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Geography & Life Sciences: Chapter 83

Chapter 83 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in geography and in the life sciences.

Eggs of the horse bot fly, Gasterophilus intestinalis (Diptera: gasterophilidae), On pastured cattle. Journal of Medical Entomology 10(1): 34-37

Eggs. Situation and outlook. Eggs Situation and outlook: 38

Eggshell thinning. Nature, UK 240(5377): 162-166

Eggshell thinning, chlorinated hydrocarbons, and mercury in inland aquatic bird eggs, 1969 and 1970. Pesticides Monitoring Journal 7(1): 27-36

Egmont - New Zealand's own cheese. Food Technology in New Zealand 9(5): 8

Egtved virus: demonstration of virus antigen by the fluorescent antibody technique in tissues of rainbow trout affected by viral haemorrhagic septicaemia and in cell cultures infected with Egtved virus. Archiv fur die Gesamte Virusforschung 36(1/2): 115-122

Egypt - an expanding market for U.S. farm products. FATUS, Foreign Agricultural Trade of the United States (August): 66-89

Egyptian Journal of Horticultural Society. Egyptian Journal of Horticultural Society 1(1): 90

Egyptian alfalfa weevil: winter and early-spring treatments for control in California. Journal of Economic Entomology 65(5): 1479-1481

Egyptian cotton leafworm: laboratory and field evaluation of certain insecticides. Journal of Economic Entomology 66(6): 1293-1297

Egyptian mango juice blends. Agricultural Research Review 52(9): 87-93

Eh, pH and electrical conductivity of rice soil as affected by degree of puddling and water regimes. Riso 22(3): 225-230

Eh-pH diagrams of manganese systems in relation to flooded soils. Reports of the Institute for Agricultural Research, Tohoku University 24: 1-15

Ehrlichia canis and tropical canine pancytopaenia. Research in Veterinary Science 13(4): 307-314

Ehrlichia canis infection. (Tropical canine pancytopaenia or canine rickettsiosis). Journal of the South African Veterinary Association 44(3): 241-245

Eicherax ricnotes, a bee-hunting fly in Tucuman. I deg Congresso Brasileiro de Apicultura: 306-308

Eidonomic and cytological studies on anholocyclic-parthenogenetic species of Adelgidae (Homoptera : Aphidina). Zeitschrift fur Angewandte Entomologie 65(4): 444-452

Eight inbred corn lines with resistance to maize dwarf mosaic virus disease released. Arkansas Farm Research 22(4): 4

Eight new cases of Lobo's keloidal mycosis. International Journal of Dermatology 12(2): 99-103

Eight years of investigations on manuring and application of mineral fertilizers in Veneto. Rivista di Agronomia 7(2/3): 41-51

Eight years of root injury from water table fluctuations. Proceedings of the 85th Annual Meeting of the Florida State Horticultural Society: 65-68

Eight years' experience with monoculture of sugarbeet in soil infested with Heterodera schachtii. International Symposium of Nematology 11th, European Society of Nematologists, Reading, UK, 3-8 September, 1972 Abstracts: 70-72

Eight years' investigations of MM. and other clonal rootstocks on brown soil in the Borinci-Vinkovci apple orchard. Jugoslovensko Vocarstvo 1972; 5(17/18): 267-276

Eight-hour working days in dairies. Vezetes a Mezogazdasagban, az Elelmiszeriparban, az Erdeszet Faiparban 4(8): 418-420

Eight-year results of an afforestation study. Forestry Chronicle 48(6): 325-326

Eighteen new potato varieties. Kartoffelbau 25: 140

Eighteen years of viticultural research at the federal estate of Chateau de Changins. Revue Suisse de Viticulture et Arboriculture 3(6): 154-158

Eighteen-year changes in the composition of a stand of Pinus echinata and P. rigida in southern New Jersey. Bulletin of the Torrey Botanical Club 100(2): 94-102

Eighteenth Annual Report for the year 1971, Scottish Horticultural Research Institute. Eighteenth Annual Report for the year 1971, Scottish Horticultural Research Institute: 85

Eighteenth annual report and accounts for the year ended 31 March 1973. Eighteenth annual report and accounts for the year ended 31 March 1973: 34

