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Geography & Life Sciences: Chapter 212

Chapter 212 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in geography and in the life sciences.

Subcellular fractionation of fleshfly flight muscle in attempts to isolate synaptosomes and to establish the location of glutamate enzymes. Insect Biochemistry 4(3): 243-265

Subcellular localization and energetics of light-driven foliar glutamine synthesis. Dissertation Abstracts International, B 34(1): 98-99

Subcellular localization of catalase variants coded by two genetic loci during maize development. Journal of Heredity 65(1): 28-32

Subcellular localization of enzymes involved in the assimilation of ammonia by soybean root nodules. Phytochemistry 13(12): 2647-2652

Subcellular localization of folate and effect of methotrexate on the incorporation of radioactive folic acid into guinea-pig liver folate. Clinical Science 43(6): 812-822

Subcellular localization of the red-absorbing form of phytochrome by immunocytochemistry. Planta 121(2): 119-131

Subchondral cysts of the navicular bone as a cause of equine lameness. Veterinary Medicine, Small Animal Clinician 69(7): 873-4 Passim

Subchronic toxicity of Vetoprim (sulphadimidine, sulphathiazole and trimethoprim). Tierarztliche Umschau 28(10): 471-486,488

Subchronic toxicity of photodieldrin, a photodecomposition product of dieldrin. Toxicology and Applied Pharmacology 20(1): 82-88

Subclinical L icterohaemorrhagiae infection in dogs associated with a case of human leptospirosis. Veterinary Record 96(17): 385-385

Subclinical acetonaemia. Veterinary Record 95(21): 498

Subclinical and chronic clinical staphylococcal mastitis of sheep and goats in the Attica district. First observations in Greece. Deltion tes Ellenikes Kteniatrikes Etaireias 23(3): 188-199

Subclinical and chronic staphylococcal mastitis of sheep and goats in the Attica district. First observations in Greece. Deltion Hellenikes Kteniatrikes Hetaireais 23(3): 188-199

Subclinical ketosis and the development of milk yield in heifers. Sbornik Nauchnykh Trudov, Moskovskaya Ordena Trudovogo Krasnogo Znameni Veterinarnaya Akademiya imeni K I Skryabina 65: 74-75

Subclinical ketosis in dairy herds in the Leipzig district. Wissenschaftliche Zeitschrift, Karl Marx Universitat Leipzig, Mathematisch Naturwissenschaftliche 20(3): 490-494

Subclinical lead exposure in philadelphia schoolchildren. Identification by dentine lead analysis. New England Journal of Medicine 290(5): 245-248

Subclinical mastitis in suckler cows. Veterinary Record 96(20): 442-447

Subclinically infected cows respond to deworming with more milk. Hoard' s Dairyman 119(13): 808, 814

Subclover, Trifolium subterraneum L., a high quality, persistent, reseeding winter-annual clover for the southeast. Proceedings of the Association of Southern Agricultural Workers, Inc: 61

Subcutaneous abscess associated with an unusual pseudomonad in a dog. Journal of the American Veterinary Medical Association 162(10): 891-893

Subcutaneous abscess caused by Phoma sp. resembling Pyrenochaeta romeroi: unique fungal infection occurring in immunosuppressed recipient of renal allograft. American Journal of Clinical Pathology 59(6): 810-816

Subcutaneous abscess due to Coccidioides immitis. American Journal of Diseases of Children 124(5): 734-735

Subcutaneous dirofilariasis in man - not so rare. Transactions of the Royal Society of Tropical Medicine and Hygiene 67(6): 887-888

Subcutaneous filariases in red deer. Acta Veterinaria, Brno 41(1): 117-124

Subcutaneous injections of vaccine adjuvant DEAE-dextran induce local sarcomas in mice. Nature: New Biology 236(62): 28-28

Subcutaneous mycotic infection of a white-tailed deer. Journal of Wildlife Diseases 10(1): 34-38

Subcutaneous papillomatous cysts produced by bovine papilloma virus. Journal of the National Cancer Institute 47(4): 891-898

Subcutaneous phycomycosis - a case report. Indian Journal of Pathology and Bacteriology 15(1): 38-40

