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Geography & Life Sciences: Chapter 441

Chapter 441 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in geography and in the life sciences.

New method for the manufacture of large cheese blocks. Molkerei Zeitung Welt der Milch 29(45): 1283-1284

New method for the pressing of Sovietskii cheese. Intensifikatsiya Proizvodstva i Uluchshenie Kachestva Natural nykh Syrov: 67-70

New method for the removal of extraneous proteins from purified oncornaviruses. Journal of Clinical Microbiology 2(3): 253-260

New method of assessing the milk production capacity of rabbits. Baromfitenyesztes es Feldolgozas 24(1): 25-28

New method of determining the viability of paramphistomatid adolescariae. Materialy Nauchnykh Konferentsii Vsesoyuznogo Obshchestva Gel' mintologov (26): 174-179

New method of evaluating the resistance of the proteins to denaturing in sugar beet. Selektsiya i Semenovodstvo (1): 32-34

New method of feeding dairy cows. Allattenyesztes 22(1): 53-63

New method of obtaining homozygous lines of castor oil plant. Byul nauch tekhn inform po maslich kul' turam (1): 29-32

New method of preventing parenchymatous mastitis. Preliminary report. Magyar Allatorvosok Lapja 30(2): 107-108

New method of producing seedlings of Pinus peuce. Gorsko Stopanstvo 33(5): 23-30

New method of prospecting groundwater resources for irrigation. JARQ [Japan Agricultural Research Quarterly] 10(3): 128-131

New method of selecting winter wheat for high yield. Selektsiya i Semenovodstvo (4): 13-14

New method of sowing soil pots for tobacco seedlings. Tabakpflanzer Osterreichs 25(69): 1-3

New method of treatment of chromomycosis. Dermatologia 18(2/3): 109-115

New method to determine moisture and fiber in cane. Sugar Journal 37(9): 11-13

New methods and genetical parameters in quantitative plant genetics. (A review of the works of N. A. Sobolev, 1972-76). Tsitologiya i Genetika 11(6): 526-536

New methods for analysis of oil-borne wood preservatives. Holz als Roh und Werkstoff 33(2): 71-73

New methods for long-term parenteral feeding. Arquivos de Gastroenterologia 12(1): 41-52

New methods for pest forecasting in Bulgaria. XXIIIrd Plant Protection Conference: Forecasting in Plant Protection, Budapest, March 30-31, 1976: XXIII Novenyvedelmi Tudomanyos Ertekezlet: Novenyvedelmi Elorejelzes, Budapest, Marcius 30-31, 1976: 179-191

New methods for the analysis of rapeseed constituents. Proceedings, 4th International Swede Rape Congress, Giessen, German Federal Re ic, 4-8 June 1974: 275-282

New methods for the determination of rennin activity with kappa -casein. Journal of Nutritional Science and Vitaminology 21(4): 309-312

New methods for the examination of almonds, apricot kernels, hazelnuts and peanuts. Mitteilungen aus dem Gebiet der Lebensmitteluntersuchung und Hygiene 67(2): 170-191

New methods for the manufacture of pressed cheese, such as Gouda and similar and Cheddar cheese with special regard to yield and economy. Deutsche Milchwirtschaft 27(13): 362-363, 366, 368

New methods for the seed production of heterotic hybrids of cucumber and other cucurbits. Dokl sov uchenykh k XIX Mezbdunar kongr po sadovodstvu, Varshava, 1974: 448-452

New methods for utilizing byproducts. Nordisk Mejeriindustri 2(7/8): 321, 323, 327-328

New methods in bulb breeding. Bloembollencultuur 87(25): 484

New methods in fodder conservation. Vaxtodling 28: 90-97

New methods in horse-bean breeding (Vicia faba var. minor). Austria, Bundesanstalt fur Pflanzenbau und Samenprufung in Wien: 1975 yearbook of the Federal Institute for Crop Production and Seed Testing in Vienna: Jahrbuch 1975 der Bundesanstalt fur Pflanzenbau und Samenprufung in Wien: 173-218

New methods in the control of pests of fruit trees. Revue de l' Agriculture 29(2): 269-287

