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Geography & Life Sciences: Chapter 384

Chapter 384 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in geography and in the life sciences.

Forestry measures as a method of increasing the resistance and yield of Oak woods in the Ukraine. Lesovedenie (4): 44-52

Forestry on Indian lands in Canada. Forestry on Indian lands in Canada: 53

Forestry operations and the groundwater. Skogen 62(7): 330...338

Forestry operations and the problem of noise. Irish Forestry 33(2): 105-116

Forestry planning - a report on the present situation. Meddelande fran Jordbrukets Utredningsinstitut (5): 142

Forestry planning and changing concepts of management. Indian Forester 102(3): 143-151

Forestry plantations in Venezuela. Evaluation, and suggestions for their development. [FAO Report] (VEN/72/019, Informe de Consultor 5): 85

Forestry plantations in Venezuela. Supplement. [FAO Report] (VEN/72/019, Informe de Consultor 5 [Suppl.]): 35

Forestry policy decisions since 1945 at the federal level. Berichte uber Landwirtschaft 54(2): 305-324

Forestry practice in Britain is applied terrestrial ecology. Commonwealth Forestry Review 55(2): 123-127

Forestry problems and their effects on the environment in member countries of the EEC. 1. Results and recommendations. Mitteilungen uber Landwirtschaft (25): 129

Forestry problems and their effects on the environment in member states of the EEC. V. Systems of taxation of woodland and the tax burden on private forestry enterprises. Mitteilungen uber Landwirtschaft (34): 233

Forestry problems in Burundi. Bois et Forets des Tropiques (170): 21-34

Forestry problems in the Vaud. Foret (7): 208-213

Forestry production and planting targets. New Zealand Journal of Forestry 20(1): 72-82

Forestry projects VI. SUDAM Documenta1974; 5(1/4): 13-19

Forestry projects. V. Wood charcoal. SUDAM Documenta1974; 5(1/4): 3-12

Forestry reclamation of anthropogenous soils in the area of Sokolov lignite district. Scientific Monographs, Research Institute for Land Reclamation and Improvement (7): 220

Forestry reclamation of extracted peat deposits. Scientific Monographs, Research Institute for Land Reclamation and Improvement, Prague (6): 192

Forestry research in developing countries. Unasylva 28(111): 12-17

Forestry research, technical report. Phosphate fixation by a tropical ultisol soil in East Kalimantan, Indonesia. Forestry research, technical report Phosphate fixation by a tropical ultisol soil in East Kalimantan, Indonesia: 10

Forestry research. New trends and improved methods. In: Agricultural Research Management in Sri Lanka Proceedings of a training seminar or agricultural research management organized by the Postgraduate Institute of Agriculture with support from the South East Asian Regional Centre for Graduate Study and Research in Agriculture SEARCA, Philippines, 28-29 June 1976: 119-132

Forestry resources and the national interest. Forestry resources and the national interest: 17

Forestry sector - its contribution to Gross National Product. Indian Forester 103(11): 739-769

Forestry strategy. Quarterly Journal of Forestry 71(1): 16-28

Forestry survey in Askim. Tidsskrift for Skogbruk 84(3): 247-269

Forestry terminology: forest sciences, technology, practice and products. French-language version. (Multilingual Forestry Terminology Series No. 2). Terminologie forestiere: sciences forestieres, technologie, pratiques et produits forestiers Version francaise Collection de Terminologie Forestiere Multilingue No 2: xix + 433

Forestry training : a further step towards development. Chile Forestal 1(5): 8-9

Forestry volume tables. Bareme forestier: 234

Forestry, the environment and man's needs. Unasylva 27(107): 2-8

Forestry. 1. Annotated bibliography 1967-1973. 2. Author and subject index 1967-1973. Forestry 1 Annotated bibliography 1967-1973-2 Author and subject index 1967-1973: 471 + 417

Forestry. Sector policy paper. Forestry Sector policy paper: 65

Forestry: an EEC problem. Cellulosa e Carta 28(5): 3-18

Forests Act, 1918-1974. Forest Diseases Regulations, 1975. Government Gazette of Western Australia (82): 3

Forests Act, 1918-1974. Proclamation. Government Gazette of Western Australia (2): 2

