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Geography & Life Sciences: Chapter 201

Chapter 201 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in geography and in the life sciences.

Splanchnic, uterine, ovarian and adrenal uptake of progesterone and 20alpha-dihydroprogesterone in the pregnant and non-pregnant sheep. Journal of Endocrinology 62(2): 277-290

Splash correction factors for soil erosion studies. Soil Science Society of America Proceedings 38(3): 510-514

Splash erosion related to soil erodibility indexes and other forest soil properties in Hawaii. Water Resources Research 9(2): 336-345

Splash erosion: some observations on the splash-cup technique. Soil Science Society of America Proceedings 38(4): 657-660

Spleen and liver responses of protein-depleted rats to dietary egg protein. Proceedings of the Society for Experimental Biology and Medicine. Society for Experimental Biology and Medicine 144(1): 5-7

Spleen cell mitogenic response in Marek's disease. Dissertation Abstracts International 35B(1): 590

Spleen infarcts and their importance in the diagnosis of swine fever. Tierarztliche Umschau 27(11): 538-539

Spleen pathology in African swine fever. Cornell Veterinarian 62(3): 486-506

Splenectomy and experimental babesiosis. Sudan Journal of Veterinary Science and Animal Husbandry 14(1): 15-23

Splenectomy in the horse. Revista de Medicina Veterinaria, Argentina 55(3): 253-259

Splenectomy of the mouse (Mus musculus) using trichlorethylene as anaesthetic. Journal of the Institute of Animal Technicians 23(4): 161-166

Splenic cell mitogenic response in Marek's disease: comparison between noninfected tumor-bearing and nontumor-bearing infected chickens. American Journal of Veterinary Research 35(7): 977-980

Splenic red cell sequestration in Ancylostoma anaemia. Journal of the Egyptian Medical Association 55(11/12): 833-842

Split and bulk fertilizer application on ley in Western Norway. Forskning og Forsoek i Landbruket 24(4): 253-261

Split application of Banvel-D for controlling Acroptilon repens. Zashchita Rastenii (10): 33

Split application of phosphatic fertilizer for rice. Taiwan Agriculture Quarterly 9(4): 83-119

Split application of potassium in dwarf wheat variety 'Kalyan Sona'. Potash Review (16/58): 3

Split applications of nitrogen fertilizers on ratoon crops. Proceedings of the 39th Conference, Queensland Society of Sugar Cane Technologists: 73-76

Split defect of Swiss cheese. I. Effect of strain of Propionibacterium and wrapping material. Journal of Milk and Food Technology 37(6): 322-328

Split defect of Swiss cheese. II. Effect of low temperatures on the metabolic activity of Propionibacterium. Journal of Milk and Food Technology 38(1): 31-35

Split parturition in livestock. Reflections on two cases. Revista Portuguesa de Ciencias Veterinarias 68(428): 255-259

Split-block designs - arrangement of the plots and statistical analysis of data. Agronomski Glasnik 36(3-4): 125-135

Spodoptera frugiperda: chemical control in paddy by using ultra-low-volume drift spraying. Journal of Economic Entomology 66(6): 1287-1289

Spodosol development and nutrient distribution under Hydnaceae fungal mats. Soil Science Society of America Proceedings 36(3): 492-495

Spoilage and disease problems. Proceedings of the Meat Industry Research Conference: 61-72

Spoils change and tree growth on coal-mined spoils in Kansas. Journal of Soil and Water Conservation 27(3): 114-116

Spondylarthropathia deformans of the sacro-iliac joint and its relationship with Spondylopathia deformans of the lumbosacral joint. Berliner und Munchener Tierarztliche Wochenschrift 87(Heft 22): 432-437

Spondylitis in pigs at slaughter. Pathogenesis, and judgement required at meat inspection. Dansk Veterinaertidsskrift 58(8): 270-277

Spondylolisthesis. Avian Diseases 16(2): 444-452

Spondylometaphysial dysplasia with vitamin D poisoning. A case report with variations of the Kozlowski type. Revista Espanola de Pediatria 29(170): 233-246

Spondylosis in captive wild animals. A possible relationship with nutritional osteodystrophy. British Journal of Radiology 45(539): 841-847

Spongiform virus encephalopathies. Journal of Clinical Pathology. Supplement 6: 78-83

Spongy degeneration in the brain in relation to hepatic disease and ammonia toxicity in domestic animals. Veterinary Record 90(2): 37-38

