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Geography & Life Sciences: Chapter 320

Chapter 320 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in geography and in the life sciences.

Comment on effects of an exchange rate change on agricultural trade. Agricultural Economics Research 29(2): 45-48

Comment on 'Analytical solution of the equation for transport of reactive solutes through soils' by H.M.Selim and R.S.Mansell. Reply. Water Resources Research 13(3): 701; 703-704

Comment on 'Management decisions in severely damaged stands'. Journal of Forestry 74(5): 298-299

Comment on 'Spectroscopie infra-rouge de quelques fractions d'acides humiques obtenues sur Sephadex'. Plant and Soil 48(2): 547-548

Comment on 'The concise formulation of diffusive sorption of water in a dry soil' by Wilfried Brutsaert. Water Resources Research 13(6): 1019-1020

Comment on 'Wetting front pressure head in the infiltration model of Green and Ampt' by Shlomo P.Neuman. Water Resources Research 13(4): 799-800

Comment on 'contamination of humic acid by silica gel and sodium bicarbonate', by K.H.Tan. Plant and Soil 47(1): 263-264

Comment on Ditylenchus Filipjev, 1936 (Nematoda): application of protection under the plenary powers. Z.N.(S.) 1955. Bulletin of Zoological Nomenclature 31(3): 110-111

Comment on Paulson Interorganizational Dyads: measurement of dyadic properties, and a reply. Rural Sociology 42(2): 268-273

Comment on Schistodera Cobb, 1920 (Nematoda: Enoplida), a request for suppression: Oxystomina Filipjev, 1921 proposed for the Official List. Z.N.(S.) 2031. Bulletin of Zoological Nomenclature 31(3): 115-116

Comment on a recent paper by Hunt on shoot:root ratios. Annals of Botany 39(164): 1149-1150

Comment on a recent proposal for the subdivision of the Diptera. Revista Brasileira de Entomologia 21(2): 49-54

Comment on note by L.R. Grosenbaugh, Approximate sampling variance of adjusted 3P estimates. Forest Science 22(2): 176

Comment on soy protein intolerance. Pediatrics 61(3): 502-503

Comment on the case of the new specific names proposed in Heterodera (Nematoda) by Cooper, 1955. Z.N.(S.) 2066 (see Volume 31: 225-227). Bulletin of Zoological Nomenclature 32(2): 100

Comment on the diagnosis of inborn errors of metabolism in Australia. Australian Paediatric Journal 12(2): 95-101

Comment on the paper 'Fick's laws and bound-water diffusion' (G. Bramhall). Wood Science 9(1): 1-3

Comment on the paper by A.S. Thom and H.R. Oliver 'On Penman's equation for estimating regional evaporation'. Quarterly Journal of the Royal Meteorological Society 104(440): 532-533

Comment on the work: Combination of supplements and anthelmintics in unthrifty calves. Gaceta Veterinaria 35(280): 494-497

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Comment: a test of supply reaction under a controlled market: the case of Canadian eggs. Reply to Comment. Canadian Journal of Agricultural Economics 25(3): 73-75

Comment: resource allocation methods in agricultural research: some comments on Russell's RASAR. Canadian Journal of Agricultural Economics 23(3): 67-71

Commentary on structural particleboard and structural reliability. Forest Products Journal 26(10): 48-49

Commentary to the regional classification map of Baden-Wurttemberg. Part I. Growth regions: Neckarland and Schwabische Alb. Part II. Growth regions: Sudwestdeutsches Alpenvorland (S.W. foothills of the Alps). Mitteilungen des Vereins fur Forstliche Standortskunde und Forstpflanzenzuchtung 1975; (Nos. 23; 24): 3-67 + 1 map in pocket; 3-38

Commentary upon: Plant architecture and physiological efficiency in the field bean. Potentials of field beans and other food legumes in Latin America: Adams, M W : Plant architecture and physiological efficiency in the field bean: 279-286