Forests administered by the Ministry of Agriculture in Poland. Sylwan 119(6): 1-11

Forests and air pollution. Bulletin de la Societe Royale Forestiere de Belgique 84(4): 226-233

Forests and forestry in Italy according to national statistical records. Cellulosa e Carta 26(12): 3-8

Forests and forestry in the ancient Welsh laws. Quarterly Journal of Forestry 70(1): 38-43

Forests and future resource conflicts. Forests and future resource conflicts: vii + 51

Forests and game. Schweizerische Zeitschrift fur Forstwesen 127(4): 227-236

Forests and rangelands as sources of chemical pollutants. Non point sources of water pollution, Seminar Publication July 1976, Water Resources Research Institute, Oregon State University, Corvallis, Oregon, USA: 17-35

Forests and recreation. Forst und Holzwirt 31(23): 477-480

Forests and recreation in Norway. Bulletin de la Societe Royale Forestiere de Belgique 84(2): 101-114 + 2 pl.

Forests and recreation.. Forest and Timber, NSW, Australia 11(3): 1-20

Forests and sites in the Styrian part of the eastern rim of the Alps. Mitteilungen der Forstlichen Bundes Versuchsanstalt Wien (111): 165 + 1 map and 4 tab.

Forests and the environment. Allgemeine Forstzeitschrift 31(16/17): 301-348

Forests and the environment in the province of Luxembourg. Le foret et l' environnement dans la province de Luxembourg: 29

Forests and the public. Allgemeine Forstzeitung 89(9): 291-304

Forests and tourism, the situation in Italy. Nature in Focus 19: 11-14

Forests and water. 1. Components of the water balance of forest ecosystems. Forstarchiv 49(1): 1-7

Forests and water. 2. Quantification of the water turnover of mature beech and spruce stands in the Solling district. Forstarchiv 49(2): 26-32

Forests and weather. Holz Zentralblatt 102(93): 1233-1234

Forests and wintersports. Allgemeine Forstzeitschrift 32(1/2): 2-40

Forests as a source of electric power. Symposium Papers [on] Clean Fuels from Biomass, Sewage, Urban Refuse, [and] Agricultural Wastes, presented Jan 27-30, 1976 at Orlando, Florida: 349-358

Forests as energy sources in the year 2000: what man can imagine, man can do. Journal of Forestry 74(1): 7-12

Forests as sources of honey. Forst und Holzwirt 32(9): 165-167

Forests for whom and for what?. Forests for whom and for what?: xi + 175

Forests in public land use planning, with special reference to conservation aspects. Schriftenreihe des Instituts fur Landwirtschaftsrecht der Universitat Gottingen 14: xl + 328

Forests of Plane in Uzbekistan. Uzb biologiya zh, Uzb biol zh (3): 42-44

Forests of Quercus farnetto as a distinct vegetation zone in the lower part of the R. Vardar. Godisen Zbornik na Zemjodelsko Sumarskiot Fakultet na Univerzitetot Skopje, Sumarstvo 26: 89-99 + 1 tab.

Forests of Ukraine: their history and present status. Ukraine in the seventies: ; 33-70

Forests of central Europe. An introduction to the forest communities of the mountain regions and their significance for forestry and the environment. A volume of photographs and drawings. (Volume 5 of The ecology of forests and landscapes). Mitteleuropaische Walder Zur Einfuhrung in die Waldgesellschaften des Mittelgebirgsraumes in inhrer Bedeutung fur Forstwirtschaft und Umwelt Ein Bildban Okologie der Walder und Landschaften, Band 5: XIX + 214

Forests of the Kuzbass. Lesa Kuzbassa (Ed. 2): 239

Forests of the Tarbagatai range in Mongolia. Lesovedenie (2): 38-46

Forests of the Waitaki and Lake Hawea catchments. New Zealand Journal of Forestry Science 7(1): 44-67

Forests of the central Angara basin. Lesa Srednego Priangar' ya: 264

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Forests, trees and shrubs of Iran. Forests, trees and shrubs of Iran: 808 + 64

Forests: do they act as screens against pollution? An example: the Renory escarpment (Sart Tilman forest near Liege). Bulletin de la Societe Royale Forestiere de Belgique 83(2): 71-77