New methods in the seed production of heterotic hybrids of cucumber. Trudy po Prikladnoi Botanike, Genetike i Selektsii 55(2): 193-198

New methods of acidophilus milk manufacture and the use of bifidus bacteria in milk processing. Milk Industry 80(1): 22-23, 28

New methods of breeding for the improvement of winter-rye varieties. Selektsiya i Semenovodstvo (3): 17-18

New methods of control of the cabbage root fly (Hylemyia brassicae (Bouche)). Biuletyn Instytutu Ochrony Roslin 56: 211-220

New methods of controlling Ascaridia and Heterakis infections in poultry. Veterinarstvi 21(8): 350-353

New methods of eradicating strongyloidiasis of pigs. Problemy parazitologii Trudy VII Nauchnoi Konferentsii Parazitologov USSR Part II: 119-121

New methods of food dehydration. Cryoconcentration. Nove setrne zpusoby dehydratace potravin Koncentrace vymrazovanim: 41

New methods of fruit tree propagation. Fruit Belge 44(375): 181-183

New methods of further education in rural areas. Ausbildung und Beratung in Land und Hauswirtschaft 31(4): 73-75

New methods of growing Scots Pine planting stock. Lesnoe Khozyaistvo (4): 50-53

New methods of mushroom growing by amateurs. Gradinarska i Lozarska Nauka 14(3): 89-93

New methods of piglet rearing, and our experiences with rearing in cages. Nas Chov 36(8): 323-325

New methods of plant lifting in nurseries. Forsttechnische Informationen 29(2): 13-14

New methods of rearing and controlling tsetse flies. Tropenmedizin und Parasitologie 27: 34-35

New methods of rearing tsetse flies (Diptera: Glossinidae). Entomologica Germanica 1(3/4): 249-252

New methods of sea buckthorn propagation by green cuttings. Rastitel' nye Resursy 14(2): 215-220

New methods of utilization of spruce wood. Faipari Kutatasok 1975: 31-60

New methods of wood handling and debarking from a forestry viewpoint. Zellstoff und Papier 24(7): 211-215

New methods to improve allohexaploid cereals by interspecific hybridization. Tagungsbericht, Akademie der Landwirtschaftswissenschaften der Deutschen Demokratischen Re ik (143): 21-30

New microbial growth factor. Applied and Environmental Microbiology 33(5): 1085-1091

New microbial rennets can cut your costs in cheese manufacture. Dairy Products Bulletin 3(4): 89-92

New microbiological and technological aspects of yoghurt production. Scienza e Tecnica Lattiero Casearia 26(6): 401-426

New microfungi on coastal Douglas fir. Canadian Journal of Botany 53(20): 2297-2302

New milk beverages. Przeglad Mleczarski 24(7): 9-10

New milk package from Tetra Pak. Meieriposten 64(23): 825-826

New milk product was begun in OSU laboratory. American Dairy Review 38(9): 62, 64

New milk products with hydrolysed lactose. Deutsche Milchwirtschaft 29(16): 482, 484

New mites recovered from the alfalfa weevil in New York: Trombidium hyperi n. sp. and T. auroraense n. sp. (Acari: Trombidiidae). Journal of the Kansas Entomological Society 50(1): 89-107

New mixing machines for particle board manufacture. Faipari Kutatasok 1974: 191-200

New mixture gives far better weed control in dwarf beans. Grower 86(25): 1291-1292

New mixtures for forage production - results of practical trials. Mitteilungen fur die Schweizerische Landwirtschaft 24(6): 121-131

New model helicopter logs turned-down skyline show. Forest Industries 103(13): 36-37

New modifications of the radioimmunoassay for human prolactin. 1. Folia Endocrinologica Japonica 49(3): 569, 577-579

New molluscicides for the control of terrestrial molluscs, the intermediate hosts of helminths. Problemy parazitologii Trudy VII Nauchnoi Konferentsii Parazitologov USSR Part 1: 223-225

New mono- and sesquiterpenoid components of lavender, with respect to lavandin oils. Tetrahedron Letters (7): 665-668

New monogeneans from the fish Sphyraena spp. and additional information on the taxonomy of the family Chauhaneidae. Biologiya Morya, Vladivostok (2): 22-27