Commentary upon: Plant introduction and germplasm of Phaseolus vulgaris and other food legumes. Potentials of field beans and other food legumes in Latin America: Vieira, C : Plant introduction and germplasm of Phaseolus vulgaris and other food legumes: 253-258

Commentary, land tenure. Landowning in Scotland (165): 117-119

Commentary. Crofting Reform (Scotland) Bill. Landowning in Scotland (162): 1-2

Commentary: a landed budget?. Landowning in Scotland (172): 1-2

Comments and experiences on the sensible combination of mechanical and chemical cultivation of potatoes. Nachrichtenblatt fur den Pflanzenschutz in der DDR 31(11): 217-220

Comments and observations on fruits of Trachyspermum roxburghianum and its essential oil. Planta Medica 30(4): 337-339

Comments on Apis rotundata Fabricius, 1793 (Insecta, Hymenoptera) proposed suppression of lectotype and designation of neotype in accord with Megachile rotundata auct. Z.N.(S.) 2042. Bulletin of Zoological Nomenclature 32(2): 84-86

Comments on Distoma gigas Nardo and other rare digeneans from oceanic fishes of the Atlantic. Parasitology 75(2): xxv

Comments on Goonatikale (some notes on the dependency of 'dependency'). IDS Bulletin 7(1): 11-14

Comments on a volume table for Populus 'Regenerata Deutschland' in Nordrhein-Westfalen. Allgemeine Forst und Jagdzeitung 147(1): 1-7

Comments on an autecological study of micro-organisms. Soil Science 121(1): 60-61

Comments on breast-feeding and immunity. Pediatrics, USA 57(5): 814-815

Comments on computer modeling of a moist soil. Heat and Mass Transfer in the Biosphere 1 Transfer Processes in Plant Environment: 97-107

Comments on farm management: case studies. New Zealand Agricultural Science 11(1): 35-36

Comments on interpretation potentials in relation to soil survey orders. Agronomy Mimeo, Department of Agronomy, New York State College of Agriculture and Life Sciences, Cornell University (77-33): 19-24

Comments on lack of interference in the four strand model of crossing over. Journal of Mathematical Biology 5(1): 55-59

Comments on nitrate reduction in unsaturated soil. Soil Science Society of America Journal 40(5): 698-699

Comments on rating systems in weed science. Proceedings of the Northeastern Weed Science Society, New York City: 264-268

Comments on removal of Setaria digitata from the eye of a horse. Veterinary Medicine and Small Animal Clinician 71(7): 862, 865

Comments on reproductive isolation and phylogeny of mosquitoes of the genus Aedes. Mosquito Systematics 7(3): 193-206

Comments on statistical efficiency in bull progeny testing for calving difficulty. Livestock Production Science 4(2): 203-207

Comments on the Penrose-Stanton model of assortative mating. Annals of Human Genetics 41(1): 117-121

Comments on the Spanish dairy industry. Quimica e Industria 21(8, II): 52-54

Comments on the advertising provision in California agricultural marketing orders. Comments on the advertising provision in California agricultural marketing orders: 4

Comments on the article of Sh.D. Moshkovskii: An attempt at clarifying differences in the type of incubation and features of the alternation of acute period of tertian malaria associated with different strains of Plasmodium vivax. Meditsinskaya Parazitologiya i Parazitarnye Bolezni 45(2): 218-221

Comments on the classification process concerning agricultural land use in France. Espace Geographique 4(1): 45-52

Comments on the determination of total mercury in soils and sediments. Reply to comments by Block and Garcia. Journal of Environmental Quality 6(2): 232-233

Comments on the diagnosis of canine heartworm disease. Australian Veterinary Practitioner 7(3/4): 224-226

Comments on the differentiation of a Gliomastix isolated from sputum versus Sporothrix schenckii. Mykosen 18(1): 5-9

Comments on the downy mildew research. Proceedings of the consultants' group meetings on downy mildew and ergot of pearl millet: 75

Comments on the effect of heat treatment on the nutritive value of protein and the availability of amino acids in meat-vegetable canned foods. Zeszyty Problemowe Postepow Nauk Rolniczych (167): 217-224

