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Geography & Life Sciences: Chapter 174

Chapter 174 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in geography and in the life sciences.

Proteins of triticale: chemical and physical characteristics. Triticale: first man made cereal: 128-136

Proteins of two strains of mosquito iridescent virus. Intervirology 3(1-2): 97-105

Proteins of wheat. 3. Variation in gliadin, glutenin, albumin and globulin with the total protein of the grain. Agronomia Lusitana 1972; 33(1/4): 87-100

Proteins originating in the kidney in the urine of patients with hypokalemia. American Journal of Clinical Pathology 54(1): 53-59

Proteins, essential constituents for nutrition and food technology. Revue des Fabricants de Confiserie, Chocolaterie, Confiturerie, Biscuiterie 49(10; 11): 19-26; 19-28

Proteins, nucleic acids and problems of applied botany, genetics and breeding. Trudy po Prikladnoi Botanike, Genetike i Selektsii 52(1): 5-28

Proteins. Structure and function. Proteins Structure and function: viii+165

Proteocephalus hanumanthai n.sp. (Cestoda: Proteocephalidea) from the intestine of frog, Rana cyanophlyctis Schneider. Indian Journal of Helminthology 1974; 24: 47-51

Proteoglycans from bovine proximal humeral articular cartilage. Journal of Biological Chemistry 248(10): 3681-3690

Proteolysis and redistribution of the alpha -amino fraction in green fodder during ensiling. Proteines et acides amines en nutrition humaine et animale Livre jubilaire ie en hommage au Prof Dr Dr hc Albert de Vuyst de l' Universite de Louvain Belgique: 691-715

Proteolysis by proteases of Bacillus subtilis used to make Canadian Cheddar cheese. Journal of Dairy Science 56(3): 317-322

Proteolysis detection in milk. I. Interpretation of tyrosine value data for raw milk supplies in relation to natural variation, bacterial counts and other factors. Journal of Dairy Research 40(3): 371-381

Proteolysis detection in milk. II. The effect of preincubation of raw and laboratory pasteurized bulk milk samples on tyrosine value and its relationship with bacterial populations. Journal of Dairy Research 40(3): 383-392

Proteolysis detection in milk. III. Relationships between bacterial populations, tyrosine value and organoleptic quality during extended cold storage of milk and cream. Journal of Dairy Research 42(1): 31-41

Proteolysis detection in milk. IV. Starch-gel electrophoresis and formol titration. Journal of Dairy Research 42(2): 277-283

Proteolysis in Cheddar cheese: influence of the rate of acid production during manufacture. Journal of Dairy Research 42(1): 111-122

Proteolysis in cheese. Meieriposten 63(5; 6): 90-95; 117-125

Proteolysis in ultra-high-temperature treated and canned ten percent cream. Journal of Dairy Science 57(12): 1502-1504

Proteolysis of alpha s1 and beta -caseins by rennin. Specificity of action. Bitter peptides released. Annales de Biologie Animale, Biochimie, Biophysique 14(2): 343-362

Proteolysis of beta -casein in Cheddar cheese. Journal of Dairy Research 40(1): 105-112

Proteolysis of preformed protein in wound nutrition. Surgery 76(2): 263-266

Proteolysis of yeast in the stomach of pigs. Cuban Journal of Agricultural Science 7(1): 75-81

Proteolysis, absorption and excretion of immunoglobulin IgG1 in newborn calves. arsskrift Yearbook: 173-205

Proteolytic action of lactic streptococci. I. The action of mesophilic lactic streptococci on N constituents of milk. Lait 53(527): 369-385

Proteolytic action of lactic streptococci. II. Action of the proteolytic system of Streptococcus lactis on whole casein. Annales de Biologie Animale, Biochimie, Biophysique 14(2): 313-326

Proteolytic activity and pathogenesis in melon anthracnose. Annales de Phytopathologie 4(3): 277-284

Proteolytic activity and pathogenicity of Candida albicans strains of human and animal origin. Veterinarski Arhiv 42(11/12): 310-314

Proteolytic activity during the metamorphosis of the blowfly Lucilia. Insect Biochemistry 2(6): 218-225

Proteolytic activity in selection of lactic streptococci. Trudy, Vsesoyuznyi Nauchno issledovatel' skii Institut Molochnoi Promyshlennosti (33): 64-80, 128-129

Proteolytic activity of Aphyllophorales in surface culture. Mikologiya i Fitopatologiya 7(5): 394-399

Proteolytic activity of Bacillus spores in raw and heated skimmilks. XIX International Dairy Congress 1E: 361-362

Proteolytic activity of Candida spp. as related to the pathogenesis of denture stomatitis. Sabouraudia 12(2): 266-271

