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Genetic control of the T lymphocyte proliferative response to staphylococcal nuclease: evidence for multiple MHC-linked Ir gene control

, : Genetic control of the T lymphocyte proliferative response to staphylococcal nuclease: evidence for multiple MHC-linked Ir gene control. Journal of Immunology 120(5): 1741-1749

All mouse strains examined responded to staphylococcal nuclease when immunised with large doses (0.6 nmole) of the antigen in complete Freund's adjuvant. Nevertheless, control of responsiveness by major histocompatibility (MHC)-linked immune response (Ir) genes was found when the nuclease responses were normalised to the response of the same strain to the purified protein derivate of tuberculin and compared among strains possessing the same non-H-2 background.


PMID: 307022

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