Subcutaneous phycomycosis and swamp cancer in horses. Australian Veterinary Journal 47(11): 576

Subcutaneous phycomycosis caused by Basidiobolus. A report of three cases. Sabouraudia 10(3): 237-243

Subcutaneous release of amino acid loads on food and water intakes in the rat. Physiology and Behavior 11(3): 329-336

Subcutaneous sporotrichosis in India. Indian Journal of Dermatology and Venereology 39(2): 88-91

Subdivided populations: a review of the one- and two-locus deterministic theory. Theoretical Population Biology 7(1): 13-38

Subdividing Scots Pine and Norway Spruce advance growth into groups according to growth and crown form. Lesnoi Zhurnal 16(4): 153-155

Subdivisions of collective and state farms. Proizvodstvennye podrazdeleniya kolkhozov i sovkhozov: 174

Suberization of potato tubers in various storage conditions. Vedecke Prace Vyzkumneho Ustavu Bramborarskeho v Havlickove Brode 5: 209-220

Subfamily Echinorhynchotaeniinae (Cestoda: Cyclophyllidea). Materials of the International Conference on Hymenolepididae, Warszawa 14-16 September, 1973: 114

Subfloor ventilation. Forest Products Newsletter, CSIRO (398): 1-3

Subfossil forest insects from Piilonsuo moor in S. Finland. Acta Entomologica Fennica (29): 84

Subfossil forest remains and their bearing on forest history in the Rakaia catchment, Canterbury, New Zealand. New Zealand Journal of Botany 10(2): 267-276

Subgeneric and specific differences in the content and amino-acid composition of the seed protein in the genus Glycine. Japanese Journal of Breeding 22(4): 197-202

Subjective and colorimetric evaluation of the xanthophyll utilization of natural and synthetic pigments in broiler diets. Poultry Science 52(6): 2169-2180

Subjective assessment of loin quality in relation to its objective assessment. De subjectieve beoordeling van de vleeskwaliteit van karbonades in relatie tot de transmissiewaarde: 7

Subjective evaluation of teat canal anatomy. Journal of Dairy Science 56(3): 411-413

Subjective probability and its measurement. Journal of the Royal Statistical Society, Series A General 136(1): 21-42

Sublethal doses of malathion and dichlorvos: effects on fecundity of the black carpet beetle. Journal of Economic Entomology 67(1): 19-21

Sublethal effect of malathion to three salmonid species. Bulletin of Environmental Contamination and Toxicology 12(3): 312-319

Sublethal effects of organochlorine insecticides in the laboratory and the field. Mededelingen Rijksfakulteit Landbouwwetenschappen Gent 34(3): 408-412

Sublethal effects of three ectoparasites on fish. Journal of Fish Biology 7(3): 283-294

Sublethal toxicity of DDT to tsetse flies. Toxicology, biodegradation and efficacy of livestock pesticides Proceedings of an Advanced Study Institute on Toxicity of Pesticides used on Livestock sponsored by the North Atlantic Treaty Organization and organized by the Research Station, Canada Department of Agriculture, Lethbridge, Alberta: 398-409

Subliminal doses of griseofulvin and the animal pathogenicity of dermatophytes. Dermatologica 144(3): 187-188

Submarginal progesterone secretion as a cause of return to service in the cow. Norsk Veterinaertidsskrift 85(11): 610-611

Submarine soil formation changing fossil terrestric soils. Soil Science 119(1): 24-27

Submaxillary ganglionic nocardiosis. Revue de Stomatologie et de Chirurgie Maxillo faciale 73(4): 303-305

Submaxillary gland involvement in porcine mating behaviour. VIIth International Congress on Animal Reproduction and Artificial Insemination, Munich, 1972, Summaries: 34

Submerged control of aquatics by use of the Bifluid-invert system. Proceedings 27th Annual Meeting Southern Weed Science Society: 310-313

Submerged culturing of yeasts used in butter manufacture. Molochnaya Promyshlennost' (10): 9-11

Submerged soils in the Northwestern Mediterranean Sea and the process of humification. Soil Science 119(1): 106-112

Submersion tolerance of selected seedling trees. Journal of Forestry 71(8): 496-497

