesanstalt fur Land und Forstwirtschaft Berlin Dahlem 146: 206-207

Cytological studies on rust fungi (1) Teliospore germination and nuclear behaviors in chrysanthemum white rust (Puccinia horiana P. Hennings). Bulletin of the Faculty of Agriculture Mei University (47): 1-5

Cytological studies on sand dune plants. 3. Karyotype in Lathyrus maritimus Bigel. Sand dune Research 17(2): 45-49

Cytological studies on some Nigerian Andropogoneae. Nigerian Journal of Science 6(1): 13-19

Cytological studies on some flowering plants collected in Africa. Bulletin du Jardin Botanique National de Belgique 42(4): 393-402

Cytological studies on sterility in grape varieties. Zeitschrift fur Pflanzenzuchtung 70(2): 148-156

Cytological studies on the absorptive surfaces of cestodes. VI. Cytochemical evaluation of electrostatic charge. Journal of Parasitology 58(2): 229-234

Cytological studies on the absorptive surfaces of cestodes. VII. Evidence for the function of the tegument glycocalyx in cation binding by Hymenolepis diminuta. Journal of Parasitology 59(6): 1021-1030

Cytological studies on the absorptive surfaces of cestodes. VIII. Phosphohydrolase activity and cation adsorption in the tegument brush border of Hymenolepis diminuta. Journal of Parasitology 60(5): 744-751

Cytological studies on the identification of the alien chromosome in two wheat variety Zorba (W565). Zeitschrift fur Pflanzenzuchtung 66(3): 260-265

Cytological studies on three Indian species of Lactuca. Science and Culture 40(3): 123-124

Cytological studies on tissue culture of Pinus cembra. Physiologia Plantarum 33(1): 58-61

Cytological studies on wild oat-grass taxa of the eastern Alps. Helictotrichon petzense, H. parlatorei and H. X krischae. Carinthia, II 160: 79-97

Cytological studies upon Cycocel as plant growth retardant. Beitrage zur Biologie der Pflanzen 50(1): 1-19

Cytological study in the hybrid Lathyrus clymenum (Uppsala) X L. clymenum (Kew). Bulletin of Faculty of Agriculture, Cairo University 1973; 20(1): 185-188

Cytological study of Ascaris lumbricoides and A. suum. Genetika (5): 170-175

Cytological study of Rhinosporidium seeberi by electron microscopy. Indian Journal of Pathology & Bacteriology 17(1): 29-32

Cytological study of meiosis in some forms of Triticale and their hybrids. Bul Akad Stiince RSSMold, Ser biol i khim n (5): 29-35

Cytological study of meristematic root cells in seedlings of Larix decidua Mill. after exposure of the seeds to ultrasonic waves. Acta Facultatis Rerum Naturalium Universitatis Comenianae, Physiologia Plantarum 7: 39-46

Cytological study of pollen formation in vine cultivars with functionally female and bisexual flowers. Sel' skokhozyaistvennaya Biologiya 8(3): 420-424

Cytological study of some interspecific hybrids in the genus Gossypium L. Genetika 9(7): 163-166

Cytological study of sour cherry - sweet cherry hybrids. Tsitogenetich i tsitoembriolog metody v selektsii plodov i yagodn kul' tur: 147-154

Cytological study of the effect of some mutagenic agents in peas (Pisum sativum, L.). Acta Agronomica Academiae Scientiarum Hungaricae 23(3/4): 365-373

Cytological study of the endosperm in two species of onion (Allium cepa L. and A. fistulosum L.). Tsitologiya i Genetika 7(1): 73-76

Cytological study of the genus Corylus. Evidence of a heterozygous translocation in some cultivated hazelnut (C. avellana) with reduced pollen fertility. Annales de l' Amelioration des Plantes 23(1): 59-66

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