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Geography & Life Sciences: Chapter 434

Chapter 434 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in geography and in the life sciences.

Miniature carnations. Gb + Gw 77(45): 1087-1090

Miniature pneumatic instruments. New Zealand Journal of Dairy Science and Technology 9(3): 131-132

Miniaturized methods for testing the toxicity of pesticides to microorganisms. Weed Research 18(2): 105-107

Minicircular and non-minicircular components of kinetoplast DNA. Biochemistry of parasites and host parasite relationships: 193-202

Minicolumn and thin-layer chromatographic methods for the detection and semiquantitative determination of aflatoxin B1 in groundnuts. Roczniki Panstwowego Zakladu Higieny 27(5): 535-542

Minigranules of 2,4-D and MCPA. Proceedings of the FRI Symposium No 18: The Use of Herbicides in Forestry in New Zealand, 1975: 225-228

Minimal contamination techniques for breeding mares: technique and preliminary findings. Proceedings, 21st annual convention, American Association of Equine Practitioners,: 327-336

Minimal daily requirement of folic acid in normal Indian subjects. Indian Journal of Medical Research 63(1): 45-53

Minimal hepatic changes in rats fed alcohol and a high casein diet. Archives of Pathology & Laboratory Medicine 100(1): 19-24

Minimal herbicide treatments on the establishment of four turfgrasses. Agronomy Journal 67(6): 786-789

Minimisation of sensitivity drift in an automatic method for the determination of ammonium ions. Laboratory Practice 26(3): 183

Minimising water losses in rice fields. Oryza 11(2): 87-92

Minimization of basic tillage of fallow soils. Zemledelie (12): 41-43

Minimization of soil preparation for cultivation of winter rape (Brassica napus var. arvensis f. biennis). Rostlinna Vyroba 21(9): 937-949

Minimization of the cost of transport of Eucalyptus wood in the state of Sao Paulo (Brazil). IPEF (12): 1-52

Minimization of time of search for strains of maize with changed electrophoretic mobility of the enzyme. Maize Genetics Cooperation Newsletter 50: 55-57

Minimization of transport costs in collecting and marketing. Molkerei Zeitung Welt der Milch 31(23): 721-722, 724-726

Minimize grain residues. Queensland Agricultural Journal 103(1): 9-11

Minimizing canal capacity for irrigated rice. Journal of the Irrigation and Drainage Division, American Society of Civil Engineers 103(IR1): 71-78

Minimizing end-splitting of logs. I. Effect of circumferential grooving on the occurrence of end splits. Philippine Lumberman 20(7): 28, 29, 31

Minimizing end-splitting of logs. II. Effect of 'scissor-type' of felling on the occurrence of end splits. Philippine Lumberman 20(8): 40...44

Minimizing losses to Fomes annosus in the southern United States. USDA Forest Service Research Paper, Southeastern Forest Experiment Station (SE-151): 16

Minimizing pear pest control costs through integrated pest management. California Agriculture 32(2): 12-13

Minimizing postharvest blueberry losses. Agricultural Research 24(3): 5

Minimizing salt in return flow through irrigation management. Publication, Enviromental Pollution Agency (EPA/600/2-77/134): 128

Minimizing systemic infection during complete parenteral alimentation of small infants. Archives of Disease in Childhood 49(1): 16-20

Minimizing the salt burdens of irrigation drainage waters. Journal of Environmental Quality 3(4): 311-316

Minimizing the variable costs of sprinkler irrigation by the use of the theory of storage. Landbauforschung Volkenrode 25(3): 187-191

Minimizing wood surface inactivation at high temperatures by boron compounds. Forest Products Journal 25(5): 41-48

Minimum acquisition and transmission times for potato leaf roll virus by the green peach aphid. Annals of the Entomological Society of America 71(4): 493-495

Minimum age for evaluating growth rate of Poplars in variety trials. Lesovedenie (3): 67-71

Minimum age for the evaluation of growth rate in poplars during varietal trials. Lesovedenie (3): 67-71

Minimum and zero tillage for paddy rice cultivation. Taiwan Agrigulture Quarterly 13(4): 88-96

Minimum area of geosystem representation based on the iconometric analysis of remote distance data. Doklady Akademii Nauk SSSR 233(1): 253-256

Minimum convex polygons for the delineation of possible viral taxa. Journal of General Virology 36(1): 41-50

Minimum cultivation for peas. Zemledelie (11): 23

Minimum cultivation in tree fruit growing. Comptes Rendus des Seances de l' Academie d' Agriculture de France 63(14): 991-1001

Minimum cultivation in vine growing. Comptes Rendus des Sences de l' Academie d' Agriculture de France 63(14): 984-991

Minimum cultivation in viticulture. Comptes Rendus des Seances de l' Academie d' Agriculture de France 63(14): 984-991

Minimum cultivation of derno-podzolic soil for maize cultivation. Izvestiya Timiryazevskoi Sel' skokhozyaistvennoi Akademii (5): 30-37