Forewarned is forearmed. Farm Business Outlook (5): 19-21

Forging nations: a comparative view of rural ferment and revolt. Forging nations: a comparative view of rural ferment and revolt: 168

Forgotten about moly?. Journal of Agriculture, Victoria 76(2): 82-83

Forgotten relationships between planning policy and agricultural policy. Agrarwirtschaft 25(11): 320-323

Fork lift. Food Processing Industry 45(534): 24-25

Forklift fatalities. British Columbia Lumberman 61(4): 48

Form and availability of heavy metals in soils. Grassland Research Institute, Hurley: UK, Grassland Research Institute, Hurley: Annual Report 1974: 17-18

Form and function in mammary epithelium: the interpretation of ultrastructure. Journal of Dairy Science 60(4): 643-654

Form and function of milk proteins. Journal of the Society of Dairy Technology 28(4): 181-188

Form basal area and stem diameter. Lesnoi Zhurnal (3): 24-28

Form factors of Pine roots and their use in determining the amounts of root wood. Lesnoi Zhurnal (6): 28-31

Form of buckwheat with limited branching. Byul nauch tekhn inform VNII zernobob i krupyan kul' tur (10): 49-52

Form of sugars soluble in water and ethanol in lowland rice soils. Journal of the Science of Soil and Manure, Japan 45(5): 263-267

Form of the increased longevity of Tribolium after X-irradiation. Experimental Gerontology 10(3/4): 189-193

Form of the stump-root system - some facts and their consequences on felling and processing. Meddelande, Svenska Traforskningsinstitutet, A (422): 20

Form, structure and function in plants: Prof. B.M. Johri Commemoration Volume. Form, structure and function in plants: Prof BM Johri Commemoration Volume: 457

Form-, fill- and sealing machines for cup-shaped packages. Susswaren 20(10): 282-284-285

Formae speciales and races of Fusarium oxysporum causing wilts of the Cucurbitaceae. Phytopathology 68(1): 19-28

Formal and informal credit sources in tribal areas: a case of Dharampur taluka. Artha Vikas 12(2): 78-94

Formal and non-formal education and social justice. Prospects 7(2): 244-250

Formal aspect of a campaign against echinococcosis. Revista Portuguesa de Ciencias Veterinarias 70(435/436): 76-85

Formal education and rural development. Occasional Paper, FAO (3): v+23

Formal education in a tribal society, Iran. Sociologia Ruralis 17(1/2): 151-157

Formal education of mothers and their nutritional behavior. Journal of Nutrition Education 7(1): 22-24

Formal education systems and poverty - focused planning. Journal of Modern African Studies 15(4): 569-589

Formal pathogenesis of experimental sodium selenite poisoning in broilers. Berliner und Munchener Tierarztliche Wochenschrift 89(3): 50-57

Formal techniques of analysis for agricultural planning. Monthly Bulletin of Agricultural Economics and Statistics 25(6): 1-7

Formal vocational education in a dual system. Forsttechnische Informationen 28(11): 81-84

Formaldehyde and HCOOH in the ensiling process and the metabolism of dairy cows. Agrochimica 21(5): 341-355

Formaldehyde as a bacterial growth retardant in reconstituted artificial ewe milk. Journal of Animal Science 39(3): 638-642

Formaldehyde as a preservative. Zhivotnovodstvo (5): 56-57

Formaldehyde as a preservative for silage. 1. Comparison of its effect with that of formic acid for preservation of forage in the silo. Revue de l' Agriculture 31(1): 79-88

Formaldehyde as a preservative for silage. 2. Effect on fermentation in the rumen of sheep. Revue de l' Agriculture 31(3): 499-513

Formaldehyde content of fish in relation to anaemia in mink. Norsk Pelsdyrblad 50(3): 127-130

Formaldehyde for fodder conservation. Zhivotnovodstvo (5): 56-57

Formaldehyde intoxication of cattle. Monatshefte fur Veterinarmedizin 30(7): 244-246

Formaldehyde preservation of milk feeds. Zhivotnovodstvo (3): 53-55

Formaldehyde titration method for the determination of ammoniacal nitrogen in phosphate fertilizers. Journal of the Association of Official Analytical Chemists 58(6): 1194-1196

