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Geography & Life Sciences: Chapter 582

Chapter 582 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in geography and in the life sciences.

A 30-foot applicator for applying fertilizer and herbicide. ASAE Paper (79-1005): 8 pp

A 30-year record of tree growth in strip mine plantings. Tree Planters' Notes 28(3/4): 18-21; 31

A 34-year-old man with recurrent pulmonary infiltrates. New England Journal of Medicine 301(21): 1168-1174

A 4 year study of the post-surgical survival of 635 dogs following neoplasm excision. Proceedings of the American Association of Veterinary Laboratory Diagnosticians 1979; 21: 439-468

A 4-year study and control of Lymantria monacha in East Prussia in retrospect. Allgemeine Forst und Jagdzeitung 150(2): 25-30

A 51-year-old woman with chest pain and a coin lesion. New England Journal of Medicine 302(4): 218-223

A 6-year study of spiders (Araneae) in a Quebec apple orchard. Canadian Entomologist 111(3): 377-380

A B lymphocyte mitogen extracted from a fungus Peziza vesiculosa. Microbiology and Immunology 23(10): 997-1008

A Bangladesh village: a study of social stratification. A Bangladesh village: a study of social stratification: viii+177

A Bayesian analysis of water pricing effects on irrigation costs. ASAE Paper (79-2091): 12 pp

A British flavour in the can. Grower 93(12): 47-48, 51

A British record of the rice root aphid. Plant Pathology 27(2): 102

A C-glycosyl-flavonol from the seeds of four Lupinus species. Journal of Plant Foods 3(3): 175-179

A CES test of induced technical change: Japan. Induced innovation Technology, institutions, and development: 243-260

A CO2 controller for greenhouses. Transactions of the ASAE 22(3): 649-652

A Cactoblastis (Lep.: Phycitidae) for the biological control of Eriocereus martinii (Cactaceae) in Australia. Entomophaga, 251: 37-42

A Canadian stabilization scheme for the Australian wheat industry. Quarterly Review of the Rural Economy (November, Introductory Issue): 36-43

A Chinese biogas manual. A Chinese biogas manual: 135 pp

A Chinese hamster stock with a pericentric inversion of chromosome no. 1. Chromosome Information Service (27): 15-16

A Chinese village revisited 1975. Eastern Horizon 18(9): 18-23

A Chinese/English Dictionary of China's Rural Economy. A Chinese/English Dictionary of China' s Rural Economy: xiii+406

A Coleosporium rust on Senecio mikanioides in New Zealand. Australasian Plant Pathology 8(4): 56

A Collander-type experiment in large tanks of solution culture. Journal of Plant Nutrition 2(1/2): 127-133

A Community of twelve? The impact of further enlargement on the European Communities. Bruges Week 1978. Une communaute a douze? L' impact du nouvel elargissement sur les Communautes Europeennes: 442

A Dictionary of the Natural Environment. A Dictionary of the Natural Environment: 320

A Digitized Systematic Classification for Ecosystems with an Illustrated Summary of the Natural Vegetation of North America. US Forest Service, Rocky Mountain Forest and Range Experiment Station, Fort Collins, Colorado, General Technical Report (RM-73): 93

A Dutch isolate of Fusarium roseum 'Culmorum' may control Hydrilla verticillata in Florida. Proceedings 5th EWRS International Symposium on Aquatic Weeds, Amsterdam: 219-224

A FORTRAN program for multicrop farms to determine operations schedule, field machinery requirements and costs. Agricultural Economics Report, Department of Agricultural Economics, Michigan State University (331): 110

A Faustian dilemma. Unasylva 29(117): 12-14

A French survey. Ark 6(8): 252-255

A Fusarium root rot of sweetpotatoes. Plant Disease Reporter 63(5): 400-404

A Kalahari food staple: Ricinodendron rautanenii. Arid land plant resources: proceedings of the international arid lands conference on plant resources, Texas Tech University JR Goodin and DK Northington, editors: 341-355