Spongy degeneration in the central nervous system of domestic animals. I. Morphology. Acta Neuropathologica 31(Fasc.4): 325-334

Spongy degeneration in the central nervous system of domestic animals. II. Chemical analysis and vascular permeability studies. Acta Neuropathologica 31(Fasc.4): 335-341

Spongy degeneration in the central nervous system of domestic animals. III. Occurrence and pathogenesis-hepatocerebral disease caused by hyperammonaemia. Acta Neuropathologica 31(Fasc.4): 343-351

Spontaneous Brucella canis infection in beagles: bacteriological and serological studies. Nihon Juigaku Zasshi. Japanese Journal of Veterinary Science 36(5): 381-389

Spontaneous Ladino clover. Contribution of spontaneous clover to the formation of a stand of Ladino clover (Trifolium repens L.) in an irrigated area in Lombardy (1st and 2nd years of experiments). Italia Agricola 109(12): 1407-1419

Spontaneous Lancefield group G streptococcal infection in a random source cat colony. Laboratory Animal Science 23(4): 565-566

Spontaneous activation of the hamster egg in vivo. Electron microscopic concepts of secretion Ultrastructure of endocrine and reproductive organs: 35-51

Spontaneous activity in isolated bovine mesenteric lymphatics. Journal of Physiology 229(2): 339-348

Spontaneous agricultural colonization in Ecuador. Annals of the Association of American Geographers 62(4): 599-617

Spontaneous amyloidosis of mammals. Veterinary Pathology 8(4): 292-306

Spontaneous and artificial polyploidy in tea. Bulletin of the Academy of Sciences of the Georgian SSR 77(1): 173-176

Spontaneous and experimental contagious ecthyma in Guatemala.. Revista de la Facultad de Medicina Veterinaria y Zootecnia, Guatemala 3(1): 29-32

Spontaneous and induced mutagenesis in Western equine encephalomyelitis virus in chick embryo cells with different repair activity. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences 72(1): 386-388

Spontaneous and induced parthenogenesis and androgenesis. Haploids in higher plants Advances and potential II Methods of producing haploids: 13-32

Spontaneous and oxytocin induced uterine motility during the oestrous cycle in goats. Research in Veterinary Science 19(2): 131-134

Spontaneous and photoinduced luminescence in apple trees differing in their frost resistance. Biofiz i Fiziol Biokhim Issled Plodovykh i Yagodnykh Kul' tur: 62-70

Spontaneous and planned agricultural re-settlement in Northern Iboland (Nigeria). Hamizrah Hehadash 23(2(90)): 168-193

Spontaneous and radiation-related neoplasms in germ-free mice. Archives of Pathology 94(3): 250-254

Spontaneous and virus induced transformation in cell culture. Virology Monographs. die Virusforschung in Einzeldarstellungen 8: 1-253

Spontaneous aortic aneurysms in blotchy mice. American Journal of Pathology 78(2): 199-210

Spontaneous aortic rupture in turkeys and the vascularization of the aortic wall. Canadian Veterinary Journal 14(6): 136-138

Spontaneous arteriosclerosis in hens. Polskie Archiwum Weterynaryjne 15(Fasc. 3): 547-552

Spontaneous atherosclerosis in pigeons. A model system for studying metabolic parameters associated with atherogenesis. American Journal of Pathology 67(1): 1-22

Spontaneous autoimmune diseases of domestic animals. International Review of Experimental Pathology 13(0): 55-82

Spontaneous autotetraploidy in Arachis villosulicarpa. Oleagineux 28(11): 521-522

Spontaneous canine trypanosomiasis caused by T. brucei: meningo-encephalomyelitis with extravascular localization of trypanosomes in the brain. Bulletin of Epizootic Diseases of Africa. Bulletin des Epizooties en Afrique 20(3): 221-228

Spontaneous cardiac lesions in chicks. Indian Journal of Animal Sciences 43(2): 151-156

Spontaneous cases of Borna disease (nonpurulent meningo-encephalitis) in rabbits.. Monatshefte fur Veterinarmedizin 26(Heft 24): 931-939

Spontaneous cases of a disease of cynomolgus monkeys (Macaca irus) probably caused by the psittacosis-lymphogranuloma-trachoma group (Chlamydia). Nihon Juigaku Zasshi. Japanese Journal of Veterinary Science 33(5): 261-270

Spontaneous cataract resorption and lens-induced uveitis in the dog. Modern Veterinary Practice 56(5): 331-335

