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Geography & Life Sciences: Chapter 311

Chapter 311 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in geography and in the life sciences.

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Ch. 9. Resumes or excerpts of articles on non-formal education. Niehoff, R O; Neff, K L : Report on conference and workshop on non formal education and the rural poor: 177-227

Ch.1. Background for the design of the Conference and Workshop. Niehoff, R O; Neff, K L : Report on conference and workshop on non formal education and the rural poor: 1-7

Ch.1. The analytical framework. Szczepanik, E F : Agricultural policies at different levels of development: 3-37

Ch.2. Some key operational generalizations and issues in the use of non-formal education. Niehoff, R O; Neff, K L : Report on conference and workshop on non formal education and the rural poor: 8-28

Ch.2. The levels of development. Szczepanik, E F : Agricultural policies at different levels of development: 38-80

Ch.3. Policies and programs in non-formal education: views of two major funding agencies. Niehoff, R O; Neff, K L : Report on conference and workshop on non formal education and the rural poor: 29-51

Ch.3. The agricultural performance. Szczepanik, E F : Agricultural policies at different levels of development: 81-107

Ch.4. Analysis of agricultural policies by level of development. Szczepanik, E F : Agricultural policies at different levels of development: 111-144

Ch.4. Non-formal education in rural development projects. Niehoff, R O; Neff, K L : Report on conference and workshop on non formal education and the rural poor: 52-92

Ch.5. Analysis of agricultural policies across the levels of development. Szczepanik, E F : Agricultural policies at different levels of development: 145-175

Ch.5. Non-formal education in nutrition, health delivery and family planning in Poshak (India), Candeleria (Colombia), and Mothers' Club (Korea). Niehoff, R O; Neff, K L : Report on conference and workshop on non formal education and the rural poor: 93-109

Ch.6. Non-formal education and rural development in Ecuador, Guatemala and Botswana. Niehoff, R O; Neff, K L : Report on conference and workshop on non formal education and the rural poor: 110-141

Ch.6. The hypothetical development paths. Szczepanik, E F : Agricultural policies at different levels of development: 176-193

Ch.7. Panel discussions and a luncheon address. Niehoff, R O; Neff, K L : Report on conference and workshop on non formal education and the rural poor: 142-159

Ch.8. Workshop on non-formal education and the rural poor. Niehoff, R O; Neff, K L : Report on conference and workshop on non formal education and the rural poor: 160-176

Chactoid venoms. Arthropod venoms: 395-418

Chad, Central African Republic and Cameroon. Report on the health of animals. Preliminary studies towards creating an Economic Community of cattle and meat. Rapport sur l' etat sanitaire du cheptel du Tchad, de la RCA et du Cameroun Considerations relatives a la creation d' une Communaute Economique du betail et de la viande: iv + 487

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