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Geography & Life Sciences: Chapter 392

Chapter 392 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in geography and in the life sciences.

Groundnut bruchid (Caryedon serratus (Olivier)) - Puerto Rico. Cooperative Plant Pest Report 1(21): 261

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Grow cowpea for fodder with saline water. Indian Farming 27(4): 15, 17

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Grow more toria. Indian Farming 26(4): 25-27

Grow more yams. Indian Farming 26(2): 19-20

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Grow potato as intercrop in sugarcane. Indian Farming 25(1): 3-4, 28

Grow the variety Stanley. Rastitelna Zashchita 23(7): 35-38

Grow turnips for forage. Indian Farming 26(7): 28-29

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Grower-constructor develops a container-tunnel. Groenten en Fruit 33(10): 43, 45

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