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Metabolism of the herbicide antidote, N,N-diallyl-2,2-dichloro-acetamide (R-25788), in corn

, : Metabolism of the herbicide antidote, N,N-diallyl-2,2-dichloro-acetamide (R-25788), in corn. Abstracts 1974 Meeting Weed Science Society of America: 2

Maize DeKalb XL374 seedlings, grown in soil treated with 2-14C-labelled R-25 788 liberated 6% of the absorbed radioactivity as CO2 and other volatile radioactive products during a 10-day test. Approximately 80-85% of the absorbed radioactivity could be extracted into 70% ethanol. The soluble radioactive components were separated by solvent-solvent partitioning, column chromatography, t.l.c. and gas chromatography.


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