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Results of loading doses of aspartame by two phenylketonuric (PKU) children compared with two normal children

, : Results of loading doses of aspartame by two phenylketonuric (PKU) children compared with two normal children. Journal of Toxicology and Environmental Health 2(2): 459-469

Two phenylketonuric boys aged 14 years normally ate diets with moderately or greatly restricted phenylalanine, 70 or 17 mg/kg bodyweight daily. They were given by mouth one loading dose of the sweetener aspartame [1-methyl-N-L-aspartyl-L-phenylalanine] 34 mg/kg then 2 weeks later its molecular equivalent in L-phenylalanine, 19 mg/kg, which left the 1st boy within his permitted maximum intake of 100 mg/kg and caused the 2nd to exceed his of 30 mg/kg. The 1st boy was already excreting large amounts of phenylalanine and its metabolites o-hydroxyphenylacetic acid, phenylpyruvic acid and phenylacetylglutamine, which obscured any change resulting from loading. The 2nd did not excrete phenylpyruvic acid; slight increases in excretion of phenylalanine or metabolites were not of clinical significance. Both doses of aspartame produced a significant rise in serum of phenylalanine, but not of tyrosine, in both boys. There was no methanol in blood or urine. A normal boy aged 12 and girl aged 15 years were given aspartame 34 and phenylalanine 19 mg/kg without effect on blood or serum values or wellbeing. The phenylalanine equivalent of aspartame required it to be calculated as part of the total phenylalanine intake for younger children with phenylketonuria, but its effect was negligible in adolescents.


PMID: 1011297

DOI: 10.1080/15287397609529447

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