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Geography & Life Sciences: Chapter 265

Chapter 265 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in geography and in the life sciences.

Wet-feather associated with Holomenopon leucoxanthum in a duck. Veterinary Record 97(05): 96-97

Wettability of dried whole milk and its content of free fat. Nahrung 18(8): 753-758

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Whale beachings suicide? No, says Smithsonian team. National Fisherman 55(3): 12A, 23A

What EEC entry means to the trade. British meat and the Common Market Proceedings of an MLC Conference Harrogate, November 1972: 56-66

What about Dutch Elm disease? Part II. Arboretum Leaves 15(4): 20-21

What about the reported accuracy of cell counting methods?. Journal of Milk and Food Technology 35(9): 503-505

What are gene banks and why are they necessary?. Zaadbelangen 28(6): 142-143

What are hybrids ?. Cacau Atualidades 9(1): 6-10

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What are the problems in the development of field experiments?. Acta Agronomica Academiae Scientiarum Hungaricae 23: 495-500

What can be done about controlling larkspur on Western rangelands?. Down to Earth 26(2): 31-32

What can be expected from artificial insemination performed without heat detection after blockage of the cycle in gilts? Use of methallibure. Journees de la recherche porcine en France 1973 Resumes francais et anglais des communications: 7

What can be learned from recent difficulties in agricultural markets?. OECD Observer (68): 6-12

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What can we do about groundkeepers?. Arable Farmer 7(13): 19, 21

What changing technology implies for agrarian reform. Land Economics 50(1): 35-50

What coefficient is the best indicator of the amount of soil heterogeneity (II). Memoirs of the College of Agriculture, National Taiwan University 12(2): 1-23

What determines the necessity of prolonged residual effect of acaricides for control of Ixodes persulcatus ?. Meditsinskaya Parazitologiya i Parazitarnye Bolezni 40(4): 465-470

What developments are likely in cattle breeding?. Mitteilungen, Schweizerischer Fleckviehzuchtverband (2): 33-45

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What did the farmers earn? Comment on the study by the West German Institute for Economic Research (DIW). Agra Europe, Presse und Informationsdienst 15(36, Dok): 14

What do the hydrocarbons from trees contribute to air pollution?. Journal of the Air Pollution Control Association 22(7): 537-543

What do we mean by stocking?. Proceedings of the 1973 Annual Meeting of the Western Reforestation Coordinating Committee: 105-109

What do we not know about wheat evolution?. Acta Agronomica Academiae Scientiarum Hungaricae 20(1/2): 204-207

What do workers mean by 'control' of Cyperus spp.?. Proceedings of the 5th East African Weed Control Conference, Nairobi, 1974: 5

What does ewe fertility depend on?. Ovtsevodstvo (5): 19-21

What does good plant material mean?. Fruitteelt 65(5): 90-92

What does individual housing mean to a mouse?. Life Sciences 16(2): 187-200

What does it cost to plant apples?. Fruitteelt 64(44): 1097-1098

What does it cost to transport fruit from the farm to market?. Fruitteelt 62(6): 172-175

What does the farmer expect from the co-operative system?. Grune Reihe, Bauernverband Wurttemberg Baden (6): 3-10

What eyes reveal. The light of the body is the eye. Canadian Journal of Public Health 64(3): 238-245

What farm management includes. Landarbeit 24(3): 17-21

What grass is that ? A guide to identification of some introduced grasses in New Zealand by vegetative characters. Information Series, New Zealand Department of Scientific and Industrial Research (87): 136

What happens to herbicides in the environment. Weeds Today 4(1): 16-17, 22

What happens to soil fumigants after nematode control?. California Agriculture 25(9): 10-12

What hinders the eradication of Psoroptes in sheep?. Veterinariya, Moscow, USSR (10): 83-84

What hope for Commonwealth sugar?. Britain and Overseas 2(5): 8-10

What if we calculate the allowable cut in cubic feet?. Journal of Forestry 72(2): 87-89

