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Geography & Life Sciences: Chapter 402

Chapter 402 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in geography and in the life sciences.

Immunosuppressant effects on intergeneric hybridization of cereals. Cereal Foods World 20(9): 446

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Impact loading experimentation. Forest Products Journal 26(2): 49-52

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Impact of Altosid on selected members of an aquatic ecosystem. Environmental Entomology 4(1): 145-152

Impact of Bank credit and technology on net returns of farmers in Coimbatore Taluk, Tamil Nadu. Impact of Bank credit and technology on net returns of farmers in Coimbatore Taluk, Tamil Nadu:

Impact of Brazilian wheat program on resource and technology use. Impact of Brazilian wheat program on resource and technology use: 17

Impact of DDT spraying on malaria transmission in different areas of Java where the vector A. aconitus is resistant to DDT. Bulletin Penelitian Kesehatanrecd 1977; 3(2): 29-39

Impact of Dothistroma needle blight and Armillaria root rot on diameter growth of Pinus radiata. Phytopathology 67(11): 1319-1323

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Impact of alternative class 1 pricing systems on the location and structure of the US dairy industry. American Journal of Agricultural Economics 59(5): 1107

Impact of alternative marketing patterns for West Virginia fresh market apples.

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Impact of canal irrigation on the yield of groundnut in the Parambikulam Aliyar Project Area. Madras Agricultural Journal 61(9): 807-808

Impact of capital gains taxation on farm organization: implications for meat animals production on diversified farms. Impact of capital gains taxation on farm organization: implications for meat animals production on diversified farms: 16

Impact of cash availability on farm income and demand for cash under restricted and unrestricted fertilizer conditions in the farming regions of Haryana. Asian Economic Review 17(1/2/3): 130-138

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Impact of changing land use on Delta hardwood forests. Journal of Forestry 74(1): 25-27

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Impact of construction subsidies on optimal crop mix for land treatment of municipal wastewater. Proceedings of AAEA Meeting July/August 1977:

Impact of control measures on malaria transmission and general mortality. Bulletin of the World Health Organization 54(4): 369-377

Impact of crop selection on the costs of wastewater land treatment. Contributed paper AAEA Meeting, August 1976:

Impact of dairy development through milk co-operatives - a case study of Gujarat. Indian Journal of Agricultural Economics 30(3): 83-89

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Impact of drought on rural life. Impact of drought on rural life: 64

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Impact of family planning through village leadership. Impact of family planning through village leadership: 78

Impact of farm costs and returns from sludge application in forage production. Food, fertilizer and agricultural residues Proceedings of the 1977 Cornell Agricultural Waste Management Conference: 157-167

Impact of farm finance and resource productivity. Indian Journal of Economics 55(219): 409-420

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Impact of fertilizer shortage: focus on Asia. Impact of fertilizer shortage: focus on Asia: viii+372

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Impact of forest management practices on the aquatic environment. Final report. Impact of forest management practices on the aquatic environment Final report: 25

Impact of fusarium wilt on the production of geranium oil. Indian Perfumer 17(2): 52-53

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Impact of improved technology on credit management and farm incomes - a study in Malerkotla development block (Sangrur). Financing Agriculture 8(3): 9-12

Impact of increase in input prices on production and profitability of major crops in Tarai. Indian Journal of Agricultural Economics 31(3): 81-86

Impact of increase in the price of fertilizers on the production and profitability of high-yielding varieties of rice and wheat cultivation. Indian Journal of Agricultural Economics 31(3): 105-114

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Impact of infection on nutritional status of the host: proceedings of a workshop, Warrenton, Virginia, May 1976. American Journal of Clinical Nutrition 30(8): 1203-1371

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Impact of insect damage on loblolly pine seed production. Journal of Economic Entomology 71(2): 345-349

Impact of integrated area development scheme on small farmers' economy in Tasgaon taluka of Sangli district in Maharashtra. Indian Journal of Agricultural Economics 32(3): 131-136

Impact of integrated crop and milk production on small farms in Punjab. Indian Journal of Agricultural Economics 32(3): 136-143

Impact of intergenotypic competition in selecting among bush tomato phenotypes. HortScience 10(5): 511-512

Impact of irrigation expansion on multiple cropping in India. Tijdschrift voor Economische en Sociale Geografie 68(2): 100-109

Impact of leaf-cutting ants on vegetation development at Barro Colorado Island. Tropical ecological systems: 99-111

Impact of length-of-run on price elasticities for Douglas-Fir and Southern Pine lumber. Forest Science 21(1): 13-22

Impact of lift irrigation on cropping pattern and crop yields: based on a five-village survey in Bhiwani (Haryana). Indian Journal of Agricultural Economics 33(1): 77-92

Impact of limited fuel supplies on agricultural output and net returns; Southern High Plains of Texas. [Publication] Texas Agricultural Experiment Station (MP-1175): 40

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Impact of the CB-IBRD pirst and second credit programs (a sociological analysis). Impact of the CB IBRD pirst and second credit programs a sociological analysis: 180

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