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Geography & Life Sciences: Chapter 479

Chapter 479 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in geography and in the life sciences.

Recommendations for the description of species and biotypes of the genus Brucella. Developments in Biological Standardization 31: 27-37

Recommendations for the micro-nutrient requirements of ornamental plants. Gartenbau 23(9): 281-282

Recommendations for the prediction of fruit size in different apple varieties. Gartenbau 23(10): 310-311

Recommendations for the preservation of Nyungwe Forest, Rwanda. Propositions pour un programme de sauvegarde de la Foret de Nyungwe: 55 + 26

Recommendations for the promotion of management ability in the Latin American rural sector. Desarrollo Rural en las Americas 9(1/2): 5-15

Recommendations for the successful use of synchronisation of ovulation and timed insemination of gilts and sows. Tierzucht 31(4): 157-159

Recommendations for the testing and the evaluation of the efficacy of chemical disinfection procedures. I. Testing the efficacy of chemical disinfection procedures. II. Extent of the tests and evaluation of the efficacy of chemical disinfection procedures. Zentralblatt fur Bakteriologie, Parasitenkunde, Infektionskrankheiten und Hygiene, IB 165(3/4): 335-380

Recommendations for the use of herbicides in rubber. Document Rubber Research Centre, Hat Yai (25): 29 .

Recommendations for the use of zootechnical methods of stimulation for hormonally treated sows. Tierzucht 30(3): 130-132

Recommendations of the subcommittee appointed in session VI: genetics and resistance breeding. Tropical Agricultural Research Series (8): 253-255

Recommendations on fertilization and the use of organic amendments in coffee plantations. Anacafe (132): 7-10

Recommendations on the application of fertilizers in Great Britain. Khimiya v Sel' skom Khozyaistve 13(3): 53-62

Recommendations on the assessment of helminth infestation of pastures with a view to prophylactic measures against Muellerius infections of sheep. Byulleten' Vsesoyuznogo Instituta Gel' mintologii im KI Skryabina 1974; (12): 79-84

Recommendations on the manufacture of lactic beverages by incubation in bulk. Trudy, Vsesoyuznyi Nauchno issledovatel' skii Institut Molochnoi Promyshlennosti (36): 76-81, 93

Recommendations on the standardization of symbols in forest mensuration. Floresta 1976; 6(2): 25-31

Recommendations: bibliographical references. Recommendations: bibliographical references: 13

Recommended Nalco-Trol, pesticide anti-drift agent, feeding systems for the custom applicator. Proceedings of the 30th Annual Meeting of the Southern Weed Science Society: 316-318

Recommended SI units of measurement for wood-using industries. Paperi ja Puu 56(10): 752-780

Recommended clones. Quarterly News Letter, Tea Research Foundation of Central Africa (38): 3

Recommended and promising varieties of spring wheat from western Siberia as sources of genes for resistance to brown rust. Nauch tr Omsk s kh in t 123: 126-129

Recommended daily dietary intakes for peninsular Malaysia. Medical Journal of Malaysia 30(1): 38-42

Recommended dietary allowance for vitamin E: relation to dietary, erythrocyte and adipose tissue linoleate. American Journal of Clinical Nutrition 28(6): 577-583

Recommended dietary allowances as the basic criterion of the quality of nutrition. Casopis Lekaru Ceskych 116(4): 101-105

Recommended dietary allowances for Japanese, revised 1975. Japanese Journal of Nutrition 34(1): 51-53

Recommended dietary allowances for infants. Ecology of Food and Nutrition 4(1): 53-55

Recommended dietary allowances. Examples of models of development of the food and nutrition situation in Czechoslovakia. Nahrung 19(3): 231-236

Recommended food rations as a means of controlling nutrition. Zemedelska Ekonomika 21(10): 669-677

Recommended fruit cultivars for Yugoslavia. Jugoslovensko Vocarstvo 9(33/34): 5-94

