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Results of the Albania Expedition 1961 of the German Entomological Institute. 91st Contribution. Diptera: Muscidae

, : Results of the Albania Expedition 1961 of the German Entomological Institute. 91st Contribution. Diptera: Muscidae. Beitrage zur Entomologie 26(1): 197-210

The author gives a list of 66 species of Muscidae found in Albania during a survey of the Diptera in 1961, together with certain species previously recorded close to the border and probably occurring in the country. In all, 33 species are reported as new records for Albania. The species include notably 9 of the genus Fannia, 5 of Musca, including M. domestica L., M. autumnalis Deg. and M. larvipara Porch., and Stomoxys calcitrans (L.).


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