Submicro-determination of amino acids by a single-column analysis in a 4-hour run using automated buffer gradient mixing. Journal of Chromatography 85(1): 35-43

Submicrogram level determination of mercury in seeds, grains, and food products by cold-vapor atomic absorption spectrometry. Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry 23(4): 671-674

Submicrogram serum copper quantification by spectrophotometry with bis(1-piperidylthiocarbonyl) disulfide. Clinica Chimica Acta 39(2): 497-505

Submicroscopic and molecular structure of the cell. Advances in botany 34: Fortschritte der Botanik 34: 1-41

Submicroscopic structure of rumen mucous membrane of cows fed a simple diet (maize silage plus urea). Veterinarsky Casopis 16(5/6): 139-144

Submicrostructure of ripe White pickled cheese. I. Nauchni Trudove, Vissh, Institut po Khranitelna i Vkusova Promishlenost 18(1): 259-266

Subnanomole detection of phenylthiohydantoins of amino acids after thin-layer chromatography. Journal of Chromatography 97(2): 289-292

Suboptimal temperature and assimilate accumulation in leaves of 'Pangola' digitgrass (Digitaria decumbens Stent.). Crop Science 12(5): 621-623

Subretinal cysticercosis. American Journal of Ophthalmology 79(4): 670-673

Subsampling of large light trap catches of insects. Phytophylactica 3(1): 29-32

Subsequent changes in the external dimensions of mango flowering bud prior to blooming. Varietal characteristics. Agricultural Research Review, Arab Re ic of Egypt 49(5): 91-96

Subsequent fertilization following chemical control of Umbelliferae in permanent grassland. Bayerisches Landwirtschaftliches Jahrbuch 50: 623-626

Subsequent milk yield development in Russian Black Pied cows differing in 1st lactation milk yields. Doklady TSKhA [Sel' skokhozyaistvennaya Akademiya imeni K A Timiryazeva], Zootekhniya (174): 50-55

Subsidence after drainage of the deposits in the former Zuyder Zee and in the brackish and marine forelands in the Netherlands. Van Zee tot Land (50): 205

Subsidiary compensation for expropriations which affect a farm business. Agrarrecht 4(2): 29-37

Subsidised credit. Euro Farm Business 1(3): 9-12

Subsidised interest rates and capital grants. Journal of the Department of Agriculture and Fisheries 70: 82-94

Subsidising National Dried Milk. Lancet 1(7901): 269

Subsistence accounting and development planning in Africa. Paper, Economics Research Bureau, University College (70-14): 19

Subsistence agriculture? Relations between agricultural production and off-farm work in a cereal commune in the north of Titteri. Vol.II. Employment and income. Agriculture de subsistence? Relations entre production agricole et travail hors de l' exploitation dans une commune cerealiere du Nord du Titteri Fasc2 Emploi et revenu: 151

Subsistence to commercial farming in present-day Buganda. An economic and anthropological survey. African Studies Series (8): x+336

Subsoil claypans as Quaternary markers in semi-arid Central Otago. New Zealand Journal of Geology and Geophysics 16(3): 611-622

Subsoil pH effects on growth and yield of cotton. Agronomy Journal 67(2): 193-196

Subsoiling. Agricultural Progress 47: 163-179

Subsoiling. Technical Bulletin, Ministry of Agriculture, Fisheries and Food (29): 189-204

Subsoiling and its effects on growth of certain forest tree species in the Piedmont. Forestry Bulletin, Department of Forestry, Clemson University (3): 3

Substances affecting the activity of proline dehydrogenase in the sarcosomes of the tsetse fly (Glossina) and a comparison with some other insects. Insect Biochemistry 2(6): 226-234

Substances contributing to fire-induced water repellency in soils. Soil Science Society of America Proceedings 36(4): 674-678

Substances from Botrytis cinerea associated with sporulation and exposure to near-ultraviolet radiation. Plant Disease Reporter 57(9): 760-764

Substances in Vicia faba in relation to plant susceptibility to bacterial diseases. Phyton, Argentina 31(1): 15-24