New monogeneans from the subfamily Diclidophorinae (Monogenoidea, Diclidophoridae). Trudy Biologo Pochvennogo Institut Gel' mintologicheskie Issledovaniya zhivotnykh i rastenii Novaya Seriya 26 (129): 126-142

New monogenetic trematodes from freshwater fishes of western Colombia with the proposal of Anacanthoroides gen.n. (Dactylogyridae). Proceedings of the Helminthological Society of Washington 43(2): 129-134

New morphological and ecological data on Haemagogus (Longipalpifer) equinus Theobald, 1903 (Diptera: Culicidae). Revista Peruana de Entomologia 1972; 15(1): 113-116

New moulding system. Australian Forest Industries Journal 43(11): 19-21

New mulberry varieties of Indian origin. Subtropicheskie Kul' tury (2): 125-126

New mutant and congenic mouse stocks expressing the murine leukemia virus-associated thymus surface antigen GIX. Journal of Experimental Medicine 142(2): 512-517

New mutations causing sterility restricted to the male in rats and mice. The laboratory animal in the study of reproduction: 115-117

New myxosporidans from the gall bladder of deep-water fish. Parazitologiya 10(6): 556-560

New names in Phanerogamae 3. Folia Geobotanica et Phytotaxonomica 9(3): 261-275

New names in Phanerogamae. 4. Folia Geobotanica et Phytotaxonomica 11(1): 75-85

New natural rotenoid and pterocarpanoid analogues from Neorautanenia amboensis. Phytochemistry 15(8): 1283-1284

New nematicide may halt mushrooms. Agricultural Gazette of New South Wales 87(1): 47

New nematode species from Lake Baikal. Zoologicheskii Zhurnal 56(7): 989-995

New nematode species from Monochamus sutor. Soobschcheniya Akademii Nauk Gruzinskoi SSR 76(3): 709-712

New nematode species from birds of the Chuiskaya valley in Kirgizia. Izvestiya Akademii Kirgizskoi SSR Kyrg SSR Ilimder Akad Habarlary (2): 67-70

New nematode species of the family Tylenchidae from the litter of coniferous forests. Trudy Biologo Pochvennogo Institut Gel' mintologicheskie Issledovaniya zhivotnykh i rastenii Novaya Seriya 26 (129): 178-186

New nematodes for the Czechoslovak fauna from strawberry plantations and vegetable crops. Biologia, Bratislava, B Zoologia 1 32(2): 143-146

New nematodes from lake Khasan. Zoologicheskii Zhurnal 56(2): 292-295

New nematodes from the abyssal zone of Lake Baikal. Zoologicheskii Zhurnal 54(5): 771-775

New nematodes in terrigenous mud from the Provence coastline. Tethys 1971; 2: 859-875

New nematodes of the genus Trichospirura Smith and Chitwood, 1967, in Malaysia. Remarks on the evolution of the family Rhabdochonidae. Annales de Parasitologie Humaine et Comparee 50(6): 813-820

New neotropical Bombacaceae: V. A new species of Eriotheca. Bulletin du Jardin Botanique National de Belgique 45(1/2): 155-157

New neotropical Bombacaceae: VI. A new species of Quararibea from Panama. Bulletin du Jardin Botanique National de Belgique 45(3/4): 323-325

New oat variety named Firecracker. Research and Farming 35(1/2): 8-9, 15

New observations on Cnephasia pumicana Zell. (Lepidoptera Tortricidae) in Valladolid. Boletin del Servicio de Defensa contra Plagas e Inspeccion Fitopatologicarecd 1978; 2(2): 205-223

New observations on Myobiidae infesting rodents (Acarina: Prostigmates). Acta Zoologica et Pathologica Antverpiensia (69): 11-97

New observations on Paracyclocotyla cherbonnieri Dollfus, 1970 (Monogenea). Bulletin du Museum National d' Histoire Naturelle, 3e serie (137, Zoologie 101): 815-819

New observations on a Robertsonian translocation in Romagna cattle. Annales de Genetique et de Selection Animale 8(1): 37-40

