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Reversible suppression of milk secretion by concanavalin A

, : Reversible suppression of milk secretion by concanavalin A. FEBS Letters 71(1): 154-156

Concanavalin A (Con A) from 2 sources, one with the protein dissolved in 5% glucose solution, the other a purified, salt-free protein, was individually infused into one udder half of 4 goats in mid-lactation. The goats were milked every 12 hr starting from 24-36 h before an infusion and for 60 h-10 days following it. Both preparations of Con A produced a depression in milk yield of 223-454 ml below pre-infusion levels. The suppression of lactation with Con A resembles that induced by colchicine. It is localized to the treated side of the udder only, reaches a max. in 24-36 h and is fully reversed by 96 h. Milk composition during the depressed yield period is normal but during recovery of milk production the fat and protein content of the milk is raised. On a mol. wt. basis Con A is 50X more active than colchicine in depressing milk yield. It is suggested that Con A causes dysfunction of the microtubules in the cell mediated through Con A receptors in the cell surface.


PMID: 992081

DOI: 10.1016/0014-5793(76)80919-2

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