What influence does the soil have on hop wilt incidence ?. Hopfen Rundschau 23(3): 43-45

What influence have nitrogen and potassium on flower yield and quality of the rose cv. Carol?. Vakblad voor de Bloemisterij 27(15): 8-9

What investigations should be carried out in order to find intensive varieties of winter wheat that are reliable in yield. Postepy Nauk Rolniczych (4): 5-14

What is phenogenetic variation?. Zh obshch biol 35(5): 710-716

What is Aulacorthum prasinum Borner 1950?. Archiv fur Pflanzenschutz 6(6): 487-497

What is Begonia 'Fireflush'?. Begonian 39(10): 230-231

What is Begonia 'Fireflush'? (2). Begonian 42(2): 41, 49

What is Chandor?. Defense des Vegetaux 27(161): 153-159

What is Eucalyptus Unialata Baker et Smith ?. Botanicheskii Zhurnal 56(8): 1170-1176

What is Festuca caesia Sm. (Poaceae)?. Lejeunia (70): 12

What is Pinus funebris Kom.?. Botanicheskii Zhurnal 60(5): 699-701

What is Tricynol?. Defense des Vegetaux 28(170): 354-360

What is acephate (Orthene)?. Defense des Vegetaux 28(168): 231-248

What is agricultural growth?. Factors of agricultural growth in West Africa: 7-13

What is and what should be the composition of breakfast for children and adults?. Therapeutique 49(2): 146-148

What is benfluralin?. Defense des Vegetaux 28(169): 307-314

What is bentazon (Basagran)?. Defense des Vegetaux (160): 78-83

What is development?. Journal of Economic Issues 8(4): 729-736

What is dodemorph acetate?. Defense des Vegetaux 27(161): 144-152

What is formetanate?. Defense des Vegetaux 28(165): 43-49

What is happening to our grass swards?. Stikstof 7(73): 552-556

What Is "Heterosis"?. Genetics 33(5): 439-446

What is hybrid ryegrass?. Mitteilungen der DLG 88(10): 275-276

What is it worth? an economic evaluation of fertilizer trials in jackpine at Dryden, Ontario. Great Lakes Forest Research Centre, Forestry Technical Report (5): 39-45

What is metribuzin (BAY 94 337)?. Defense des Vegetaux (159): 24-34

What is new in apple varieties. Western Fruit Grower 27(10): 8-9

What is new in breeding triticale and wheat. Selektsiya i Semenovodstvo 37(4): 19-25

What is oxycarboxin?. Defense des Vegetaux 28(165): 30-42

What is prynachlor?. Defense des Vegetaux 26(158): 276-281, 284-288

What is the cost of a sawlog?. Holz Zentralblatt 98(151): 2223-2224

What is the cost of afforestation with Eucalypts in the coastal area of Rio Grande do Norte?. Brasil Florestal 1(4): 46-50

What is the earliest planting date for Ogen melons?. Groenten en Fruit 30(27): 1201

What is the effect of the day-length difference on the development rate?. Acta Agronomica Academiae Scientiarum Hungaricae 23: 488

What is the function of rural sociologists?. Economie Rurale 103(5): 1-74

What is the future of the tanyas?. Mi lesz a tanyakkal?: 149

What is the human calorie requirement?. Ernahrungsforschung Wissenschaft und Praxis 19(2): 36-39

What is the native home of the pigeon pea?. Indian Forester 98(8): 477-478

What is the opportunity cost of moving? Reconsideration of the effects of distance on migration. Economic Development and Cultural Change 22(2): 198-214

What is the optimum amount of compost per m2?. Champignoncultuur 16(4): 171, 173, 175, 177

What is the position as regards control of Armillaria mellea?. Foret Privee Francaise (98): 95-96

What is the position regarding virus infection of Dutch pelargoniums?. Vakblad voor de Bloemisterij 28(49): 9

What is the present situation with regard to work on the Aromata strain ?. Champignon (159): 15-17, 20-21