Recommended intakes of nutrients for Italians. Minerva Dietologica 16(2): 41-50

Recommended international maximum limits for pesticide residues, fourth series. Codex Alimentarius Commission (CAC/RS 65): 32

Recommended list of cereal cultivars. Revue Suisse d' Agriculture 8(3): 76-82

Recommended method for the analysis of amino acids in biological materials. Journal of Chromatography, Biomedical Applications 143(2): 137-152

Recommended methods for the detection and measurement of resistance of agricultural pests to pesticides. Tentative method for adult locusts, Schistocerca gregaria Forsk., Locusta migratoria migratorioides R. and F. and Nomadacris septemfasciata Sev. - FAO Method no. 13. Plant Protection Bulletin, FAO 22(5/6): 117-121

Recommended methods for the detection and measurement of resistance of agricultural pests to pesticides. Tentative method for adults of some major beetle pests of stored cereals with malathion or lindane - FAO Method no. 15. Plant Protection Bulletin, FAO 22(5/6): 127-137

Recommended methods for the detection and measurement of resistance of agricultural pests to pesticides. Tentative method for adults of some major pest species of stored cereals, with methyl bromide and phosphine - FAO Method no. 16. Plant Protection Bulletin, FAO 23(1): 12-25, 32

Recommended methods for the detection and measurement of resistance of agricultural pests to pesticides. Tentative method for adults of the Colorado potato beetle, Leptinotarsa decemlineata (Say) - FAO Method no. 12. Plant Protection Bulletin, FAO 22(5/6): 112-116

Recommended methods for the detection and measurement of resistance of agricultural pests to pesticides. Tentative method for adults of the codling moth, Laspeyresia pomonella (L.) - Fao Method no. 11. Plant Protection Bulletin, FAO 22(5/6): 108-111

Recommended methods for the detection and measurement of resistance of agricultural pests to pesticides. Tentative methods for spider mites and their eggs, Tetranychus spp. and Panonychus ulmi Koch - FAO Method no. 10. Plant Protection Bulletin, FAO 22(5/6): 103-107

Recommended nitrate-nitrogen tests. Bulletin, North Dakota Agricultural Experiment Station (499): 13-15

Recommended nutrient allowances. World Review of Nutrition and Dietetics 25: 1-107

Recommended phosphorus soil tests. Bulletin, North Dakota Agricultural Experiment Station (499): 16-19

Recommended potassium test. Bulletin, North Dakota Agricultural Experiment Station (499): 20-21

Recommended potato and sugar beet varieties. Big Farm Management (May): 114

Recommended procedures for induced spawning and fingerling production of Clarias macrocephalus Gunther. Aquaculture 8(3): 269-281

Recommended selections of soft fruits. Schweizerische Zeitschrift fur Obst und Weinbau 114(12): 322-328

Recommended sour cherry varieties. Besseres Obst 22(10): 166-168

Recommended sources of blast resistance. MARDI Buletin Penyelidikan 3(1): 71-74

Recommended species, stand compositions and spacings for sand-dune afforestation at Sf. Gheorghe (Danube Delta). Revista Padurilor Industria Lemnului, Celuloza si Hirtie, Silvicultura si Exploatarea Padurilor 90(2): 79-81

Recommended tea varieties in the Georgian SSR. Subtrop kul' tury (1): 24-28

Recommended varieties. Tob Today 5(14): 14-15

Recommended varieties for pasture and forage sowings. Tasmanian Journal of Agriculture 48(1): 45-50

Recommended varieties for soft fruit cultivation. Revue Suisse de Viticulture, d' Arboriculture et d' Horticulture 9(5): 211-215

Recommended varieties of cereals 1977. Farmers' Leaflet, National Institute of Agricultural Botany, Cambridge (8): 19

Recommended varieties of field beans 1977. Vegetable Growers Leaflet, National Institute of Agricultural Botany (15): 4

Recommended varieties of field beans 1977/8. Farmers Leaflet, National Institute of Agricultural Botany (15): 6

