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Geography & Life Sciences: Chapter 114

Chapter 114 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in geography and in the life sciences.

Improved estimation of body masses and turnover of cholesterol by computerized input--output analysis. Journal of Lipid Research 14(2): 189-196

Improved evaluation of agricultural areas in agricultural and landscape planning. Berichte uber Landwirtschaft 52(4): 547-557

Improved farm analysis - a precondition of higher productivity. Kooperation 8(4): 180-183

Improved feedback control for the null-point compensating system. Soil Science 114(1): 61-68

Improved field bean for dryland forage. Indian Farming 24(2): 5-7

Improved field budding of grapevines using a modified cut and plastic tape. California Agriculture 29(2): 6-8

Improved film technique speeds growth. Grower 81(9, Supplement): xxx, xxxii

Improved flow reduces chip damage in chipper. British Columbia Lumberman 56(12): 24

Improved fluorometric assay of histamine: condensation with o-phthalaldehyde at -20 deg C. Analytical Biochemistry 60(2): 560-567

Improved forage and feed analyses assist upper mid-west U.S. livestock producers improve efficiency and lower costs of production. Proceedings of the 12th International Grassland Congress Grassland Utilization 2: 585-592

Improved forage species for reseeding in the San Juan Basin. Technical Bulletin, Experiment Station, Colorado State University (122): 20

Improved geranium branching with growth regulator sprays. HortScience 7(3): 291-292

Improved germination and seedling growth of Red Oak. Forestry Research Review 1974: 1-3

Improved ginger means more foreign exchange. Indian Farming 22(10): 37, 39, 42

Improved gram for increased yield. Indian Farming 22(12): 19-20, 22

Improved hatch rate in helium-oxygen by reducing shell diffusion area. Proceedings of the Society for Experimental Biology and Medicine. Society for Experimental Biology and Medicine 148(3): 937-941

Improved hemagglutination inhibition assay for mammary tumor virus antigen. Applied Microbiology 26(1): 63-65

Improved lac cultivation. Indian Farming 22(3): 11-14, 23

Improved lactation in germfree mice following changes in the amino acid and fat components of a chemically defined diet. Germfree research Biological effect of gnotobiotic environments: 245-250

Improved lodging resistance and shortening of the straw in induced mutants of the durum wheat Adur. Badenkultur 22(4): 352-371

Improved lysine estimation in maize (Zea mays L.) with alcoholic extraction at high temperature. Cereal Research Communications 1(2): 45-53

Improved malting performance of freshly harvested barley after abrasion. Journal of the Institute of Brewing 80(6): 549-555

Improved manual and automated colorimetric determination of serum glucose, with use of hexokinase and glucose-6-phosphate dehydrogenase. Clinical Chemistry 19(1): 127-130

Improved manual spectrophotometric procedure for determination of serum triglycerides. Clinical Chemistry 19(9): 1077-1078

Improved mealybug control on table grapes with a quick-breakdown insecticide. Deciduous Fruit Grower 25(1): 4, 6-8

Improved measurement of corticosteroids in plasma and urine by competitive protein-binding radioassay. Clinical Chemistry 19(5): 511-515

Improved method for determination of triglycerides in serum. Clinical Chemistry 19(10): 1201-1202

Improved method for determination of xanthophyll in fresh alfalfa and wet fractions. Journal of the Association of Official Analytical Chemists 55(6): 1202-1205

Improved method for determining the degree of abrasion of barley. Journal of the Institute of Brewing 80(4): 381-382

Improved method for fat and oil analysis by a new process of extraction. Journal of the Association of Official Analytical Chemists 57(5): 1165-1168

Improved method for investigation of copper metabolism in patients with Wilson's disease using 64Cu. Clinica Chimica Acta 42(2): 353-359

Improved method for rearing apple maggot larvae on artificial media. Journal of Economic Entomology 66(2): 555-556

Improved method for specific determination of creatinine in serum and urine. Clinical Chemistry 19(4): 408-410

Improved method for the extraction of pectin. Proceedings of the Florida State Horticultural Society 86: 260-261

Improved method for the manufacture of Bryndza cheese from cows' milk. Molochnaya Promyshlennost' (11): 29-30

Improved method for the thin layer chromatographic determination of patulin in apple juice. Journal of the Association of Official Analytical Chemists 56(4): 813-816

Improved method of diagnosing Trichocephalus infection (in pigs, by examination of faeces). Veterinariya, Moscow (1): 65-66