New observations on flies of the family Tachinidae that parasitise Lepidoptera. Revista Brasileira de Biologia 34(4): 531-534

New observations on fraudulent substitutes for summer savory (Satureia hortensis). Plantes Medicinales et Phytotherapie 8(4): 287-294

New observations on insect hosts of flies of the family Tachinidae (Diptera). Agronomia, Brazilrecd 1976; 31: 9-15

New observations on mammalian male meiosis. I. Laboratory mouse (Mus musculus) and Rhesus monkey (Macaca mulatta). Hereditas 83(2): 203-214

New observations on mycoplasma-type organisms associated with the horticultural form minor of Opuntia subulata. Action of tetracycline hydrochloride. Annales de Sciences Naturelles, Botanique 18(4): 275-300

New observations on the absorption of 47Ca in patients with partial gastrectomy. Digestion 12(4-6): 193-200

New observations on the epidemiology and pathogenesis of sporotrichosis. Annals of Tropical Medicine and Parasitology 69(3): 267-273

New observations on the karyotype of the Djungarian hamster, Phodopus sungorus. Experientia 33(8): 1020-1021

New observations on the pollen grains of Tsuga.. Pollen et Spores 15(3/4): 397-457

New observations on the royal fern hybrid Osmunda X ruggii. Rhodora 80(821): 92-106

New observations on the use of nematophagous fungi for biological control. Pepinieristes, Horticulteurs, Maraichers Revue Horticole (184): 21-25

New occupational training in agriculture. Recht der Landwirtschaft 28(7): 169-172

New occurrence and host for Tachinaephagus zealandicus Ashmead (Hymenoptera: Encyridae). Ohio Journal of Science 75(1): 62

New onion rot. Agricultural Gazette of New South Wales 87(4): 47

New or rare plant associations in Romania. Studia Universitatis Babes Bolyai, Biologia 19(2): 7-15

New or uncommon plant diseases and pests. Plant Pathology 24(3): 186

New or unusual host-plant records for plant parasitic nematodes. Plant Pathology 26(3): 148

New order of the Ministry of Agriculture requiring dairies, butter exporters etc. to keep records and submit reports. Maelkeritidende 89(9): 236-237

New order picking system installed by Shamrock Dairy. American Dairy Review 39(4): 22-24

New organic bases from Amazonian Banisteriopsis caapi. Phytochemistry 14(7): 1633-1635

New organizational forms in agricultural co-operatives. Zagadnienia Ekonomiki Rolnej (5/6): 93-103

New organophosphorus herbicides and desiccants. 8th International Congress of Plant Protection, Vol2 Papers at Sessions: 141-147

New outbreaks of leptospirosis in cattle and pigs in Cordoba. Suplemento Cientifico del Boletin Informativo, Consejo General de Colegios Veterinarios de Espana (207/208): 73-84

New outlook for breeding witloof chicory (Cichorium intybus L.). Revue de l' Agriculture 31(1): 5-19

New oviparous morph of Melanaphis sacchari (Zehntner) on sorghum. Entomologist' s Record 88(1): 28-29

New packaging system for bulk cheese blocks developed by Cryovac . Food in Canada 35(6): 54-55, 67

New packaging system for large plastics bags. Deutsche Molkerei Zeitung 97(14): 378

New paleocarpological study of Anjou. Bibliographical revision of fossil Juglandaceae. Review of Paleobotany and Palynology 25(3/4): 269-294

New parasites of cabbage web-worm. Science and Culture 42(8): 434-435

New parasites of the digestive gland of the marine molluscs Mytilus edulis and Cardium edule. Comptes Rendus Hebdomadaires des Seances de l' Academie des Sciences, Paris, D 281(2/3): 179-181

New parasites recorded on the sorghum shootfly, Atherigona soccata (Rondani). Current Science 46(14): 495-496

New parasitic mites of the superfamily Listrophoroidea (Astigmates). Acta Zoologica et Pathologica Antverpiensia 64(64): 37-67

New parasitological finding in Blennius sanguinolentus Pallas, 1811: Schikhobalotrema longivesiculatum n.sp. (Haplosplanchnidae Poche, 1925). Parassitologia 17(1/3): 69-74

