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Geography & Life Sciences: Chapter 272

Chapter 272 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in geography and in the life sciences.

A forestry 'festschrift'. Skogarmal : 281

A forestry course for teachers: a partial answer to the communications and credibility gap. Forestry Chronicle 53(1): 4-5

A forestry scheme in Samoa. Natural History 84(8): 60-69

A forestry sciences laboratory - and how it grew. A forestry sciences laboratory and how it grew: 77

A forgotten Ceylonese cinnamon-tree (Cinnamomum capparu-coronde Bl.). Ceylon Journal of Science, Biol Sci 10: 119-121

A forgotten system of silviculture. Erdo 25(2): 64-69

A form of Ulmus canescens with dissected leaves from Hercegovina (Ulmus canescens Melville f. urophylla Janjic f. nov.). Genetika, Yugoslavia 7(2): 149-157

A form of Venturia inaequalis new to Britain on Sorbus latifolia agg. at Filey, Yorkshire. Naturalist 103: 19-21

A form of propionic acidaemia of late manifestation. Archives Francaises de Pediatrie 32(3): 259-274

A form-seal packaging machine for dairy products. Deutsche Milchwirtschaft 27(46): 1646

A formula for rotational grazing. New Zealand Agricultural Science 11(1): 49-50

A forward look at land use policy for Australia. Search 8(3): 58-67

A four row experimental drill for vegetable trials. Journal of the National Institute of Agricultural Botany 14(2): 321-323

A four year analysis of vegetation following an oil spill in a freshwater marsh. Journal of Applied Ecology 14(2): 515-522

A four-row soil cultivator. Teknik, Forskningsstiftelsen Skogsarbeten (6): 4

A four-year evaluation of farm management practices in relation to plant protection on farms and horticultural holdings in Baden Wurttemberg. Zeitschrift fur Pflanzenkrankheiten 82(11/12): 677-684

A four-year evaluation of the chronic toxicity of megestrol acetate in dogs. Toxicology and Applied Pharmacology 33(3): 414-426

A four-year field trial with animal manures. I. Nitrogen balances and yields. II. Mineralization of nitrogen. Hilgardia 44(5): 99-112; 113-125

A four-year spraying trial for mildew control. Obstbau Weinbau 11(12): 304

A four-year study of single calcium chloride and growth regulator tree sprays to control storage breakdown of 'Spartan' apples. Journal of the American Society for Horticultural Science 102(1): 85-88

A fourteen-year summary of light trap catches of the western bean cutworm in Nebraska Loxagrotis albicosta (Smith) (Lepidoptera: Noctuidae). Journal of the Kansas Entomological Society 49(4): 537-540

A fourth species of Onchocerca, O. garmsi n.sp. from the European deer. Tropenmedizin und Parasitologie 27(4): 474-478

A fourth supplement to a list of aphids of New York (Homoptera: Aphididae). Search Agriculture, Entomology 5(4, XVI): 11

A fractionating process for obtaining lignin and cellulose from bark. Norsk Skogindustri 30(9): 266-268

A frame-type dam for use in timber floating. Lesnaya Promyshlennost' (4): 20

A framework for a regional study of African agricultural rural economy: a case study of Kigezi District in Western Uganda. Dissertation Abstracts International, A 38(7): 4274-4275

A framework for an agricultural policy model for India. Research Memorandum, International Institute for Applied Systems Analysis (RM-77-59): 62

A framework for evaluating long-term strategies for the development of the Sahel-Sudan region. Vol.1 summary report: project objectives, methodologies, and major findings. AID Research and Development Abstracts 3(2): p.31

A framework for evaluating the economic impact of classified pricing of milk. Staff paper: 77, 77-24, 16 p

A framework for land evaluation. FAO Soils Bulletin (32): 72

A framework for land resource evaluation. Regional planning and national development in tropical Africa: 233-245

A framework for planning and evaluating agricultural development projects. Part 1. Zeitschrift fur Auslandische Landwirtschaft, Materialsammlung (27): 224

A framework for planning and evaluating agricultural development projects. The evaluation of the economic viability of an agricultural development project. An illustration of the method from the 'AMILAS' advisory project in the state of Iwalam. Zeitschrift fur Auslandische Landwirtschaft, Materialsammlung (27): 88

A framework for the physiology of cocoa. Part 1. Cocoa Growers' Bulletin (24): 5-11

A free-floating boundary layer shearing stress meter. Training in agrometeorology and research on photosynthesis of crops in relation to productivity Final Report, Guelph Project: 135-143