Proteolytic activity of Colletotrichum lagenarium: comparison of strains of variable virulence and purification. Comptes Rendus Hebdomadaires des Seances de l' Academie des Sciences, D 278(6): 743-746

Proteolytic activity of Colletotrichum lagenarium: demonstration and evolution in the mycelium and culture filtrate of a pathogenic strain. Comptes Rendus Hebdomadaires des Seances de l' Academie des Sciences D 277(21): 2357-2360

Proteolytic activity of Cryptococcus neoformans against human plasma proteins. Medical Microbiology and Immunology 158(2): 129-134

Proteolytic activity of Streptococcus lactis C10 in natural milk system. Indian Journal of Dairy Science 27(1): 29-34

Proteolytic activity of coagulating preparations of microbial origin depending on a kind of substrate. Milchwissenschaft 29(12): 742-746

Proteolytic activity of different strains of lactic acid bacteria. XIX International Dairy Congress 1E: 371

Proteolytic activity of lactic acid bacteria. Izvestiya Vysshikh Uchebnykh Zavedenii, Pishchevaya Tekhnologiya (1): 67-69

Proteolytic activity of lactic acid bacteria as a factor in flavour formation in cheese. Prikladnaya Biokhimiya i Mikrobiologiya 9(5): 710-721

Proteolytic activity of lactic acid bacteria in joint culturing in milk with yeasts and Penicillium roqueforti. Trudy, Vologodskii Molochnyi Institut (64): 3-7

Proteolytic activity of lactic fermentation streptococci. Biologicheskii Zhurnal Armenii 25(8): 27-31

Proteolytic activity of maturing wheat grain. Cereal Chemistry 48(6): 637-639

Proteolytic activity of microbial rennet substitutes. Roczniki Instytutu Przemyslu Mleczarskiego 16(1): 27-39

Proteolytic activity of rennet enzyme from the calf's stomach and enzyme from Mucor miehei on the alpha - and beta -casein fractions on ewes' and cows' milks. XIX International Dairy Congress 1E: 325-326

Proteolytic activity of starters for tvorog (curd-cheese). XIX International Dairy Congress 1E: 432-433

Proteolytic activity of thermophilic lactic acid bacteria used in hard-cheese manufacture. Molochnaya Promyshlennost' (9): 13-17

Proteolytic activity of triticale. Cereal Chemistry 50(2): 215-219

Proteolytic and antitrypsin activities in the seeds of Vigna unguiculata: distribution and interaction. Phytochemistry 14(4): 915-919

Proteolytic and chitinolytic activities of Cordyceps militaris. Entomophaga 19(1): 41-53

Proteolytic and leucylnaphthylamidase activity in some dermatophytes. Preliminary results. Archives Belges de Dermatologie et de Syphiligraphie 29(2): 135-140

Proteolytic and lipolytic enzymes from larvae of Oedemagena tarandi (L.). Acta Veterinaria Scandinavica 14(1): 168-175

Proteolytic and trypsin inhibitory activities in extracts of germinating Pisum sativum seeds. Phytochemistry 12(5): 1041-1046

Proteolytic conversion of the molecular forms of bovine milk galactosyltransferase. Journal of Biological Chemistry 248(21): 7565-7569

Proteolytic degradation of milk protein by bacteria. II. The action of psychrophilic bacteria and lactobacilli on milk protein. Nahrung 16(5): 451-459

Proteolytic digestion of proteins of the milk fat globule membrane. Biochimica et Biophysica Acta 307(1): 133-140

Proteolytic enzyme activity in the gut of doe-suckled and hand-reared rabbits. British Journal of Nutrition 30(2): 351-359

Proteolytic enzyme activity in the intra-erythrocytic parasites Babesia argentina and Babesia bigemina. Zeitschrift für Parasitenkunde 42(3): 213-220

Proteolytic enzymes in extracts of Schistosoma mansoni cercariae. Biochimica et Biophysica Acta 289(2): 378-384

Proteolytic enzymes in papaya tissue cultures. Lloydia 36(2): 214-216

Proteolytic enzymes of lactic streptococci and their use in improving body and texture of direct acid Cottage cheese. Dissertation Abstracts International, B 34(12): 5811

Proteolytic enzymes of the larva of the leather beetle Dermestes maculatus De Geer. Nigerian Entomologists' Magazine 2(2): 43-46

Proteolytic enzymes of the larvae of Hypoderma bovis (De Geer) (Diptera, Hypodermatidae). Zeitschrift für Parasitenkunde 38(4): 285-294

Proteose-peptone contents of milk from cross-bred animals. Indian Journal of Dairy Science 25(2): 59-62

Protest movements in rural Java. Protest movements in rural Java: xv+229

Proteus as a hygiene-index microorganism on dairy farms. Trudy, Vsesoyuznyi Nauchno issledovatel' skii Institut Veterinarnoi Sanitarii 42: 59-63