Recommended varieties of fruit crops in Irkutsk province and their improvement. Byul nauch tekhn inform Irkutsk gos s kh opyt st (5): 59-60

Recommended varieties of fruits. Publication, Ministry of Agriculture and Food, Canada: 4-11

Recommended varieties of grasses 1976/7. Farmers' Leaflet, National Institute of Agricultural Botany, Cambridge (16): 24

Recommended varieties of grasses 1977/8. Farmers Leaflet, National Institute of Agricultural Botany (16): 24

Recommended varieties of green fodder crops 1977/8. Farmers' Leaflet, National Institute of Agricultural Botany, Cambridge (2): 10

Recommended varieties of herbage legumes. Farmers' Leaflet, National Institute of Agricultural Botany1975; (4): 12

Recommended varieties of herbage legumes 1976/7. Farmers' Leaflet, National Institute of Agricultural Botany, Cambridge (4): 11

Recommended varieties of maize 1977. Farmers Leaflet, National Institute of Agricultural Botany, Cambridge (7): 6

Recommended varieties of potatoes. Farmers' Leaflet, National Institute of Agricultural Botany, Cambridge (3): 11

Recommended varieties of potatoes 1977/8. Farmers Leaflet, National Institute of Agricultural Botany, Cambridge (3): 12

Recommended varieties of sugar beet. Farmers' Leaflet, National Institute of Agricultural Botany, Cambridge (5): 6

Recommended varieties of sugar beet 1977/8. Farmers Leaflet, National Institute of Agricultural Botany, Cambridge (5): 8

Recommended vitamin intakes. Annales de la Nutrition et de l' Alimentation 30(4): 509-536

Reconciling long-term benefits from forestry with short-term national objectives. Commonwealth Forestry Review 56(2): 139-142

Reconciling long-term benefits from forestry with short-term national objectives: recognising changing values. Commonwealth Forestry Review 56(2): 131-136

Reconnaissance for soil survey. 1. Pre-survey estimates of the density of soil boundaries necessary to produce pure mapping units. Journal of Soil Science 26(2): 144-154

Reconnaissance for soil survey. II. Pre-survey estimates of the intricacy of the soil pattern. Journal of Soil Science 27(1): 101-110

Reconnaissance soil survey of the proposed second sugar estate, Luena area, Luapula Province. Soil Survey Report, Re ic of Zambia (44): 43 + appendices

Reconnaissance survey of aquatic weed infestations in lakes and navigable streams in Oklahoma. Proceedings, Research Planning Conference on the Aquatic Plant Control Program, Charleston, 1975: 26-35

Reconnaissance survey of soils and of the cattle-raising and agricultural potential, vegetation types and land use in an area of the Federal Territory of Rondonia. Levantamento de reconhecimento de solos, da aptidao agropastoril, das formacoes vegetais e do uso da terra em area do Territorio Federal de Rondonia: 171

Reconnaissance trials to study Panicum antidotale in the middle flood-plain valley of the Amu-Dar'ya river. Izvestiya Akademii Nauk Turkmenskoi SSR, Biologicheskikh Nauk (3): 66-69

Reconsideration of the tax on constant rent. Anales de la Sociedad Rural Argentina 109(5): 8-12

Reconstitutability of spray-dried milk products containing 26 or 13% fat. Journal of Dairy Science 58(10): 1433-1436

Reconstituted and recombined milk. Colombian Standard (ICONTEC 1037): 4

Reconstituted milk in the manufacture of cheese. Technique Laitiere (912): 37-41

Reconstituted solid wood. Revue du Bois et de ses Applications 32(8/9): 49

Reconstitution of potato virus X in vitro I. Properties of the dissociated protein structural subunits. Virology 68(2): 287-298

Reconstitution of potato virus X in vitro II. Characterization of the reconstituted product. Virology 68(2): 299-308

Reconstitution of potato virus X in vitro III. Evidence for a role for hydrophobic interactions. Virology 76(1): 72-78

