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Isobutylidene diurea as a new NPN source for ruminants. III. IBDU excretion after feeding of 15N-IBDU to lactating dairy cows

, : Isobutylidene diurea as a new NPN source for ruminants. III. IBDU excretion after feeding of 15N-IBDU to lactating dairy cows. Archiv fur Tierernahrung 27(2): 89-97

In a pre-experimental period lasting several weeks, 2 cows received daily rations of 15 kg grass silage, 10 kg maize silage, 2 kg mixed feed and 2 kg straw pellets, plus (i) 175 or (ii) 730 g isobutylidene diurea (IBDU) containing about 29.9% N. On the 1st day of the experiment the morning dose of IBDU was labelled with 5.05 g excess 15N. The 15N level in the trichloroacetic acid (TCA) soluble portion of blood plasma increased 8 h after the start of the trial and remained high for 28 h.


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