Improved methods for manufacturing yogurt. American Dairy Review 36(6): 38A-38D

Improved methods for measuring mammary metabolism in conscious farm animals. Journal of Physiology 242(2): 1p-2p

Improved methods for the axenic culture of Puccinia recondita f.sp. tritici. Phytopathology 64(2): 262-263

Improved methods for the manufacturing of yogurt and problems related to yogurt manufacture. Cultured Dairy Products Journal 8(4): 14-16

Improved methods of producing F1 tobacco seeds on a large scale. Bulletin d' Information Coresta (Special issue): 132

Improved methods of progeny testing Karakul rams. Otsenka proizvoditelei po kachestvu potomstva: 243-254

Improved methods of selection and evaluation of meat production capacity in beef cattle. Allattenyesztes 20(1): 11-15

Improved methods of storing ram semen. Trudy Vsesoyuznyi Nauchno Issledovatel' skii Institut Ovtsevodstva i Kozovodstva 33(1): 160-168

Improved methods of yield determination. Lesnoi Zhurnal 16(5): 134-139

Improved microbiological assay procedures for penicillin residues in milk, cheeses, eggs, muscle, and liver tissues. Abstracts of the Annual Meeting of the American Society for Microbiology (73rd Mtg): 10

Improved microtechnique for the leptospiral microscopic agglutination test. Applied Microbiology 25(6): 976-980

Improved milk powders. British Patent: (1 346 888)

Improved milking properties and performance of the Impulsa M 620 pipeline milking machine as a result of vacuum stabilization. Tierzucht 28(4): 154-158

Improved needle point frames for exact line transects. Journal of Range Management 25(3): 228-229

Improved observations of Norwegian lemmings (Lemmus lemmus L.) in captivity. Journal of the Institute of Animal Technicians 23(1): 44-51

Improved pH control of fungal culture media. Mycologia 65(5): 1078-1086

Improved papaya varieties. Coconut Bulletin 4(9): 12

Improved pastures in the middle belt of Nigeria. Ahmadu Bello University, Zaria, Nigeria: Nigeria, Ahmadu Ballo University: Livestock development in the dry and intermediate savanna zones The proceedings of a conference held at the Ahadu Bello University, Zaria, Nigeria, 16-18th June 1969: 93-106

Improved pastures in the northern States of Nigeria. Ahmadu Bello University, Zaria, Nigeria: Nigeria, Ahmadu Ballo University: Livestock development in the dry and intermediate savanna zones The proceedings of a conference held at the Ahadu Bello University, Zaria, Nigeria, 16-18th June 1969: 86-92

Improved phenoplastic adhesives for the manufacture of wood-based materials. Holztechnologie 13(1): 4-7

Improved possibilities of cherry fruit fly control - research report 1973. Pflanzenarzt 26(10): 101-102

Improved preservation of alkaline phosphatase in salivary glands of the cat. Histochemical Journal 4(4): 365-379

Improved procedures for mass rearing the European corn borer. Journal of Economic Entomology 65(5): 1472-1476

Improved procedures for measurement of aflatoxins with thin layer chromatography and fluorometry. Journal of Milk and Food Technology 32(6): 213-217

Improved procedures for the determination of oxytetracycline in milk, milk products; chicken muscle, liver; and eggs. Bulletin of Environmental Contamination and Toxicology 7(4): 229-236

Improved purification procedure for peanut stunt virus, incitant of Tephrosia yellow vein disease. Phytopathology 63(1): 93-98

Improved quality of cultured and flavoured milks; report on the German Agricultural Society's testing in 1974. Deutsche Milchwirtschaft 26(3): 57, 65-67

Improved quality of small-flowered chrysanthemums in winter by interpolation of a long day period. Deutsche Gartnerborse 74(48): 974-975

Improved regional allocation of Pine, Larch and Oak seed in the Ukraine. Lesovedenie (1): 14-23

Improved reproductive abilities in poultry by way of using different light patterns for males and females. XV World' s Poultry Congress and Exposition, New Orleans, 11-16 August 1974 Proceedings and Abstracts: 17-19

Improved resistance moisture measurement techniques: pulsed current meter and wood element sensors. Forest Products Journal 24(4): 17-23

Improved rice varieties. Bulletin de Madagascar 21(307): 968-977

Improved rooting of cuttings by diffusion of oxygen through the rooting medium. Journal of Horticultural Science 50(2): 173-174