Eighteenth annual report on artificial insemination in Canada, 1972. Dix huitieme rapport annuel sur l' insemination artificielle au Canada, 1972: ; 20

Eighteenth list of Ayrshire and Friesian progeny tested sires. Report, Milk Recording Services Department, Scottish Milk Marketing Board (32): 6

Eighth Annual Report (for the period from 1st April 1971 to 31st March 1972). Eighth Annual Report for the period from 1st April 1971 to 31st March 1972: vii + 191

Eighth Congress of the Brazilian Society of Tropical Medicine, Belo Horizonte, 6 to 9 February 1972. Revista da Sociedade Brasileira de Medicina Tropical 6(6): 351-444

Eighth International Congress on rice growing, Vercelli, Italy, 6-8 September, 1973. Agronomie Tropicale, I 29(8): 847-854

Eighth International Plant Protection Congress, Moscow, August 21-26, 1975. Reports and informations. Section V. Eighth International Plant Protection Congress, Moscow, August 21-26, 1975 Reports and informations Section V: 225

Eighth National Congress of Entomology VIII Congreso Nacional de Entomologia and Twentieth Annual Meeting of the Southwestern Branch of the Entomological Society of America.. Folia Entomologica Mexicana (25/26): 134

Eighth Report, 1971, Kirton Experimental Horticultural Station, Boston, Lincs. Eighth Report, 1971, Kirton Experimental Horticultural Station, Boston, Lincs: 94

Eighth Session of the Working Party on Soil classification and Survey. World Soil Resources Reports (42): 21 pp

Eighth annual report, year ended June 30, 1974. Eighth annual report, year ended June 30, 1974: 142

Eighth cotton report, 1972. Eighth cotton report, 1972: 102

Eighth record of a human case of Mesocestoides lineatus (Cestoda: Cyclophyllidea) in Japan. Japanese Journal of Parasitology 21(5): 336-345

Eighth report 1971. Part II. Vegetables. Eighth report 1971 Part II Vegetables: 302

Eighth report of the Swiss Society for Fattening and Carcass Performance Tests in Pigs 1974. Kleinviehzuchter 23(7): 247-262

Eighth report, 1971. Part I, bulbs. Eighth report, 1971 Part I, bulbs: 94

Eightieth report for the year ended 30 September, 1973. Eightieth report for the year ended 30 September, 1973: 124pp

Eighty-fourth annual report, 1970-1971. Eighty fourth annual report, 1970-1971: 71

Eighty-fourth annual report, 1970-71. Research Report, Michigan Agricultural Experiment Station (153): 84

Eighty-sixth annual session, Cornell University Medical College, New York, 9-12 Apr. 1973. Abstracts. Anatomical Record 175(2): 261-479

Eighty-third annual report, 1960-1973. Towards a more modern State. Bulletin, Agricultural Experiment Station, University of Maryland (A 181, III): 93 pp

Eimeria acervulina and E. maxima: incidence and anticoccidial drug resistance of isolants in major broiler-producing areas. Avian Diseases 18(3): 331-342

Eimeria and Isospora species of pigs in Spain.. Revista Iberica de Parasitologia 31(1/2): 1-13

Eimeria brunetti: Cross infections in chickens immunized to E. maxima. Experimental Parasitology 29(3): 367-374

Eimeria brunetti: pathogenic effects in young chickens. Experimental Parasitology 36(3): 333-341

Eimeria chinchillae De Vos & Van der Westhuizen, 1968 and other Eimeria spp. from three South African rodent species. Onderstepoort Journal of Veterinary Research 37(4): 185-189

Eimeria infection of chicken embryos: the effect of known anticoccidial drugs against E. tenella and E. mivati. Avian Pathology 2(2): 111-125

Eimeria mivati: reproduction, pathogenicity and immunogenicity of a strain maintained in chick embryos by serial passage. Journal of Comparative Pathology 82(4): 439-445

Eimeria nieschulzi infections in inbred and outbred rats: infective dose, route of infection, and host resistance. Canadian Journal of Zoology 51(2): 273-279

Eimeria species parasitic in rabbit, with reference to their occurrence in Spain. Supplemento Cientifico del Boletin Informativo, Consejo General de Colegios Veterinarios de Espana (196): 37-43

Eimeria stiedai infection in the rabbit: effect on bile flow and bromsulphthalein metabolism and elimination. Laboratory Animal Science 24(1, Part I): 66-71