A Key to Eucalypts in Southern Africa. A Key to Eucalypts in Southern Africa: v + 189

A Lasso-linuron formulation for control of weeds in potato fields. Proceedings II Simposio Nacional de Herbologia, Oeiras, 1976 (Volume III): 9-19

A Late Pleistocene mastodon (Mammut americanum) from southeastern Arizona. Geosciences Daze, Student Presentations in the Geosciences, March 5-7, 1980, Tucson, Arizona, 8th Annual: p. 22

A Latin American meeting on research into adult education and tele-education. Final report. Encuentro latinoamericano sobre investigacion en educacion de adultos y teleducacion: 94

A Lolium and Festuca plant collecting expedition to northern Italy. Rivista di Agronomia 12(4): 181-190

A Lome Convention and the ACP sugar exporters: the political economy of conflicting policies. Dissertation Abstracts International, A 39(4): p. 2419

A Malay case study of an extended family in rural-urban migration. Dissertation Abstracts International, A 40(11): p. 5920

A Malaysian experience with animal disease. Canadian Veterinary Journal 20(1): 13-21

A Markov-based linear programming model of travel in the Boundary Waters canoe area. In: Proceedings river recreation management and research symposium, USDA Forest Service. General Technical Report, North Central Forest Experiment Station, USDA Forest Service (NC-28): 342-350

A Markovian approach to the study of the Canadian cattle industry. Working Paper, Department of Economics, McMaster University (78-28): 33

A Mexican wheat and its tolerance to saline water irrigation. Mysore Journal of Agriculture Sciences 12(3): 377-380

A Mississippi record for introduced dung beetle, Onthophagus taurus Schreber (Coleoptera: Scarabaeidae). Entomological News 90(3): 152

A Monte Carlo analysis of the estimation of export demand. Proceedings AAEA Meeting, July August, 1979:

A Monte Carlo analysis of the hydrologic effects of spatial variability of infiltration. Water Resources Research 15(2): 419-429

A Monte Carlo calculation of the effects of canopy geometry on PhAR absorption. Photosynthetica 14(1): 55-64

A Mossbauer and X-ray study of the corrosion products of mild steel plates buried in four New Zealand soils. Australian Journal of Soil Research 16(2): 215 - 227

A Near-East collection of Hordeum spontaneum C.Kokh emend. Bacht. grown near Moscow. Izvestiya Akademii Nauk SSSR, Biologicheskaya (1): 53-62

A Neotropical ant mosaic. Annals of the Entomological Society of America, 714: 649-653

A Nordic genebank. Plant Genetic Resources Newsletter (36): 7

A North American host of the yellowjacket social parasite Vespula austriaca (Panzer) (Hymenoptera: Vespidae). Entomological News, 902: 110-113

A Norwegian study shows that returnable packaging uses less energy but gives greater costs than milk cartons. Nordisk Mejeriindustri 7(6): 365-366, 368

A Phytophthora-induced inhibitor of peroxidase activity in avocado leaves. Phytopathologische Zeitschrift 93(1): 69-79

A Pilot Planting Trial on a Southwestern Idaho Deer Winter Range. U S Forest Service, Intermountain Forest and Range Experiment Station, Research Paper (INT-261): 13

A Pilot Study of Food Security Planning (a Case Study of Wheat in Jordan). A Pilot Study of Food Security Planning a Case Study of Wheat in Jordan: 51

A Quartan malaria of Macaca assamensis. Acta Scientiarum Naturalium Universitatis Sunyatseni Zhongshandaxue Xuebao 52(1): 116-118

A Quebec training improvement project: the psychological profile of forestry workers. Technical Papers, American Pulpwood Association (77-P-25): 1 p.

