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Effect of the container on the production of Eucalyptus grandis and E. saligna plants and their initial development after planting out

, : Effect of the container on the production of Eucalyptus grandis and E. saligna plants and their initial development after planting out. IPEF (8): 19-40

Plants were grown by sowing direct in four types of container: (1) plastic bags 5.5 cm in diameter, 11 cm high; (2) torrao paulista, i.e. hexagonal soil blocks 11.5 cm high, side 2.6 cm; (3) veneer tubes 5.5 cm in diameter, 14 cm high; and (4) hexagonal paper pots 15 cm high, side 2.5 cm. Growth was studied in the nursery and after planting out in the field on an infertile, acid, dark-red latosol.


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