Spontaneous centric fusion leading to 2n=39 chromosomes in the laboratory mouse. Experientia 30(12): 1412

Spontaneous cerebrospinal fluid rhinorrhea in normal dogs. Journal of Neuropathology and Experimental Neurology 31(3): 447-453

Spontaneous chromoblastomycosis in an amphibian of Uruguay. Revista Uruguaya de Patologia Clinica y Microbiologia 9(1): 12-23

Spontaneous chromosome aberrations in West African diploid Solanum melongena L. Genetics 74(2,II): s47

Spontaneous chromosome mutations in some varieties and necrotic hybrids of wheat. Biologicheskii Zhurnal Armenii Hayastani Kensabanakan Handes 25(10): 91-94

Spontaneous combustion of forest fuels: a review. Information Report, Forest Fire Research Institute, Canada (FF-X-42): 14

Spontaneous congenital cataracts in rats, mice, and rabbits. Archives of Toxicology 32(3): 199-207

Spontaneous congenital developmental abnormalities observed at necropsy in a large survey of newly born dead lambs. Teratology 5(1): 5-10

Spontaneous congenital malformations of amniogenic origin in rabbits. Berliner und Munchener Tierarztliche Wochenschrift 87(Heft 11): 217-220

Spontaneous crossing between hexaploid triticale Rosner and triticale no. 64. Zoldsegtermesztesi Kutato Intezet Bulletinje 6: 117-120

Spontaneous deaths in cattle as a result of a mucormycosis of the forestomachs. Schweizer Archiv fur Tierheilkunde 115(Heft 4): 161-168

Spontaneous diabetes in Macaca nigra. Diabetes 21(11): 1077-1090

Spontaneous dirofilariasis in man. 6 autochthonous cases from the Po Valley. Giornale di malattie Infettive e Parassitarie 24(2): 98-104

Spontaneous doubling of the chromosome number in haploids of potato (Solanum tuberosum L.). Lucrari Stiintifice, Institutul Agronomic "Dr Petru Groza", Agricultura1974; 28: 105-110

Spontaneous doubling of the chromosome number of haploid potatoes (Solanum tuberosum L.). Lucrari Stiintifice, Institutul Agronomic ' Dr Petru Groza' , Agricultura1974; 28: 105-110

Spontaneous electrical activity in shoots of Ipomoea, Pisum and Xanthium. Planta 102(2): 91-113

Spontaneous epizootic of toxic hepatitis in swine attributed to aflatoxicosis. Revista Instituto Colombiano Agropecuario 9(1): 31-48

Spontaneous feeding for diabetic children and adolescents treated with insulin. Annales de Pediatrie 50(10): 667-676

Spontaneous feline ataxia. Cornell Veterinarian 62(2): 300-322

Spontaneous feline fibrosarcomas: transmissibility and ultrastructure of associated virus-like particles. Journal of the National Cancer Institute 47(5): 1079-1085

Spontaneous formation of protoplasts by a species of Entomophthora. Journal of invertebrate Pathology 19(3): 354-360

Spontaneous fragmentation of endopolyploid nuclei in differentiated tissues in Allium species. Osterreichische Botanische Zeitschrift 118(5): 431-442

Spontaneous frequencies of point mutations in mice. Humangenetik 16(1/2): 33-38

Spontaneous gastric adenocarcinomas of dogs: a review. Journal of the National Cancer Institute 47(1): 137-153

Spontaneous hazel hybrids in the Altai. Rast prirod flory Sibiri dlya zelen str va: 245-248

Spontaneous heating in piled wood chips - contribution of bacteria. Tappi 56(4): 148-151

Spontaneous heating of Birch chips during storage. Bumazhnaya Promyshlennost' (6): 15-16

Spontaneous histocompatibility mutations detected by dermal grafts: significant changes in rate over a 10-year period in the mouse H-system. Mutation Research 24(2): 163-169

Spontaneous host plants of alfalfa mosaic virus. Biologisches Zentralblatt 92(2): 211-227

Spontaneous hybridization and variation of qualitative morphological characters in Betula verrucosa and B. pubescens in North Kazakhstan. Ayul saruasylyk gylymynyn habarsysy (10): 80-85

Spontaneous hybridization in the genus Amygdalus. Byulleten' Glavnogo Botanicheskogo Sada (86): 41-47

Spontaneous hybridization, mutations and problems of the phylogeny of wheat. Genetika 8(8): 5-19