Comments on the epidemiology of large bowel cancer. Cancer Research 35(11 Pt. 2): 3395-3397

Comments on the grapevine year 1977. Schweizerische Zeitschrift fur Obst und Weinbau 113(27): 663-666

Comments on the mechanism of soil detachment by rainfall. Geoderma 15(5): 393-399

Comments on the nature and methods of collection of fish coccidia. Parasitologia Hungarica 10: 41-45

Comments on the paper by P.F.North (1976): 'Towards an absolute measurement of soil structural stability using ultrasound'. Reply. Journal of Soil Science 29(1): 117-120

Comments on the paper by V. Luzakova, V. Reiser and M. Kosik: free radical chain polymerisation of vinyl monomers in wood in situ with reference to wood accessory components. Holzforschung 29(3): 110-111

Comments on the poultry market in Spain. Informacion Tecnica Econoomica Agraria 7(23): 31-46

Comments on the problem of calculation of production value. Gazdalkodas 21(5): 41-44

Comments on the psychrometric determination of leaf water potentials in situ. Plant and Soil 48(2): 347-367

Comments on the purpose and principles of creating an agricultural information system (AIS). Zagadnienia Ekonomiki Rolnej 142(4): 3-17

Comments on the taxonomic position of some species of the genus Xiphinema Cobb, 1913 (Nematoda: Dorylaimoidea) with the creation of a new subgenus. Acta Morphologica Neerlando-Scandinavica 12(4): 345-354

Comments on vegetable cold storage. South African Food Review 2(4): 105-112

Commercial and biological characteristics of different types of sour cherry rootstock. Plodovoe Pitomnikovodstvo Moldavii: Ioltukhovskii, M K : Anatomical, physiological and biochemical characteristics of different stock/scion combinations in sour cherries: 39-69

Commercial and biological studies on pears. Sadovodstvo, Vinogradarstvo i Vinodelie Moldavii (10): 17-19

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Commercial apple growing in British Columbia. British Columbia Department of Agriculture (76-5): 127

Commercial application of biological control of mushroom bacterial blotch. Australian Journal of Agricultural Research 27(3): 415-422

Commercial applications of very low volumes of pesticides to apples. Deciduous Fruit Grower 27(5): 152-157

Commercial aspects of the butchery trade. Commerciele aspecten van het slagersbedrijf: 112

Commercial banks and the small farmers. Economic Affairs 21(5): 169-174

Commercial banks as a source of agricultural credit. Louisiana Rural Economist 38(1): 9-10

Commercial beef cross evaluation. British Society of Animal Production Paper summaries Winter Meeting 1978: Paper No. 65, 2

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Commercial beekeeping with Apis mellifera adansonii in intermediate and movable-frame hives. Apiculture in tropical climates, editor E Crane: 31-37

Commercial blackcurrant growing: an agricultural speculation full of unknowns. Arboriculture Fruitiere (256): 23-28

Commercial breeding of southern hard red winter wheat. Cereal Foods World 31(8): 445

Commercial casein as a source of edible sialic acid and a growth promoting factor for Lactobacillus bifidus variant pennsylvanicus. Dissertation Abstracts International, B 37(2): 679

Commercial cotton variety test, 1977. Arkansas Farm Research 27(1): 4

Commercial crops in an unusual geographical environment: the Andapa basin (Madagascar). Travaux et Documents de Geographie Tropicale, Domaine Universitaire de Bordeaux (20): 325-355

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Commercial crossing brings advantages, but. 1952-1977, 25 jaar werk voor dierlijke produktie: 9-11

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Commercial crossing of Istoben cows with beef bulls. Molochnoe i Myasnoe Skotovodstvo (9): 18-19

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Commercial crossing of rabbits. Krolikovodstvo i Zverovodstvo (6): 13-14

Commercial development of Roundup post-emergence weedicide as a one-shot treatment for control of lalang (Imperata cylindrica) in Malaysian rubber cultivation. Planter, Malaysia 51(594): 411-424

