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Geography & Life Sciences: Chapter 452

Chapter 452 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in geography and in the life sciences.

Outbreak of mal secco disease in Israel on normally tolerant citrus cultivars. Plant Disease Reporter 59(12): 945-946

Outbreak of melioidosis in France. Actualite de la melioidose en France: 94

Outbreak of mycosis in turkeys treated with antibiotics of mycoplasmosis. Medycyna Weterynaryjna 31(12): 740-741

Outbreak of necrotising enterocolitis caused by Clostridium butyricum. Lancet 2(8048): 1099-1102

Outbreak of pests and diseases. Quarterly Newsletter, FAO Plant Protection Committee 20(2): 3

Outbreak of rice hispa in Nellore district, Andhra Pradesh, India. International Rice Research Newsletter 2(5): 18-19

Outbreak of rice thrips in Kerala. Entomologists' Newsletter 7(1/2): 3-4

Outbreak of sheep scab in Lesotho. World Animal Review (27): 23-29

Outbreak of stachybotryotoxicosis with agalactia in sheep. Veterinarna Sbirka (2): 11-13

Outbreak of streptococcal meningitis in a Danish herd of swine. Dansk Veterinaertidsskrift 60(18): 812-813

Outbreak of surra in bovines from Krishna district, Andhra Pradesh. Indian Journal of Animal Health 16(1): 100

Outbreak of the African armyworm (Spodoptera exempta Walk.) in Rwenzori National Park, Uganda. East African Wildlife Journal 15(2): 157-158

Outbreak of the Alder defoliator Agelastica alni in the Nara floodplain, Moscow region. Lesnoi Zhurnal (3): 151-153

Outbreak of the Bihar hairy caterpillar, Diacrisia obliqua Walker in North Bihar. Entomologists' Newsletter 5(10/11): 47

Outbreak of the sawfly Hoplocampoides xylostei Giraud (Hym.: Tenthredinidae) in the Baden Rhine Valley and its occurrence in the Swiss Jura. Mitteilungen der Schweizerischen Entomologischen Gesellschaft 48(1/2): 141-145

Outbreak of trichinosis in Lebanon, 1970. A clinical and epidemiological study. Le Journal Medical Libanais. Lebanese Medical Journal 27(3): 267-273

Outbreak of typhoid fever in Trinidad in 1971 traced to a commercial ice cream product. American Journal of Epidemiology 100(2): 150-157

Outbreak of whitefly on crops in Parana and Sao Paulo. Anais da Sociedade Entomologica do Brasil 2(1): 20-30

Outbreaks and new records. Plant Protection Bulletin, FAO 23(1): 26-28

Outbreaks and new records. Plant Protection Bulletin, FAO 24(4): 133-137

Outbreaks and new records, Ireland. FAO Plant Protection Bulletin 25(2): 91

Outbreaks and new records. Bahrain. Plant-parasitic nematodes attacking root crops.. FAO Plant Protection Bulletin 24(2): 84

Outbreaks and new records. Malaysia. Two new nematodes on rubber. FAO Plant Protection Bulletin 25(1): 44

Outbreaks and new records. Nematodes attacking vegetable crops. FAO Plant Protection Bulletin 23(6): 192

Outbreaks and new records. Thailand. Root-knot nematode on Paulownia spp. FAO Plant Protection Bulletin 24(3): 103

Outbreaks and partial phase transformation of Locusta migratoria L. in sugarcane fields of Minami- and Kita-Daito Zima, Okinawa. Acrida 5(1): 17-26

Outbreaks of Dendrolimus pini in Poland.. Ekologia Polska 24(4): 515-547; 549-563; 565-576

Outbreaks of Dendrolimus sibiricus and solar activity. Lesnoe Khozyaistvo (8): 83-85

Outbreaks of Salmonella typhisuis infection in pigs in Rio de Janeiro State, Brazil. Pesquisa Agropecuaria Brasileira, Serie Veterinaria 10(8): 111-114

Outbreaks of food-borne disease in the United States, 1974. Journal of Infectious Diseases 134(3): 306-312