Eimeria tenella in bacteria-free and conventionalized chicks. Journal of Parasitology 58(2): 323-331

Eimeria tenella in gnotobiotic chickens: hematocrit, weight change, cecal pathology, and mortality. Journal of Parasitology 61(2): 194-198

Eimeria tenella infection in testosterone-injected chicks. Journal of Parasitology 59(4): 631-634

Eimeria tenella: an in vivo and in vitro comparison of the Wisconsin, Weybridge, and Beltsville strains. Proceedings of the Helminthological Society of Washington 41(1): 77-80

Eimeria tenella: incidence, distribution, and anticoccidial drug resistance of isolants in major broiler-producing areas. Avian Diseases 18(1): 74-84

Eimeria tenella: merozoite production in cultured cells and attempts to obtain development of culture-produced merozoites . Proceedings of the Helminthological Society of Washington 41(2): 169-173

Eimeria tenella: reproduction, pathogenicity and immunogenicity of a strain maintained in chick embryos by serial passage. Journal of Comparative Pathology 82(4): 429-437

Eimeria tenella: screening of chemotherapeutic compounds in cell cultures. Experimental Parasitology 33(3): 477-485

Eimeria weybridgensis sp. nov. and Eimeria ovina from the domestic sheep. Parasitology 69(1): 87-95

Eiseniella tetraedra (Savigny) (Oligochaeta), a new intermediate host of the cestode Dilepis undula (Schrank, 1782). Folia Parasitologica 20(1): 16-16

Ejaculate of the male rabbit. Tijdschrift Voor Diergeneeskunde 100(11): 592-596

Ejaculate production and quality in bulls allowed unrestricted food consumption during rearing. Pol' nohospodarstvo 20(11): 899-906

Ejodos in Mexico: actual situation and problems. Developing Economies 11(3): 297-312

Ekologia Polska (Polish Journal of Ecology). Ekologia Polska Polish Journal of Ecology:

El Dorado pine: an aneuploid Monterey pine cultivar. Journal of Heredity 63(5): 293-296

El Salvador - Decree No. 268: Forestry Act. 19 February 1973. Food and Agricultural Legislation 23(1): 56-58

El-Sisal development project - CIAC report. Dominican Republic. El Sisal development project CIAC report Dominican Re ic: 19

Elaborating physiological methods for the early diagnosis of winter hardiness and ways of improving it in the breeding process. Tr Tsentr genet labor im I V Michurina 14: 159-178

Elaboration of fluorescent phytoalexins in Lycopersicon esculentum after infection with Phytophthora palmivora and P. parasitica. Phytopathologische Zeitschrift 83(1): 1-9

Elaboration of parietal material by cells associated with vessels in response to infection of carnation by Phialophora cinerescens (Wr.) van Beyma. Comptes Rendus Hebdomadaires des Seances de l' Academie des Sciences, D 277(4): 405-407

Elaeis melanococca and the hybrid Elaeis melanococca X Elaeis guineensis. First data. Oleagineux 30(1): 5-8

Elaeocarpus alkaloids. V. The alkaloids of Elaeocarpus kaniensis. Australian Journal of Chemistry 25(4): 817-835

Elaeophora poeli (Nematoda: Filarioidea) in African buffalo in Uganda, East Africa. Journal of Wildlife Diseases 7(4): 296-298

Elaeophorosis in moose from Montana. Journal of Wildlife Diseases 8(3): 242-244

Elaeophorosis in white-tailed deer of the southeastern U.S.A.: case report and distribution. Journal of Wildlife Diseases 8(3): 233-236

Elaidic acid and serum lipoproteins in starved and fed rats. Nutrition and Metabolism 15(4): 281-289

Eland vs. beef. African Wild Life 26(1): 4-9, 27

Elaphostrongylosis in reindeer. Nordisk Veterinaer Medicin 25(4/5): 203-210

Elastic bearing constant of wood : effects of moisture content conditions. USDA Forest Service Research Paper, Forest Products Laboratory, Madison (FPL 235): 7

Elastic bearing constants for sheathing materials. USDA Forest Service Research Paper, Forest Products Laboratory, Madison (FPL 224): 8