Improved selection against the purple colour defect of cauliflower curds. Euphytica 24(1): 177-180

Improved separation of aflatoxins by vapor-programmed thin layer chromatography and controlled relative humidity. Journal - Association of Official Analytical Chemists 54(1): 98-101

Improved sire summaries are on the way. Hoard' s Dairyman (17): 1015

Improved solid milk-containing products. British Patent: (1 286 249)

Improved spray attachment for tree planter. Technical Release, American Pulpwood Association (72-R-53): 3

Improved standard sowing rates for tree seed in nurseries. Lesnoe Khozyaistvo (4): 36-38

Improved storage life of fruits and vegetables by ionizing radiation. Japan Agricultural Research Quarterly 7(1): 55-60

Improved technique for evaluating resistance of corn to Corynebacterium nebraskense. Crop Science 14(5): 716-718

Improved technique for field use of female Japanese beetles as lures. Journal of Economic Entomology 66(2): 396-397

Improved technique for honey liquefaction. Apiacta 7(1): 9, 16

Improved technique for the isolation of temperature-sensitive mutants of foot-and-mouth disease virus. Journal of Virology 12(3): 665-668

Improved technique of pipeline milking. Agrartechnik (2): 61-63

Improved techniques developed for grafting Slash and Longleaf Pine. Tree Planters' Notes 24(2): 29-32

Improved techniques for assessment of serum lipoprotein patterns. 2. Rapid method for diagnosis of type III hyperlipoproteinemia without ultracentrifugation. Clinical Chemistry 19(10): 1139-1141

Improved techniques for evaluating resistance to stem rot of rice plants. Plant Protection Bulletin, Taiwan 16(1/2): 20-30

Improved techniques for rice hybridization. Journal of Taiwan Agricultural Research Nung yeh Yen chiu 22(1): 1-6

Improved thermocouple psychrometer for the measurement of plant and soil water potential. 1. Thermocouple psychrometry and an improved instrument design. Journal of Experimental Botany 22(73): 875-890

Improved thermocouple psychrometer for the measurement of plant and soil water potential. 2. Operation and calibration. Journal of Experimental Botany 22(73): 891-905

Improved thermocouple psychrometer for the measurement of plant and soil water potential. 3. Equilibration. Journal of Experimental Botany 25(89): 1070-1084

Improved ultrasectioning of orchid phloem tissues by vacuum infiltration. Tidsskrift for Planteavl 76(5): 588-596

Improved use of structural timber by machine grading. Norsk Skogindustri 28(1): 8-10

Improved utilisation of pipe-lines in pipe-line milking machinee. Farm and Food Research 5(2): 34-35

Improved varieties for pastures under coconuts. Extension Bulletin, ASPAC Food and Fertilizer Technology Center, Taiwan (37): 12

Improved varieties of Brassica crops in N.I.A.B. trials. Journal of the National Institute of Agricultural Botany 12: 1-4

Improved varieties of peas and carrots in N.I.A.B. trials. Journal of the National Institute of Agricultural Botany 12: 5-19

Improved vase life of cut flowers. Gartenwelt 75(3): 53-54

Improved velvet beans for increased forage production. Indian Farming 23(12): 23-25, 27

Improved weight gains in cattle following anthelmintic treatment with levamisole. Revista de Medicina Veterinaria, Argentina 55(1): 21-25

Improved weight gains in pigs following treatment for sarcoptic mange. Veterinary Record 95(8): 169-170

Improved wet-ashing apparatus for biological materials. Laboratory Practice 23(7): 362-362

Improved yield of aflatoxin by incremental increases of temperature. Applied Microbiology 25(6): 1018-1019

Improvement and comparative evaluation of methods for tracing worm eggs in human parasitology. Parasitologia Hungarica 4: 47-63

Improvement and introduction into practice of methods of freezing bull semen. Nauchnye Trudy Severo Kavkazskii Nauchno Issledovatel' skii Institut Zhivotnovodstva (1): 215-220

Improvement crossing of Bohemian Red Pied with Swedish Red-and-White cattle. Zivocisna Vyroba 19(3): 163-173

Improvement for grain quality in rice variety IR-24 through EMS induced mutations. Symposium on use of radiations and radioisotopes in studies of plant productivity: [Abstracts]: 154pp + iv

Improvement in Japanese mint (Mentha arvensis L. var. piperascens Holmes) through gamma-irradiation. Indian Journal of Agricultural Sciences 42(7): 550-553