Prothiocarb, a new fungicide to control Phytophthora fragariae in strawberries and Pythium ultimum in flower bulbs. Mededelingen van de Faculteit Landbouwwetenschappen, Rijksuniversiteit Gent 39(2): 1019-1025

Prothrombin in calves. Atti della Societa Italiana delle Scienze Veterinarie 26: 194-199

Protochlorophyllide and chlorophyllide holochrome: reduction of dichloroindophenol dye in aqueous solutions. Photosynthetica 8(3): 235-246

Protocol relating to milk fat. Command Papers (5412): 8

Protomicrocotyle mirabilis (MacCallum 1918) Johnston & Tiegs 1922 and P. ivoriensis n.sp., monogenean parasites of Caranx hippos in the Ebrie Lagoon (Ivory Coast). Zeitschrift fur Parasitenkunde 38(4): 319-332

Protomonascus nybelini Thulin, 1973, a synonym for Elopsium ghanense Fischthal and Thomas, 1972. Journal of Parasitology 60(3): 433-433

Proton magnetic resonance studies on vegetable oils and seeds. Acta Agronomica Academiae Scientarium Hungaricae 22(1/2): 55-58

Proton movements associated with galactoside transport in Streptococcus lactis. Abstracts of the Annual Meeting of the American Society for Microbiology (73rd Mtg): 162

Protoplasmic germinal processes in some cucurbits. Current Science 42(11): 397-398

Protoplast and cell culture methods in somatic hybridization in higher plants. Canadian Journal of Genetics and Cytology 16(4): 737-750

Protoplast culture and regeneration of haploid tobacco plants. American Journal of Botany 59(6, II): 647

Protoplast fusion and parasexual hybridization in Nicotiana tabacum L. Doklady Akademii Nauk SSSR 221(5): 1196-1198

Protoplast regeneration from normal and bromodeoxyuridine-resistant sycamore callus. Journal of Cell Science 16(2): 445-463

Protoplasts from plant cells, a new milestone in tissue culture. Revue Horticole 144(2309): 2329-2333

Protoplasts of Trichoderma viride: formation and regeneration. Archives of Microbiology 103(2): 199-203

Protoplasts of plant cells; a new stage of tissue culture in vitro. Revue Horticole 144(2309): 329-333

Protostrongylid infections of sheep and goats. Veterinariya, Moscow 9: 66-68

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Protostrongylosis in sheep. Sotsialistlik Pollumajandus 28(13): 597-598

Protostrongylus macrotis (Nematoda: Metastrongyloidea) in pronghorn antelope from Montana and Wyoming. Journal of Wildlife Diseases 10(1): 70-73

Protostrongylus rufescens: the ultrastructure of the muscle cells of the body wall. Biologia, Bratislava 28(8): 661-664

Protothecal lymphadenitis in an ox. Australian Veterinary Journal 50(6): 281-282

Protothecosis of the olecranon bursa caused by achloric algae. American Journal of Clinical Pathology 59(4): 567-573

Protothecosis. A critical review. American Journal of Clinical Pathology 61(1): 10-19

Protothecosis: a case of disseminated algal infection. Lancet 2(7877): 379-382

Prototype grading apparatus for sugar beet seed. Journal of the International Institute for Sugar Beet Research 6(1): 35-44

Protozoa and parasitic helminths. Biochemical and immunological taxonomy of animals: 387-395

Protozoa and the decline of Rhizobium populations added to soil. Canadian Journal of Microbiology 21(6): 884-895

Protozoa as agents responsible for the decline of Xanthomonas campestris in soil. Applied Microbiology 29(2): 159-164

Protozoa as microbial control agents. Miscellaneous Publications of the Entomological Society of America 9: 95-98

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Protozoan infections of insects with emphasis on inflammation. Society for Invertebrate Pathology: IVth International Colloquium on Insect Pathology With the Society for Invertebrate Pathology College Park, Maryland USA 25-28 August 1970: ; 11-27

Protozoan parasites of species of Trogoderma in California. Journal of Invertebrate Pathology 18(2): 252-259

Protozoan parasites of the blood of British wild birds and mammals. Journal of Zoology 172(Part 2): 169-190

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Protozoology. Protozoology : 544

Protracted administration of parathion to lactating ewes; investigation of ewes, lambs and milk. Nuova Veterinaria 46: 358-368

Protrusion of the intromittent organ in male Xenopsylla cheopis poisoned by hydrocarbon insecticides. Bulletin of the Entomological Society of Egypt, Economic Series (6): 247-258

Provancher and nomenclature of the White Pine (Pinus strobus L.). Naturaliste Canadienne 101(5): 805-807