Spontaneous hybrids between Ribes nigrum and R. procumbens. Introduktsiya i akklimatiz kul' turn rast v Sibiri: 115-118

Spontaneous infection of leeches by helminth larvae in the Bashkir SSR. Materialy Nauchnykh Issledovanii Chlenov Vsesoyuznogo Obshchestva Gel' mintologov, 1970-1971 (24): 45-46

Spontaneous infection of the tick Dermacentor marginatus with the pathogen Cl. perfringens type B. Natural nidality and infectious diseases of sheep: Prirodnyaya ochagovost' i infektsionnye bolezni ovets: 106-107

Spontaneous interspecific and intergeneric hybridization in the evolution of new forms in Tien Shan and Altai. KyrgSSR Ilimder Akad kabarlary (6): 69-72

Spontaneous interspecific hybrids in the genus Arachis. Informe Tecnico, Estacion Experimental Regional Agropecuaria, Pergamino (105): 26

Spontaneous lesions of the arteries of the brain in the dog.. Contribution a l' etude des lesions spontanees des arteres de l' encephale du chien: 61

Spontaneous liguleless mutations. Kukuruza (7): 29-30

Spontaneous liver changes in control rats and mice over an 18-month period. Proceedings of the European Society for the Study of Drug Toxicity, Volume XIII: 314-319

Spontaneous lysis of aspergillomata. Chest 64(6): 679-679

Spontaneous meiotic chromosome abnormalities in male mice (Mus musculus). Canadian Journal of Genetics and Cytology. Journal Canadien de Genetique et de Cytologie 13(1): 95-100

Spontaneous modification and variability of quality in grapevine vegetative organs. I. Modification and variability of quality in grapevines. Ispol' zovanie Rastitel' nykh Resursov i Povyshenie Produktivnosti Kul' turnykh Rastenii: 19-43

Spontaneous modification and variability of quality in grapevine vegetative organs. II. Modification and variability of quality of grapevine shoots. Ispol' zovanie Rastitel' nykh Resursov i Povyshenie Produktivnosti Kul' turnykh Rastenii: Soldatov, P K; Makhmudova, Z V : Spontaneous modification and variability of quality in grapevine vegetative organs I Modification and variability of quality in grapevines: 44-63

Spontaneous modification and variability of quality in grapevine vegetative organs. III. Morphological and biochemical differences in grapevine buds. Ispol' zovanie Rastitel' nykh Resursov i Povyshenie Produktivnosti Kul' turnykh Rastenii: Soldatov, P K; Makhmudova, Z V : Spontaneous modification and variability of quality in grapevine vegetative organs I Modification and variability of quality in grapevines: 64-72

Spontaneous modification and variability of quality in grapevine vegetative organs. IV. Variability of quality of young shoots along the main shoot. Ispol' zovanie Rastitel' nykh Resursov i Povyshenie Produktivnosti Kul' turnykh Rastenii: Soldatov, P K; Makhmudova, Z V : Spontaneous modification and variability of quality in grapevine vegetative organs I Modification and variability of quality in grapevines: 73-80

Spontaneous modulation of granulomatous hypersensitivity in schistosomiasis mansoni. Journal of Immunology 114(5): 1437-1441

Spontaneous morphogenetic juvenilization observed in laboratory populations of vector species of Chagas disease (Triatominae). Revista da Sociedade Brasileira de Medicina Tropical 7(4): 243-260

Spontaneous motor activity and energy metabolism of experimental rats. Landwirtschaftliche Forschung 28(II Sonderheft): 34-42

Spontaneous mutation and questions on the origin of some wheat species. Materialy 2 go s"ezda Arm o va genetikov i selektsionerov, 1971: 90-106

Spontaneous mutation in different species of wheat and their role in the evolution of new forms. Eksperim mutagenez rast: 27-37

Spontaneous mutation in mug (Phaseolus aureus Roxb). Science and Culture 38(3): 142

Spontaneous mutations and chimerical plants in the olive. Genetica Agraria 26(1/2): 62-74

Spontaneous mutations and clonal selection in citrus plants. Subtrop kul' tury (2): 82-89

Spontaneous mutations in the caryotypes of vegetable crops. Doklady Vsesoyuznoi Ordena Lenina Akademii Sel' skokhozyaistvennykh Nauk Imeni VI Lenina (12): 15-16