A Report on the Joint IGCC/IPPF Workshop on the Exchange of Experience through Encouragement, Identification and Extension of Innovations in Family Planning Programmes held in Jakarta, 13-15 September 1978. A Report on the Joint IGCC/IPPF Workshop on the Exchange of Experience through Encouragement, Identification and Extension of Innovations in Family Planning Programmes held in Jakarta, 13-15 September 1978: ; 146

A Report on the Joint IGCC/JOICFP/NFPB, Malaysia Workshop/Seminar for more Effective Promotion and Management of Integrated Projects (Family Planning and Parasite Control) held in Kuala Lumpur, 18-23 February, 1979. A Report on the Joint IGCC/JOICFP/NFPB, Malaysia Workshop/Seminar for more Effective Promotion and Management of Integrated Projects Family Planning and Parasite Control held in Kuala Lumpur, 18-23 February, 1979: 161

A Rural Land Authority. Evidence to Northfield Land Enquiry. Statement by the National Executive Committee. A Rural Land Authority Evidence to Northfield Land Enquiry Statement by the [Labour Party] National Executive Committee: 6

A SEM study of the effects of bacteria and yeasts on wood decay by brown- and white-rot fungi. Scanning Electron Microscopy 1978/II: 61-67

A Sarcocystis species of rats. Journal of Protozoology 25(3, Pt. 2): 13B

A Selenophoma leaf spot on cereals in the Maritimes. Canadian Plant Disease Survey 59(3): 51-52

A Septoria disease of reed canarygrass in Pennsylvania. Plant Disease Reporter 63(9): 796-800

A Sonoran desert range milk goat experiment station. Dry Country News (5): 16-17

A South African cattle warble?. Journal of the South African Veterinary Association 51(3): 202-202

A Spanish example of regional degradation by tourism. Espaces (45): 9-14

A Streptococcus cremoris strain with antagonistic properties. Intensifikatsiya Protsessov Proizvodstva Natural' nykh Syrov i Sovershenstvovanie ikh Tekhnologii: 31-33

A Study of Subregional Agricultural Plan: Harmonization and Integration (the Syrian Arab Republic and the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan). A Study of Subregional Agricultural Plan: Harmonization and Integration the Syrian Arab Re ic and the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan: 105

A Volvo BM 985 Tvigg trimmer/cross-cutter in combination with cable crane logging. Tidsskrift for Skogbruk 85(2): 117-126

A accounting results in agriculture 1978. [Publication] Norges Landbruksoekonomiske Institutt (S-068-79): 217

A background to the study of drought in East Africa. Drought in Africa, 2 African Environment Special Report (6): 74-82

A bacterium associated with disease of pond cultured channel catfish, Ictalurus punctatus. Journal of the Fisheries Research Board of Canada 36(12): 1508-1512

A bacterium with similarities to the redmouth bacterium and Serratia liquefaciens (Grimes and Hennerty) causing mortalities in hatchery reared salmonids in Australia. Journal of Fish Diseases 3(1): 29-39

A badger-face-like color variant in Texel and in Dutch sheep in the Netherlands. Annales de Genetique et de Selection Animale 10(4): 517-523

A baiting technique for isolating Phytophthora drechsleri, causal agent of crown rot of Cucumis species in Iran. Plant Disease Reporter 63(12): 1084-1086

A balanced male sterile-chloroplast mutant scheme for hybrid barley. Barley Genetics Newsletter 9: 22-23

A balanced relationship. World Health (October): 7-9

A band-blade header for harvesting soybeans. ASAE Paper (79-1585): 16 pp

A bank in every village. Eastern Economist 71(8): 362-363

A bank of plant cells - possibilities and problems. Priroda, USSR (4): 2-11

A barefoot doctors manual. A barefoot doctors manual: xi + 372

A barley collection in the forest steppe of western Siberia. Sib vestn s kh nauki (3): 28-32

A barley test to measure the biological activity of detergents and dispersives. Agrochimica 21(1/2): 15-22