Outbreaks of listeriosis among rabbits and mink in the Urdmurtskaya ASSR and field trials of a vaccine. Uchenye Zapiski Kazanskogo Veterinarnogo Instituta 123: 40-42

Outbreaks of pasteurellosis in Belorussia attributed to contaminated skimmed milk fed to calves and piglets. Dostizheniya Veterinarnoi Nauki i Peredovogo Opyta Zhivotnovodstvu 2: 143-144

Outbreaks of pests and diseases. Quarterly Newsletter, FAO Plant Protection Committee for the South East Asia and Pacific Region 19(2): 3-5

Outbreaks of swine vesicular disease in japan: virus isolation and epizootiological survey. National Institute of Animal Health Quarterly 15(4): 165-173

Outbreaks of the abortion-arthrogryposis-hydranencephaly syndrome in cattle in Japan, 1972/73. VI. Recent incidence of AAH syndrome in Miyazaki prefecture and subsequent survey of cows that had given birth to defective calves. Bulletin of the Faculty of Agriculture, Miyazaki University 22(1): 107-114

Outbreaks of the abortion-arthrogryposis-hydranencephaly syndrome in cattle in Japan, 1972/73. VII. Clinical findings in defective calves collected in the two years after the end of the outbreak. Bulletin of the Faculty of Agriculture, Miyazaki University 22(1): 115-129

Outbreaks of the western Spruce budworm in the American northern Rocky Mountain area from 1922 through 1971. USDA Forest Service General Technical Report, Intermountain Forest and Range Experiment Station (INT-20): 144

Outbreaks of waterborne disease in the United States, 1973. Journal of Infectious Diseases 132(3): 336-339

Outbreaks of waterborne disease in the United States, 1974. Journal of Infectious Diseases 133(5): 588-593

Outcome of 6 years' experimentation with glyphosate in tree fruits. Compte Rendu de la 9e Conference du COLUMA: 645-655

Outcome of pregnancy from day 0 to 19 and serum tocopherol levels in mother rats fed on a rapeseed protein concentrate essentially free from glucosinolates. Nutrition and Metabolism 19(3-4): 173-179

Outcome of six years' experimentation and 2 years' use of glyphosate in the vineyard. Compte Rendu de la 9e Conference du COLUMA: 735-747

Outcrossing and heterozygosity. Advances in Applied Probability 6(1): 18-20

Outcrossing in animal breeding: the Shorthorn experience. Span 18(3): 108-110, 136, 139, 142

Outcrossing in common bean Phaseolus vulgaris L. Journal of the American Society for Horticultural Science 100(3): 283-285

Outcrossing rates in wheat, oats and barley produced from mutagen treated seeds. SABRAO Journal 7(1): 79-83

Outdoor chip storage. Annotated Bibliography, Institute of Paper Chemistry (S91): 10

Outdoor education for California's migrant children. California Agriculture 30(2): 4-6

Outdoor occurrence of Meloidogyne species in Western Germany. Nachrichtenblatt des Deutschen Pflanzenschutzdienstes 28(8): 113-117

Outdoor recreation and environmental concern: a restudy. Rural Sociology 42(2): 241-249

Outdoor recreation: advances in application of economics (proceedings of a national symposium). USDA Forest Service General Technical Report (WO-2): 163

Outdoor succulents. Freilandsukkulenten : 284

Outdoor trials for control of rose powdery mildew. Progress report. Flower and Nursery Report (September/October): 2

Outdoor vegetable crops research - 1973. Research Summary, Ohio Agricultural Research and Development Center (72): 52

Outdoor wintering of honey bee colonies in the Nipawin area of Saskatchewan. Canadian Beekeeping 4(12): 89-91

Outflow from land irrigated with sewage. Zeszyty Naukowe Akademii Rolniczej we Wroclawiu, Melioracja (108 (19)): 105-130

Outflow from various subsurface drainage materials. Transactions, ASAE 18(1): 85-88, 94

Outlays and own costs of the sale of products by individual farmers and organized forms of sale. Roczniki Nauk Rolniczych, Seria G 81(2): 89-105