A free-floating shearing-stress meter. Boundary Layer Meteorology 8(1): 101-107

A freeze fracture study of the developing tegumental outer membrane of Schistosoma mansoni. Parasitology 76(3): 327-348

A freeze-etching study on experimental murine mastitis. Veterinary Pathology 15(5): 638-648

A freeze-fracture study on the parasite-erythrocyte interrelationship in Plasmodium knowlesi infections. Bulletin of the World Health Organization 55(2-3): 199-203

A fresh look at the process of double fertilization in angiosperms. Phytomorphology 25(3): 334-368

A frontier production function approach to measuring technical efficiency in the New South Wales egg industry. Quarterly Review of Agricultural Economics 30(3): 254-272

A fruit disorder of watermelon of uncertain aetiology. Informatore Fitopatologico 26(11/12): 27-28

A fruit juice composition and a milk drink containing it. British Patent: (1 440 161)

A fuel meter for the road testing of transport vehicles. Selskostopanska Tekhnika 14(5): 80-88

A full income approach to the measurement of rural poverty. Economic Research Report, Department of Economic and Business, North Carolina State University (34): 38

A fully automated solid-phase radioimmunoassay for triiodothyronine. Clinical Chemistry 23(5): 851-854

A fully mechanized, patented line for continuous production, hardening, salting and packaging of traditional Mozzarella cheese. Mondo del Latte 31(5): 357-358

A function for the basal-area increment in even-aged Pine and Spruce stands producing 6 m3 per hectare and year. Sveriges Skogsvardsforbunds Tidskrift 73(3): 295-298

A function of the moisture potential in disperse systems. Doklady Vsesoyznoi Ordena Lenina Akademii Sel' skokhozyaistvennykh Nauk Imeni VILenina (7): 38-40

A functional analysis of a CECORA agricultural co-operative in relation to the integrated rural development programme. Revista Instituto Colombiano Agropecuario 12(2): 177-182

A functional anatomy of invertebrates. A functional anatomy of invertebrates: vii + 589

A functional computer recording system for a veterinary diagnostic laboratory. Australian Veterinary Journal 52(1): 24-35

A functional surgical approach to the area of the coxofemoral joint. Canine Practice 4(4): 14, 16-17

A fundamental scheme for regional subdivision in forestry. Lesovedenie (5): 51-61

A fungal leaf spot and stem blight of some Australian native plants. Agricultural Gazette of New South Wales 87(5): 22-23

A fungicide trial for Phoma control in coffee plantations. Revista Cafetalera (147): 17-26

A fungitoxic principle from the leaves of lawsonia inermis lam. Experientia 34(1): 51-52

A further analysis of reciprocating flow in phloem tubes. Canadian Journal of Botany 53(11): 1149-1152

A further contribution to the study of nursery behaviour of Diospyros marmorata R.N. Parker (marblewood). Indian Forester 103(8): 542-549

A further contribution to the study of the variability of Larix decidua Mill. Lesnictvi 20(7): 625-644

A further evaluation of the effectiveness of Mosquito Beater, a granular repellent, against mosquitoes. Mosquito News 38(2): 252-256

A further evaluation of the policy for the integration of the Amazon region (1974-1976). Tijdschrift voor Economische en Sociale Geografie 69(1/2): 78-85

A further experimental contribution to the use of plastic films for blanching and mulching chicory (Cichorium intybus) cv. Variegato di Castelfranco. Rivista della Ortoflorofrutticoltura Italiana 59(3): 149-161

A further insecticide trial on kiwifruit. Orchardist of New Zealand 48(9): 313

A further note on swarming of male mosquitoes and other Nematocera in Kenya. Entomologist' s Monthly Magazine 1976; 111(1334/36): 147-160

A further report of the productivity of crossbred ewes of Finnsheep, Dorset or Rambouillet breeding. Research Report, Agricultural Experiment Station, Oklahoma State University (MP-94): 119-124

A further report on the Taiwan livestock industry: general policy conclusions and further research needs. Journal of Agricultural Economics (19): 116-129

A further report on the effectiveness of artificial insemination of pigs with mixed semen. Zhivotnovodstvo (4): 69-70

A further simplified single immunodiffusion drop test for the detection of lily symptomless virus in Lilium species. Acta Horticulturae (59): 29-36

A further study of beta -galactosidase activity in apples ripening in store. Journal of Experimentel Botany 28(105): 943-948

A further study of the action of rennin on beta -casein. New Zealand Journal of Dairy Science and Technology 11(1): 30-39

A further study of the inheritance of racing performance in thoroughbred horses. Journal of Heredity 67(4): 247-248