Formaldehyde treated whey protein concentrate for lactating dairy cattle. Journal of Dairy Science 58(12): 1847-1855

Formaldehyde treatment of concentrate diets for sheep. 1. Partition of the digestion of organic matter and nitrogen between the stomach and intestines. Australian Journal of Agricultural Research 28(6): 1055-1067

Formaldehyde treatment of concentrate diets for sheep. 2. Effect on urea synthesis and excretion. Australian Journal of Agricultural Research 28(6): 1069-1074

Formaldehyde-protected soya protein. Toxicity testing on rats. Formaldehydgeschutztes Sojaprotein im Vertraglichkeitsversuch bei Ratten: 47

Formalin-treated sunflower oilmeal and methionine hydroxy analogue in feeds for highly productive sheep. Archiv fur Tierernahrung 26(9): 637-642

Formalin: its toxicity to nontarget aquatic organisms, persistence, and counteraction. Investigations in Fish Control, US Department of the Interior Fish and Wildlife Service (73): 7

Formaline fixed arterial encasement for experimental tenorrhaphy in bovines. Indian Veterinary Journal 52(10): 788-792

Formalization in the representation of the structure of N and O compounds in group mass spectrometric analysis of pyrolysates of humus compounds . Izvestiya Timiryazevskoi Sel' skokhozyaistvennoi Akademii (4): 181-187

Formamidine acaricides. Toxicity and metabolism studies with twospotted spider mites, Tetranychus urticae Koch. Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry 25(3): 493-501

Formation and action of phytoncides in vegetables in relation to variety and environmental conditions, and the importance of phytoncides for the storage quality of vegetables. Bildung und Wirking von Phytonziden bei Gemuse in Abhangigkeit von Sorte und Anbaubedingungen, sowie die Bedeutung der Phytonzide fur die Lagerungsfahigkeit von Gemuse: 92

Formation and control of chlorophyll and glycoalkaloids in tubers of Solanum tuberosum L. and evaluation of glycoalkaloid toxicity. Advances in Food Research 21: 307-354

Formation and control of chlorophyll, solanine alkaloids, and sprouts of potato (Solanum tuberosum L.) tubers and carbonyl compounds of tomato (Lycopersicon esculentum Mill.) fruits. Dissertation Abstracts International, B 36(3): 1124-1125

Formation and degradation of ethylene in submerged rice soils. Soil Science and Plant Nutrition 21(2): 129-135

Formation and development of flowers in Northern Red Oak (Quercus rubra). Latvijas Lauksaimniecibas Akademijas Raksti (93): 19-26

Formation and development of male gametes in some Angiosperms. 1. Poaceae (Gramineae). 2. Asteraceae (Compositae). Botanicheskii Zhurnal 60(12): 1707-1720

Formation and establishment of physiological races of Puccinia graminis f.sp. tritici Erikss. & Henn. under Northern Caucasian conditions. Biologicheskie Nauki (6): 107-114

Formation and genetic structure of a herd of Campolino horses in Minas Gerais. Arquivos da Escola de Veterinaria da Universidade Federal de Minas Gerais 29(3): 311-329

Formation and pedological influence of glacial frost wedges in a moraine landscape of north Germany. Zeitschrift fur Pflanzenernahrung und Bodenkunde 140(6): 719-732

Formation and properties of a new milk-clotting enzyme by Penicillium variabile. Milchwissenschaft 33(1): 31-34

Formation and reduction of tillers and their share in winter wheat yield. Rostlinna Vyroba 23(10): 1081-1092

Formation and role of unusual whey proteins and enzymes: relation to mammary function. Journal of Dairy Science 58(7): 1048-1062

Formation and shedding of the fruit organs in some cotton varieties differing in type of fruit branches. Nauch tr Tashkent s kh in t (51): 107-110

Formation and use of profit in state farms. Analiz formirovaniya i ispol' zovaniya pribyli v sovkhozakh: 96

Formation and utilization of rumen fermentation products in synthesis of milk components. Nauchnye Trudy, Vsesoyuznyi Nauchno issledovatel' skii Institut Fiziologii, Biokhimii i Pitaniya Sel' skokhozyaistvennykh Zhivotnykh 14: 183-192, 385