Outlets for EEC dairy surpluses in the Near East. Agra Europe, UK (802): M/3-M/8

Outline map of areas suitable for banana growing in Mozambique. Agronomia Mocambicana 8(1): 11-18

Outline of a cost-benefit analysis of Troms Treforedling. Tidsskrift for Skogbruk 85(1): 27-35

Outline of a marketing system for the direct sale of liquid milk. Ergebnisse der Landwirtschaftlichen Forschung an der Justus Liebig Universitat (14): 227-230

Outline of a scheme tracing the origin of a foliar helix causing fasciation in Forsythia suspensa, already noted. Comptes Rendus Hebdomadaires des Seances de l' Academie des Sciences, D 284(2): 117-122

Outline of climate classification for agricultural application. Entwurf einer Klimaeinteilung fur landwirtschaftliche Belange: 103

Outline of genetics. Grundriss der Genetik (Ed. 3): 504

Outline of human parasitology. Grundriss der humanparasitologie (2nd Ed.): 189 pp

Outline of late-sown soya bean cultivation. Agriculture and Horticulture Nogyo oyobi Engei 50(7): 879-882

Outline of phylogeny in the subgenus Falcago (Rchb.) Grossh. of the genus Medicago L. Byulleten' Vsesoyuznogo Ordena Lenina Instituta Rastenievodstva Imeni N I Vavilova (48): 78-79

Outline of protozoa. Laskin, AI; Lechevalier, HA Editors CRC Handbook of microbiology Condensed edition: 551-578

Outline of the incidence of bovine mastitis. Seminario sobre la produccion de leche en Venezuela: 125-137

Outline of the world sugar economy. Forschungsbericht, Institut fur Zuckerindustrie, Berlin (3): 60

Outline plans for Swiss agriculture. 5 Vols. Konzepte fur die schweizerische Landwirtschaft 5 Bande: 246; 146; 91; 74; 166

Outline system of production organization in a farm or integrated complex. Acta Universitatis Agriculturae, Facultas Agroeconomica 11(2/3): 117-124

Outline theory of the reliability of fruit tree stand units. Archiv fur Gartenbau 25(2): 93-104

Outlines of a computer simulation model on residual and added nitrogen changes and transport in soils. Zeitschrift fur Pflanzenernahrung und Bodenkunde (4): 443-455

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Outlines of the apple breeding work at Jork, W. Germany. Fruit Varieties Journal 29(3): 64-65

Outlines on the state of irrigation of the sugar beet in the world. Compte Rendu, Congres d' Hiver, Institut International de Recherches Betteravieres (39): 211-264

Outlining the five-year farm development plan. Ekonomika Sel' skogo Khozyaistva (11): 46-56

Outlook for agriculture and its environment. Policy document. Outlook for agriculture and its environment Policy document: 35

Outlook for agriculture. With special reference to eighth district farm products. Federal Reserve Bank of St Louis Review 58(2): 11-16

Outlook for building consumer acceptance for cultured products. American Dairy Review 38(1): 24, 26

Outlook for container-grown seedling use in reforestation. Journal of Forestry 73(6): 337-341

Outlook for energy and implications for irrigated agriculture. Technical report Texas Water Resources Institute: 77, 87

Outlook for farm income 1977. Federal Reserve Bank of St Louis Review 59(2): 16-20

Outlook for food and agriculture. Federal Reserve Bank of St Louis Review 60(1): 15-22

Outlook for forest products trade and imports. Forest Products Journal 27(10): 44-48

Outlook for horticulture in Europe. Outlook on Agriculture 9(3): 108-113

Outlook for international sugar trade. International Sugar Colloquium, London 1975 Official report English language: 136-139

Outlook for simulation studies in animal breeding research. Tierzuchter 29(12): 512-515

Outlook for sunflower cultivation in the south of Portugal. Proceedings of the sixth international sunflower conference July 22-24, 1974 Bucharest, Romania Development of sunflower growing in various countries: 65-75