New parks and reserves in Nepal. Oryx 13(5): 473-479

New pasture complexes. Zivotnovadstvo 29(11): 10-12

New pasture pest in Canterbury. New Zealand Journal of Agriculture 133(4): 7-8

New pasture varieties in New Zealand grassland farming. Lincoln College Farmers' Conference 1974: 6-15

New patterns of agrarian reform in the Middle East and North Africa. Middle East Journal 31(2): 127-142

New patterns of heterosis in Fragaria hybrids. Heterosis in plant breeding Proceedings of the Seventh Congress of Eucarpia Session I Genetic principles of heterosis: 63-68

New patterns of vascular development in roots of Pisum recovering from colchicine treatment. Experientia 33(9): 1153-1154

New pea cultivars. Zemledelie (9): 29

New pea cv. Mironovskii-186. Selektsiya i Semenovodstvo, Resp Mexhved Temat Nauch Sb (31): 39-40

New pea varieties. Big Farm Management (April): 140

New peanut is resistant to root worm. Research and Farming 35(1/2): 8-9

New pear cultivars Hakko and Hosui. Bulletin of the Fruit Tree Research Station, A Hiratsuka (1): 1-12

New pear cultivars raised at the Orel Top and Small Fruit Experiment Station. Selektsiya, Sortoizuchenie, Agrotekhnika Plodovykh i Yagodnykh Kul' tur (Vol. 7): 57-74

New pear resists fireblight. American Fruit Grower 96(11): 21

New pear varieties. Sadovodstvo (6): 35-36

New pear varieties bred at the Orel fruit experimental station. Selektsiya, sortoizuch, agrotekhn plod i yagod kul' tur, 7: 57-74

New pear varieties with promisingly high yields. Productia Vegetala, Horticultura 24(9): 17-22

New penetration of the agriculture of the underdeveloped countries by the industrial nations and their multinational concerns. Occasional Papers, Institute of Latin American Studies, University of Glasgow (19): 26

New perennial fodder plants for the north-west. Korma (3): 30-31

New perspectives for increasing the efficiency of selection programmes for maize in the tropics. Ciencia e Cultura 29(6): 664-667

New perspectives in North-South relations. A radical view of world poverty and development. Overseas Development Paper, Ministry of Overseas Development (7): 15

New perspectives in grain marketing. New perspectives in grain marketing: 30

New perspectives in the causes of absconding in the African bee (Apis mellifera adonsonii L.). South African Bee Journal1976; 47; 48(6 ; 1): 11, 13-14; 6-9

New perspectives in the diagnosis of cysticerciasis. Gaceta Medica 103(3): 242-246

New perspectives on agricultural labor relations in California. Labor Law Journal (July): 395-402

New perspectives on dietary fiber. Food product development: 10 (8) 54

New perspectives on the chemotherapy of malaria, filariasis, and leprosy. Progress in Drug Research. Fortschritte der Arzneimittelforschung. Progres des Recherches Pharmaceutiques 18: 99-172

New pest insects damaging cereals in agrobiocenoses of northern Mongolia. VIII International Plant Protection Congress, Moscow, 1975 Reports and informations Section II Progress in the study of biology of pest organisms and the development of forecast methods: 417-427

New pesticides as a means of improving the productivity of ornamental conifers. Mededelingen van de Faculteit Landbouwwetenschappen Rijksuniversiteit Gent 39(3): 1399-1406

New pests (Systole albipennis and S. coriandri) damaging angelica, lovage and coriander crops in Hungary. Herba Hungarica 15(3): 71-78

New pests of greenhouse crops and possible methods of control. Rastitelna Zashchita 23(8): 19-21

New pests of our fruit trees. The oriental peach moth Grapholitha (Laspeyresia) molesta Busck. Agricultura, Spain 44(521): 669-671

New phenanthrene derivatives from Aristolochia indica. Phytochemistry 16(7): 1103-1104

New phenomena in the socio-economic structure of peasant farming. Wies Wspolczesna 20(11 (237)): 20-31

New phosphorus-containing supplements for cattle. Khimiya v Sel' skom Khozyaistve 16(1): 76-79

