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Studies on the serological diagnosis of bacterial plant diseases. I. Cross-agglutination and gel-diffusion tests with some Xanthomonas nomen-species

, : Studies on the serological diagnosis of bacterial plant diseases. I. Cross-agglutination and gel-diffusion tests with some Xanthomonas nomen-species. Research Bulletin of the Plant Protection Service, Japan (10): 8-16

In tests with antisera prepared from living immunoantigens of 8 X. spp., 2 Pseudomonas spp., 2 Erwinia spp. and 1 Corynebacterium sp. (in both slide agglutination and quantitative agglutination), each serum consistently showed a full titre reaction with its homologous antigen species. Also non-specific agglutination at lower serum dilutions was frequently detected among various combinations of antiserum and heterologous antigen species.


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