Improvement in beef breeding by selection. 1st World Congress on Genetics applied to Livestock Production, 7-11 October, 1974-1 Plenary sessions: 655-669

Improvement in cropping system by irrigation on the upland field of Kanto District; middle part of Honshu Island of Japan. Journal of the Central Agricultural Experiment Station (20): 59-86

Improvement in forecasting and warning service related to apple and pear scab. Rastitelna Zashchita 20(4): 26-27

Improvement in general prophylaxis measures against trichinelliasis. Byulleten' Vsesoyuznogo Instituta Gel' mintologii im KI Skryabina (8): 13-16

Improvement in grain quality characteristics and yield in rice by induced mutation. Symposium on use of radiations and radioisotopes in studies of plant productivity: [Abstracts]: 154pp + iv

Improvement in or relating to yoghurt pots. British Patent: (1 314 043)

Improvement in pricking out young seedlings of Pinus elliottii. Revista Forestal Argentina 18(4): 127-129

Improvement in quality by means of breeding and choice of varieties. Bedrijfsontwikkeling 4(9): 845-849

Improvement in quality characteristics and yield attributes through gamma-irradiation in rice (Oryza sativa L.). Indian Journal of Agricultural Sciences 42(10): 869-872

Improvement in the aminoacid content of the grain. Kukuruza (6): 31-32

Improvement in the correction factor for the physical state of milk fat in the calculation of milk solids. Nauchnye Trudy, Omskii Sel' skokhozyaistvennyi Institut imeni SM Kirova 74: 75-78

Improvement in the countryside and crop production conditions in peasant farms. Volume I. Zagospodarowanie przestrzenne wsi a warunki produkcji roslinnej w gospodarstwach chlopskich Tom I: 217

Improvement in the dimensional stability of Beech wood by impregnation with di-isocyanate and vinyl monomers after WAN drying. Holz als Roh und Werkstoff 31(1): 12-17

Improvement in the microtechnique for grape buds. Research Journal of Mahatma Phule Agricultural University 4(1): 72-73

Improvement in the properties of mineral fertilizers used in dry fertilizer mixtures. Doklady Vsesoyuznoi Ordena Lenina Akademii Sel' skokhozyaistvennykh Nauk Imeni VILenina (7): 16-18

Improvement in the protein efficiency of practical chick rations using two sources each of vegetable and animal protein supplements. Indian Veterinary Journal 48(6): 609-614

Improvement in the quality of Phaseolus aureus Linn. by the application of sulphur, phosphorus and nitrogen. Indian Journal of Agricultural Chemistry 5(2): 77-83

Improvement in the reproducibility of the enzymatic analysis of sucrose in stored Golden Delicious apples. Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry 22(4): 709-709

Improvement in the rooting of cuttings of Pyrostegia venusta with some growth regulators. Research Journal of Mahatma Phule Agricultural University 3(2): 142-143

Improvement in the seed germination of soybean varieties by pre-soaking treatments. Indian Journal of Agricultural Sciences 43(6): 546-550

Improvement in the spectrophotometric determination of chlorophyll-a and -b and total carotenoids in leaf extracts. Physiologie Vegetale 12(4): 585-599

Improvement in the utilization by layers of vegetable proteins on the addition of vitamin B12. Indian Journal of Animal Sciences 43(2): 145-150

Improvement in the vegetative propagation of hevea. Effect of a growth substance on rhizogenesis. Revue Generale des Caoutchoucs et Plastiques 49(5): 427-429

Improvement in yam production through cultural practices. Tropical Root and Tuber Crops Newsletter (8): 33-35

Improvement of Beauty seedless grape with plant regulators. Indian Journal of Horticulture 30(1/2): 366-369

Improvement of Beech - Fagus moesiaca (Domin, Maly) Czeczott - in the Republic of Serbia. Oplemenjivanje bukve Fagus moesiaca Domin, Maly Czeczott u SR Srbiji:

Improvement of Bodenheimer's method for estimating individual number in honeybee colonies. Journal of the Faculty of Science, Hokkaido University, VI Zoology 18(1): 128-143

Improvement of Czech Pied cattle by crossbreeding with Swedish Red-and-Whites. Zivocisna Vyroba 19(3): 163-173

Improvement of Hungarian pepper varieties by breeding for TMV-resistance. Annali della Facolta di Scienze Agrarie della Universita degli Studi di Torino1972; 7: 288-289