Formation of 1-butyl-5-hydroxy-methylpyrrole-2-carboxaldehyde in the Maillard reaction between lactose and n-butylamine. Agricultural and Biological Chemistry 41(3): 609-610

Formation of 5,7-dihydroxychromone-7-rutinoside Mentha longifolia after the death of the plant. Phytochemistry 15(4): 571-572

Formation of C-4 dicarboxylic acids by intact spinach chloroplasts. Planta 125(1): 63-67

Formation of CO2 by nisin-sensitive and nisin-resistant propionic acid bacteria. Roczniki Instytutu Przemyslu Mleczarskiego 19(2): 45-51

Formation of DNA-provirus as a possible mechanism of transovarian transfer of arboviruses in ticks. Doklady Akademii Nauk SSSR 230(6): 1459-1461

Formation of FLDA and its development. Geographical Journal, Singapore 9: 1-19

Formation of Podzolic soils on old weathering crusts. Soviet Soil Science 8(3): 306-309

Formation of X-ray amorphous aluminum o-phosphates from precipitation and secondary precipitation. Zeitschrift fur Pflanzenernahrung und Bodenkunde 141(1): 29-42

Formation of a bundle of logs by compression. Lesnoi Zhurnal (2): 59-65

Formation of a depside-caffeine complex during the cold storage of coffee leaf samples in a hydroethanolic medium. Methodological implications for depside extraction. Comptes Rendus Hebdomadaires des Seances de l' Academie des Sciences, D 285(3): 253-256

Formation of a derivative of aflatoxin B1 on a sephadex column with a 1% aqueous solution of methanol. Zeitschrift fur Lebensmittel Untersuchung und Forschung 161(3): 239-242

Formation of a gene pool and the productivity of Russian Black Pied cows in relation to their origin. Sel' skokhozyaistvennaya Biologiya 13(5): 738-743, 793

Formation of a growth factor (GABA) by Agrobacterium inoculated leaves and the effect of GABA on tumor initiation and growth. Physiological Plant Pathology 9(3): 331-338

Formation of a high-yielding herd based on interbreed crossing. Molochnoe i Myasnoe Skotovodstvo (11): 37-39

Formation of a new phenol compound during infection of apple by Venturia inaequalis. Disease resistance of plants: Bolezneustoichivost' rastenii: 57-60

Formation of a steroidal allyl alcohol in the mammary glands of mice. Steroids 29(4): 517-524

Formation of abnormal apical organelles during schizogony in Globidium gilruthi. Protistologica 13(1): 53-56

Formation of acetaldehyde from threonine by lactic acid bacteria. Journal of Dairy Research 43(1): 75-83

Formation of additional microspores in isolated tetrads of Atropa belladonna grown in microcultures. Zeitschrift fur Pflanzenphysiologie 75(5): 464-466

Formation of adenosine triphosphate in isolated aleurone particles of rice grains. Agricultural and Biological Chemistry 40(7): 1313-1317

Formation of adventitious buds in decapitated citrus seedlings and the effect of some growth regulators. Journal of Experimental Botany 27(96): 69-75

Formation of aflatoxins in wheat grain in connection with self-heating and change in the chemical composition of grain during the development of storage molds. Prikladnaya Biokhimiya i Mikrobiologiya 12(5): 741-749

Formation of agricultural production regions in the Nograd district. Teruleti Statisztika 27(1): 1-9

Formation of amine by pathogenic fungi. Formation of tyramine from N-acetyltyramine by pathogenic fungi. Bulletin of Pharmaceutical Research Institute (100): 1-11

Formation of an agro-industrial complex. Ekonomika Sel' skogo Khozyaistva (6): 45-51

Formation of an egg shell . Poultry Science 55(5): 1717-1723

Formation of apricot tree root system on the Lower Dnieper sands. Nauchnye Doklady Vyssh Shkoly, Biol Nauk (12): 89-93

Formation of artificial mixtures : an effective method of improving spoil heaps for afforestation. Lesnoi Zhurnal (6): 32-36

Formation of artificial top component from brome mosaic virus at high salt concentrations. Virology 58(2): 362-368

