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Magnesium in serum and erythrocytes during pregnancy, birth and the puerperium

, : Magnesium in serum and erythrocytes during pregnancy, birth and the puerperium. Zentralblatt fur Gynakologie 99(6): 330-336

Serum Mg was estimated in 432 women during pregnancy, at parturition and from days 1 to 10 post partum and in 57 nonpregnant women. All were healthy. Some estimations were made of Mg in whole blood and of haematocrit. Serum Mg was on average 2.24 mg/100 ml in the nonpregnant and fell steadily to 1.94 mg/100 ml in month 10 of pregnancy. It was lowest at parturition, 1.74 mg, and rose thereafter. Its apparent decline in pregnancy was thought to be due to changes in plasma volume.


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