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Interactions of the hyperparasitoids Catolaccus aeneoviridis (Hym.:Pteromalidae) and Spilochalcis side (Hym.:Chalcididae) with the Microsporidans Nosema heliothidis and N. campoletidis

, : Interactions of the hyperparasitoids Catolaccus aeneoviridis (Hym.:Pteromalidae) and Spilochalcis side (Hym.:Chalcididae) with the Microsporidans Nosema heliothidis and N. campoletidis. Entomophaga 19(2): 195-204

Details are given of further studies in North Carolina on Nosema heliothidis and N. campoletidis infecting Campoletis sonorensis (Cam.), a primary parasite of Heliothis zea (Boddie) and H. virescens (F.). Particular attention was paid to interactions between the Microsporidia and Catolaccus aeneoviridis (Gir.) and Spilochalcis side (Wlk.), which are parasitic on Campoletis sonorensis.


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