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Studies on the residues of BHC applied in paddy fields

, : Studies on the residues of BHC applied in paddy fields. Japanese Journal of Applied Entomology and Zoology 16(3): 139-147

Studies were carried out in Japan on residues of alpha -, beta -, gamma - and delta -isomers of BHC in soil, hulled rice and straw from rice-fields in which BHC had been applied to the water. It was found that the amount of BHC in the hulled rice was influencd not only by the history of treatments in the sampled field but also by the residues of BHC in adjacent fields. One year after the use of BHC was prohibited, residues of BHC in the hulled rice decreased by between one-fifth and one-third.


DOI: 10.1303/jjaez.16.139

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