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Vegetative growth, reproductive ontogeny and seed yield of selected tropical grain legumes

, : Vegetative growth, reproductive ontogeny and seed yield of selected tropical grain legumes. Crop protection agents their biological evaluation Proceedings of the international conference on the evaluation of biological activity, held at Wageningen, The Netherlands, 16th-18th April, 1975: 251-271

In growth cabinet experiments in 1971-2, soyabean TK5 and cowpea (Vigna unguiculata) 2809 were grown in factorial combinations of (a) 27 or (b) 33 deg C day temp., (c) 19 or (d) 24 deg C night temp. and daylengths of (e) 11 h 40 min or (f) 13 h 20 min. In soyabean, mean seed dry wt. ranged from 91 mg for (f) + (b) + (c) to 216 mg for (f) + (a) + (d), and seed dry wt./plant from 27.3 g for (e) + (b) + (a) to 69.7 g for (e) + (a) + (d).


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