Minimum cultivation of soil for maize. Kukuruza (1): 17-18

Minimum cultivation saves soil, time and energy. Journal of Agriculture, Victoria 76(4): 150-156

Minimum cultivations. UK, Rothamsted Experimental Station: Report for 1976: 73-74

Minimum information systems for agricultural development in low-income countries. ADC Seminar Report, Agricultural Development Council (14): 14

Minimum number of samples for determination of fat and protein contents of milk. II. Milchwissenschaft 32(3): 159-161

Minimum number of short days for production of high quality standard chrysanthemums. HortScience 9(6): 543-544

Minimum number of spirochaete infected ticks required to produce infection in susceptible chicks. Indian Journal of Microbiology 17(4): 211

Minimum output and collective agricultural agreements in Cordoba. Revista de Estudios Agro Sociales 24(93): 95-120

Minimum prices policy in Brazil. Colecao Analise e Pesquisa, Comissao de Financiamento da Producao, Ministerio da Agricultura (1): 18

Minimum resale prices for milk in Maine. Cornell Agricultural Economics Staff Paper, Department of Agricultural Economics, Cornell University (76-3): 50

Minimum sample size for estimating progeny mean and variance. Crop Science 18(1): 57-62

Minimum slope on flat roof systems to avoid ponding. Forest Products Journal 27(7): 35-37

Minimum soil cultivation in relation to crop rotation productivity and economics. Rostlinna Vyroba 21(1): 11-17

Minimum soil tillage for cultivation of maize. Trudy, Kubanskii Sel' skokhozyaistvennyi Institut 12: 68-72

Minimum temperatures for seed germination. Fiziologiya Rastenii 21(6): 1258-1264

Minimum tillage and weed control studies in bajra (Pennisetum typhoides (Burm. f.) Stapf and C.E. Hubb). Proceedings Third All India Weed Control Seminar, Hissar, 1973: 34

Minimum tillage and weed control studies in pearl millet. Indian Journal of Weed Science 5(2): 80-85

Minimum tillage fallow systems for reducing wind erosion. Transactions of the ASAE 20(5): 906-910

Minimum tillage for crop planting. Journal of Agriculture, Western Australia 18(2): 49-53

Minimum tillage for dryland. Research Station, Agriculture Canada, Lethbridge, Alberta: Canada, Research Station, Agriculture Canada, Lethbridge, Alberta: Research highlights 1976: 37-40

Minimum tillage for the short-term monoculture of unirrigated maize. Rasteniev"dni Nauki 12(8): 114-120

Minimum tillage from the point of view of productivity of the crop rotation. Rostlinna Vyroba 21(1): 11-17

Minimum tillage in the non-chernozem zone. Izvestiya Timiryazevskoi Sel' skokhozyaistvennoi Akademii (1): 11-22

Minimum tillage of soil. Sakharnaya Svekla (2): 21-23

Minimum tillage; a preliminary technology assessment . . . Prepared by the US Department of Agriculture Office of Planning and Evaluation for the Committee on Agriculture and Forestry. United States Senate, September 1975. Minimum tillage; a preliminary technology assessment Prepared by the US Department of Agriculture Office of Planning and Evaluation for the Committee on Agriculture and Forestry United States Senate, September 1975: 35

Minimum wages legislation for agricultural labour: a review. Economic and Political Weekly 10(39): A-76-A-88

Mining insects of two forest associations of the Wielkopolski National Park at Puszczykowo. Polskie Pismo Entomologiczne 45(1): 33-50

Mining of carrot leaves by larvae of Phytomyza anthrisci Hendel. Plant Pathology 24(4): 247

Mining sawflies of the Maritime Province. Zashchita Rastenii (2): 45

Miniplant-tubes for studies on virus transmission with leafhopper vectors. Current Science 44(16): 593

Ministerial decree of 6 March 1975, amending the ministerial decree of 22 December 1967 on colouring matters approved for foods and food and cosmetics packaging. Bollettino dei Laboratori Chimici Provinciali 26(6): L 138-140

Ministry cut parlour washing costs. Dairy Farmer 23(7): 24-25

Ministry of Agriculture USSR. Instructions for aerosol immunization of furbearing animals against distemper, using strain 668-KF of vaccine virus. Veterinariya, Moscow, USSR (1): 124-125

Ministry of Agriculture annual report of the Research Division 1971. Ministry of Agriculture annual report of the Research Division 1971: 125

Minisymposium on Breastfeeding. Proceedings of the Nutrition Society of New Zealand 2(1/2): 143-152

Minisymposium on Communication in Nutrition. Proceedings of the Nutrition Society of New Zealand 2(1/2): 130-142

Mink breeding in Iceland - a challenge. Vara Palsdjur 47(8-9): 218-221

Mink breeding in the USA. Dansk Pelsdyravl 39(6): 201

Mink breeding in the USA and Canada. Dansk Pelsdyravl 40(8): 260-266

Mink diseases. Mink diseases: 43

Mink management and nutrition. Mink management and nutrition: 39

Mink semen studies. I. Liquid preservation and prospect of freezing spermatozoa. Theriogenology 4(1): 15-22

