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Geography & Life Sciences: Chapter 508

Chapter 508 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in geography and in the life sciences.

Sternal glands in polistine wasps: morphology and associated behavior. Journal of the Georgia Entomological Society 9(1): 1-8

Steroid and prostaglandin concentrations in the plasma of pregnant ewes during infusion of adrenocorticotrophin or dexamethasone to intact or hypophysectomized foetuses. Journal of Endocrinology 75(1): 59-71

Steroid balance and tissue cholesterol accumulation in germfree and conventional rats fed diets containing saturated and polyunsaturated fats. Journal of Lipid Research 15(6): 574-579

Steroid combinations in treatment of trichinosis. Journal of the American Medical Association 230(4): 537

Steroid feedback regulation of luteinizing hormone and follicle-stimulating hormone secretion rates in male and female rats. Journal of Toxicology and Environmental Health 3(1-2): 61-95

Steroid hormone formation in bovine ovarian follicles. Endocrinologia Japonica 22(4): 361-366

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Steroid-independent effect of gonadotropins on prostaglandin synthesis in rat Graafian follicles in vitro. Prostaglandins 9(5): 753-764

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Steroidal glycosides. XVI. Structure of asparagosides C and E from Asparagus officinalis. Khimiya Prirodnykh Soedinenii (6): 823-824

Steroidal sapogenins: a review of actual and potential plant sources. Tropical Science 17(3): 139-154

Steroidal saponins XIV. Structure of agavoside G from Agave americana leaves. Khimiya Prirodnykh Soedinenii (4): 486-491

Steroidal saponins and sapogenins from Allium rubellum and A. albanum. Khimiya Prirodnykh Soedinenii (4): 550-551

Steroidal saponins and sapogenins of Allium. IX. Structure of aginoside. Khimiya Prirodnykh Soedinenii (4): 480-486

Steroidal saponins of Yucca filamentosa: yuccoside C and protoyuccoside C. Phytochemistry 14(8): 1817-1820

Steroidal saponins. V. Agave saponins from Agave americana leaves. Khimiya Prirodnykh Soedinenii 11(1): 104-105

Steroidal saponins. XV. Preliminary characteristics of steroidal glycosides from Polygonatum latifolium. Khimiya Prirodnykh Soedinenii (5): 670-671

Steroidogenesis in preimplantation embryos. Research in Reproduction 7(1): 3

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Sterol composition of Rotylenchulus reniformis and its host plant, cotton. Journal of Nematology 9(4): 286

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Sterolic compounds in plant mitochondria. Preliminary research on the location of these substances within the organelles. Physiologie Vegetale 13(3): 539-548

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Sterols of Yucca glauca tissue cultures and seeds. Planta Medica 27(3): 257-261

Sterols of horse erythrocytes. Ukrains'kyi Biokhimichnyi Zhurnal 47(2): 221-225

Sterols of male and female compound inflorescences of Zea mays L. Planta 133(1): 89-93

Sterols of the lobster (Homarus americanus) and the shrimp (Pandalus borealis). Experientia 31(8): 878-880

Sterotyped system of land utilization for grassland-type dairy farm management. Journal of Japanese Society of Grassland Science 21(2): 116-123

Steryl acetates in Rhododendron waxes. Phytochemistry 14(11): 2453-2454

Steryl glucoside and acyl glucoside biosynthesis in maturing pea seeds. Phytochemistry 17(3): 435-438

Steryl-glucosides: a group of substances in plants with growth regulatory activity and biphasic dose response curve. Zeitschrift fur Pflanzenphysiologie 81(1): 57-67

Stethorus - a predator of the spider mite. Zashchita Rastenii (1): 23-24

Stethorus keralicus Kapur, (Coleoptera: Coccinellidae) - a predator of arecanut palm mite. Current Research 5(2): 27-28

Stevnsbaer - an interesting sour cherry cultivar for juice production. Obstbau Weinbau 12(5): 142-145

Stevnsbaer: an example of an industrial sour cherry. Erwerbsobstbau 20(4): 67-69

Stewartias-small trees and shrubs for all seasons. Arnoldia 35(4): 165-180

Stickiness in Rosa meiosis induced by hybridisation. Caryologia 28(1): 81-88

Stickiness of dark-chestnut clay loam and sandy soils in Kustanay Oblast during vertical separation and tangential shearing. Pochvovedenie (4): 68-78

Stictocephala bubalus (Fabricius, 1794) (Homoptera, Membracidae) - a new species for the fauna of Czechoslovakia. Zbornik Slovenskeho Narodneho Muzea, Prirodne Vedy 1975; 20: 257-258

Stiffness and flexural strength of hardwood pallets manufactured by the R. and L. Corporation. Bulletin, Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University (143): 24

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Stiffness and tanning of sclerites. Journal of Insect Physiology 21(11): 1741-1746

