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Results of parenteral use of iron dextran (Fedex) in treatment of iron-deficiency anaemia

, : Results of parenteral use of iron dextran (Fedex) in treatment of iron-deficiency anaemia. Srpski Arhiv za Celokupno Lekarstvo 103(4): 275-279

To 20 subjects with varying degrees of iron-deficiency anaemia, with Hb generally below 8 g/100 ml, serum Fe below 50 mu g/100 ml and siderophyllin saturation under 15% and, in 10 examined, complete lack of Fe in bone marrow, with absence of sideroblasts and extracellular Fe, iron-dextran (Fedex) was given by muscle. Indications for parenteral Fe were gastrointestinal disorders, permanent bleeding or intolerance of oral Fe. In 9 Hb rose to at least 12 g/100 ml.


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