Reconstructed barley karyotypes as a tool in the analysis of intrachromosomal distribution of induced chromatid aberrations. Third International Barley Genetics Symposium, July 7-12, 1975 Authors M S: 83

Reconstructed barley karyotypes with six satellite chromosomes. Barley Genetics Newsletter 7: 50-52

Reconstructing a Maine lumber camp of 1900: the diorama as a historical medium. Journal of Forest History 20(4): 191-202

Reconstruction and development of the material and technical basis of the kolkhoz system (1945-1958). Vosstanovlenie i razvitie material' no tekhnicheskoi bazy kolkhoznogo stroya: 264

Reconstruction of a natural soil profile during the filling of lysimeters with disturbed soil samples. Ziraat Fakultesi Yilligi, Cukurova Universitesi 6(1): 1-24

Reconstruction of effluent treatment plant at Velke Mezirici dairy. Prumysl Potravin 28(2): 100-101, 104

Reconstruction of the digestive epithelium of Lymnaea truncatula following infection with larval forms of Fasciola hepatica L. Annales de Parasitologie Humaine et Comparee 53(3): 255-264

Reconstruction of the nematode genus Rhabdochona Raillet, 1916 with a review of the species parasitic in fishes of Europe and Asia. Studie CSAV (8): 104

Reconstructive surgery in the horse. Journal of the American Veterinary Medical Association 170(2): 143-149

Recontamination of food after feeding a 32P food source to biting muscidae. Journal of Medical Entomology 13(4-5): 567-571

Record and some observations on local milky disease in white grubs (Holotrichia sp. near consanguinea Blanch) in India. Indian Journal of Entomologyubl 1978; 39(2): 181-182

Record expansion of local farm machinery market. Dirigente Rural 14(9/10): 10-25

Record of Agathis coryphe Nixon as a new parasite of Holococera pulverea Meyr., a predator of the lac insect, Kerria lacca (Kerr.). Indian Journal of Entomology 1976; 36(4): 352-353

Record of Anagyrus bohemani Westwood from India. Entomologists' Newsletter 7(5): 20

Record of Aulacophora foveicollis Lucas on brinjal. Current Research 7(1): 17

Record of Cephalonomia gallicola (Ashmead) from Japan (Hymenoptera: Bethylidae). Transactions of the Shikoku Entomological Society 13(1/2): 64

Record of Chelonus formosanus Sonan (Hymenoptera: Braconidae) a parasite of Spodoptera litura (Fabricius) from Karnataka. Current Research 5(11): 188

Record of Cosmolyce (Lampides) boetica Linn. (Lepidoptera: Lycaenidae) on pea pods from Simla Hills (Himachal Pradesh). Indian Journal of Entomology 1973; 34(3): 248-249

Record of Entomophthora (Triplosporium) fresenii (Nowakowski) Gustafsson in Czechoslovakia and its taxonomic evaluation. Ceska Mykologie 30(3/4): 207-213

Record of Epicauta sp. (Coleoptera: Meloidae) on soybean and eggplant from Himachal Pradesh. Indian Journal of Entomology 1975; 35(4): 342-343

Record of Ferrisia virgata and its natural enemy, Spalgis epius, on coffee in India. Journal of Coffee Research 6(2): 56-57

Record of Hemileia vastatrix Berk & Br. teliospores in Brazil. Summa Phytopathologica 2(4): 299-302

Record of Investigations 1976 (Agriculture). Record of Investigations 1976 Agriculture: 270

Record of Opatroides frater Fabricius (Tenebrionidae: Coleoptera) as a pest of chilli and brinjal in Karnataka. Current Research 5(6): 100

Record of Plutella xylostella Linn. (= maculipennis (Curt.)) as a new pest of Amaranthus viridis in Karnataka. Current Science 44(23): 869

Record of Polymyxa graminis Ledingham on Triticum aestivum L. in Rio Grande do Sul. Agronomia Sulriograndense 10(2): 227-231