Stifle bruising in bobby calves. New Zealand Veterinary Journal 25(3): 71-72

Stigma application of an extract from rape pollen (Brassica napus L.) effects self-incompatibility in Brussels sprouts (Brassica oleracea L. var. gemmifera DC). Incompatibility Newsletter (6): 80-86

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Stigma receptivity in male sterile wheat. Acta Agronomica Academiae Scientiarum Hungaricae 25(1/2): 172-175

Stigmacarus lukoschusi, new genus and new species (Acarina, Podapolipidae) from beetles in Italy. Acarologia 18(3): 545-552

Stigmasteryl- beta -D-glucoside as an auxin synergist. Planta 126(3): 289-292

Stigmatic exudates and plant sterility: a chromatographic and spectrophotometric study. Current Science 44(18): 681-683

Stigmina blight of peach and its control in Himachal Pradesh. Horticultural Advance74; 9: 49-51

Still little known - a sometimes formidable pest, the pear phylloxera. Phytoma 27(268): 7-17

Still-births from toxoplasmosis in sheep. Tierarztliche Umschau 32(12): 642-643

Stillbirths in a pig breeding unit due to high carbon monoxide content of the air. Schweizer Archiv für Tierheilkunde 118(10): 425-428

Stilpnotia salicis in the Altai region. Zashchita Rastenii (9): 47

Stimulant action of some substances on the growth of Listeria, particularly cystine, ferric citrate and thiamin. Problemy Veterinarnoi Sanitarii 48: 35-44

Stimulant plants, rubber and gum plants, oil and fat plants, root and tuber plants and sugar plants. Genussmittelliefernde Pflanzen, Kautschuk und gummiliefernde Pflanzen, Ol und fettliefernde Pflanzen, Knollen und Wurzelfruchte, Zuckerliefernde Pflanzen (Ed. 2): 481

Stimulants of germination and appressoria formation by Colletotrichum musae (Berk. & Curt.) Arx. in banana leachate. Phytopathologische Zeitschrift 87(1): 74-90

Stimulated plasma prolactin levels in women using medroxyprogesterone acetate or an intrauterine device for contraception. Fertility and Sterility 26(10): 970-981

Stimulating activity of mono- and di-ketones of pyrimidine series. Fiziologicheskie Aktivnye Veshchestva, Resp Mezhved Sb (7): 120-123

Stimulating detailed planning in agriculture. Planovoe Khozyaistvo (10): 63-70

Stimulating effect and productive efficiency of proteins and amino acids fed to bees as pollen substitutes. Cercetari privind efectul stimulator si eficienta productiva a unor substante proteice si aminoacizi administrati in hrana albinelor ca inlocuitori de polen: 41

Stimulating effect of calcium on egg production. Bulletin de l' Academie des Sciences Agricoles et Forestieres 5: 157-164

Stimulating effect of gamma radiation on growth of senna (Cassia angustifolia Vahl.). Stimul Newslett (8): 37-42

Stimulating effect of impulse-concentrated sunlight (ICS) and laser beams on yield and seed yield in cucumber. [Nauch tr] Kazakhsk s kh in t 18(1): 204-207

Stimulating effect of laser rays on the development of greenhouse cucumbers. Molekul i Prikl Biofiz S Kh Rastenii i Primenenie Noveish Fiz Tekhn Metodov v S Kh: 64-65

Stimulating effect of nicotinic and isonicotinic acids of different origins on yield components of spring wheat. Voprosy povysheniya produktivnosti zernovykh kul' tur: 139-141

Stimulating effect of preparations from Rhodiola species. Rastitel' nye Resursy 14(1): 90-92

Stimulating effect of seedling emergence by seed treatment with gibberellin as influenced by the size of clod in soil cover in paddy rice sown deeply under upland field conditions. Science Reports of Faculty of Agriculture, Kobe University 12(2): 167-171

Stimulating effects of transplanting on the development of wheat spindle streak mosaic virus in wheat plants infected from soil. Phytopathology 66(2): 130-131

Stimulating higher quality in meat production by means of price. Visnik Sil' s' kogospodar' koi Nauki (9): 99-103

Stimulating labour productivity in state farms. Finansy SSSR (9): 50-57

Stimulating local development. Stimulating local development: v+56

Stimulating parthenogenesis in maize by doubling the chromosome number in meiosis. Tsitologiya i Genetika 9(5): 456-459

Stimulating specialization of production. Ekonomika Sel' skogo Khozyaistva (1): 92-95

Stimulating the germination of Fraxinus excelsior seeds by treatment in an aqueous solution of molybdenum. Gorsko Stopanstvo 31(8): 45-47

Stimulating the germination of seeds of Acer by soaking in an aqueous solution of molybdenum. Gorsko Stopanstvo 31(9): 45-46

Stimulating the reproductive process in gilts by gonadotropins. Medycyna Weterynaryjna 34(4): 227-229