Substances of plant flowering. Biologia Plantarum 17(1): 1-11

Substances responsible for the aroma of soft cheese. Lait 54(531/532): 1-21

Substances with antimicrobial effect of importance in cheesemaking. Meieriposten 63(19 ; 20): 415-422; 450-456

Substances with cytokinin activity extracted from growing apices of apple-tree shoots. Biologia Plantarum 14(2): 164-166

Substances with cytokinin activity in apple shoots during the vegetative season. Biologia Plantarum 16(5): 397-399

Substantial residue reduction by peeler core recovery. Australian Forest Industries Journal 40(8): 9-13

Substitute foods: a practical alternative. Philosophical Transactions of the Royal Society 267(882): 157-166

Substitute for dried skim-milk. German Federal Re ic Patent Application: (2 455 356)

Substitute insecticides after the restrictions on the organochlorine insecticides. Japan Pesticide Information (18): 22-26

Substituted alpha , alpha -dibromoacetophenones as antifungal and antibacterial agents. Arzneimittel Forschung 21(11): 1661-1662

Substituted imidazoles as inhibitors of microsomal oxidation and insecticide synergists. Pesticide Biochemistry and Physiology 4(3): 299-312

Substitutes for DDT in the control of defoliating insects. Lesnoe Khozyaistvo (2): 56-57

Substitutes for beeswax in comb and comb foundation. Bee World 52(4): 146-156

Substituting dried whey for dried skim milk in dairy cattle milk replacers. Bulletin, Idaho Agricultural Experiment Station (534): 8

Substitution and reinforcement of the function of fixation in Echinorhynchotaenia (Cestoda: Cyclophyllidea). Parazity zhivotnykh i rastenii (6): 14-19

Substitution in the supply of cereals in France. Coarse Grains and Oilseeds Situation (17): 15-25

Substitution of coniferous roundwood and sawn timber. Erdo 22(1): 2-40

Substitution of animal proteins by sunflower proteins and brewer's yeast in the human diet. Tehnologija Mesa 14(3): 66-76

Substitution of basic funds for labour in (Czechoslovak) agriculture - prediction of development up to the year 1990. Zemedelska Ekonomika 19(1): 1-8

Substitution of brewer's single cell protein into pelleted fish feed. Feedstuffs, USA 46(20): 22-23

Substitution of chlorinated hydrocarbons in the control of cherry fruit-fly (Rhagoletis cerasi L.). Novenyvedelem 6(4): 145-148

Substitution of filter paper for crucibles in the in vitro rumen true digestibility determination. Journal of Dairy Science 55(9): 1305-1307

Substitution of five essential amino acids by their alpha-keto analogues in the diet of rats. Journal of Nutrition 104(9): 1208-1214

Substitution of forage protein for oilmeal protein in rations for lactating dairy cattle. Research Progress Report, Agricultural Experiment Station, Purdue University (416): 4

Substitution of linseed and safflower meal for soybean meal in diets of growing pullets. Poultry Science 51(5): 1695-1701

Substitution of maize by sugar cane in dairy cattle. I. Effect on milk production and composition. Revista Cubana de Ciencia Agricola, English Edition 6(3): 337-342

Substitution of the wheat chromosome pair 4A by the rye chromosome pair 5R in the Weihenstephan wheat line W70a86 (Blaukorn). Zeitschrift fur Pflanzenzuchtung 70(1): 1-10

Substitution rates of maize silage and concentrates in dairy cow feeding. Poljoprivredna Znanstvena Smotra (29): 667-678

Substitution relations and economic optimum for various combinations of grain sorghum and sunflower cake in pig rations. Revista de Investigaciones Agropecuarias Serie 6 5(1): 9-94

Substrate activation of beta -(1 'right arrow' 3) glucan synthetase and its effect on the structure of beta -glucan obtained from UDP-D-glucose and particulate enzyme of oat coleoptiles. Plant Physiology 51(6): 998-1001

Substrate and manuring for Sansevieria trifasciata 'Laurentii'. BVO Mededelingen (73): 6

Substrate and water are crucial. The fertilizer supply for raising young plants. Deutsche Gartnerborse 75(12): 226-227