A further study of two Onchocerca species from African cattle. Annales de Parasitologie Humaine et Comparee 51(4): 461-471

A further study on the incidence of ruminal lesions and liver abscess in the beef cattle in Miyagi Prefecture. Tohoku Journal of Agricultural Research 27(3/4): 139-144

A further survey of anthocyanins and other phenolics in Ilex and Euonymus. Phytochemistry 14(3): 743-745

A fusiform rust index for evaluating the disease incidence. Proceedings of the American Phytopathological Society 1976; 2: 47

A future for building in the countryside. In celebration of the 70th birthday of Erich Kulke 3rd January 1978. KTBL Schriften (228): 116

A future oasis? The risks of a settlement policy. The Labgar hydraulic system in Senegal. Danger d' oasis? Aleas d' une politique de sedentarisation Le forage de Labgar, au Senegal: 56

A gall forming adelgid (Pineus similis (Gill.)) new to Britain with a key to the adelgid galls on Sitka spruce. Entomologist' s Monthly Magazine 1976; 111(1328/30): 29-32

A gall nematode in a hothouse in Kamchatka. Parazitologiya 11(1): 79-83

A game scarer against wild boar. Allgemeine Forstzeitschrift 31(21): 452

A game theory approach to an environmental land use problem. Contributed paper AAEA Meeting, August 1976:

A gardener's progress. A gardener' s progress: 127

A gas chromatographic assay for carnitine. Analytical Biochemistry 68(2): 531-536

A gas chromatographic method for the determination of individual free fatty acids in serum. Iranian Journal of Public Health 6(2): 67-75

A gas chromatographic-mass spectrometric (GC-MS) assay for 3-methoxy-4-hydroxyphenethyleneglycol and vanilmandelic acid in human serum. Clinica Chimica Acta 81(2): 183-192

A gas-liquid chromatography method for studying lactone formation during biochemical ripening of cream. Metody v biokhimii Materialy ko vtoromu s"ezdu biokhimikov Litovskoi SSR: Antanavichyus, A I : Disk electrophoresis of milk proteins and quantitative evaluation of the relative content of the fractions: 422-425

A gelatine prosthetic aid for intestinal anastomosis. Journal of Small Animal Practice 18(8): 529-534

A gene action for avirulence partially affected by mutation in rice blast fungus. Annals of the Phytopathological Society of Japan 41(2): 176-184

A gene bank of African roots and tubers, rice and food legumes at the International Institute of Tropical Agriculture in Ibadan, Nigeria.. Ceres, FAO 11(1): 12

A gene for resistance to Rotylenchulus reniformis in tomato, and a possible correlation with resistance to Heterodera schachtii. Journal of Nematology 9(4): 280-281

A gene locus affecting tolerance to BGG in mice. Cellular Immunology 15: 457-463

A general account of dermatoses of abattoir personnel. Archives des Maladies Professionnelles de Medecine du Travail et de Securite Sociale 34(4-5): 263-265

A general approach to dependence relationships among genes with some applications. Proceedings of the International Conference on Quantitative Genetics, August 16-21, 1976 XII Contributed papers: 829-836

A general consideration of the erosion of clayey soils. Annali dell' Istituto Sperimentale per lo Studio e la Difesa del Suolo, Firenze 3: 197-216

A general description of the hail problem in the Po valley of northern Italy. Journal of Applied Meteorology 12(2): 338-353

A general mathematical model for insect outbreak. Proceedings of the Entomological Society of Ontario 1977; 107: 11-18

A general method for quantitative separation of prostaglandins by paper chromatography. Analytical Biochemistry 68(2): 654-657

A general method for the analysis of genetic variation in complete and incomplete diallels and North Carolina II (NC II) designs. Part II. Procedures and general formulas for the fixed model. Euphytica 27(1): 49-68

A general method for the analysis of genetic variation in complete and incomplete diallels and North Carolina II designs. Part I: procedures and general formulas for the random model. Euphytica 26(3): 537-551

A general method for vomifoliol detection. Phytochemistry 15(2): 332-333

A general method of solving forces in the moving of trees. Lesnoi Zhurnal (4): 40-44

A general model to account for enzyme variation in natural populations. II. Characterization of the fitness functions. American Naturalist 110(975): 809-821

A general model to account for enzyme variation in natural populations. III. Multiple alleles. Evolution 31(1): 85-90

A general model to account for enzyme variation in natural populations. IV. The quantitative genetics of viability mutants. Lecture Notes in Biomathematics 19: 301-312