Outlook for the bulk fertilizer handling system with mixing stations at the agricultural trade level. Berichte uber Landwirtschaft 55(2): 286-303

Outlook for the development of viticulture and wine making in the USSR and ways of intensifying them. Bulletin de l' OIV 51(563): 5-22

Outlook for the years 1977-1981 for research on agriculture and fisheries. Meerjarenvisie 1977-1981 voor het landbouwkundig en het visserij onderzoek, ressorterend onder het Ministerie van Landbouw: 128

Outlook on cattle breeding in the Netherlands. Optimization of cattle breeding schemes First seminar on "genetics" in the EEC programme of co ordination of research on beef production, Castleknock, Co Dublin, 1975: 305-307

Outlook on fruit quality. Mededeling, Proefstation voor de Fruitteelt, Wilhelminadorp (16): 202

Outlook on the beef cattle market. Evaluation of (Federal German) cattle census of 3rd June 1975. Agrarwirtschaft 24(8): 220-225

Outlook on the processing of straw for cattle food. Landbouwmechanisatie 28(2): 121-124

Outpatient treatment of obesity. Sovetskaya Meditsina (6): 111-114

Output and utilisation of farm produce in the United Kingdom 1968/69 to 1974/75. Output and utilisation of farm produce in the United Kingdom 1968/69 to 1974/75: 46

Output and utilisation of farm produce in the United Kingdom 1969/70 to 1975/76. Output and utilisation of farm produce in the United Kingdom 1969/70 to 1975/76: 46pp

Output of continuous barking drums. Sbornik Trudov, VNII Tsellyulozno Bumazhnoi Promyshlennosti (66): 213-219

Output of electrolytes from tissues of red clover cultivars of different frost resistance. Byulleten' Nauchno tekhnicheskoi Informatsii, Vsesoyuznyi Nauchno issledovatel' skii Institut Zernobobovykh i Krupyanykh Kul' tur 19: 52-57

Output, value added and employment in the small scale textile industry. Pakistan Development Review 14(1): 120-134

Outstanding problems in chemical weed control. Parasitica 30(3): 100-111

Ova of the lung fluke Paragonimus kellicotti in fluid from a cyst. Acta Cytologica 19(3): 279-280

Ova transplants in cattle. Sheepfarming Annual 38: 137-143

Oval corneal opacities in beagles. Journal of the American Animal Hospital Association 13(2): 204-208

Ovalness of Pine logs in northern Finland. Silva Fennica 9(4): 251-258

Ovarian abscess secondary to Actinomyces israelii. Wisconsin Medical Journal 75(7): S47-S49

Ovarian activity during the anoestrus and the reproductive season of the red fox (Vulpes vulpes L.). Journal of Steroid Biochemistry 8(7): 761-769

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Ovarian and endocrine responses and reproductive performance following GnRH treatment in early postpartum dairy cattle. Theriogenology 9(4): 363-369

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Ovarian development in athymic nude mice. IV. The effect of PMSG and oestradiol on the growth of the oocyte and follicle. Mechanisms of Aging and Development 5(2): 155-162

Ovarian development in athymic nude mice. V. The effects of PMSG upon the numbers and growth of follicles in the early juvenile ovary. Mechanisms of Ageing and Development 5(4): 259-265

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Ovary development and egg laying in Apis cerana indica workers. Journal of Apicultural Research 14(3/4): 149-152

Oven drying of small herbage samples. Agronomy Journal 67(4): 571-574

Over 100 different products are produced in the Europe's first freeze-drying plant in Billerbeck, German Federal Republic. Deutsche Milchwirtschaft 27(23): 683-684, 693

Over 800 centners of fresh herbage/ha. Korma (3): 19-20

Over a quarter century of agricultural economics research. Agricultural Economics Research 28(1): 1-13

Over-all concept of a Swiss forest policy and wood-industry policy. Wald und Holz1977; 58(2): 85-100

Over-capacity of world nitrogen fertilizer industry. Agra Europe, UK (789): D/1 - D/3

Over-consumption, now the most dangerous cause of disease in westernized countries. Public Health, UK 91(3): 127-131