Record of Pterolophia annulata Chevr. and Diboma procera Pasc. (Lamiinae; Cerambycidae: Coleoptera) as new pests of pepper (Piper nigrum L.) from India. Current Science 45(18): 670-671

Record of Research for 1974. Annual Report for 1974. Record of Research for 1974 Annual Report for 1974: 194

Record of Research. Annual report 1974 of the East African Veterinary Research Organization. Record of Research Annual report 1974 of the East African Veterinary Research Organization: ; iv + 107

Record of Rhinyptia laeviceps Arrow (Coleoptera: Scarabaeidae: Rutelinae) as a pest of bajra (Pennisetum typhoides S. & H.) from Rajasthan. Indian Journal of Entomology 1975; 35(3): 271

Record of Rodolia fumida Muls., as a predator on the sugarcane mealy bug (Icerya pilosa Green), and its parasites. Indian Journal of Entomology 1973; 34(2): 180-181

Record of Spironoura brevispiculata Baylis, 1935; from India. Current Science 44(19): 703-704

Record of Syrphus confrater Wiedmann as predaceous on woolly aphid, Eriosoma lanigerum (Hausm.). Indian Journal of Entomology 1974; 34(4): 348-349

Record of a Carabid predator Chlaenius bioculatus Chaud. on the leaf-roller, Neomarasmia suspicalis Wlk., a pest of sugarcane. Indian Journal of Entomology 1973; 34(2): 175-177

Record of a hyperparasitoid, Catolaccus crassiceps (Masi) (Hymenoptera: Pteromalidae) from India. Entomologists' Newsletter 6(6/7): 44

Record of a new alternate host-plant of rice leaf miner, Cerodontha oryzivora Spencer. Current Science 45(4): 156

Record of a new host plant of Agrotis ipsilon Rott. Indian Journal of Entomology 1973; 34(2): 175

Record of a new host plant of Hymenia recurvalis (F.) and its parasites. Indian Journal of Entomology 1977; 37(3): 314

Record of chloropid fly, Mepachymerus sp. on sorghum from India. Entomologists' Newsletter 6(10): 55

Record of experimental areas of the Newfoundland Forest Research Centre. Information Report, Newfoundland Forest Research Centre (N-X-132): 153

Record of insect pests of soybean in Himachal Pradesh. Indian Journal of Entomology 1977; 38(3): 286-289

Record of investigations 1974 (Horticulture). Record of investigations 1974 Horticulture: 160

Record of investigations 1974 (agriculture). Record of investigations 1974 agriculture: 155

Record of lac insect on grapevines in Rajasthan. Entomologists' Newsletter 6(8/9): 50

Record of lunate fly, Eumerus sp. (Syrphidae: Diptera) on potatoes from India. Current Science 44(22): 827

Record of new alternate host plant of paddy leaf roller, Cnaphalocrocis medinalis Gn. Indian Journal of Entomology 1975; 35(4): 347

Record of new host plants for some important crop pests in Tamil Nadu. Indian Journal of Entomology 1976; 36(3): 227-228

Record of new host-plants of four Agromyzids. Journal of the Bombay Natural History Society 72(1): 223-225

Record of new hosts of Ganeo tigrinum (Trematoda: Lecithodendriidae). Current Science 44(20): 738-739

Record of new hymenopterous parasites from khapra beetle, Trogoderma granarium Everts (Coleoptera: Dermestidae). Indian Journal of Entomology 1975; 35(4): 353-355

Record of new natural parasites of sorghum shootfly Atherigona varia soccata, Rond. (Diptera: Anthomyiidae) in India. Entomological News 88(1/2): 52

Record of new pests infesting high yielding wheat varieties. Indian Journal of Entomology 1976; 37(1): 97-98

Record of parasites and predators on some South Indian crop pests. Indian Journal of Entomology 1976; 37(1): 100-101

Record of parasites of Delias hyparete Linnaeus. Entomologists' Newsletter 6(11/12): 63