Spontaneous mycoplasmosis in fowls, with localisation of lesions in the eyes.. Veterinarkis Arhiv 42(1/2): 16-23

Spontaneous myocardial infarction in laying hens. Folia Veterinaria Latina 2(3): 533-571

Spontaneous neoplasms in aging Gerbillinae. A summary of forty-four neoplasms. Veterinary Pathology 11(1): 38-51

Spontaneous neuropathology in rabbits. Nuova Veterinaria 50(1/3): 154-165

Spontaneous occurrence and experimental transmission of the fungus, Fonsecaea pedrosoi, in the marine toad, Bufo marinus. Laboratory Animal Science 23(1): 43-47

Spontaneous or dexamethasone induced parturition in the sheep and goat: changes in plasma concentrations of maternal prostaglandin F and foetal oestrogen sulphate. Memoirs of the Society for Endocrinology (20): 95-118

Spontaneous periodicity of variation in serum total protein of healthy rabbits. Byulleten Eksperimental' noi Biologii i Meditsiny 74(11): 33-35

Spontaneous pneumomediastinum in the racing Greyhound. Journal of Small Animal Practice 16(1): 27-32

Spontaneous pneumothorax with unusual manifestations. Chest 65(6): 675-676

Spontaneous polyploids in the raspberry (Rubus idaeus). Genetika 9(6): 165-167

Spontaneous production of bacteriophage by strains of Salmonella choleraesuis var. kunzendorf. Archiv fur Experimentelle Veterinarmedizin 27(Heft 6): 891-901

Spontaneous prolongation of luteal activity in the mare. Equine Veterinary Journal 6(4): 158-162

Spontaneous pulmonary hypertension in the bovine. American Journal of Physiology 222(3): 561-564

Spontaneous rancidity in milk. Officieel Orgaan, Koninklijke Nederlandse Zuivelbond 66(7): 167-169

Spontaneous recessive lethal mutations in the mouse. Mutation Research 27(3): 367-373

Spontaneous recovery in a case of histoplasmosis. Canine Practice 1(4): 31-34

Spontaneous regeneration of diseased myocardium in fowls.. Annali della Facolta di Medicina Veterinaria di Torino 18: 423-429

Spontaneous regression of leukemia in chickens infected with avian myeloblastosis virus. Proceedings of the Society for Experimental Biology and Medicine. Society for Experimental Biology and Medicine 143(3): 604-611

Spontaneous regression of macular lesions in Jorge Lobo's blastomycosis. Acta Amazonica 2(1): 47-50

Spontaneous resolution of endogenous Candida endophthalmitis complicating intravenous hyperalimentation. American Journal of Ophthalmology 79(4): 648-654

Spontaneous rooting of lateral shoots in TIBA sprayed crossandra plants. South Indian Horticulture 21(4): 137-138

Spontaneous salivation in the rabbit submandibular gland. Journal of Physiology 231(1): 179-193

Spontaneous scrapie in a female goat. Canadian Veterinary Journal 16(3): 84-86

Spontaneous somatic reversion in mice. Effects of parental genotype on stability at the p-locus. Mutation Research 12(2): 171-174

Spontaneous tetraploids of Citrullus lanatus (Thunb.) Mansf. Genetika, USSR 10(10): 33-37

Spontaneous thyroiditis in the obese strain of chickens. VI. Thyroxine-binding antibodies. Journal of Immunology 107(4): 997-1003

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Spontaneous trichostrongylid infections in animals. Veterinarna Sbirka 72(12): 18-19, 37

Spontaneous triploids in forage kale, Brassica oleracea var. acephala. Euphytica 24(2): 525-529

Spontaneous tumors and pathologic lesions in SWR-J mice. Journal of the National Cancer Institute 50(3): 751-758

Spontaneous tumors in Sprague-Dawley rats and Swiss mice. Cancer Research 33(11): 2768-2773

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Spontaneous vs. induced fatty liver-hemorrhagic syndrome in adult female chickens. Feedstuffs, USA 45(21): 40...42

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Sporadic cases of leucosis in Hungarian Spotted cattle. Magyar Allatorvosok Lapja 29(2): 87-88, 93

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Sporulation of Cercospora personata in culture. II. Effect of some nutritional factors. Kavaka 1: 23-27

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Spot applicator for quantitative thin-layer and paper chromatography, suitable for clinical analysis. Clinical Chemistry 18(11): 1425-1427

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Spray adjuvants make pesticides do a better job. World Farming 14(9): 8-10

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