Improvement of IR6-156-2-1 (IRRI-6) by single plant selection. Journal of Agricultural Research, Pakistan 10(1): 10-15

Improvement of Kentucky bluegrass for the transition zone. Proceedings of Scotts Turfgrass Research Conference, Volume 4 Turfgrass Breeding January, 1973: 155-159

Improvement of Korean native goats by grading-up with Saanen. II. Change in milk performance of crossbreds between Korean native goats and Saanens. Research Reports of the Office of Rural Development, Suwon, Livestock 16(8): 7-14

Improvement of Mirgorod pigs by crossing with Pietrains. Svinarstvo (18): 10-16

Improvement of Nardetum strictae type grassland on Kopaonik Mountain. Arhiv za Poljoprivedne Nauke 25(91): 3-35

Improvement of Nardus stricta pastures at low altitudes in north-east Transylvania. Note 2. The dynamics of Nardus stricta under the influence of different treatments (1965-1968 experiments). Lucrari Stiintifice Institutul Agronomic ' Dr Petru Groza' , Agricultura 1972; 27: 95-103

Improvement of Pinus banksiana in Quebec. Rapport, Conseil de la Recherche et de Developpement Forestiers du Quebec (2): 169

Improvement of Pinzgau cattle by crossbreeding. Chov Hospodarskych Zvierat 32(4): 134-136

Improvement of Red Steppe cattle. Molochnoe i Myasnoe Skotovodstvo 16(12): 25-26

Improvement of Russian Black Pied cattle in the Ukraine. Zhivotnovodstvo (1): 13-16, 95

Improvement of SR 26 B rice for earliness and photo-insensitivity. Madras Agricultural Journal 60(9/12): 1154-1156

Improvement of South Kazakh Merinos by using correlations calculated between some economically important characters. Nauchno Issledovatel' skie Raboty v Strane po Ovtsevodstvu 3: 117-121

Improvement of forestry terminology. Tr Biol in ta Sib otd AN SSSR (15): 165-170

Improvement of a field method for determining the moisture content at which capillary disruption occurs. Pochvovedenie (8): 121-122

Improvement of a routine method for quantitative estimation of adenosine triphosphate and its breakdown products in muscle post mortem. Journal of Chromatography 88(1): 168-172

Improvement of a variety of Mexican wheat in the Arab Republic of Egypt by treatment with dicamba/2,4-D. Proceedings of the 7th International Velsicol Symposium, Brighton, UK, 1973: 4

Improvement of aerobic work capacity following nonstrenuous exercise. Archives of Environmental Health 27(1): 12-15

Improvement of agricultural potential in the plateau of Angola. Fomento 12(4): 283-296

Improvement of agricultural procurement prices. Voprosy Ekonomiki 24(1): 49-60

Improvement of agricultural structure and coast protection. Text of the legislation on the Community task. Improvement of agricultural structure and coast protection with introduction, subsidiary discussions, references, bibliography and index. Standardgesetze der Landwirtschaft, Informationsdienst der Sparkassen und Girozentrale (11): 40

Improvement of agriculture in the forest-steppe zone by forestry measures. Agrolesomelioratsiya lesostepi: 125

Improvement of association-analysis classification by Braun-Blanquet technique. Bothalia 11(3): 365-367

Improvement of basic diet for use in determining the nutritional value of proteins with larvae of Tenebrio molitor L. Archives Internationales de Physiologie et de Biochimie 81(3): 495-500

Improvement of bees by hybridization and selection. 2 deg Congresso Brasileiro de Apicultura: 133-135

Improvement of bread making quality of wheat. Home grown Cereals Authority: Progress reports on research and development, 1971/72: 20-22

Improvement of breed structure of Altai sheep. Ovtsevodstvo 19(1): 19-22

Improvement of breeding method for fine-wooled meat-wool sheep at breeding farms. Nauchno Issledovatel' skie Raboty v Strane po Ovtsevodstvu 3: 17-24

Improvement of breeding methods for soya bean. Metody selektsii s kh rast v Moldavii: 61-70

Improvement of breeding quality of Black Pied cattle in Siberia. Trudy Sibirskii Nauchno Issledovatel' skii i Proektno Tekhnologicheskii Institut Zhivotnovodstva 18: 3-16

Improvement of cattle breeds. Polipsheniya porodnosti khudobi: 128

Improvement of cereal production and marketing in the central African region. Improvement of cereal production and marketing in the central African region: xi+81