Record of parasites of Mocis undata Fab. Indian Journal of Entomology 1975; 35(2): 168

Record of pea enation mosaic virus in Sicily. Phytopathologia Mediterranea 14(1): 34-36

Record of pests infesting moth bean (matki) (Phaseolus aconitifolius Jacq.) a potential pulse crop. Current Research 6(4): 69-71

Record of psychodids (Diptera: Psychodidae) from the Punjab together with distinctive characters of male of Parabrunettia atrisquamis Brunetti. Indian Journal of Entomology 1976; 37(1): 86-87

Record of publications contained in Vol. I of the series of notes ('Notas INF') published by the General Directorate of the National Forest Inventory. Nota INF Inventario Forestal Nacional, Mexico (24): 17

Record of research for the period 1st January to 31st December 1973. Annual Report 1973. Report, East African Agriculture and Forestry Research Organization: [10 +] 235

Record of research for the period 1st January to 31st December 1974. Annual report 1974. Report, East African Agriculture and Forestry Research Organization: [6 +] 194

Record of research for the period 1st January to 31st December 1975. Annual report 1975. Report, East African Agriculture and Forestry Research Organization: [6+]193

Record of research. Annual report 1973. Record of research Annual report 1973: 235

Record of research. Annual report 1974. Record of research Annual report 1974: 194

Record of research. Annual report 1975. Record of research Annual report 1975: 193

Record of silvicultural trials and demonstrations - Vol. 2. Information Report, Newfoundland Forest Research Centre (N-X-137): 113

Record of some parasites of sorghum shootfly, Atherigona soccata Rondani. Entomologists' Newsletter 6(6/7): 43

Record of sorghum diseases at State experimental stations. Agronomia Sulriograndense 11(1): 53-55

Record of the 1974 Annual Convention of the British Wood Preserving Association Cambridge 25-28 June, 1974. Record of the 1974 Annual Convention of the British Wood Preserving Association Cambridge 25-28 June, 1974: ; vii + 110

Record of the 1975 Annual Convention of the British Wood Preserving Association Cambridge 24-27 June, 1975. Record of the 1975 Annual Convention of the British Wood Preserving Association Cambridge 24-27 June, 1975: ; vii + 174

Record of the 1975 Annual Convention of the British Wood Preserving Association, Cambridge, June 24-June 27th, 1975. Record of the 1975 Annual Convention of the British Wood Preserving Association, Cambridge, June 24 June 27th, 1975: 1977; vii + 174

Record of the 1976 Annual Convention of the British Wood Preserving Association Cambridge, June 29th-July 2nd, 1976. Record of the 1976 Annual Convention of the British Wood Preserving Association Cambridge, June 29th July 2nd, 1976: ; 152

Record of the 1977 Annual Convention of the British Wood Preserving Association, Cambridge, June 28th-July 1st, 1977. Record of the 1977 Annual Convention of the British Wood Preserving Association, Cambridge, June 28th July 1st, 1977: 258

Record of the Second Conference of the Club du Sahel, held in Ottawa, Canada, from 30th May to 1st June, 1977. Record of the Second Conference of the Club du Sahel, held in Ottawa, Canada, from 30th May to 1st June, 1977: 41

Record of the first national meeting on continuous forest inventory. Publicacion, Direccion General del Inventario Nacional Forestal, Mexico (23): 189

Record of the greenhouse whitefly Trialeurodes vaporariorum (Westwood) on tomato. Current Science 44(3): 104-105

Record of the parasites and predators of soybean leaf rollers in India. Indian Journal of Entomology 1977; 38(4): 383-384

Record of the second national meeting on continuous forest inventory. Publicacion, Direccion General del Inventario Nacional Forestal, Mexico (25): 188

Record of the seminar on Kiri. Boletim Tecnico, Instituto Florestal, Sao Paulo (13): 150

Record of the third national meeting on continuous forest inventory. Publicacion, Direccion General del Inventario Nacional Forestal, Mexico (30): 197

