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Irrigation of maize in the Guadalquivir valley

, : Irrigation of maize in the Guadalquivir valley. Anales del Instituto Nacional de Investigaciones Agrarias, Produccion Vegetal (2): 63-73

A 2nd crop of the hybrid maize Pioneer 301 sown on 11 June was given pre-sowing applications of 166 kg each of N, P and K/ha, top-dressed 5 times to give a further total of 214 kg N/ha and irrigated at approximately 8-day intervals to give a total of (a) 6.75, (b) 5.55 or (c) 3.9 m3water/ha, or (d) irrigated when soil moisture tension measured at depths of 15 and 30 cm reached a mean value of 70-75 centibars (7 irrigations, 5.6 m3water/ha).


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