Improvement of chemical quality and feeding value of Italian ryegrass silage at high levels of nitrogen fertilization. 1. Effects of the addition of wheat bran to Italian ryegrass at the boot stage. Bulletin of National Grassland Research Institute, Japan (1): 52-58

Improvement of children's diets in developing countries: an analytical approach to evaluation of alternative strategies. Nutrition Reports International 7(2): 71-84

Improvement of clove production on the east coast of Madagascar. Agronomie Tropicale 27(5): 633 - 628

Improvement of coffee by interspecific hybridization. Bull Seanc Acad Royale Sci Outre Mer 2: 280-283

Improvement of coffee in the Ivory Coast. The Arabusta hybrids. Cafe Cacao The 1: 3-18

Improvement of commercial substrates. Gartenwelt 73(13): 283-285

Improvement of composition and manufacturing process of a dried milk product for infants of the Relakton type. Trudy, Ukrainskii Nauchno issledovatel' skii Institut Myasnoi i Molochnoi Promyshlennosti (2, I): 170-176

Improvement of composted refuse for raising plants. Erwerbsgartner 28(3): 82

Improvement of control methods against pineapple mealybugs in dry areas. Journal of Taiwan Agricultural Research 20(2): 76-83

Improvement of cowpea (Vigna unguiculata) at CNRA, Bambey, from 1959 to 1973. Results obtained in 1970-73. Agronomie Tropicale 29(8): 772-802

Improvement of cowpea (Vigna unguiculata) at the National Agricultural Research Centre, Bambey, from 1959 to 1969. Agronomie Tropicale, Riz et Riziculture et Cultures Vivrieres Tropicales 26(10): 1031-1065

Improvement of cowshed microclimate. Molochnoe i Myasnoe Skotovodstvo (12): 40-42

Improvement of cucurbitaceous crops in India - A review. Sabrao Newsletter 5(1): 71-79

Improvement of dairying in the South Pacific. South Pacific Bulletin 22(3): 37-38, 42

Improvement of direct links between farms and processing plants. Zhivotnovodstvo (9): 71-74

Improvement of dried skim-milk manufacture by the roller method. Nauchnye Trudy, Omskii Sel' skokhozyaistvennyi Institut imeni S M Kirova 74: 70-74

Improvement of earliness and yield in cotton. Improvement of earliness and yield in cotton: 224

Improvement of equipment used in nitrogen balance trials with rats and pigs. Lucrari Stiintifice Institutul Agronomic "Ion Ionescu de la Brad", Iasi II: 51-54

Improvement of ethanol vaccine against Aujeszky's disease. I. Production of an ethanol-saponin vaccine.. Veterinarnomeditsinski Nauki 8(7): 23-29

Improvement of extensive sheep production in semi-arid areas. 1st World Congress on Genetics applied to Livestock Production, 7-11 October 1974-3 Contributed papers: 1073-1082

Improvement of fertility and prolificacy in Aragon ewes. II. Use of vaginal sponges during lactational anoestrus and intermediate sexual activity. A study of the optimum dose of serum gonadotropin. Anales del Instituto Nacional de Investigaciones Agrarias, Serie Produccion Animal (1): 133-137

Improvement of fertility in cattle by means of sex hormones (gestogens). Tierzuchter 27(4): 140-141

Improvement of fibre quality of jute in Taiwan. Taiwan Agricultural Quarterly 8(1): 154-164

Improvement of forest meadows in the forest-steppe zone. Lesnoi Zhurnal 14(6): 10-14

Improvement of fruit set of the eggplant (Solanum melongena L.) during the cool season of a subtropical climate by application of growth regulators. Israel Journal of Agricultural Research 23(3/4): 129-136

Improvement of gladiolus flower and corm quality by liquid fertilizers. Kerteszeti Egyetem Kozlemenyei 38(6): 223-231

Improvement of grasslands in Kirgiz SSR. Korma (1): 25-26

Improvement of grasslands in N. Kazakhstan. Korma (5): 45

Improvement of grey Karakul sheep. Ovtsevodstvo (3): 18-19

Improvement of groundnut pod-filling by lime and gypsum application to some soils in northern Malawi. Experimental Agriculture 9(4): 353-360

Improvement of guava (Psidium guajava L.) by selection in Maharashtra. Indian Journal of Horticulture 27(3/4): 99-105