New physiologic races of Puccinia graminis tritici established in Bulgaria. Comptes Rendus de l' Academie Agricole Georgi Dimitrov 8(2): 23-28

New physiological races of powdery mildew of wheat. Novenytermeles 24(4): 319-322

New planning phases in the rural development of the Mato Grosso in Brazil. Entwicklung und Landlicher Raum 11(5/6): 53-56

New plans for mills for mixed feed production. Mukomol' no elevatornaya i Kombikormovaya Promyshlennost' (4): 22-23

New plans for the beef market. Press Release (ISEC/32/77): 2

New plant disease record in New Zealand - covered smut of ryegrass. New Zealand Journal of Agricultural Research 19(4): 545

New plant disease record in New Zealand. Two smuts of barnyard grass. New Zealand Journal of Agricultural Research 20(1): 113

New plant distribution and extension records for Texas and the United States. Southwestern Naturalist 22(1): 139-140

New plant nematode genera Plesiodorus (Dolichodorinae), Amplimerlinius (Merliniinae) and Gracilancea (Tylodoridae grad. n.). Nematologica 22(4): 390-416

New plant records for the Punjab plains. Bulletin of the Botanical Survey of India 15(1/2): 136-137

New plant records from Rogaland 1966-1973. Blyttia 32(3): 169-180

New plant sources of opiates. Planta Medica 29(1): 26-31

New plant supports in use for pot plants. Vakblad voor de Bloemisterij 31(6): 14-15

New plant varieties. LOA 59(2): 53-55

New planters for experimental sugarbeet plots. A precision planter for experimental sugarbeet plots. Journal of the American Society of Sugar Beet Technologists 17(3): 220-225

New planters for experimental sugarbeet plots. A precision planter for sugar beet plots. Journal of the American Society of Sugar Beet Technologists 17(3): 225-229

New plantings of plum - only varieties tolerant of plum pox. Ovoshcharstvo 55(7): 31-32

New plants for the valley of the River Tourangelles. Cahiers des Naturalistes 27(2): 33-41

New plastic gallon cap improves filling operation. Dairy and Ice Cream Field 160(7): 68

New plum cultivars. Sadovodstvo (6): 28-30

New plywood standards enforce quality control. Canadian Forest Industries 96(11): 28-29

New polyene antifungal antibiotic produced by a species of Actinoplanes. Antimicrobial Agents and ChemoTherapy 7(4): 457-461

New possibilities for better weed control in gladioli. Bloembollencultuur 86(44): 899

New possibilities for chemical weed control in artichokes. Notiziario sulle Malattie delle Piante (94-95): 75-89

New possibilities for controlling Convolvulus arvensis in citrus. Annali dell' Istituto Sperimentale per l' Agrumicoltura 1975; 6: 223-228

New possibilities for controlling the Prunus borer. Vakblad voor de Bloemisterij 32(19): 21

New possibilities for propagating large-fruited hazels. Gartner Tidende (42): 685-686

New possibilities for pure water. Vakblad voor de Bloemisterij 32(22): 21

New possibilities for the control of dry bubble, caused by Verticillium fungicola. Champignoncultuur 21(6): 161, 165, 167, 169

New possibilities for the control of phyto-parasitic nematodes by the use of systemic nematicides. Bulletin des Recherches Agronomiques de Gembloux, Semaine d' Etude Agriculture et Hygiene des Plantes: 253-259

New possibilities for weed control in garlic. Notiziario sulle Malattie delle Piante (94-95): 133-139

New possibilities for weed control in lilies. Bloembollencultuur 86(38): 775

New possibilities for weed control with herbicides in maize. Mitteilungen fur die Schweizerische Landwirtschaft 26(1): 36-38

New possibilities in forest management. Lesnoe Khozyaistvo (5): 56-61

New possibilities in the control of the maize leaf weevil (Tanymecus dilaticollis Gyll.). Analele Institutului de Cercetari pentru Cereale si Plante Tehnice, Fundulea 1976; 41: 525-531

New possibilities in the hot-water treatment of narcissi. Bloembollencultuur 87(9): 149