Provenance. Report on Forest Research, Forestry Commission, UK: 42-45

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Provenance and progeny trials with beech (Fagus sylvatica L.). Forstlige Forsoegsvaesen i Danmark 33(2): 83-214

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Provenance differences in the time of Spruce (Picea abies (L.) Karst.) flushing in Poland. Arboretum Kornickie 17: 169-183

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Providing evidence for the loss of value of forest as a consequence of fume damage. Abhandlungen der Sachsischen Akademie der Wissenschaften zu Leipzig Mathematisch naturwissenschaftliche Klasse 52(3): 27

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Provincial legislation pertinent to agriculture: Quebec. Processed Report, Economics Branch, Agriculture Canada (75/16, 75/16F): 24

Provinicial legislation pertinent to agriculture: Manitoba, Saskatchewan, Alberta, British Columbia. Processed Report, Economics Branch, Agriculture Canada (75/11): 138

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Provision of vitamin A to farm animals. Fortschritte in der Tierphysiologie und Tierernahrung (3): 62

Provisional Norway Spruce yield table for Bavaria. Vorlaufige Fichten Ertragstafel fur Bayern (Ed. 2): 104 + 8

Provisional abridged life tables for urban and rural areas in Pakistan, based on PGS 1968 and 1971. Pakistan Development Review 13(3): 335-352

Provisional accounts by departement for 1972 and 1973. Cahiers de Statistique Agricole (20): 21-45

Provisional agricultural accounts for 1975. Notes de l' Institut Economique Agricole (44): 23

Provisional atlas of insects of the British Isles. Part 3. Hymenoptera - Apidae. Bumblebees. Provisional atlas of insects of the British Isles Part 3 Hymenoptera Apidae Bumblebees: 31

Provisional atlas of the insects of Belgium. Atlas provisoire des insectes de Belgique: 1971/1972/1973; 32

Provisional atlas of the insects of France: Diptera Tabanidae. Atlas provisoire des insectes de France: Diptera Tabanidae: 28

Provisional atlas of the insects of the British Isles. Part 1. Lepidoptera Rhopalocera, Butterflies (maps 1 to 57). Provisional atlas of the insects of the British Isles Part 1 Lepidoptera Rhopalocera, Butterflies maps 1 to 57: [60 ]

Provisional atlas of the insects of the British Isles. Part 2. Lepidoptera (moths - part one) Lasiocampidae: Saturniidae: Endromidae: Drepanidae: Thyatiridae: Sphingidae:Notodontidae: Lymantriidae: Arctiidae; Nolidae. Provisional atlas of the insects of the British Isles Part 2 Lepidoptera moths part one Lasiocampidae: Saturniidae: Endromidae: Drepanidae: Thyatiridae: Sphingidae: Notodontidae: Lymantriidae: Arctiidae; Nolidae: [3+] 3 [+ 102]

Provisional culture rooms for the laboratory rearing of mosquitoes. 1st communication: a culture chamber for use in closed rooms. Zeitschrift fur Angewandte Zoologie 58(4): 455-464

Provisional culture rooms for the laboratory rearing of mosquitos. 2nd communication: a climatic building for use in the open. Zeitschrift fur Angewandte Zoologie 59(2): 141-151

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Provisional gene symbols. Mouse News Letter (51): 4-5

Provisional instructions for the use of aerosols of dichlorvos and chlorofos for the control of sheep nostril fly. Problemy Veterinarnoi Sanitarii 42: 264-267

Provisional labels for herpesviruses. Journal of General Virology 20(Part 3): 417-419

Provisional large-scale nursery techniques for Eucalypts (Eucalyptus grandis and E. cloeziana) where these differ from those for Pine. Research Note, Division of Forest Research, Zambia (7): 9

Provisional local volume tables (metric) for some species of Eucalyptus planted in Zambia. Forest Research Pamphlet, Division of Forest Research, Zambia (40): 14

Provisional map of the net primary productivity of the terrestrial ecosystems of Mozambique. Revista de Ciencias Agronomicas, Mozambique, A 5: 11-17 + 1 map

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Provitamin A concentrate for broilers. Lucrarile Stiintifice ale Institutului de Cercetari pentru Nutritie Animala 1: 431-440

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Prowl - a new soil incorporated herbicide for cotton. Proceedings 27th Annual Meeting Southern Weed Science Society: 120

Prowl: herbicide for field corn and cotton. Proceedings of the Western Society of Weed Science (Volume 27): 66

Proxazole, a new non-steroid, antiflammatory, antispastic drug. Nuova Veterinaria 48(3): 150-155

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Proxazole, and antispastic anti-inflammatory drug for the treatment of gastro-intestinal disorders of cattle. Nuova Veterinaria 48(4): 243-247

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