Improvement of halbred saddle horses. Zhivotnov"dstvo 26(8): 24-28

Improvement of hill pastures for agriculture. A review. Part 2. Journal of the British Grassland Society 30(1): 41-44

Improvement of honeybee breeeding by individual selection and with respect to bioclimatic conditions. Vedecke Prace Vyzkumneho Ustavu Vclarskeho v Dole 5: 39-50

Improvement of hygienic quality of milk after experimental use of'acid detergent' and 'Halamide' for milk pipeline cleaning and disinfection. Vth Yugoslav International Symposium on modern milk production and dairy technology, Portoroz, Yugoslavia, 16-18 April, 1973: Asaj, A; Zivkovic, J; Vucemilo, M : Yugoslavia, Univerza v Ljubljani, Symposium: Experimental use of ' acid detergent' and ' Halamide' for milk pipeline cleaning and disinfection: 473-478

Improvement of important production characteristics in Konya Merino sheep through selection. I. Values of various production characters. Ankara Universitesi Veteriner Fakultesi Dergisi 19(1/2): 227-255

Improvement of inferior swards of the Nardetum strictae type by rotary cultivation and fertilizers. Vadecke Prace Vyskumneho Ustavu Luk a Pasienkov v Banksej Bystrici 5: 181-203

Improvement of information on production costs and determining prime costs in the industrial poultry fattening combines. Cercetari de Economie Agrara (1): 155-163

Improvement of keeping properties of butter by means of NaCl and quercetin additives. Tejipar 21(4): 81-84

Improvement of labour payment - an important factor in intensifying collective farm production. Ekonomika i Organizacija Sil' s' kogo Gospodarstva (37): 3-11

Improvement of labour payment in collective farms. Soversenstvovanie oplaty truda v kolhozah: 216

Improvement of linuron-MCPA mixtures for weed control in wheat and flax. Proceedings of the North Central Weed Control Conference (Volume 27): 43-45

Improvement of livestock breeds and increasing their productivity. Nauchnye Trudy Stavropol' skogo Sel' skokhozyaistvennogo Instituta 34(3): 116

Improvement of livestock production in the Primorsk region. Sbornik Nauchnykh Trudov Primorskogo Sel' skokhozyaistvennogo Instituta 1975; 19(3): 98

Improvement of livestock production in warm climates. Improvement of livestock production in warm climates: 711

Improvement of lung ventilation with the Respirator Mark 9 during general anaesthesia in the horse.. Schweizer Archiv fur Tierheilkunde 114(Heft 1): 13-23

Improvement of meat production of Red Steppe cattle by crossbreeding with Santa Gertrudis bulls. Molochno M yasne Skotarstvo (33): 3-8

Improvement of meat quality in fattening pigs. Tierzucht 29(7): 320-322

Improvement of medicinal plants by hybridization. S kh biologiya 6(4): 616-618

Improvement of methods of ovulation induction in female rabbits used for artificial insemination. Nauchnye Trudy Nauchno Issledovatel' skii Institut Pushnogo Zverovodstva i Krolikovodstva 11: 145-148

Improvement of microbial assays of vitamins. Applied Microbiology 24(2): 286-287

Improvement of mid-altitude tussock grassland for grazing by topdressing and oversowing. New Zealand Journal of Experimental Agriculture 1(2): 181-186

Improvement of milk production of Russian Brown cattle. Molochnoe i Myasnoe Skotovodstvo (9): 36-39

Improvement of millet (Pennisetum typhoides Stapf) for intensive agriculture. Agronomie Tropicale 27(8): 783-790

Improvement of modern hybrids by means of primitive maize. OECD Agrar Rev 19(2): 56

Improvement of native Black cattle with Jersey bulls. I. Milk production and reproduction characters. Ziraat Fakultesi Yilligi, Ankara Universitesi 21(2): 250-265

Improvement of native Black cattle with Jersey bulls. II. Body measurements and live weight. Ziraat Fakultesi Yilligi, Ankara Universitesi 21(3-4): 472-494

Improvement of native grass stand yielding capacity in the Carpathians. Proceedings of the 12th International Grassland Congress Chemicalization of grassland farming 1: 326-330

Improvement of natural grassland in Normandy through better methods of utilization and by the addition of nitrogen to the soil. Proceedings of the 4th general meeting of the European Grassland Federation, Lausanne 1971: 239-245

Improvement of natural grassland with phosphorus. Estanzuela (5): 9-13

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