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Geography & Life Sciences: Chapter 110

Chapter 110 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in geography and in the life sciences.

Hoe 2982 - an effective systemic organophosphorous preparation with short residual action. Eiuletyn Instytutu Ochrony Roslin (50): 109-116

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Holley, a new early maturing wheat. Research Report, College of Agriculture Experiment Stations, University of Georgia (114): 9

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Holly fruit pigments. Taxonomic and genetic implications. Holly Letter (49): 3-5

Holly hybridization at the National Arboretum. Holly Letter (47): 1-3

Holoblastic conidiogenesis in Helminthosporium maydis. Canadian Journal of Botany 53(8): 813-817

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Holstein-Friesians in the German Federal Republic and other European countries. Tierzuchter 24(17): 493-494

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Home builder acceptance of modified construction techniques. Forest Products Journal 23(2): 43-45

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Homemakers' opinions about dairy products and imitations: a nationwide survey. Marketing Research Report, USDA (995): 89

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Homocytotropic antibody response to parasitic infections. , Immunity to animal parasites: 97-129

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Homoeothermy and growth rate in the fowl. British Poultry Science 14(4): 319-328

Homogeneity and classification of red soils. Madras Agricultural Journal 60(8): 816-819

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Homogeneous and heterogeneous animals for the endocrinological search. Defining the laboratory animal IV Symposium, International Committee on Laboratory Animals: 414-434

Homogeneous and heterogeneous selection in pig breeding with reference to blood groups. Genet svinei i teoriya plemen otbora v svinovodstve: 267-273

Homogeneous land areas in Sao Paulo from the point of view of agricultural organization. Revista Brasileira de Economia 27(1): 115-164

Homogeneous selection for pelt colour and pelt type as an important method of breeding Sur Karakuls. Ovtsevodstvo (5): 14-15

Homogenizer, particularly for milk. French Patent Application: (2 079 304)

Homograft of a stored bone fragment in the treatment of fractures (in dogs). Revue de Medecine Veterinaire 126(5): 667-674

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Homology relationships in awn formation in the genera Triticum and Aegilops. Kulturpflanze 21: 195-209

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Homorocoryphus nitidulus. Zashchita Rastenii 16(8): 49

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