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Geography & Life Sciences: Chapter 561

Chapter 561 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in geography and in the life sciences.

Thymus dependence of the antibody response to tetanus toxoid in mice. Clinical and Experimental Immunology 22(2): 341-347

Thymus dependency of host resistance to Giardia muris infection: studies in nude mice. Journal of Immunology 120(2): 680-682

Thymus influence on the conversion of 19S to 7S antibody formation in the response to TNP-Brucella. Journal of Immunology 115(2): 332-334

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Thymus-derived lymphocytes in patients with bilharzial urinary bladder cancer: brief communication. Journal of the National Cancer Institute 59(2): 355-357

Thyrocalcitonin injection to rats increases the liver inorganic phosphate. Endocrinology 96(4): 1048-1050

Thyroid activity as a selection trait in animal breeding. Tierzuchter 27(11): 466-468

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Tiago deertongue grass released as cover plant. Crops and Soils 28: 19

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Tierhaltung. Tierhaltung (1): 72

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