Record of thrips on some vegetables and ornamental plants from Kulu Valley, Himachal Pradesh. Indian Journal of Entomology 1975; 35(2): 164-166

Record of two new species of mammals for Peru, Odocoileus dichotomus and Chrysocyon brachyurus, with notes on their habitat. Revista Forestal del Peru1976; 6: 61-81

Record world sugar crop to exceed demand. Euro Farm Business 4(4): 33-34

Recorded fattening of pigs on farms of the Russian Federation. Zhivotnovodstvo (1): 35-36

Recorded production times and area requirements with Ficus elastica. Gartner Tidende (47): 786

Recorded production times and growing area requirements for Solanum capsicastrum. Gartner Tidende (48): 814-815

Recording and machine processing of cereal rust infection-type data. Plant Disease Reporter 60(2): 143-147

Recording differences in isoenzyme spectra associated with genetic markers of ten linkage groups in maize. Acta Universitatis Agriculturae, Facultas Agronomica, Brno, Apub 1977; 33(3): 451-460

Recording fellings with a tape recorder. Rationalizing the final part of logging work. Holz Zentralblatt 102(118): 1647-1648

Recording fluctuations in the intensity of visible light. Laboratory Practice 24(12): 813-814

Recording forest patterns from photographs and maps by computerized techniques. Proceedings, Monitoring Forest Environment through Successive Sampling [Syracuse, NY, June 24-26-1974]: 119-132

Recording motor activity by means of charges on the body surface of animals. Experientia 29: 1044

Recording of adults of the desert tick Hyalomma asiaticum P.Sch. et E. Schl. in southeastern Kara-Kum. Meditsinskaya Parazitologiya i Parazitarnye Bolezni 45(3): 318-322

Recording of insect activity on Beech stems with funnel traps. Entomologiske Meddelelser 42(1): 1-18

Recording of milk production at the Shchapovo industrialized farm complex. Byulleten' Nauchnykh Rabot, Vsesoyuznyi Ordena Trudovogo Krasnogo Znameni Nauchno issledovatel' skii Institut Zhivotnovodstva (42): 32-34

Recording of milk yield efficiency. Results and analysis 1974-75. Meddelanden, Svensk Husdjursskotsel (79): 35

Recording quantitative variation in yield components in breeding spring wheat for drought resistance. Nauch tr Tyumen un t (23): 68-69

Recording specimen localities in New Zealand: an arbitrary system of areas and codes defined. New Zealand Journal of Zoology 3(1): 69

Recording the activity of bees at the entrance to a 10-frame hive. Insectes Sociaux 23(1): 75-81

Recording the mechanical response of electrically stimulated Berberis stamens. Comptes Rendus des Seances de la Societe de Biologie 170(1): 87-94

Recording the shape of animals by a moire method. Journal of Physics, E Scientific Instruments 8: 773-776

Recording the yield of flower bulbs and tubers in the German Democratic Republic with the aid of electronic data processing. (Short report). Archiv fur Gartenbau 22(7): 445-449

Recording wind velocity, direction, and temperature in fires by logarithmic technique. USDA Forest Service Research Note, Pacific Southwest Forest and Range Experiment Station (PSW-304): 5

Records of Cucullanus truttae (Fabricius, 1794) (Nematoda: Cucullanidae) from Swedish brook lampreys, Lampetra planeri (Bloch). Folia Parasitologica 24(4): 323-329

Records of Hymenopterous parasites of the rice leaf folder Cnaphalacrocis medinalis Guen. in Kerala. Agricultural Research Journal of Kerala 1974; 11(1): 81

Records of Mallophaga of the genus Damalinia from wild ruminants in New Zealand. New Zealand Entomologist 5(3/4): 324-330

Records of Opisthorchis felineus and Dicrocoelium dendriticum in commercial fur-bearing animals in the Volgograd region. Voprosy parazitologii zhivotnykh Yugo Vostoka SSSR: 76-78