Mink semen studies. II. Freeze-preservation of spermatozoa. Theriogenology 4(2-3): 77-87

Mink size and fur quality. Krolikovodstvo i Zverovodstvo (1): 24

Minnesota 108 pea breeding line. HortScience 11(4): 434

Minnesota 266 muskmelon breeding line. HortScience 11(3): 273

Minnesota farmhouse cheese, on the farm production of cheese. Journal of Dairy Science 60(Suppl. 1): 102-103

Minnows as mosquito control agents in Grand Cayman with particular reference to Gambusia puncticulata puncticulata. Proceedings, New Jersey Mosquito Control Association, Inc? recd 1977; 62: 126-127

Minor alkaloids of Alstonia scholaris root. Phytochemistry 15(5): 821

Minor components in transfer RNA: the location-function relationships. Progress in Biophysics and Molecular Biology 32(1): 83-102

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Minor crops. Annali della Facolta di Agraria 34: 159

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Minor crops. UK, East Malling Research Station: Report for 1977: 234

Minor diseases of groundnuts in Uganda. East African Agricultural and Forestry Journal 41(2): 87-94

Minor element contents and concentration ratios in currant leaves and fruits. Arhiv za Poljoprivredne Nauke 28(104): 137-152

Minor element studies in light soils. Central Tobacco Research Institute, Rajahmundry, Andhra Pradesh: India, Central Tobacco Research Institute: Annual report 1973: 25-26

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Minor elements in the nutrition of cereals. Compte Rendu des Seances reprint: 303-312

Minor elements in top and small fruits and in some ornamental plants. Izvestiya AN LatvSSR (7): 40-45

Minor epidemic of trichophyton rubrum. British Medical Journal 2(5971): 597-597

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Minor millets for Rajasthan. Indian Farming 27(4): 17

Minor temperate fruits. Advances in fruit breeding Temperate fruits: 269-284

Minor vine pests: leaf hoppers. Vignevini 4(5): 23-26

Mint cultivation in India. Kurukshetra 25(19): 16-17

Mint under western Siberian conditions. Tr VNII efirnomaskich kul' tur 6: 71-75

Mintweed in perspective. Agricultural Gazette of New South Wales 85(5): 26-28

Minute actinobacillosis lesions in the mandibular lymph nodes of swine. Veterinarski Glasnik 29(7): 503-511

Miracidium of Allocreadium fasciatusi Kakaji 1969 (Trematoda: Allocreadiidae). Journal of Parasitology 62(3): 410-412

Miraj 1, a new cultivar of winter barley. Prod Veget Cereale Plante Tehn 27(8): 7-14

Miral (CGA 12223), a new broad spectrum soil insecticide and nematacide with systemic activity. VIII International Plant Protection Congress, Moscow, 1975 Reports and informations Section III Chemical control Part I: 59-71

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Mirex residues in the physical environment following a single bait application, 1971-72. Pesticides Monitoring Journal 8(2): 135-139

Mirex residues in wildlife and soils, Hawaiian pineapple-growing areas--1972-74. Pesticides Monitoring Journal 9(3): 141-149

Miridae of the genus Termatophylidea (Hemiptera) as predators of cacao thrips. Entomophaga 20(4): 389-391

Mirids as predators of Sogatella furcifera and Nilaparvata lugens in India. Rice Entomology Newsletter (4): 20-21

Misbucked logs expensive shortcoming in many mills. British Columbia Lumberman 60(11): 60-61

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Miscellaneous diseases and diseases of unknown etiology in Pacific salmon. Disease diagnosis and control in North American marine aquaculture: 245-249

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Misdivision of homoeologous group 5 univalent chromosomes in hexaploid wheat. II. Univalents derived from American and European cultivars. Cytologia 42(1): 85-99

Miserotoxin, a toxic compound in Astragalus michauxii. Phytochemistry 16(9): 1438-1439

Misinformation from sputum cultures without microscopic examination. Journal of Clinical Microbiology 6(5): 518-527

Misleading chest x-ray film in psoriasis. British Medical Journal 2(6038): 757-757

Mispair correction in nucleic acids with alternate forms. Journal of Theoretical Biology 53(2): 395-402

Misses in potato crops in New Brunswick in 1973; their extent, distribution and cause. American Potato Journal 52(3): 83-87

Missing data and non-orthogonality. Bulletin, Commonwealth Bureau of Pastures and Field Crops (50): 43-57

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Missouri hog farmers: factors affecting production decisions. Special Report, Agricultural Economics, University of Missouri Columbia (179): 19

Missouri small farm program. An evaluation with a control group. Missouri small farm program An evaluation with a control group: 25

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Misuse in foods of useful chemicals. Nutrition reviews: 35(9) 225-229

Misuse of suxamethonium. Veterinary Record 102(3): 66-66

Misuse of the term feudalism. Land Reform, Land Settlement and Cooperatives (1): 72-80

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