Stimulating the sprouting of yam tubers with ethephon. Journal of Agriculture of the University of Puerto Rico 60(4): 592-596

Stimulation and behaviour of miracidia of Schistosoma mansoni. Dissertation Abstracts International 34B(9): 4223

Stimulation and inhibition of plant virus replication in vivo by 6-benzylaminopurine. Virology 66(1): 341-343

Stimulation and inhibition reactions in plants infected by Corynebacterium fascians (Tilford) Dowson. Marcellia 38(4): 305-310

Stimulation by LH of prostaglandin synthesis in rat follicles in vitro. 58th Annual meeting of the Endocrine Society, San Francisco, California, 23-25 June 1976 Program and abstracts: 314

Stimulation by added lipids of photophosphorylation associated with Photosystem I. Proceedings of the Third International Congress on Photosynthesis Volume I: 603-608

Stimulation by antibiotic 26a of growth of Japanese quails (Coturnix coturnix japonica). Polskie Archiwum Weterynaryjne 18(2): 325-335

Stimulation by light of apothecial initial development of Sclerotinia sclerotiorum. Transactions of the British Mycological Society 65(2): 333-335

Stimulation in seed germination of fodder crops through growth retardants. Current Science 44(9): 314-315

Stimulation in vitro by 1,25-dihydroxy-vitamin D3 of intestinal cell calcium uptake and calcium-binding protein. Science 190(4221): 1300-1302

Stimulation of Chediak-Higashi phagocytes. New England Journal of Medicine 295(19): 1074-1075

Stimulation of Geotrichum candidum by low oxygen and high carbon dioxide atmospheres. Phytopathology 65(11): 1299-1302

Stimulation of H+ efflux and cation uptake by fusicoccin in barley roots. Plant Science Letters 4(5): 323-329

Stimulation of LH release and ovulation in the rat by cutaneous application of luteinizing hormone-releasing hormone (LH-RH) in dimethyl sulfoxide (DMSO). Endocrine Research Communications 2(4-5): 327-333

Stimulation of Streptococcus thermophilus by the addition of lactase or extracts of lactobacilli to milk. XX International Dairy Congress, Vol E: 513-514

Stimulation of active and passive sodium absorption by sugars in the human jejunum. Journal of Clinical Investigation 55(4): 728-737

Stimulation of albumin synthesis by amino acids following partial hepatectomy in the rat. American Journal of Clinical Nutrition 28(12): 1412-1415

Stimulation of antineoplastic mechanisms by bacterial vaccines prepared from haemocultures from cows with leukosis. Doklady Vsesoyuznoi Akademii Sel' skokhozyaistvennykh Nauk (5): 29-31

Stimulation of auxin-induced elongation of cucumber hypocotyl sections by dihydroconiferyl alcohol. Dihydroconiferyl alcohol inhibits indole-3-acetic acid degradation in vivo and in vitro. Plant and Cell Physiology 16(5): 845-855

Stimulation of bone formation in vivo by phosphate supplementation. Calcified Tissue Research 22(1): 85-98

Stimulation of breeding activity in spring-mated Merino ewes. Agroanimalia 8(1): 13-15

Stimulation of calcium absorption and apparent increased intestinal 1,25-dihydroxycholecalciferol in rats treated with low doses of ethane-1-hydroxy-1,1-diphosphonate. Clinical Science and Molecular Medicine 48(2): 157-160

Stimulation of cholesterol esterification in rhesus monkey arterial smooth muscle cells. Circulation Research 40(2): 166-173

Stimulation of cyclic AMP and progesterone synthesis by LH, PGE2 and isoproterenol in the bovine CL in vitro. Biology of Reproduction 17(4): 514-518

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Stimulation of ethylene and CO2 production of mature-green tomatoes by impact bruising. HortScience 11(6): 604-606

Stimulation of ethylene production in the mung bean hypocotyls by cupric ion, calcium ion, and kinetin. Plant Physiology 57(1): 88-92

Stimulation of feeding in the desert locust Schistocerca gregaria Forsk. (Orthoptera Acrididae) by means of sinigrin. Comptes Rendus Hebdomadaires des Seances de l' Academie des Sciences, D 284(7): 573-576

Stimulation of flowering in Scots Pine seed orchards. Nauka proiz vu (2): 3-4

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Stimulation of food intake in horses by diazepam and promazine. Pharmacology Biochemistry and Behavior 5(4): 495-497

Stimulation of gall formation by plant nematodes. Problemy onkologii i teratologii rastenii Itogovyi sbornik Pervogo Vsesoyuznogo soveshchaniya po probleme patologicheskikh novoobrazovanii u rastenii: 36-39

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Stimulation of germination by gamma radiations of the dormant seeds of Avena fatua L. Current Science 45(17): 629-630

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Stimulation of glucagon secretion by ethanol-induced hypoglycemia in man. Diabetes 24(3): 295-300

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