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Geography & Life Sciences: Chapter 418

Chapter 418 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in geography and in the life sciences.

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Issues in milk pricing and marketing.

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It is advantageous to grow saintpaulias in a glasshouse with double glass. Vakblad voor de Bloemisterij 31(48): 88-89

It is better to collect seed from good Danish stands than from natural stands abroad. Hedeselskabets Tidsskrift 15(1): 12-18

It is improtant not to confuse codling moth damage with that of other insects. Arboriculture Fruitiere 25(287): 35-38

It is time to change the policy on edible fats. Mejeritidskrift for Finlands Svenskbygd 38(4): 4-5

It pays to hedge. American Fruit Grower 96(11): 11-12

It pays to select a suitable variety for drylands. Indian Farming 26(3): 27, 29

It's a small world. GCandHTJ 181(16): 27-29

It's by no means an easy start for the bean seed. Commercial Grower (4158): 416-417

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Item of confectionery or the like. French Patent Application: (2 330 327)

Ithake, a new variety of table grape. Ithake, a new variety of table grape: 15

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Izobil'e, a new high-yielding potato cultivar. Informatsionnoe soobshchenie:

Izobilie - a new plum variety. Ovoshcharstvo 55(3): 30-32

Izoenzymes of wilt-resistant chemical mutants of cotton. Genet i selektsiya rast: 47-53

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Jayanthi brings more profits. Indian Farming 25(12): 27, 31

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