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Oestrus synchronisation in Africander cattle outwith the normal breeding season

, : Oestrus synchronisation in Africander cattle outwith the normal breeding season. South African Journal of Animal Science 6(1): 17-19

Oestrus was synchronised in groups of 25 and 30 non-lactating Africander cows resp. by administration of progesterone (150, 100, 100, 100 and 50 mg on days 0, 3, 5, 7 and 9 resp.; day 0 = onset of treatment) in oil + 1350 IU PMS (group I) or progesterone in oil (150 and 100 mg on days 5 and 8 resp.) + 25 mg PGF2 alpha + 1350 IU PMS (group II). 76.0% of females in group I exhibited oestrus during the 48-192 h after PMS administration v 73.3 in group II 36-144 h after PMS administration.


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