Formation of autotrophic mutants of Verticillium dahliae Bleb. under the influence of N-nitroso-N-methyl-carbamide. Izv AN Tadzh SSR Otd Biol N (3): 66-68

Formation of beta -alanine from spermine and spermidine in maize shoots. Phytochemistry 17(1): 148-149

Formation of biologically active substances from indole-3-acetic acid during purification. Vedecke Prace Ovocnarske 6: 185-190

Formation of black substances from simple phenols by soil micro-organisms. Plant and Soil 43(2): 235-257

Formation of calluses from the perisperm of various Coffea germplasms. Ciencia e Cultura 28: 252

Formation of carboxylic acids in milk by kefir culture microflora. Sbornik, Biologiya mikroorganizmov i ikh ispol' zovanie v narodnom khozyaistve: 58-62

Formation of carcinogenic nitrosamines in soils. Soil Biology and Biochemistry 10(1): 27-32

Formation of cataracts in dogs with disophenol: age susceptibility and production with chemical grade 2,6-diiodo-4-nitrophenol. Canadian Veterinary Journal 16(8): 228-232

Formation of catechol oxidase in seed coats of Pisum elatius during seed maturation. Journal of Experimental Botany 29(108): 69-75

Formation of characters in apricot seedlings obtained from gamma irradiation. Biofiz i fiziol biokhim issled plodov i yagod kul' tur: 184-190

Formation of checks in tree stems during heating. Forest Products Journal 27(1): 41-46

Formation of chloroplast pigments and sterols in rye leaves deficient in plastid ribosomes. Planta 129(2): 147-153

Formation of cleistothecia in Sphaerotheca mors-uvae. Transactions of the British Mycological Society 65(3): 491-496

Formation of coagulum structure produced by rennet and acidification. Deutsche Milchwirtschaft 28(35): 1154-1160

Formation of copper residues in pigs depending on the types and duration of Cu-feeding. Zuchtungskunde 49(3): 225-232

Formation of cyclopiazonic acid by Penicillium camemberti isolates from cheese. Fleischwirtschaft 58(5): 876-877

Formation of dairy herds by selection based on performance in first lactation. Doklady TSKhA [Sel' skokhozyaistvennaya Akademiya imeni K A Timiryazeva] (215): 5-9

Formation of discolorations in the heartwood of Entandrophragma utile (utile). Holz als Roh und Werkstoff 34(11): 433-438

Formation of fibre flax stem under different levels of phosphorus nutrition. Fiziologo biokhimicheskie aspekty rosta i razvitiya rastenii: 116-125

Formation of flavor components in asparagus. 1. Biosynthesis of sulfur-containing acids in asparagus. Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry 25(3): 455-459

Formation of flavor components in asparagus. 2. Formation of flavor components in cooked asparagus. Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry 25(3): 459-463

Formation of fleece type of Askanian rams in relation to age. Sel' skokhozyaistvennaya Biologiya 12(2): 284-290

Formation of fractional composition of proteins in grain of winter wheat in relation to nutrition conditions. Agrokhimiya (5): 59-66

Formation of fresh matter of sorghum cv. Soravishi in relation to sowing rates. Priemy povysheniya urozhainosti sel' skokhozyaistvennykh kul' tur v Kalmytsk ASSR: 3-6

Formation of gamma 1-A2, gamma 2-A2 and gamma 3-A caseins by in vitro proteolysis of beta -casein A2 with bovine plasmin. International Journal of Biochemistry 8(3): 187-192

Formation of gastric juice. Deutsche Gesundheitswesen 33(1): 12-16

Formation of glucosamine-6-phosphate in chitin synthesis during ecdysis of the migratory locust, Locusta migratoria. Insect Biochemistry 5(5): 585-593

Formation of glutamine and activities of glutamine synthetase in goats. Nihon Juigaku Zasshi. Japanese Journal of Veterinary Science 39(2): 159-164

Formation of glycollic acid from glucose U14C in the absence of light in leaves of haricot bean and maize. Comptes Rendus Hebdomadaires des Seances de l' Academie des Sciences, D 284(21): 2103-2106