Over-fermented coffee beans (stinkers): - a method for their detection and elimination. Kenya Coffee 40(475): 319-330

Over-pruning of banana bunches can be costly. Banana Bulletin 39(2): 14

Over-setting in Cox-courses of thinning action open to growers. Grower 89(21): 1195-1196

Over-summering of Phytophthora causing abnormal leaf fall disease of rubber. Rubber Board Bulletin 12(3): 112-114

Over-wintered crop lives up to earlier promise at Wye. Grower 87(10): 567-568

Over-wintered tomatoes feasible in Kent. Grower 85(5): 226-228

Overall agricultural accounts 1980. Agrarwirtschaft 25(4): 97-106

Overall development of agriculture. Ekonomika Sel' skogo Khozyaistva (6): 10-18

Overall distribution of herbicide microgranules; distribution. Compte Rendu de la 9e Conference du COLUMA: 859-869

Overall evaluation of the main properties of chernozem soils in the Czech Socialist Republic. Rostlinna Vyroba 23(2): 113-122

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Overall mechanization of book-keeping is the basis for an effective system of mechanized processing of economic information. Ekonomika i Organizatsiya Sil' s' kogo Gospodarstva (46): 3-7

Overall study of the cultivation of sugar beet on the edge of the Haut Cheliff. 2. Regression analyses. Annales Agronomiques 27(1): 61-84

Overcoming dormancy of potato tubers in connexion with assessment of virus diseases in the postcontrol. Rasteniev"dni Nauki 12(10): 9-14

Overcoming impediments to the effective marketing of staples. Development Studies Discussion Paper, University of East Anglia (9): 27

Overcoming infertility in the hybrid lavenders Lavandula angustifolia Mill. X L. latifolia Medic. Tsitologiya i Genetika 9(5): 443-445

Overcoming interspecific incompatibility and improving the crossability of Solanum species. Genetika, USSR 12(5): 50-58

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Overcoming rest in Gloriosa tubers. Deutscher Gartenbau 29(32): 1226-1227

Overcoming salinity inhibition of sorghum seed germination by hydration-dehydration treatment. Plant and Soil 49(1): 199-206

Overcoming sterility and increasing fertility in distant hybrids of Ribes L. Overcoming sterility and increasing fertility in distant hybrids of Ribes L (Dep. 489-76): 23

Overcoming superstition to found new idea, producing 500 kg tobacco per mu. How we were successfully to obtain high yield of secondary growth of tobacco by ringing. Acta Botanica Sinica 17(2): 125-129

Overcoming the cross incompatibility of Lycopersicon esculentum with L. peruvianum. Tezisy dokl Konf "Selektsiya i genet ovoshch kul' tur", 3: 64-66

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Overcoming the incompatibility of cultivated varieties of tomato with a wild species. Metody selektsii ovoshch kul' tur: 24-34

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Overcrowding factors of mosquito larvae. VI. Structure-activity relationships of 2-substituted aliphatic carboxylic acids against mosquito larvae. Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry 22(6): 1004-1006

Overcrowding factors of mosquito larvae. VII. Preparation and biological activity of methyloctadecanes and methylnonadecanes against mosquito larvae. Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry 24(1): 160-163

Overcrowding factors of mosquito larvae. VIII. Structure-activity relationship of methyl 2-alkylalkanoates against mosquito larvae. Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry 24(3): 649-651

Overcrowding factors of mosquito larvae; their potential for mosquito control. Proceedings and Papers of the Forty third Annual Conference of the California Mosquito Control Association, Inc January 26-29, 1975, held at the Hilton Inn, Redding, California: 73-74

Overdominance as cause for heterosis in poultry. Zeitschrift fur Tierzuchtung und Zuchtungsbiologie 94(2): 151-158

Overdue modernization impedes growth of Italy's citrus industry. Foreign Agriculture (May 8): 2-5

Overdues in farm cooperative credit. Overdues in farm cooperative credit: xv+258

Overfeeding in the first three months of life as a significant risk factor for the development of obesity and resulting disorders. Deutsche Gesundheitswesen 32(1): 6-9