Records of Psylla dodonaeae Tuthill (Hemiptera: Psyllidae) in Australia, with notes on its biology. Journal of the Australian Entomological Society 15(3): 347

Records of Tabanidae from Azraq Oasis, Jordan. Journal of Medical Entomology 14(4): 468-468

Records of alternate host plants of the red cotton bug. Entomologists' Newsletter 5(6/7): 33

Records of beetles from Wechselburg (1st supplement). Entomologische Nachrichten 20(12): 185-189

Records of biological observations in apricot growing. Kulturaufzeichnungen im Marillen Aprikosen Anbau: 11

Records of fleas collected from weasels (Mustela nivalis L.) in north-eastern Scotland (Siphonaptera: Hystrichopsyllidae and Ceratophyllidae). Entomologist' s Gazette 28(4): 277-280

Records of gordian worms (Nematomorpha) from New Zealand Carabidae. New Zealand Entomologist 4(3): 98-99

Records of insects taken at light traps in Tanzania. III-Seasonal changes in catches and effect of the lunar cycle on insects of the families Cercopidae, Cicadidae and Fulgoridae (Hem., Homoptera) and Corixidae (Hem., Heteroptera). Miscellaneous Report, Centre for Overseas Pest Research (20): 14

Records of insects taken at light traps in Tanzania. IV - Seasonal changes in catches and effect of the lunar cycle on insects of the genus Dysdercus (Heteroptera: Pyrrhocoridae). Miscellaneous Report, Centre for Overseas Pest Research (30): 8

Records of insects taken at light traps in Tanzania. VII - Seasonal changes in catches and effect of the lunar cycle on the adults of several pest species of Lepidoptera (Lepidoptera: Noctuidae). Miscellaneous Report, Centre for Overseas Pest Research (38): 11

Records of parasitism in the families ichneumonidae, braconidae and aulacidae (Hymenoptera). Journal of the Entomological Society of Australia NSW 9: 28-38

Records of phoretic attachment of Mallophaga (Insecta: Phthiraptera) on insects other than Hippoboscidae. Journal of Medical Entomology 12(4): 476-476

Records of predators and their parasites from Gujarat. Entomologists' Newsletter 5(8/9): 40

Records of research in agrobioclimatic analogies. Fasc. I. Acclimatization of plants in the low altitude equatorial zone of Zaire. Cahiers de la recherche en analogie agrobioclimatique Fascicule I Analyse d' acclimatation de vegetaux en zone equatoriale Zairoise de basse altitude: xviii + 549

Records of six Eriophyid mites associated with economic plants in Taiwan. Journal of Agriculture and Forestry 23: 75-88

Records of six species of Cicadidae from Nepal, with description of a new species (Homoptera). Insecta Matsumurana 11: 73-80

Records of some known and descriptions of some new species of Chalcids (Hymenoptera) from India. Memoirs of the School of Entomology, St John' s College, Agra (4): 35-62

Records of some plant parasitic nematodes in Greece with morphometrical descriptions. Nematologia Mediterranea 5(2): 207-215

Records of soybean leaf roller parasites. Entomologists' Newsletter 6(3): 28

Records of the Symposium In Memoriam Professor E.J. Bigwood. Current EEC trends in the matter of regulations on food additives. Symposium "In Memoriam Prof EJ Bigwood" Les orientations actuelles de la CEE en matiere de reglementation des additifs alimentaires: viii + 224

Records of two nematode parasites uncommon in birds. Acta Parasitologica Polonica 23(26/40): 361-365

Recoveries of tagged N (15N-labelled) under some management practices for lowland rice. Philippine Agriculturist 60(9/10): 367-377

Recovery and characterization of a coronavirus from military dogs with diarrhea. Proceedings, Annual Meeting of the United States Animal Health Association: 359-366

Recovery and compensation by nodulated legumes to environmental stress. International Biological Programme (7): 385-403

Recovery and fertilization of eggs following natural service and uterine insemination in the Galway ewe. Irish Veterinary Journal 32(7): 123-125

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