What is the protein gap?. Philippine Journal of Nutrition 25(1): 1-15

What is the relationship between radiation and watering?. Groenten en Fruit 28(3): 103

What is the right spacing?. British Sugar Beet Review 42(1): 29,32

What is the safest thing to do with a barley grass crop? Turn it into silage. New Zealand Journal of Agriculture 128(2): 11

What is the share of crop production on the one hand, and of breeding, on the other, in the yield increase?. Acta Agronomica Academiae Scientiarum Hungaricae 23: 508-510

What is the situation with the nematodes in your fields?. Weibulls Arsbok: 20-22

What is the village? The relevance of village studies in West African social research. Ghana Social Science Journal 2(1): 19-26

What is three-P sampling and how can it be used?. 12th Auburn Forestry Forum, Auburn University, June 20, 1973: ; 10

What is to be done with the minifundio?. Anales de la Sociedad Rural Argentina 108(11/12): 12-17

What is to be expected from a farm help service?. Ubersicht 26(3): 228-231

What is wrong with Golden Delicious?. Informatore Agrario 29(37): 13579-13580

What it is necessary to know for the establishment of cultivated grassland. 3. Ferma si Intreprinderea Agricola de Stat 25(1): 23-25

What kind of CAP for Europe?. What kind of CAP for Europe?: 16

What kind of forestry?. Monti e Boschi 23(2): 3-5

What kind of sowing is best?. Kukuruza (5): 18

What makes a good honey plant?. Bee World 56(1): 32-34

What mediates the renal vascular response to a salt load in normal man?. Journal of Applied Physiology 33(4): 491-495

What might herbicide bans do to Nebraska cash grain farms?. University Nebraska Quarterly (Spring): 7-10

What motivates U.S. farmers in use of fertilizer. Phosphates in Agriculture (61): 19-29

What now, brown cow?. Cereal Science Today 17(5): 135-137

What one should know about ticks. Gazeta Agricola de Angola 17: 929, 931-932

What price abortion. What price abortion: 105

What price recreation?. Australian Forestry 36(2): 80-90

What rate of nitrogen applied in spring may be safe for pastures?. Nowe Rolnictwo 22(10): 14-16

What scope for the marionberry?. Span 17(1): 2

What should a sugar-beet variety be like?. Sakharnaya Svekla (11): 37-39

What should a veterinarian do?. What should a veterinarian do?: 270

What should be our animal breeding policy, which type of cattle should we use to produce milk or rather, should we produce milk at all?. Bulletin des Recherches Agronomiques de Gembloux 5(1/2): 4-64

What should be the level of ceilings on agricultural holdings in Andhra Pradesh? - a note. Community Development and Panchayat Raj Digest 4(1): 37-43

What should we sow on our greens?. Parks and Sports Grounds 40(6): 456, 458, 462, 467-468

What sort of agriculture for France?. Quelle agriculture pour la France?: 209

What tensiometers are all about. Deciduous Fruit Grower 25(3): 64-65

What tests usefully predict keeping quality of perishable foods?. Journal of Milk and Food Technology 35(10): 574-576

What the practicing veterinarian should know about guinea pigs. Veterinary Medicine, Small Animal Clinician 68(6): 678 Passim-678 Passim

What to choose: over-arbor or under-arbor. Canadian Forest Industries 94(7): 42-43, 45

What two southern US logging contractors have to say about Prentice loaders. Pulp and Paper Magazine of Canada 74(3): 50-51

What types of fat are currently being eaten in Sweden?. Livsmedelsteknik 13(8): 360-365

What types sugar arrangements for the future?. Farmer 79(10/11): 335-391

What use is sex ?. Journal of Theoretical Biology 30(2): 319-335

What was the lesson from the paprika variety trial this season?. Groenten en Fruit 28(13): 596-597

What we eat today. What we eat today: 168

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What's ahead in swine production (next five years). What' s ahead in swine production next five years: 7

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What's new for the veterinarian?. Was gibt es Neues fur den Tierarzt?: 816

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