Formation of grain yield in spring wheat cv. Minskaya and Strela given different nitrogen rates. Izvestiya Timiryazevskoi Sel' skokhozyaistvennoi Akademii (5): 38-44

Formation of heartwood substances in the wood of Birch when injured and infected by fungi. Lesnoi Zhurnal (2): 85-88

Formation of herbaceous cover in Oak plantation phytocoenoses in the Gorkii region and the Chuvash ASSR. Botanicheskii Zhurnal 61(5): 720-725

Formation of herd for twice daily machine milking. Molochno m"yasne Skotarstvo (42): 73-76, 6

Formation of herds for commercial farms. Molochnoe i Myasnoe Skotovodstvo (12): 32-34

Formation of herds for dairy complexes in the 'Lenins'kii Shlyakh' and 'Radyans'ka Bukovina' collective farms in Chernovtsy region. Molochno m"yasne Skotarstvo (45): 6-10, 1

Formation of hybrid cells during coalescence of the meristems of rye and wheat embryos transplanted on to dry grain. Nauch dokl vyssh shkoly Biol n (8): 91-101

Formation of hybrid forms of malate dehydrogenase in host plant and parasite in vitro. Sel' skokhozyaistvennaya Biologiya 12(3): 439-443

Formation of hydrogen peroxide by isolated cell walls from horseradish (Armoracia lapathifolia Gilib.). Planta 130(2): 175-180

Formation of immunity in trichophytosis of horses. Byulleten Vsesoyuznogo Instituta Eksperimental' noi Veterinarii (25): 65-67

Formation of impurities during the manufacture and storage of fenitrothion. Report, National Research Council Canada: 17-36

Formation of individual carotenoid components in Raphanus etioplasts in continuous far-red and white light. Zeitschrift fur Pflanzenphysiologie 75(4): 303-306

Formation of infection-type structures of Puccinia graminis f. sp. dactylidis on various peptone media . Bulletin of the College of Agriculture, Utsonomiya University 9(2): 1-10

Formation of infectious propagules by the pathogens of root rot of cereal crops. Mikologiya i Fitopatologiya 10(2): 111-117

Formation of leaf area and the productivity of pea cultivars in the steppe zone of the Ukraine. Visnik Sil' s' kogospodars' koi Nauki (4): 43-46, 118

Formation of lysino-alanine and lanthionine in various food proteins, heated at neutral or alkaline pH. Food Chemistry 3(1): 1-5

Formation of mackinawite by the microbial reduction of jarosite and its application to tidal sediments. Geoderma 16(1): 1-7

Formation of material conditions for private farms in agricultural co-operative farms. Kozgazdasagi Szemle 22(12): 1426-1439

Formation of meat-fat traits in tested gilts surplus to breeding requirements. Sbornik Nauchnykh Trudov Donskoi Sel' skokhozyaistvennyi Institut 9(2): 152-155

Formation of mechanical properties of the stem in some varieties and hybrids of winter rye. Fiziol biokhim oznovy povysheniya produktivn rast: 133-140

Formation of metal-humic acid complexes by titration and their characterization by differential thermal analysis and infrared spectroscopy. Soil Biology and Biochemistry 10(2): 123-129

Formation of microcapsules to incorporate ripening agents into cheese. Journal of Dairy Science 61(Suppl. 1): 114

Formation of milk fat crystals. Sovershenstvovanie tekhnologicheskikh protsessov v molochnoi promyshlennosti Tom I Chast' I: 83-88

Formation of monoanion radicals in reactions of vitamin K-3 with sodium sulphite. Experientia 32(11): 1366-1368

Formation of mycotoxins and their quantitative determination. II. Formation of patulin by Penicillium expansum, Penicillium claviforme, Penicillium patulum (urticae) and Aspergillus clavatus. Milchwissenschaft 30(3): 129-134

Formation of mycotoxins on Tilsit cheese. Milchwissenschaft 33(4): 201-203

Formation of nitrite in plants treated with herbicides that inhibit photosynthesis. Pesticide Science 8(2): 152-156

Formation of nucellar embryos with total absence of embryo sacs in two species of Gramineae. Annals of Botany 41(172): 469-470

Formation of nullisomics and their use in breeding spring bread wheat. Nauch dokl vyssh shkoly Biol n (8): 113-117

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