Substrate discrimination by prolyl-tRNA synthetase from various higher plants. Phytochemistry 11(10): 2921-2935

Substrate freezing and thawing as a factor in the mineral nutrient status of mire ecosystems. Plant and Soil 38(3): 557-566

Substrate inhibition of Mamushi venom proteinases by casein. Japanese Journal of Experimental Medicine 43(2): 153-156

Substrate specificity of chlorophyllase. Plant Physiology 55(2): 377-381

Substrate trials with hydrangeas. Deutscher Gartenbau 29(6): 189-192

Substrate turnover during prolonged exercise in man. Splanchnic and leg metabolism of glucose, free fatty acids, and amino acids. Journal of Clinical Investigation 53(4): 1080-1090

Substrate utilization and maximum swimming ability in rats and guinea pigs fed wheat germ oil. Proceedings of the Society for Experimental Biology and Medicine 141(1): 43-46

Substrate utilization and respiration in relation to growth and maintenance in higher plants. Netherlands Journal of Agricultural Science 22(1): 40-44

Substrates and fertilization for orchids - results from orchid growing in Lemforde. Orchidee 24(3): 101-107

Substrates and fertilizers for forced vegetables. Zahradnictvi : 83-91

Substrates and nutrient solution for container crops. Gartner Tidende 90(32): 476-477

Substrates as substitutes for horse manure in the production of mushroom mycelium. Gradinarska i Lozarska Nauka 9(6): 145-150

Substructures and polypeptides of Visna virus. Journal of Virology 14(4): 782-790

Subsurface application of herbicides for brush control. Proceedings 26th Annual Meeting Southern Weed Science Society: 280

Subsurface asphalt moisture barriers in sandy soils. Bulletin, Agricultural Experiment Station, Delaware University (401): 15

Subsurface drainage: past and future. Annual Report, International Institute for Land Reclamation and Improvement: 35-45

Subsurface field drainage systems. Publication, International Institute for Land Reclamation and Improvement, Wageningen (16): 1-65

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Subsurface irrigation of cotton: a system and its effects upon production, with and without fertilizer application. Bulletin, Agricultural Experiment Station, New Mexico State University (610): 32

Subsurface layering for perennial weed control. Proceedings 26th Annual Meeting Southern Weed Science Society: 453

Subsurface layering of herbicides for band weed control in corn. Research Progress Report Western Society of Weed Science: 75, 77

Subsurface layering of herbicides in California irrigated crops. Proceedings 26th Annual Meeting Southern Weed Science Society: 460-462

Subsurface layering of trifluralin for field bindweed control in cropland. Proceedings of the Western Society of Weed Science (Volume 27): 19-20

Subsurface layering of trifluralin with a moldboard plow for field bindweed control. Proceedings of the Western Society of Weed Science (Volume 26): 27-29

Subsurface sowing of yellow lupin (Lupinus arboreus) for economical and rapid sand dune stabilization at Woodhill forest. New Zealand Journal of Forestry 18(2): 285-293

Subsurface sweep for applying herbicides. Agronomy Journal 65(6): 996-999

Subterranean clover. Australia, Department of Agriculture, Western Australia: Annual report for the year ended June 30-1973: 35

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Subtractive soil testing. New Zealand Journal of Agriculture 128(1): 30-31

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Subulura lamellata, new species, an intestinal nematode of fowl from Karachi. Pakistan Journal of Zoology 3(2): 225-228

Subunit constitution of proteins: a table. Archives of Biochemistry and Biophysics 166(2): 651-682

Suburban land conversion in the United States: an economic and governmental process. Suburban land conversion in the United States: an economic and governmental process: xv+406

Success claimed for acupuncture in domestic animals: a veterinary news item. Irish Veterinary Journal 8(9): 182-191

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Successful commodity futures trading: how YOU can make money in commodity markets. Successful commodity futures trading: how YOU can make money in commodity markets: ix+227

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Successful jird-to-jird transfer of juvenile Brugia pahangi. Journal of Parasitology 60(3): 436-436

Successful lambing without shepherding. Successful lambing without shepherding:

Successful low temperature storage of conidia of Erysiphe graminis produced under dry conditions. Friesia 10(1/2): 86-88

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