A barrowful of trees. Past and present of the Amsterdam Woods. Een kruiwagen vol bomen Verleden en heden van het Amsterdamse Bos: 160

A basal area ratio predictor of loblolly pine plantation mortality. Forest Science 25(2): 275-282

A baseline evaluation of contraceptive use patterns in three population pilot schemes in rural Bangladesh. A baseline evaluation of contraceptive use patterns in three population pilot schemes in rural Bangladesh: xiii+52

A basic guide to tropical diseases. Middle East Health 3(2): 122-123

A basic relationship between gastric and duodenal motilities in chickens. American Journal of Physiology 235(6): E670-E677

A basic study of mulberry cell culture for silkworm feeding. Agricultural and Biological Chemistryrecd 1979; 41(11): 2261-2267

A basic study on echocardiography of the dog. I. Anatomical relationship between the heart and the direction of ultrasonic beams transmitted from the body surface. Bulletin of Azabu Veterinary College 3(2): 225-234

A basic training course for educational agents. An experimental programme guide. Curso basico para la capacitacion de agentes educativos Programa guia y experimental:

A basis for host plant finding in phytophagous larvae. Entomologia Experimentalis et Applicata 24: 472-484

A basis for the formation of an effective structure of production in specialized fruit production farms. Wissenschaftliche Zeitschrift der Humboldt Universitat zu Berlin, Mathematisch Naturwissenschaftliche Reihe 26(4): 463-468

A basis for the progress of plant protection. Rastitelna Zashchita 27(9): 31-35

A basis for the selection and management of scientific areas in Queensland state forests. Technical Paper, Department of Forestry Queensland (14): 27

A basmati (scented) sorghum from Madhya Pradesh. Current Science 48(18): 824-825

A batch tray grain drier. Bulletin, North of Scotland Coll Agric (17): 21 pp

A battery-powered sample pump. Agricultural Engineering 60(2): 15

A bed system of planting apples on the dwarfing rootstock M.27. Acta Horticulturae (65): 229-235

A bee counter for monitoring bee activity and bee behaviour. British Journal of Pharmacology 64(3): 475

A bee's view of nectar. Bee World 59(1): 25-32

A beef-forage-grain production model for farms in Western Canada. [Publication] Policy, Planning and Economics Branch, Agriculture Canada (79/3): vii+55

A beekeeper's right to keep bees lawfully on property, over a neighbor's objections. American Bee Journal 115(12): 474-475, 490

A behavioral measure for detecting mutations. Genetics 92(1 Pt 1 Suppl): S181-S185

A behavioral study of rural modernization. Social and economic change in Thai villages. A behavioral study of rural modernization Social and economic change in Thai villages: 133

A behavioural programme for the management of anorexia nervosa. Australian and New Zealand Journal of Psychiatry 12(1): 49-53

A beltwide review of the impact of the nectariless character of cotton on pest management programs. 1978 Proceedings, Beltwide Cotton Production Research Conferences, January 9-11, 1978, Dallas, Texas: 125-126

A benefit analysis of the use of 2,4,5-T for vegetation management on rights-of-way. Down to Earth 35(3): 19-24

A benefit-cost analysis of selected Delaware state park and development plans. Bulletin, Delaware Agricultural Experiment Station (420): 77

A benefit-cost model for the evaluation of on-site benefits of soil conservation projects in Mexico. Annals of Regional Science 13(3): 19-28

A betacyanine decolorizing enzyme found in red beet tissue. Journal of Food Science 44(5): 1568-1569

A better marker for spray projects. Journal of Range Management 31(6): 470

A beverage base from cheese whey and peanut flour. Peanut Science 5(2): 97-101

A bibliographical review of the physiology of alternate bearing in the olive (Olea europaea). Fruits 34(11): 687-695

A bibliography of African ecology. A bibliography of African ecology: 499

A bibliography of African ecology. A geographically and topically classified list of books and articles. A bibliography of African ecology A geographically and topically classified list of books and articles (6): xxi + 499