Commercial dietary influences on the frequency of cortisone-induced cleft palate in C57B1/6J mice. Teratology 15(3): 249-251

Commercial egg production costs in four regions, 1973-74. Poultry and Egg Situation (PES-289): 24-25

Commercial embryo-transfers in cattle. New Zealand Veterinary Journal 26(4): 92-95

Commercial evaluation of a tropical breed developed experimentally. Proceedings of the Australian Society of Animal Production 11: 89-92

Commercial evaluation of new late apple cultivars in the northern part of the Crimean steppe zone. Byulleten' Gosudarstvennogo Nikitskogo Botanicheskogo Sada (1 (32)): 36-40

Commercial evaluation of peach cultivars grown in the northern part of the Crimean steppe zone. Byulleten' Gosudarstvennogo Nikitskogo Botanicheskogo Sada (2(27)): 16-19

Commercial evaluation of the cultivar Feteasca Regala in Panciu vineyards. Lucrari Stiintifice, Institutul Agronomic "Ion Ionescu de la Brad", I: 156-160

Commercial farms as basis for milk production. Przeglad Hodowlany (4): 7-11, 19

Commercial fattening of lambs with diets based on beet pulp. Lucrarile Stiintifice ale Statiuni Centrale de Cercetari pentru Cresterea Ovinelor 2: 333-338

Commercial food patents, U.S. 1974. Commercial food patents, US 1974: 280

Commercial food patents, U.S. 1975. Commercial food patents, US 1975: 299

Commercial food patents, U.S., 1976. Commercial food patents, US, 1976: 318

Commercial freezing costs for fruit and vegetables. Farm Business Outlook (1): 12-15

Commercial grain reception, cleaning and storage. Muhle + Mischfuttertechnik 113(11): 149-151

Commercial grain sorghum variety trial. Rice Experiment Station, Crowley, Louisiana: USA, Louisiana State University, Agricultural Experiment Station: 67th annual progress report: 227-229

Commercial growing of American carnations on sterile glass wool substrate. Pepinieristes Horticulteurs Maraichers (179): 57-58

Commercial hybrid corn test. Louisiana State University Agricultural Experiment Station: 68th annual progress report, Rice Experiment Station, Crowley, Louisiana: 269, 271

Commercial hybrid corn variety trial. Rice Experiment Station, Crowley, Louisiana: USA, Louisiana State University, Agricultural Experiment Station: 67th annual progress report: 228, 230

Commercial indices of tea harvested with the Japanese harvester Motsumoto M-2. Subtropicheskie Kul' tury (3): 55-58

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Commercial pregnancy diagnosis in sheep. Commercial pregnancy diagnosis in sheep:

Commercial product evaluation report. First year results of eight hybrid companies and populations of purebred and crossbred pigs. Commercial product evaluation report First year results of eight hybrid companies and populations of purebred and crossbred pigs: 27

Commercial product evaluation report. Second test results 1976. Commercial product evaluation report Second test results 1976: 58

Commercial product evaluation report. Third test report 1977. Pigs purchased 1974/1975. Commercial product evaluation report Third test report 1977 Pigs purchased 1974/1975: 96

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Commercial production of mycorrhizal inoculum may benefit citrus growers. Citrograph 63(6): 139-143

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Comminution. Industries Alimentaires et Agricoles 93(9/10): 1067-1078

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Commiphora Mukul : source of guggal in Indian systems of medicine. Economic Botany 29(3): 209-218

Commission Report to the Council on the foreseeable developments in the planting and replanting of vineyards in the Community and on the ratio between production and utilization in the wine sector, and Addendum to the Report. [Publication] Commission of the European Communities (COM(77) 22 final; COM(77) 203 final): 18 + a; 3 + a

Commission approves first grants from regional fund: 160 million U.A. for the development regions substantial impact on jobs. Press Release (ISEC/80/75): 5

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Commission defends dairy policy. Agra Europe, UK (747): E/3-E/9

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