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Studies on the pomegranate butterfly, Virachola livia (Klug) (Lepidoptera-Rhopalocera:Lycaenidae)

, : Studies on the pomegranate butterfly, Virachola livia (Klug) (Lepidoptera-Rhopalocera:Lycaenidae). Bulletin de la Societe Entomologique d' Egypte 1971; 54: 545-567

Virachola livia (Klug) is a serious pest of pomegranate fruits in Egypt. An account is given of studies on its distribution and other food-plants there, its bionomics (see also RAE/A 48, p.494-495) and its natural enemies.During a survey in 1963, the Lycaenid was found principally on pomegranate, dates and the green pods of futna (Acacia farnesiana) and sunt (A. arabica (nilotica)).


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