A general outline of anti-erosion measures for agricultural land in the Burgaski district. Geodeziya, Kartografiya, Zemeustroistvo 17(4): 36-39

A general presentation of genetic studies in the phytotron. Proceedings of the IUFRO Joint Meeting of Working Parties on Population and Ecological Genetics, Breeding Theory and Progeny Testing Session VI: 459-461

A general presentation of work on stimulation of flowering in Norway spruce. Proceedings of the IUFRO Joint Meeting of Working Parties on Population and Ecological Genetics, Breeding Theory and Progeny Testing Session VI: 463-464

A general review of various herbicide/insecticide interactions in beet crops. 3e Reunion Internationale sur le Desherbage Selectif en Cultures de Betteraves, Paris, 1975: 209-221

A general simulation model for laboratory insect populations I. From cohort of eggs to adult emergences. Researches on Population Ecology 17(1): 85-133

A general survey of blood parasites of birds from Kuwait. Journal of the University of Kuwait Science 2: 107-177

A general survey of physical means for control of storage pests. Brady, E U; Brower, J H; Hunter, P E; Jay, E G; Lum, P T M; Lund, H O; Mullen, M A; Davis, R Organisers: Proceedings of the First International Working Conference on Stored Product Entomology, Savannah, Georgia, USA, October 7-11, 1974: ; 385-411

A general survey of the distribution of helminthiasis in Iran and a comparison with past records. Acta Tropica 33(2): 177-184

A general survey of tumours in the horse. Equine Veterinary Journal 9(1): 16-21

A general theory of karyotype evolution. Genetics 86(2, II): s29

A general view of the vegetation of Gifu Prefecture. Part 1. Environment affecting on the vegetation. Research Bulletin of the Faculty of Agriculture, Gifu University (39): 273-281

A general view of the vegetation of Gifu prefecture. 2. Semi-natural and artificial grasslands in Hida province, northern part of the prefecture. Research Bulletin of the Faculty of Agriculture, Gifu University (40): 229-240

A general view of the vegetation of Gifu prefecture. 3. Semi-natural and artificial grasslands in Tono district, south-eastern part of the prefecture. Research Bulletin of the Faculty of Agriculture, Gifu University (40): 241-249

A general weight vs. length relationship for insects. Annals of the Entomological Society of America 69(2): 387-389

A generalised canine toxoplasmosis. Magyar Allatorvosok Lapja 31(1): 53-61

A generalization of some issues in stochastic welfare economics. Implications for agricultural price stabilization. Research Report, Oklahoma Agricultural Experiment Station (P-712): 55

A generalized form of potato black leg, Erwinia carotovora Jones Bergey et al. var. atroseptica (Van Hall) Dye. Roczniki Nauk Rolniczych, E 6(2): 129-135

A generalized nematode simulator based on heat-unit summation. Journal of Nematology 8(4): 284

A generic monograph of the Meliaceae. Blumea 22: 419-540

A generic revision of the mites of the family Cunaxidae (Acarina). Annales of the Entomological Society of America 68(2): 227-244

A genetic analysis in Pennisetum typhoides (Stapf & Hubb). Madras Agricultural Journal 62(6): 321-325

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A genetic approach to determine the role of a bacterial growth inhibitor from potato tissues in resistance to bacterial wilt. Proceedings of the American Phytopathological Society 1: 74

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A genetic investigation of virulence in a rodent malaria parasite. Parasitology 72(2): 183-194

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A genetic model for pathogenicity in Agrobacterium and for tumour induction in plants. Journal of Theoretical Biology 51(2): 409-417

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A genetic mutation of Alicante Bouschet-the loss of the teinturier character in the berry. Progres Agricole et Viticole 93(3): 79

A genetic role of isozyme types in plasma alkaline phosphatase activity in the young chicken. Animal Blood Groups and Biochemical Genetics 6(4): 185-193

A genetic sexing system in Anopheles gambiae species A. Mosquito News 36(4): 492-498

A genetic study of a line of White Leghorn laying hens. Revista Avicultura 19(4): 559

A genetic study of brucellosis resistance in cattle in the Kustanai region. Vestnik Sel' skokhozyaistvennoi Nauki Kazakhstana 19(8): 94-98, 136

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A genetically monogerm sugar-beet variety. SAFA 29(4): 179

A genus new to the USSR and a new species of encyrtid Neococcidencyrtus steinbergi sp. n. (Hymenoptera, Encyrtidae) from south-western Turkmenia. Entomologicheskoe Obozrenie 56(1): 171-176

A geographical model for calculating the livestock potential of land. Geographica 14(2): 129-132

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