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Geography & Life Sciences: Chapter 340

Chapter 340 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in geography and in the life sciences.

Dietary selenium status and pyrrolizidine alkaloid metabolism in vitro by rat liver microsomes. Research Communications in Chemical Pathology and Pharmacology 17(2): 337-340

Dietary self-selection by poultry. Feedstuffs, USA 49(19): 21, 24

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Dietary standards. Journal of the American Dietetic Association 66(1): 13-21

Dietary status of elderly people. Rural, independent-living men and women vs. nursing home residents. Journal of the American Dietetic Association 71(1): 41-45

Dietary status of lactating women. 2. Relation of nutritional knowledge and attitudes to nutrient intake. Journal of the American Dietetic Association 73(2): 147-154

Dietary stress in parasitized and non-parasitized Gasterosteus aculeatus L. Zeitschrift fur Parasitenkunde 51(2): 179-186

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Dietary survey of the Sherpa tribe in Nepal. Reports of the Science of Living 23: 27-34

Dietary treatment of the cardiovascular patient with the hyperlipidemia and the long term dietary control of the hyperlipidemia. Japanese Circulation Journal 39(3): 345-349

Dietary urea for dairy cattle. 2. Effect on functional traits. Journal of Dairy Science 59(4): 656-667

Dietary urea for dairy cattle. III. Effect on ovarian activity. Theriogenology 5(5): 203-211

Dietary urea for dairy cattle. IV. Effect on reproductive hormones. Theriogenology 5(5): 213-226

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Dietary-induced hypertrophic--hyperplastic obesity in mice. Journal of Lipid Research 15(6): 580-585

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Dietetic cereal products available in the German Democratic Republic. Ernahrungsforschung Wissenschaft und Praxis 22(5): 148-150

Dietetic chocolate composition. United States Patent: (4 011 349)

Dietetic fermented milk product and process for its preparation. French Patent Application: (2 335 157)

Dietetic food product and method for its production. German Federal Re ic Patent Application: (2 637 426)

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Diets for laying hens containing unusual ingredients and varying concentrations of cereals including no cereals. British Poultry Science 19(3): 327-331

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Diets with different amounts of dried skimmed milk for early weaned piglets. Zhivotnov"dni Nauki (4): 58-63

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Diets with different sources and amounts of protein and lysine. Svinovodstvo, Moscow, USSR (8): 30-31

Diets with reduced level of protein and metabolizable energy for pullets of egg strains. Vestnik Sel' skokhozyaistvennoi Nauki, Moscow, USSR (4): 109-114

Diets with urea concentrate for dairy cows. Vestnik Sel' skokhozyaistvennoi Nauki, Moscow, USSR (9): 60-65

Difenzoquat (Avenge) - a new herbicide for wild oat control. North Dakota Farm Research 35(2): 19-21

Difenzoquat for wild oat control in cereals. Proceedings of the 28th New Zealand Weed and Pest Control Conference: 181-184

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Difenzoquat, 1,2-dimethyl-3,5-diphenylpyrazolium ion a selective herbicide for the control of wild oats (Avena spp.) in wheat and barley. Pesticide Science 6(3): 297-303

Diferulic acid as a possible crosslink in hemicelluloses from wheat germ. Phytochemistry 15(5): 836-837

Difetarsone in the treatment of Trichuris trichiura. South African Medical Journal 47(31): 1389-1389

Differed nitrogen fertilization and annual production of Pangola (Digitaria decumbens Stent) and Guinea (Panicum maximum Jacq.) grass pastures. Cuban Journal of Agricultural Science 10(2): 223-230

Difference between brown and white rotted woods. III. Light microscopical observation of decayed woods. Bulletin of the Experiment Forests, Tokyo University of Agriculture and Technology (12): 63-66

Difference between pellets and meal from the point of view of results of fattening and carcass quality of Belgium Landrace pigs fed to appetite. Revue de l' Agriculture 27(3): 559-582

Difference between the Hb C variants in Brahman and in indigenous Southern African cattle breeds. Animal Blood Groups and Biochemical Genetics 8(3): 161-169

Difference in antimalarial activity between certain amino alcohol diastereomers. Journal of Medicinal Chemistry 19(1): 170-172