Elastic bindings for bundles. Lesnaya Promyshlennost' (3): 21

Elastic constants of Populus 'Marilandica' wood. Drevarsky Vyskum 17(3): 165-173

Elastic deformations of Scots Pine knotwood. Lesnoi Zhurnal 17(4): 153-154

Elastic deformations of wood in relation to its macroscopic structure. Zbornik Vedeckych Prac Drevarskej Fakulty Vysokej Skoly Lesnickej a Drevarskej vo Zvolene: 299-306

Elastic liner and teatcup. German Federal Re ic Patent Application: (2 331 123)

Elastic modulus of porous material. Mokuzai Gakkaishi Journal of the Japan Wood Research Society 20(4): 166-171

Elastic rollers in the feed mechanisms of frame saws. Lesnoi Zhurnal 17(5): 70-75

Elasticity and plasticity in soils. Geotechnique 23(4): 565-571

Elasticity as an indicator of shell quality. Ptitsevodstvo (5): 42-43

Elasticity of milk production dependent upon important production factors. Poljoprivredna Znanstvena Smotra Conspectus Agricultural Scientificus 29: 413-428

Elasticity of milk production in relation to important production factors. Poljoprivredna Znanstvena Smotra (29): 413-428

Elasticity of the marketable surplus of a subsistence crop at various stages of development. Economic Development and Cultural Change 23(3): 421-430

Elatior begonias on irrigation mats. Zierpflanzenbau 13(14): 579-582

Elbon rye as quality forage to Ozark deer during winter. Agronomy Journal 67(1): 92-93

Elbow dysplasia in the dog: clinical signs and removal of the non-united anconeal process. Kleintier Praxis 20(2): 55-63

Elbow dysplasia with detached anconeal process. A new possibility of surgical treatment. Kleintier Praxis 18(5): 121-122, 124-128, 130-132

Elbow joint dysplasia in the dog. Wiener Tierarztliche Monatsschrift 59(10): 297-307

Eldana saccharina Wlk. (Lepidoptera:Pyralidae), a pest of sugarcane in East Africa. Proceedings of the International Society of Sugar Cane Technologists Fourteenth Congress, New Orleans, Louisiana, October 22 November 5, 1971: 429-434

Elderberry latent virus. CMI/AAB Descriptions of Plant Viruses (127): 4

Elderly people in rural Norway. A sociological study of services available and the environment of elderly persons. Arbeidsrapport, Norsk Institutt for by og Regionforskning (7/74): 182

Electric aided and bud pollination: which method to use for self-seed production in cole crops (Brassica oleracea L.)?. Euphytica 22(2): 260-263

Electric current in the prophylaxis of Diplostomum infections in fish. Voprosy Ikhtiologii 12(5 (76)): 923-929

Electric moisture meter correction factors for Eastern Canadian species. [Information] Report, Eastern Forest Products Laboratory, Canada (OP-X-89E): 45

Electric power in forestry. Lesnoi Zhurnal 17(1): 131-134

Electric saws of industrial frequency. Lesnaya Promyshlennost' (2): 18-19

Electric shears for plot harvesting. Journal of Range Management 25(5): 404-405

Electric tool for barking large timber. Lesnaya Promyshlennost' (11): 15

Electric tool for final barking of flitches. Derevoobrabatyvayushchaya Promyshlennost' (12): 8-9

Electric-powered plot mower. Canadian Journal of Plant Science 54(3): 579-580

Electrical activation of visual neurones in nucleus pontis in the cat. Journal of Physiology 229(1): 28p-29p

Electrical activity of the canine gastrointestinal tract, recorded (before and after its stimulation or depression with drugs) from electrodes implanted beneath the serosa.. Nuova Veterinaria 47(5): 259-280

Electrical and contractile activities of the small intestine of the cat. American Journal of Digestive Diseases 19(2): 93-99

Electrical coagulation of whey proteins. Izvestiya Vysshikh Uchebnykh Zavedenii, Pishchevaya Tekhnologiya (5): 165-166

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Electrical dose for ventricular defibrillation of large and small animals using precordial electrodes. Journal of Clinical Investigation 53(1): 310-319

Electrical drying by lowering the humidity of the air. Revue du Bois et de ses Applications 30(5): 71

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Electrical generation of natural aerosols from vegetation. Science 175(4027): 1239-1240

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