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Review for the year 1974-1975 of the pigs treated in a veterinary practice in Neumunster/Holstein and comparison with a review for 1960-1961 from the same practice

, : Review for the year 1974-1975 of the pigs treated in a veterinary practice in Neumunster/Holstein and comparison with a review for 1960-1961 from the same practice. Jahresubersicht 1974/75 der Schweinepatienten einer tierarztlichen Praxis in Neumunster/Holstein und Vergleich dieser Ubersicht mit einer aus dem Jahre 1960/61 aus derselben Praxis: 44

In a brief description of this veterinary practice it is shown that the number of farms decreased from 226 in 1960/61 to 119 in 1974/75, a decrease of 47%, but that the number of animals kept had increased by 18%. With this change there was also evidence of increased specialization. The total number of first visits by the veterinary surgeon decreased by 15%, those involving cattle increasing by 1.68% and those involving pigs decreasing by 48.18%.


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