Difference in combining ability between short and long-styled components of a buckwheat population. Genet i tsitol issledovaniya yader i tsitoplazmatich nasledstvennoisti: 115-120

Difference in diet as an epiphenomenon: space regulates salamanders. Canadian Journal of Zoology, 565: 1017-1025

Difference in effectiveness of various gibberellins on shoot elongation and flower formation in Pharbitis nil Chois. Journal of the Japanese Society for Horticultural Science 46(1): 117-122

Difference in enzyme activities between two lines of insect cells: Antheraea eucalypti and Malacosoma disstria (Lepidoptera). Comptes Rendus Hebdomadaires des Seances de l' Academie des Sciences, D 281(10): 651-654

Difference in farnesol content in strawberry varieties and their susceptibility to the carmine spider mite Tetranychus cinnabarinus (Boisd.) (Acari: Tetranychidae). Entomologia Experimentalis et Applicata 24(1): 22-26

Difference in fertility of two lines of mice selected for different body conformation. Journal of Reproduction and Fertility 45(2): 399-400

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Difference in noise sensitivity affecting egg laying performance between wild and domestic Japanese quails. Annual report of the National Institute of Genetics, No 27, 1976: 95-96

Difference in rate of synthetic processes in parental forms and heterosis in tomato. Geterozis s kh rast, ego fiziol biokhim, i biofiz osnovy: 140-147

Difference in resistance expression to Xanthomonas oryzae between seedlings and adults of Wase Aikoku group rice varieties (2). Bulletin of the Tokai Kinki National Agricultural Experiment Station (29): 76-79

Difference in size between spermatozoa from the cauda epididymidis and the caput epididymidis of the rat. Journal of Reproduction and Fertility 48(2): 365-366

Difference in susceptibility of upper and lower surfaces of leaf to tobacco mosaic virus infection. Annals of the Phytopathological Society of Japan 41(4): 400-404

Difference in the distribution of Cercospora between Brazil and Japan. JARQ 10(4): 215-217

Difference in the temperature of milk after milking and milk in the udder of cows as the physiological deficit of temperature in feeding milk to calves. Veterinaria, Yugoslavia 23(2): 231-239

Difference of germination temperatures between C3-plants and C4-plants. Journal of Agricultural Meterology 31(1): 23-27

Difference taste thresholds for sucrose in water and in orange juice: an interlaboratory study. Chemical Senses and Flavor 2(2): 157-176

Differences among cattle and farms as related to beef cow reproduction in the eastern plains of Colombia. Tropical Animal Health and Production 8(3): 147-154

Differences among cows in the influence of experimental mastitis on milk globulins. Annual Bulletin, International Dairy Federation (85): 243-248

Differences among egg quality characters with regard to different polymorphic albumen phenotypes. 1. Variability of morphological indices of egg quality in double-yolked hen and goose eggs according to phenotypes of polymorphic proteins. Acta Zootechnica, Nitra 32: 21-33

Differences among hyperlipoproteinaemic subjects in the response of lipoprotein lipids to resin therapy. European Journal of Clinical Investigation 5(3): 241-247

Differences between Cryptomeria varieties in dehydration of excised shoots. Journal of the Japanese Forestry Society Nihon Ringakkai Shi 59(3): 94-97

Differences between F1 families from intraspecific and interspecific crosses of diploid and tetraploid Lolium forms. Archiv fur Zuchtungsforschung 4(3): 19-202

Differences between Ligustrum japonicum and L. lucidum. American Nurseryman 144(1): 22, 72, 74, 76, 78

Differences between Adenosine Triphosphatases from Monocotylous and Dicotylous Plants. Plant Physiology 59(2): 155-157

Differences between capillary and venous blood glucose during oral glucose tolerance tests. Scandinavian Journal of Clinical and Laboratory Investigation 36(8): 805-808

Differences between compatible parasite/host genotypes involving the P4 locus of Erysiphe graminis f. sp. tritici and the Pm4 locus of wheat. Proceedings of the American Phytopathological Society 1: 127

Differences between cows pregnant and calves weaned in cattle breeding. Anales de la Sociedad Rural Argentina 108(1-2): 52-54