New possibilities in the treatment of systemic mycoses. Reports on the experimental and clinical evaluation of miconazole. Proceedings of the Royal Society of Medicine 70(Suppl. 1): vii + 56

New possibilities in tobacco breeding: the use of haploids. Dohanyipar (2): 71-75

New possibilities of Phytophthora cinnamomi control on ornamental shrubs in containers with aluminium tri-o-ethyl phosphonate. Horticulture Francaise (91): 7-14

New possibilities of controlling grapevine grey mould (Botrytis cinerea) by means of treatments with small doses of benzimidazoles. Phytiatrie Phytopharmacie 24(4): 227-238

New possibilities of detection of scab risk periods with electronic equipment. Defense des Vegetaux 29(176): 240-248

New possibilities of inhibiting lactation in puerperium. Ceskoslovenska Gynekologie 40(1): 50-52

New possibilities of oral and parenteral nutrition in complicated pancreatitis. Ceskoslovenska Gastroenterologie a Vyziva 31(2): 124-132

New possibilities of preventing poultry coccidiosis. Revista de Cresterea Animalelor 26(1): 66-69

New possibilities of rapidly obtaining and multiplying healthy potato (Solanum tuberosum L.) clones. Comptes Rendus Hebdomadaires des Seances de l' Academie des Sciences, D 285(1): 37-40

New possibilities of selecting for a reduction in bolting tendency in the Mako onion. Zoldsegtermesztesi Kutato Intezet Bulletinje 11: 77-81

New possibilities with the mixture terbuthylazine + aminotriazole for weed control in vines. Compte Rendu de la 9e Conference du COLUMA: 754-769

New pot plant cultivars - a contribution from breeders to improving the supply situation. Gartenbau 21(5): 152-154

New pot-mums to fit Princess Anne regime. Horticulture Industry (September): 622-624

New potato cultivar. Zemledelie (10): 55

New potato varieties grown in the German Democratic Republic. Productia Vegetala, Horticultura 25(4): 44-45

New potato varieties grown in the German Federal Republic. Productia Vegetala, Horticultura 25(4): 45

New potato varieties of the Institute for Potato Research, Bonin: Rys (Z49598). Ziemniak (2): 269-271

New potent diphenyl ether herbicides. Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry 23(3): 592-593

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New practices and new early tomato cultivars. Gradinarstvo 58(1): 11-14

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New pre-straightening moulder from Jonsereds. Timber Trades Journal 299(5222): 40

New predators (Coleoptera: Cucujidae and Coccinellidae) of the grass scale Antonina graminis (Maskell). Revista de Agricultura, Piracicaba, Brazil 51(2): 103-106

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New principles for assessment of dairy and dual-purpose cattle. Trudy Vsesoyuznogo Sel' skokhozyaistvennogo Instituta Zaochnogo Obrazovaniya (73): 3-6, 74

New priorities in agricultural policies. OECD Observer (86): 26-29

New problem in Yuma citrus. Citrograph 60(10): 361, 364

New problems of forest valuation. Wissenschaftliche Zeitschrift der Technischen Universitat Dresden 25(5/6): 1327-1329

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New processes in preservation. Bulletin d' Informations Techniques, Centre Technique du Bois (79): 7-11

New product development in beekeeping equipment. Proceedings of the XXVth International Apicultural Congress, Grenoble: 519-526

New product for home preparation of yoghurt. French Patent Application: (2 334 302)

New production methods and enhanced value in Camellia japonica. Gartenbau 22(7): 218-219

New production processes for Gammelost and Pultost cheese. Meieriposten 65(17): 622-623

New products from lactose-hydrolyzed milk. Dairy and Ice Cream Field 159(3): 30-32

New products made from yoghurt. Food Engineering International 2(9): 31-32

New products of high biological value for feeding children of school age. Voprosy Pitaniya (2): 49-53

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New products: herbicides for cereals, maize, sorghum, flax and rape. What is Lontrel?. Defense des Vegetaux (188): 387-402

New programme for PROFORMEX. Mensajero Forestal 33(353): 16-18

New promising Phaseolus vulgaris cultivars. Rasteniev"dni Nauki 14(6): 50-54

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