Overgrazing and biogenic ice nuclei: a physical link in the Sahelian drought. American Meteorological Society: USA, American Meteorological Society: Proceedings of the twelfth agriculture and forest meteorology conference, April 14-16, 1975, Tucson, Arizona: 29-30

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Overhead fertilization of woody plants in peat composts in containers. Meldinger fra Norges Landbrukshoegskole 54(14): 2-12

Overhead irrigation for delaying flowering in apples. II. Rivista della Ortoflorofrutticoltura Italiana 61(6): 381-390

Overhead irrigation to delay flowering. Informatore Agrario 31(47): 21139-21142

Overlaid composite construction augments wood pallet strength and durability. Report, Eastern Forest Products Laboratory, Canada (OP-X-102 E): 11

Overlays for Southern Pine substrates. Forest Products Journal 26(6): 36-42

Overloading with iron: effect on specific and nonspecific immunity. Schweizerische Medizinische Wochenschrift 107(48): 1774-1776

Overnight access to sugar and response to DDT in Anopheles albimanus Wied. Bulletin of the World Health Organization 51(3): 311-313

Overnutrition and skeletal disease in the dog. Proceedings, 1974 Cornell Nutrition Conference for Feed Manufacturers, October 29, 30 and 31, Statler Hilton Hotel, Buffalo, NY: 87-89

Overseas demand for Sri Lanka tea. Staff Studies, Central Bank of Ceylon 5(2): 1-13

Overseas developments in mechanical harvesting of fruit. Agricultural Gazette of New South Wales 85(6): 38-40

Overseas plant collections, August 1971 - June 1976. Australian Plant Introduction Review 11(1/2): 24-32

Overseas study tour. A broad investigation of land use and ecology; of current methods of erosion control and conservation practices in steep mountain lands in Japan, Europe and North America; and of recent developments in forestry in Europe and the United Kingdom with special reference to environmental aspects. Overseas study tour A broad investigation of land use and ecology; of current methods of erosion control and conservation practices in steep mountain lands in Japan, Europe and North America; and of recent developments in forestry in Europe and the United Kingdom with special reference to environmental aspects: ; 43 +7 pl.

Overseas wood- and bark-boring insects intercepted at New Zealand ports. Technical Paper, Forest Research Institute, New Zealand Forest Service (63): 28

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Overseeding hairy vetch in perennial grasses for a source of nitrogen or forage. Noble Foundation headquarters farm and pasture demonstration farm Field day report, April 23, 1976: 13-15

Overseeding management. Proceedings, Clemson University Annual Turfgrass Conference, September 1976:

Oversize mower cutterbar for pruning trees. Transactions of the ASAE 20(4): 606-609

Oversowing lucerne in North Otago. Tussock Grasslands and Mountain Lands Institute Review (34): 60-62

Overt avoidance, reaction of rainbow trout fry to nine herbicides. Bulletin of Environmental Contamination and Toxicology 15(5): 509-514

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Overtree sprinkling for bloom delay in 'Golden Delicious'. Compact Fruit Tree 10(June): 109-111

Overview. Rural development The interplay of analysis and action: 3-10

Overview and analysis of food prices in France 1963-1975. Documents du Centre d' Etude des Revenus et des Couts, Paris (28): 1-58

Overview and evaluation. Plant adaptation to mineral stress in problem soils Session II Genetic potentials for solving problems of soil mineral stress: ; 107-109

Overview and policy statement on local government, community groups and social welfare. KRAU Miscellaneous Publication, Kellogg Rural Adjustment Unit, University of New England (4): 21

Overview and policy statement resulting from the Workshop on rural adjustment counselling. KRAU Miscellaneous Publication, Kellogg Rural Adjustment Unit, University of New England (1): 14

Overview and policy statement resulting from the Workshop on rural community development. KRAU Miscellaneous Publication, Kellogg Rural Adjustment Unit, University of New England (2): 20

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Overweight and obesity in children at day-care centres: anthropometric study in Marianao Region. Revista Cubana de Pediatria 47(1): 23-30

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