Differences between enteropathogenic Escherichia coli strains isolated from neonatal E. coli diarrhoea (N.C.D.) and post weaning diarrhoea (P.W.D.) in pigs. Nordisk Veterinaermedicin 28(9): 417-429

Differences between gibberellins and cytokinins in retardation of leaf senescence in parsley (Petroselinum sativum L.). Israel Journal of Botany 25(1/2): 92

Differences between glutinous and nonglutinous rice in the size of the unpolished grain in F1 plants. V. Interrelationship of ovary and glume in rice. Japanese Journal of Breeding Ikushugaku Zasshi 28(3): 225-233

Differences between housing systems for cows. Chov Hospodarskych Zvierat 35(3): 96-97

Differences between natural and artificial selection. Basic phenomena. Zhurnal Obshchei Biologii 36(4): 504-512

Differences between pasture species in their requirements for nitrogen and phosphorus. Plant relations in pastures: 111-127

Differences between plant species in their ability to utilise substituted phenoxybutyric acids as a source of auxin for tissue culture growth. Plant Science Letters 11(3/4): 227-232

Differences between potatoes with regard to their resistance to potato virus M. I. Cultivated varieties. Ziemniak (2): 195-220

Differences between potatoes with regard to their resistance to potato virus M. II. Wild and primitive cultivated species. Ziemniak (2): 221-234

Differences between the number of cows diagnosed pregnant and number of calves at weaning. FUCREA (20): 26-32

Differences between workers in state farms and members of co-operative farms. Sociologie a Historie Zemedelstvi 11(2): 121-130

Differences due to testing stations in Swedish pig progeny testing. Swedish Journal of Agricultural Research 5(1): 11-13

Differences in DBC values of polyploidal mulberry (Morus sp.) leaves. Proceedings of the Indian Academy of Sciences, B 85(3): 167-171

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Differences in L-malate determined enzymatically or titrimetrically in Golden Delicious apples. Zeitschrift für Lebensmittel-Untersuchung und -Forschung 162(3): 259-261

Differences in retinol uptake in rats of different ages fed on a diet free from vitamin A. Acta Vitaminologica et Enzymologica 30(4/6): 146-151

Differences in absorption of foliar-applied high molecular weight phosphate among corn inbreds with three different cytoplasms. Maize Genetics Cooperation News Letter 49: 71

Differences in agricultural incomes. Economie et Statistique (91): 91-98

Differences in antigenic structure of type A epidemic strains of foot and mouth disease virus. Bulletin de l' Office International des Epizooties 83(1/2): 3-11

Differences in antischistosomal and mutagenic properties between an isothiocyano- and an isocyanonitrodiphenylamine. Journal of Medicinal Chemistry 20(7): 981-982

Differences in antral response to meat extract in duodenal ulcer patients. American Journal of Gastroenterology 67(4): 348-353

Differences in atrioventricular conduction of premature beats in young and adult goats. Circulation Research 37(1): 48-58

Differences in bile acid excretion in subjects with hypercholesterolaemia, hypertriglyceridaemia and overweight. Australian and New Zealand Journal of Medicine 4(5): 491-496

Differences in biological characteristics of three Leishmania isolates from patients with espundia. American Journal of Tropical Medicine and Hygiene 26(5 Pt 1): 850-855

Differences in biosyntheses of guaiacyl and syringyl lignins in woods. Wood Science and Technology 11(2): 153-167

Differences in blackspot susceptibility of two sib varieties of potato in relation to cell volume and some chemical factors. Potato Research 18(2): 338

Differences in blood magnesium in women as a function of age. Biometrie Humaine 9(1/2): 17-21

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Differences in cadmium uptake between plant species and cultivars. Swedish Journal of Agricultural Research 7(1): 21-24

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Differences in crown structure in clones and provenances of spruce (Picea abies (L.) Karst.). Silvae Genetica 23(5): 156-159

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Differences in efficiency of protective effect caused by high ambient temperature in mice infected with diverse substrains of rabies virus. Journal of General Virology 36(2): 307-315

Differences in endogenous levels of gibberellin activity in male and female partners of two dioecious tree species. Annals of Botany 41(172): 375-379

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Differences in intestinal parasitic infections between the autochthonous population and a European immigrant population in a northern area of the Central African Republic. Giornale di Malattie Infettive e Parassitarie 28(8): 511-515

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