A bibliography of African freshwater fish - Supplement 1 (1968-1975). CIFA Occasional Paper FAO (5): 51

A bibliography of bitterbrush (Purshia tridentata (Pursh) DC.) annotated from 1967 to 1978. Station Bulletin, Agricultural Experiment Station, Oregon State University (640): 18

A bibliography of diethyl toluamide. Bulletin of the Entomological Society of America 24(4): 431-439

A bibliography of diseases of commercial bivalves (supplementary to Sindermann 1968), with annotations upon recent European work. Fisheries Laboratory Technical Report Series, Ministry of Agriculture, Fisheries and Food, Lowestoft, UK (11): 35 pp

A bibliography of host plant resistance literature for the boll weevil, Anthonomus grandis. Bulletin of the Entomological Society of America 25(1): 19-23

A bibliography of identification keys to European tiger beetles (1879-1974). Cicindela 10(3): 43-47

A bibliography of imported fire ants and the chemicals and methods used for their control. A bibliography of imported fire ants and the chemicals and methods used for their control: [1+] 35

A bibliography of medicine and human biology of Papua New Guinea. [Papua New Guinea Institute of Medical Research Monograph Series No5]: xvi + 335

A bibliography of the alkali bee, Nomia melanderi (Hymenoptera: Halictidae). Bulletin of the Entomological Society of America 22(4): 423-425

A bibliography of the imported crucifer weevil, Baris lepidii (Coleoptera: Curculionidae). Bulletin of the Entomological Society of America 24(4): 409-411

A bibliography on education and development in Latin America and the Caribbean. Bibliografia sobre educacion y desarrollo en America Latina y el Caribe: vii+112

A bibliography on market-margin analysis. A bibliography on market margin analysis: 12

A bibliography on rural development in Tanzania. MSU rural development paper Michigan State University Department of Agricultural Economics: (3)

A bibliography on the behavioural, social and economic aspects of malaria and its control. WHO Offset Publication (42): 94

A bibliography on the economics of grading. A bibliography on the economics of grading: 20

A bibliography on vegetation of the State of Washington: supplement 1. Northwest Science 51(2): 111-113

A biflavone from Garuga pinnata Roxb. (Burseraceae). Indian Journal of Chemistry, B 16(9): 846

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A bioassay method for detecting herbicide concentrations in water. Journal of Agriculture of the University of Puerto Rico 63(1): 80-83

A bioassay method for the detection of Pratylenchus brachyurus (Nematoda: Tylenchoidea) in soil from peanut fields. Journal of Nematology 11: 315

A bioassay method for the pheromone(s) of the bont tick Amblyomma hebraeum Koch. Onderstepoort Journal of Veterinary Research 46(1): 59-60

A bioassay technique for Entomophthora sphaerosperma on the spruce budworm, Choristoneura fumiferana. Journal of Invertebrate Pathology, 332: 148-154

A biochemical analysis of the membrane-associated gene products of major histocompatibility complex of the rat. Journal of Immunology 122(6): 2162-2166

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A biochemical phylogeny of the protists. A biochemical phylogeny of the protists: x + 317

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A biological and economic study of feeding maize silage to fattening bull calves. Vedecke Prace Vyskumneho Ustavu Kukurice v Trnave 8: 133-151

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A biological assessment of fish and benthic populations inhabiting a kraft mill effluent channel. Water Research 12(9): 691-701

A biological assessment of off-bottom culture of oysters in British waters, including a consideration of economic implications. A biological assessment of off bottom culture of oysters in British waters, including a consideration of economic implications: viii + 243

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A biophysical method of predicting early ripening. 3 i s"ezd Vses ob va genetikov i selektsionerov im N I Vavilova: 451

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A bit about the bush. Forests and forestry in New South Wales. A bit about the bush Forests and forestry in New South Wales: 87

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