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Results of studies on new forms of Phaseolus vulgaris

, : Results of studies on new forms of Phaseolus vulgaris. Puti povysheniya urozhainosti polevykh kul' tur na bogarnykh zemlyakh yuga Ukrainy: 86-90

In trials in the S. Ukraine in 1967-71, the new P. vulgaris Odesskaya-5, -6 and -7 outyielded the standard cultivar by 230-250, 300-600 and 150-170 kg seed/ha, respectively, had a 1000-seed weight of 301, 265 and 293 g, are resistant to drought and shattering of pods and seeds; seed maturation in them is more uniform than in the standard cultivar. Cultivar Odesskaya-5 and -6 mature 3-5 days earlier than the standard.


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