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Retailing florist crops through mass merchandising outlets: Rochester, New York, and Hartford, Connecticut

, : Retailing florist crops through mass merchandising outlets: Rochester, New York, and Hartford, Connecticut. Acta Horticulturae (55): 277-284

Detailed results of this study can be found in Research Report 75-8 (with the same title), Cornell University, which has already been abstracted in WAERSA (WAERSA 18,4074).


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Williams, T.M.; Sotgia, F.; Lee, H.; Hassan, G.; D.V.zio, D.; Bonuccelli, G.; Capozza, F.; Mercier, I.; Rui, H.; Pestell, R.G.; Lisanti, M.P., 2006: Stromal and epithelial caveolin-1 both confer a protective effect against mammary hyperplasia and tumorigenesis: Caveolin-1 antagonizes cyclin D1 function in mammary epithelial cells. Here, we investigate the role of caveolin-1 (Cav-1) in breast cancer onset and progression, with a focus on epithelial-stromal interactions, ie, the tumor microenvironment. Cav-1 is highly expressed in adipocytes and is abundant in mammary fat pad...

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