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Geography & Life Sciences: Chapter 592

Chapter 592 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in geography and in the life sciences.

Additional knowledge on the biology and hosts of Meloidogyne graminicola. Proceedings of the American Phytopathological Society 1978; 4: 231

Additional note: the perfect state of Pyricularia grisea and its allies. Canadian Journal of Botany 56(17): 2184

Additional notes on the fauna of ticks (Ixodoidea) of Cuba. VI. Four new species of the genus Antricola Cooley & Kohls, 1942 (Argasidae: Ornithodorinae). Poeyana (184): 1-17

Additional notes on the western conenose, Triatoma p. protracta (Insecta: Hemiptera: Reduviidae), as a carrier of Chagas' trypanosome. Bulletin, Southern California Academy of Sciencerecd 1980; 77(3): 130-132

Additional notes to the Turkish Curculionidae (Coleoptera) (Brachyderinae). Turkiye Bitki Koruma Dergisi 1(2): 3-11

Additional observations on Proleptus australis Baylis 1933. Marathwada University Journal of Science Natural Sciences 15(Sci. 8): 185-187

Additional protection of electrical installations and equipment on the farm. SBI Landbrugsbyggeri (S3): 21-22

Additional quantities when utilizing whole trees from thinning. Rapporter och Uppsatser, Institutionen for Skogsteknik (100): 34 + 3 appendices

Additional records and the role of the parasites of the apple maggot Rhagoletis pomonella (Diptera: Tephritidae) in Ontario. Proceedings of the Entomological Society of Ontario 1978; 108: 3-6

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Additional records of Siphonaptera in southern New England. Entomological News, 903: 135-140

Additional records of new insect pests in Andhra Pradesh. Current Research 8(6): 103-104

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Additional remarks on the further development of tests of pesticides on beneficial arthropods. Nachrichtenblatt des Deutschen Pflanzenschutzdienstes 30(8): 124-126

Additional stressing in the mechanisms of beet harvesters due to deformation of the base. Traktory i Sel' khozmashiny (4): 19-21

Additional viral/viral like diseases of temperate fruits in Simla Hills (Himachal Pradesh - India). A report. Additional viral/viral like diseases of temperate fruits in Simla Hills Himachal Pradesh India A report: 7

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Additions to the check list and host index for Arizona wood-rotting fungi. Arizona Nevada Academy of Science, Journal 14(3): 81-87

Additions to the check list of flowering plants of the Mountain Zebra National Park. Koedoe 20: 203-204

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Additions to the vascular plant flora of Nahanni National Park, Northwest Territories. Naturaliste Canadien 106(4): 439-450

Additive age of dam adjustment factors for weaning weight of beef cattle. Canadian Journal of Animal Science 60(1): 11-20

Additive and non-additive genetic effects for some economic traits in Holstein-Friesian X Sahiwal crosses. Indian Journal of Dairy Science 31(4): 316-320

Additive and nonadditive genetic action in the inheritance of low-temperature response in maize. Probleme de Genetica Teoretica si Aplicata 10(2): 175-194

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Additive effects of the genes tabby and crinkled on tooth size in the mouse. Genetical Research 33(2): 169-174

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Additives. Revue de la Conserve Alimentation Moderne (53): 27-35

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Additives for enhancing glyphosate activity on perennial weeds. Proceedings of the 32nd Annual Meeting of the Southern Weed Science Society: 66

Additives in milk and their detection. Indian Dairyman 31(9): 665-669

Additives used in the meat industry. Fleisch 33(2): 33-34

Additonal semidwarfing genes in rice (Oryza sativa L.). Agronomy Abstracts: 51

Address to the World Conference on Agrarian Reform and Rural Development, Rome, 12-20 July, 1979. Israel Agriculture (Winter): 11-13

Adenine aminohydrolase: occurrence and possible significance in trypanosomid flagellates. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America, 768: 3670-3672

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Adenosine 3',5' cyclic monophosphate, calcium and magnesium excretion in ethanol intoxication and hangover. Acta Physiologica Scandinavica 107(4): 333-337

Adenosine 3'5'-monophosphate phosphodiesterase of buffalo spermatozoa. Journal of Reproduction and Fertility 56(1): 133-139

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Adequacy and productivity of credit on the small farms in the Punjab. Indian Journal of Agricultural Economics 33(4): 91-99

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Adequacy of breast milk for optimal growth of infants. Tropical and Geographical Medicine 32(2): 158-162

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Adequate intake of foods of animal origin and relation to family income. Revista de Saude Publica 13(1): 26-31

Adherence of bacteria to leaves. Canadian Journal of Microbiology 25(8): 896-901

Adherence of sedimentation dust to forage plants in emission areas around a lignite power station. Monatshefte fur Veterinarmedizin 35(22): 843-845

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Adherent cell function in murine T lymphocyte antigen recognition. II. Definition of genetically restricted and nonrestricted macrophage functions in T cell proliferation. Journal of Immunology 121(6): 2497-2501

Adherent cell function in murine T lymphocyte antigen recognition. III. A macrophage-mediated immune response gene function in the mouse. Journal of Immunology 123(3): 1141-1144

Adherent epithelial bacteria in ruminants and their roles in digestive tract function. American Journal of Clinical Nutrition 32(1): 139-148

Adhesive increases inoculation efficiency in white clover. Agronomy Journal 71(2): 375-377

Adhesives are getting stronger in many ways. Machine Design 51(3): 54-60

Adhesives from southern pine bark - a review of past and current approaches to resin formulation problems. Reconstituted wood processing: 443-457

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Adiaspiromycosis in Tasmanian wombats?. Mycopathologia 71(2): 125-126

Adiaspiromycosis of wild small mammals in Austria. Folia Parasitologica (Ceske Budejovice): 262: 159-164

Adina - a new early coloured apple raised by Henry Franklin of Stanthorpe, Queensland. Fruit World and Market Grower 80(3): 15-16

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Adjustable flow controller, Alfa-Laval. Meddelande, Statens Maskinprovningar (M307): 3

Adjusting light-trap samples of the southwestern corn borer for age-class bias. Annals of the Entomological Society of America, 726: 746-748

Adjusting protein in feedlot diets during thermal stress. Journal of Animal Science 50(1): 1-6

Adjusting the proportion of a substance by enzyme treatment. United States Patent: (4 091 116)

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Adjustment in agriculture and the Trade Act of 1974.

Adjustment of regulations on dairy products to economic, social and nutritional factors. XX International Dairy Congress, Conferences (32ST): 8

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Adjustment, period of damage, and tax problems in compensation for reducing the size of a farm. Agrarrecht 8(8): 211-215

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Administering education for rural development. Report of the second advanced-level workshop on education for rural development, Teheran, 9-18 September 1978. Administering education for rural development Report of the second advanced level workshop on education for rural development, Teheran, 9-18 September 1978: 46+xxiv

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Adoption and production impact of new rice technology - the yield constraint problems. Adoption and production impact of new rice technology the yield constraint problems: 11

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