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Studies on the phagocytic function of rat bone marrow after whole-body irradiation. 2. Phagocytic capability of bone marrow reticular cells in starved rats

, : Studies on the phagocytic function of rat bone marrow after whole-body irradiation. 2. Phagocytic capability of bone marrow reticular cells in starved rats. Strahlentherapie 144(5): 607-613

2. Groups of 6 to 8 male Wistar rats 2.5 months old and weighing about 160 g were kept on a standard diet and then starved for 4 days when they were given only drinking water. They were exposed to 200, 600 and 800 R from a 3.5 kCi 60Co source at 118 R/min. The phagocytic ability of bone marrow reticular cells was studied 1, 2, 4, 7 and 10 days after irradiation by giving colloidal C at 160 mg C/kg bodyweight by vein. The rats were killed 2 h after injection, cellularity was estimated from the right femur, and marrow smears were made from the left femur. The number of phagocytizing reticular cells and the ratio of reticular cells to other nucleated cells were estimated. A differential nucleated cell count was made. Starvation for 4 days reduced the nucleated cell total and irradiation lowered the values further, especially the higher doses. Bone marrow reticular cells were significantly fewer throughout and especially on the 4th day after 800 R. Irradiation induced a relative increase in phagocytizing reticular cells within the first 2 days after which there was a tendency to decline. Absolute values showed an increase for only 4 days at 200 and 600 R. At 800 R the values were almost constantly below those of controls. The differential count showed a significant reduction of reticular cells for all amounts of irradiation. Erythroid cells also were reduced. Some regeneration appeared after 4 days at 200 R and later after 600 and 800 R. Starvation did not affect myeloid cell numbers but irradiation caused a decrease, with some regeneration only after 200 R, and complete suppression at the higher doses. Starvation left the lymphocytes unaffected but there was a reduction after irradiation, with some late recovery after 200 R.


PMID: 4646687

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